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Found 20 results

  1. Sometimes, you have to make threads about ponies. Threads about cute, underrated ponies. So here, I have made a Babs Seed thread. Just discuss and drop of pictures of Babs Seed. A few rules -No spamming post to become biggest fans -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums, please limit content to suggestive only. For example you may post a picture of two ponies kissing, but they cannot be doing anything inappropriate, or showing things inappropriate. -Do not post a picture of other ponies in this thread, because they belong in their own threads, unless of course Babs is also in the picture. -Do not hate on another fan club -All of MLP Forums rules still apply. -Fan art is encouraged but all images with the exception of the cover image in this first post must have the proper spoiler tags. Large amounts of unspoilered images on a single page can often cause lag and nobody likes to deal with lag.
  2. Basically what rank you want to get to by the next January 1st. For me it would be Dragon or Changeling, so that I don't look like a newbie with my post count currently.
  3. Do I need to make 5 discussions to get out of blank flanks or just join in on 5 discussions cause I've been a part of at least 5 but I can't get out of Blank Flanks. I feel like a moron for asking but I'd rather make sure before I just start testing random theories on how to fix this if it even needs to be fixed.
  4. Now it's kids lost in the woods during a school trip, seemingly written before Magical Mystery Cure: CMC edition, as the CMCs are arguing with the rich duo, and Scoots clearly lacks her shield butt
  5. I already posted 5 replyies and 1 topi, but i don't get in the muffin group! I thought i done everything right. Do i have to post 5 topics? because that's hard when you only can post in the welcoming plaza, suggestions or support. Thank you! - dashedPaul
  6. what is your idea of a ponified version of yourself. what would his/her color be,their cutie mark,eye color,mane color... you get the idea. i would love to hear or see them... candy apple would be mine.
  7. Throughout the show, every single adult featured has a cutie mark. The Mane Six, the background ponies, secondary ponies, et cetera. By the time they grew up, they all figured out what their talents were. So, they were able to spend the rest of their lives knowing their goals. No one is a blank flank other than fillies. Twist and Babs were blank flanks for a while. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are the most famous. But one question that lingers in this show: Are there any adult blank flanks? When you observe conversations between adult bronies, you can see why some speculate. Not everybody knows what their goals will be even after they graduate from high school or even college. Sometimes they will extend their careers into Graduate School and beyond. Some never figure out their lifelong goals. What their lifelong dreams and goals is a very huge dilemma for both kids and adults alike. By featuring an episode with an adult blank flank and treating the conflict with respect, you correlate this message to both kids and adults that ponies like the adult blank flank exist in real life. Since this season's morals and conflicts are even grayer than last year's, it helps add some realism into Equestria's worldbuilding. This leads me to the song featured in San Diego's Comic-Con last week, which will take place during the twenty-fourth episode, titled The Mane Attraction if the leak of the titles is true. Listen to the lyrics and watch the frames. The Lena Hall Earth pony talks about wondering who she was and what her goal was. Until now, she never truly understood her goal. The trials and turbulence she endured up to this point leads her to the grand stage. In one frame, a cutie mark flashes, and the crowd suddenly erupts into cheers the next. So, here are some questions. What do you think of the "adult blank flank"? What about the concept does it interest you or not? Who do you think the main characters in The Mane Attraction will be? Do you think it'll be Applejack, the CMCs, Pinkie Pie, or a combination? How do you believe the episode will play out? What is the conflict, and how will they resolve it? When will this storyboard take place in the actual episode? (I hope the very end.) What do you think is the episode's moral? A few morals this season are so subtle, sometimes you must figure it out through the context.
  8. If you could have a cutie mark, what would it be? What would it symbolize? Why? If I could have a cutie mark, I would have a light blue and green microphone. It symbolizes how much I like to sing. People tell me I'm good at singing. And I enjoy it a lot. The reason behind the color choice is that light blue is my favorite color.
  9. What if there was a roleplaying place just for blank flanks so they can give roleplaying a try. This could give new people a feel of how it is.
