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Found 7 results

  1. We all have that escape that we use to get away from our worries, fears, and overall stress in life. Mine is music. I have played cello for over eight years. I also play piano, drums, and other percussion instruments. If you couldn't tell by my member title music is my life at the moment and I love very second of it. I find that at the end of a long and stressful day at school I can let my emotions out and pour my heart and soul into it (even though I'm a red head and I have no soul jk). Music along with MLP have helped me with my depression, because I can let my sadness out on my cello, my anger on my drums, etc. Let me know what your escape is.
  2. No way around this. Every blog has been about Rarity. Why? Truthfully I did not plan this but it's what I have the most thoughts about. The thing with Rarity is, imo, she's simply Best Pony. Even though there are many things I think could improve the character if they were changed she still scores high on the main 3 areas I think most people judge characters on: depth, development and likability. She's not the highest on all 3, except depth as I think she sinks everyone else (huehue), but she does overall the best. And I often find her underrated in the fandom, and underrepresented in the analysis community (take that with a grain of salt, I am by no means a connoisseur). Sometimes with good reason admittedly, even if I disagree I can see where those who underrate her are coming from, but sometimes not. So I want to use this hiatus to get my overall impression and analyses out there. Because I have something big coming up which will radically change my life. While I doubt it will end my involvement in the fandom it will hamper it. So I want to make a good end while I can. My biggest hurdles are motivation and motivation. Two different issues with motivation. I am distract-able and often leave blog unfinished, adding to them over a few weeks. Not the worst thing ever but I am used to writing papers out in one go from school and almost never had to proofread (while still getting high marks in high level classes; don't worry, I am stopping now). As you can tell, that was a long while ago but the bad habits remain as they so often do. As such my posts tend to be poorly structured and disjointed. Hence why I often edit them after releasing them. The posts about Rarity's Flaw and Freudian Psyche being heavily revised. But this issue is something for me to fix, it's simply worth letting people know. My second issue with motivation is what I would like help on. With the exception of the next two topics or so, I don't know what to write. The root of this issue is my method of recording my ideas and hooks for my analyses has been to simply write them down as they come with no organization, and now I obviously want to organize them. However I've reached the point where the material to be organized is rather massive in scope. So any organizational tips would be greatly appreciated. The next blog will address what I've found to be a weakness in my analyses, addressing the right audience. My first blogs about Rarity were written about things that occurred to me, a rarifan, and other rarifans enjoyed. But to a non-rarifan it may seem weak without proper schema. I need to start from the ground-up and not top-down. Kindly leave your thoughts below as per usual.
  3. Out of boredom. lol My GPA is a 3.3, but it dropped to a 3.0 last quarter into the semester because I got one C. >.< I wish I could have a 4.0, but my gosh keeping your A's up are hard. What about you? EDIT: Dropped to a 2.9, oh noes. D:
  4. So I totally changed the design of my ponysona from the one I drew like 2 months ago. I like this one better xD
  5. So, I work at a theme park under a particular art company. My boss is a really cool guy and all... until you work under him. I busted my rear for almost a year in management, only to not get a promotion after he decided to play favorites to one of my friends. I'm trying not to hold any bitterness toward her, but at the same time, it's difficult to not do so. Due to these events, I'm having to search for a new job in order to really make ends meet. I'm awfully afraid of what will happen to me when school starts back up and I have to still uphold my $500+ a month in rent, bills, and food, the other half coming from my significant other. In the meantime, however, my current job is keeping me on days I need off, like moving days. Then days that happen annually, once a year, such as my birthday, I've had to work both years in a row. It really sucks. Any other job gave me my special day off, especially because I was hoping to have it for relaxing, instead of being in such a toxic environment. But, alas, I deal. I'm trying to start up my henna/face painting business on the side for some extra cash flow as well. Birthday parties, weddings, what have you. I tell ya, I haven't heard a single "hay" for a paid gig, regardless of the countless times I've given out my contact information with a discounted rate for the parties. I'm hoping that will change, of course, but you never really know in my line of work. Thankfully, somepony might line me up with a Brony convention artist alley spot, so I may be doing some pony face paints and henna tattoos for that! Hopefully, it can land me a few hundred extra bits for my living expenses. Aside from that, I may be out of debt temporarily from my tax refund, which looks handsome, thankfully. Being an adult can be fun at times, but for other days, it's very trying on your happiness and patience. I miss the easy days. I'm still trying to cope with my best friend being hundreds of miles away, too. I feel like a lot of my biggest issues lately are rooted from this feeling of abandonment, though I can't help but feel a bit selfish if I admit that to him. What's a lady to do?
  6. Swit Swat forced me into drawing Spitfire. I chose not to draw her in her Wonderbolts outfit since I both did not want to and wanted to see how she'd look without it (in my style of course). So yeah. You're welcome, Swit Swat.