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Found 5 results

  1. I was told that people I choose to ignore would not be notified by them being added to the Ignore Users list, yet one member figured it out because they couldn't send me a message? That kinda defeats the purpose of respecting the privacy and anonymous identity of the people involved. Can someone improve the system?
  2. I try to be good, I try to let the advertisements play on youtube. However there is a point to where I end up keeping ad block on. It's when this happens. ↓ Seeing all those uneven yellow dots on the bottom draws the line. Most of which are appear on the bottom of the video overlapping the subtitles. I mean I'm not hearing impaired but to those who try to watch youtube videos with subtitles or captions; must ad block on a regular basis just to be able to read. It isn't like google is doing it in purpose but one would think they would catch it right away. Not only that, this showed up WITH ad block enabled. So what am I worried about? Lots of little nit picky things, the uneven yellow dots on the scrub bar, the frequency of the yellow dots (then again it makes sense for an hour long video, but I've seen fourteen minute videos with that many dots) or just how frequent I would (if adblock was not enabled) have to close the advertisements that overlap the subtitles for LPs. Am I just being stupid or crazy or what?
  3. If you guys didn't know, EQD recently posted something rather interesting about the word, "Brony" being used as infringement claims. What's interesting is that this is the first time Hasbro (The intellectual property rights holder) has authorized Zazzle to remove the pony related product due to the infringement of using tags such as "Brony" or "My Little Pony." Just to clarify, Zazzle is an online retailer that allows users to upload images and create their own merchandise, and a few bronies sell pony merchandise through its products. Here's the notice as posted by EQD: While it's expected for Zazzle to take-down character names, interestingly enough, Zazzle will takedown any merchandise with notable sayings? Seriously Hasbro? Last time I checked, 20% Cooler isn't a trademark catchphrase. Is this something that's going to be a growing trend? Or will this just be temporary? Personally I think it may have to do with the new marketing team back at Hasbro headquarters, and doing this sort of thing is like biting the hand that feeds you or playing with fire. It can get ugly. While it might be too soon to jump the ship, I certainly hope that this isn't a prelude to something much worse in the future. What do you guys think?
  4. Okay, so a friend of mine was just checking a website that hosts URL videos from youtube of MLP ( Which is how I found all the full length episodes, but he noted that almost all of the videos are being blocked! Youtube is automatically blocking the videos now due to Hasbro copyright infringement, and I was wondering, why all of a sudden are they deciding to take down the videos? Alright so assumption time: Did the Brony community do anything, as of late, that would, for lack of better words, piss off hasbro? Is Hasbro willing to risk it's largest viewer population? Is it just Youtube? Could this just be a standard policy of Internet browsing now? (Which it has been, but now enforced) Anyways, so if you are like me, you enjoy watching ponies at anypoint in the day without question. That means you use the Internet for it. So are they finally restricting it to television? Tell me your thoughts.... PS- This could be me freaking out for nothing, but it's happening so...
  5. So here I was... looking on some of my favourite PMV when suddenly.... my biggest favourite is blocked in my country!!! Therefore, I'm just wondering if somepony could do me the favor of reuploading it... I'll give you a muffin.....