  10. Hello Everypony!, I've been thinking and I can't figure out what my cutie mark would really be. I really want something unique to represent me, but I'm not sure what it would be. My fiancce's is simple her's would be a jingle bell she's obsessed with them they make her happy...but me I don't know. I was wondering if anypony would have any ideas? Or if anypony else wonders what their cutie mark would be too? There are so many things I like and so many things I would like to think I'm good at but I'm not sure. I always wanted to be an author since I could scribble but I've never finished a book or anything longer than a short story...I work on it everyday though. I was born singing, and born musical, I played the cello for twelve years, the drums for three, the piano for a few months now I own a ukulele and I'm saving up for a guitar..I've only written one song that I'm satisfied High School I was the lead in a few musicials. I love ghosts and tarot cards and I'm convinced my grandfather who committed suicide when my mother was four is haunting me and trying to get me to end the cycle of self hatred in our family. In middle school I created my own word: Nai, which actually is a word in Tai, it means deer. But when I came up with it, it was meant to represent a personality trait that everyone else had and I didn't now I view it as a wholeness and an acceptance of self... My favorite season is fall because it's in between life and death and oooo all those lovely colors. I view myself as having a really powerful darkside and a super powerful light side as well and I'm trying to love both sides...My favorite song is Blinding by Florence and the Machine.. My favorite color is silver and I have a crap ton of favorite animals...Oh I'm also sort of obsessed with "Christmas trees" I view them as Yule trees though and I love them because my family has always decorated them in a way that it looks like the christmas tree is an entire town and I used to use my imagination to escape into that world.. My favorite food is overly buttered popcorn. Idk.. It's really hard to figure out just one thing that makes me special or my super special talent and that makes me feel not special at all.. Anypony else understand?
  11. I was talking over my OC with another user through PMs a while back and I noticed that he was something this show hasn't done yet: an adult blank flank. It came as a surprise to me that there seems to have never been an instance of an adult pony without a cutie mark, save for the time Tirek drained everypony's powers, and never an instance of a pony who has wanted their cutie mark changed save for "Magical Mystery Cure". Beyond the real-life explanations of marketing or the design process of background ponies, I'd like to see this done for these reasons. In Equestria, the cutie mark seems to have a dual symbolism as a mark of maturity (somewhat like puberty as it is portrayed) and a mark of a pony's "special talent". The lack thereof on both can be seriously damaging. (I'm not saying cutie marks are 100% evil, but read on.) Think about the negative effects this can have. The society of Equestria puts such a high bounty on self-discovery through the concept of the cutie mark. The way the cutie mark is portrayed as seemingly displaying a pony's "special talent" could cause serious self-esteem issues in one who doesn't have a cutie mark. Not having that could lead to feelings of rejection, loss, uselessness, failure, etc. Why do I bring this up? How many of us are early in our adult lives and have no idea what our calling is? How many of us have an idea of what our calling is but no means to get there? How many people are unhappy with their "calling" or would like to change it? The show seems to have trouble showing us these realities, and I'd like to see them do it. These are questions many fans seem to have. Handling an older pony with a blank flank or a cutie mark they don't agree with would serve us with a great moral, should the story be written right, about how not having an apparent "special talent" does not make you useless, or having a talent that seems useless on the outside might actually be a great benefit to people. Many depression posts on this forum, including mine, include something along these lines and the show really does not yet seem to have been ready or willing to tackle this all-too-common feeling of uselessness head-on yet. Should this concept really be done?
  12. I have noticed that although the CMC seems to think that they're unique for not having cutie marks, I've seen tons of fillies throughout the series that are blank flanks. Is there a reason that the CMC hasn't reached out to them?
  13. I made a sketch of a stallion with no cutie mark, mane, or tail. I hope all of you like it! If I may give myself some criticism: I think I need to make the flank less fat. The hooves need to be more thick. The hooves need to be less flat. The neck needs to be a bit shorter. If you spot something wrong that I didn't point out, feel free to give me some criticism, thank you.
  14. I need a name for my new OC, witch i will be tagging in this post. Background: Age: 10, Colour: The same colour as doctor whooves, Mane: Light blue, Race: Pegasus, Likes: Scootaloo, Gender: Colt. Interests: Racing, Scooters, Muffins, Derpy, VideoGames, Music (dubstep, electro and tech house), Vinyl records, Vinyl Scratch, Action Movies, Comedy Movies. OH and hes a blank flank (obviously) and has enrolled in the cutie mark crusaders.
  15. Why does Apple Bloom act so surprised when she found out (in Call of the Cutie) that she wasn't the only one without a Cutie Mark (Blank Flank)? Apple Bloom-*GASP* You don't have your Cutie Marks either?!?, I thought I was the only one? Scootaloo-We thought WE were the only TWO. In the first episode Friendship Is Magic, Part 1 They are clearly shown right next to each other huddling under what seems like a curtain/drapes... right? Did they randomly get amnesia right after Nightmare Moon's introduction? Were they all traumatized that they erased it from their minds? Are not all episodes canon with each other or when they want to be? How is it possible that they wouldn't notice something that "important" before Nightmare Moon showed up?
