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Found 6 results

  1. The minimum character limit text/box covers part of the text area. It may not seem like a big deal, but it is hard to see in that area, and can cause typing mistakes. The only way around it is to make a new line, but all of this can be avoided by moving the character limit box up.
  2. I am making a psychedelic Eye of Ra, but after a certain point I have forgotten where I want to take the idea, and I can't think of a new direction. So I come to you my fellow creatives, help me brainstorm please?
  3. In the early 2000s, all 3 major outlets for children's television had a destination for "tweens". The then lucrative 11-14 year old jr. high school demographic that was too old to be a little 5-11 year old kid, but wasn't full, high-school teenager 14-18 yet. There were 3 primary blocks for this audience Toonami - An action/anime after-school block aimed at kids ages 10-17, but mostly skewed towards boys 10-14. a block that started the big anime boom of the early 2000s, it pushed the limits of a TV-Y7 FV to nearly TV-PG levels that only cable could provide at the time. Zoog Disney - In an attempt to get away from its kiddy image among tweens, Disney launched Zoog Disney in 1998. A unique programming brand covering most of Disney's afternoon and prime-time schedule. It featured original shows like Even Stevens, Jett Jackson, In a Heartbeat, Lizzie McGuire, So Weird, and Bug Juice. It did for the 11-14 audience what The WB did for the 14-18 audience, provided a place were tweens had a voice with shows and movies that were unique, relatable, and had a bit of angst. Its main draw however, was its interconnectivity between on-air broadcast, and its website. Snick/TEENick - Snick, one of Nick's first forays into prime-time programming, Snick took several of Nickelodeon's best shows and a few new ones and created and outlet for kids 6-14 who were bored on a Saturday night. Its main draws were its tween fare like Clarissa Explains it all, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Roundhouse, and Ren & Stimpy (who's edgy content provided a huge tween following). Its sister block, TEENick which despite its name, was actually aimed at tweens. Of these 3 choices, which of these was your personal favorite as an 11-14 year old?
  4. Alright, hypothetically speaking, user A and user B get into a conflict. User A disagrees with user B, and uses various in his opinion trusted sources to prove his statement. User B can't swallow what user A is saying and passively provokes user A into being over aggressive, and the reaction of user A gets user B to block him. From now on, there is no communication between user A and user B. User B won't have to take user A's bullshit and user A will forget for everything, everything will be fine. ... Or not. What if user A and user B were, let's say friends to a point, and that there was a huge misunderstanding, or that user A changed his opinion, or that he just wants to apologize? How is he supposed to do that, when user B blocked him? What if user B wants thing to be like before, but has already acted, and it takes more will power for him to unblock user A, and he subconsciously is afraid of user A not giving a buck, which might even be the case. I understand if someone is spamming, or being overly abusive, but I think people misuse it often. I just think it limits people, and puts them away from each other. Maybe if the default block time would be for 5 days, and if you want to change it to a longer period or forever you need to click on more options or something, which will subtly make you reconsider your decision, or something like that.
  5. I know this is very urgent, but I'm currently still trying to complete my fan fiction: A Friendly Introduction featuring Rarity and Fleur De Lis and the thing is my creativity isn't flowing very well. Allow me to explain, I have everything that I want to write ready but I can't seem to be able to type it out. So, I want to know what's the best way to deal with writer's block?
  6. I don't know how to draw any more or how to do it. Nothing seems to be going good for me whenever I try to draw something, I can't as so much as draw a circle. I feel like I'm doing something wrong all the time and angers me. I've been in creative blocks before but I feel I've reached rock bottom this time. I don't want to give up drawing because I want to get better but the ideas aren't flowing on what to draw or how I should go about it. Picture relevant Any ideas?