  16. My Little Pony - Blank Flank Pegasus by DragonSquared Studio, on Flickr Just finished this handsome fella! (click the image for a bigger view!) He's made out of minky and polyfill, with some felt and embroidered details. The owner hasn't decided on a cutie mark yet, so he's a blank flank! I designed and drafted the pattern myself, he stands about 13" tall. Thanks for looking! : )
  17. Trouble with Sisters Not sure if this goes here but it might not fit into fanfic and there is no area for “character evolution or “story development” so here goes…. For the last month, I’ve been writing MLP fanfic here and there, which I love and have fun with and reading it. Doing fan art theme things also on the side to keep my flow going for the brain storming but I got hit with the idea with well like many fans, a few OCS. I got the loose plot for them down, their two sisters from the same mother which I got a bit of spark from Baby Cakes ep of MLP. One is a peggy, who lost her wings to a dragon attack as a filly and got machine like ones and the other is a unicorn who is trying to learn forgotten warrior magic and lives in the ever free. Here is the problem: for weeks I’ve been trying to get down their story but every time I go to write their story down and such or even the most basic of bio’s I just got a huge BLANK! Its like my mind freezes but when it comes to writing other things its just a flow and goes! So what I’m asking is maybe a little insight, some advice on how to get rid of my “freeze problem” and also how I can get these two out of my mind and into the land of writing. Anything is a welcome and also the unicorn sister: Silverstream is the unicorn oc, Peace Silver.
  18. Princess Celestia watched in horror as Prince Aura approached the crowd of ponies. His wings lay limp against his baby blue body. Aura's back legs were completely paralyzed. It seemed to be that Discord had done his damage to the Prince. His icy blue eyes scanned the crowd and finally settled on Celestia. "Princess Celestia," He said, his bold voice never faltering, "I wanted to say I appreciate you taking in these ponies from Clopsdale after the earthquake." "Prince Aura," She smiled, "I would do anything to keep many ponies alive. Discord has taken too much from everypony." Her smile faultered as she settled her eyes on his once powerful, hind legs. Everypony stared at him with a certain grief. "Please, come in." Celestia said suddenly. The gaurds carried him into the castle and down a long hall. "Thank you." Prince Aura said and she nodded. Carefully, the gaurds carried him through a door and onto a silky bed. The bed felt nice and cool, away from the summer heat. The prince motioned the gaurds away. Celestia shut the door calmly. "They were staring at my legs." The words caught the Princess by suprise. She crawled onto the bed and sat beside him. "They've never seen such damage to a pony before." Celestia said, in an almost nervous tone of voice. Prince Aura nodded and rolled onto his side, working his upper body just so he could ajust his lower half. It made the Princess very upset when watching this. She remembered him when he used to frolick like a baby deer. So happy and carefree. "Are you alright Celestia?" He asked, looking into her pretty violet eyes. She looked back for a moment. "Yes, Prince-" "Call me Aura," He smiled, "like you used to." She couldn't help but force a smile. Trying to make another pony happy, even in the worst times. "I'm fine Aura." She sighed and he layed his head on his hooves. Aura looked around. The bed was a fern green that glowed in the sunlight. Gossamer curtains hung around them, glittering slightly. He felt a sudden pain course through his middle half. "Ugh!" He groaned and Celestia looked over to him quickly. "There goes my hips." Prince Aura groaned again.
  19. We've had a restriction in place since the day MLP Forums opened, preventing new members from uploading an avatar until they made five "counted" posts. The restriction was originally implemented with the idea of forcing registrants to make some form of bare minimum contribution to the site before being granted the privilege of putting a face to their name. However, as the community has grown from five hundred members to well over five thousand, the reality is that this restriction resulted in a growing amount of confusion and repeated queries from Blank Flanks puzzled by their inability to upload an avatar. What's more, due to technical restrictions, a new member that uses Gravatar or registered using Facebook Connect or Twitter Connect, would see their avatar/profile photo from those services here on MLP Forums, with no facility to immediately change it. This restriction has been lifted. Blank Flanks are now able to upload a 150x150 avatar up to 100 KB in size, just like Muffins and full members. At this time, they are still unable to create signatures or customize their profile. Additionally, their ability to change their display name has been revoked - without going into too much detail, we recently had a zero-post member "steal" a long-time member's name, then leave the forums never to be seen again. To be able to change your name, you now need to become a Muffin. I don't expect this change will be turning the community upside down; but I thought it was worth putting a proper announcement together for it because just about everyone here has been affected by the original restriction, and a few of you have taken it upon yourselves to familiarize new members introducing themsleves with the fact that they need to make five posts outside of Cloudsdale Colosseum and the Welcoming Plaza before the avatar settings become functional (thank you, by the way, to all of you who do this!). On a positive note, a creative avatar now has the potential to become a point of conversation with a brand new member when they're still fresh meat around here (and I say that affectionately ). And there's nothing wrong if your first experience with MLP Forums is a more personalized one!
  20. Hey everypony I know I made a similar art topic yesterday but I did a quick drawing of Derpy Hooves as a foal. She's crying because she got teased about her blank flank and derpy eyes by some class mates anyway feedback and criticism is welcome this is my first drawing of a pony