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Found 14 results

  1. So I recently started a blog and haven't really decided on a theme just yet, what I would like to know from those who blog is what do you write about and do you have a theme, what is your inspiration Don't worry I wont steel anything aaaaand.... GO!
  2. I mean, let's assume I don't want to use MLPForums to Roleplay (Nothing personal), and wanted to invite he RPers to use Blogger instead, creating a shared blog. Could I create a sign-up on Roleplay World? Another thing: Anyone can create a blog on Blogger, you just need a Google Account, that is the thing everybody have -- or will need to have.
  3. I've wanted to make a pony blog for a long time now, and I think I've settled on my theme Link To Blog EDIT: Complete Overhaul - I don't know what I'm doing so much that I completely scrapped the idea and started over. I now have a human!Fluttershy ask blog, and though I have a better understanding of what I'm doing I would still appreciate advice. Also ask blogs are no fun if no one asks anything, soooo *hint hint shameless self-promotion*
  4. This is the official application thread for adminship on brony-positive, a tumblr blog (name subject to change) dedicated to, well, exactly what it says on the tin. The goals of this blog will be - Creating a safe space that makes bronies from all walks of life feel not just comfortable, but welcomed and appreciated Highlighting and displaying (credited!!!) quality fanworks, such as art, writing, music, etc from a wide variety of artists Addressing issues within and affecting the fandom in a helpful and constructive manner, without devolving into needless argument or allowing discussion of these issues to overtake the blog Educating others about aspects of our fandom/fandom in general at times when it is appropriate to do so (ie when we are asked to or when people are genuinely seeking information) Showing through example that no one should ever have to feel ashamed of liking My Little Pony, and that liking it does not make you worse (or better) as a person, just like most everything else in life If you're still confused, imagine a mash up of your favorite (sfw) pony fanworks blog and something to the effect of askasanebrony (who's blog you should totally check out just saying) If this sounds like the kind of blog you would like to be on board with, post to this thread indicating your interest and answering the following questions What experience do you have with tumblr? Do you have any skills (writing, video editing, drawing, photoshop, etc) that you feel would be useful and applicable? What unique brony perspective can you bring to the blog? Is there anything else about yourself that you would like to share? Do you have any further comments, questions, suggestions, or concerns? In case this isn't a given, there are no requirements to apply beyond a willingness to enter this project with strict adherence to the Elements of Harmony I will be PMing people with further questions and discussion as I see fit to ascertain whether or not you are a good fit for this project, and if so how you will fit in. If you don't want to apply but still have suggestions or questions, you are welcome to leave those on the initial discussion thread for this project. Thank you.
  5. Those of you who are part of the tumblrsphere have no doubt noticed that us bronies don't exactly have a good name over there. A lot of people seem to think that we aren't the loving community we are, and that instead we're very bigoted and mean, and that none of us are nice at all. This isn't fair in the slightest, I love tumblr, and I want it to be a safe space for every group (so long as that group isn't built upon hate of course). That said, there are already many wonderful blogs that push back against this idea, fixing the community image inside and out, as well as many pony blogs full of wonderful pony goodness. I have wanted my own little pony-filled slice of tumblr for a while now, and I think I've finally decided how I want to make it. I want to make a blog full of brony and pony positivity, one that shows off the good in our fandom, that highlights the kind acts of bronies, and that lifts up and appreciates groups often ignored by the unkind portion of our fandom and those who are unkind to the fandom alike. Something that says "Hey, we're bronies! We're not all misogynistic cishet men! We're not even all cishet men! Hell, we're not even all men!" From you, dear forum of love and tolerance, I would like suggestions. What would you like to see on a pony-brony-positive blog, and what aspects of our fandom do you think need some love? Tell me what you want, and I'll do everything in my power to deliver! And, if you really love this idea and want to be further involved, you can even apply for adminship. Just shoot me a message and tell me what you want to bring to the blog
  6. So it has been some time since I have done a blog, so I was thinking of doing another art dump, but I was wondering of any of you had any particular request for what art I should collect. As long as it isn't grimdark of R34.
  7. I've been trying to publish my essays on a schedule, but I feel like I need to explain why I'm doing these blog entries at all, and so I'm publishing this out-of-order. Several times I've been told "You know this is a cartoon, right? The creators didn't put this much effort into it, why are you bothering?" Actually, they did. They put a lot of effort into making this cartoon, and I respect the effort that they put into it. I know I don't have the skills to do what they do, and I truly know that I don't have the discipline to learn those skills well enough to compete in that arena. But first let me answer the question directly: Doing what I do amuses me, and is part of the entertainment I get from the show. I would do this kind of thing even if I didn't have these blogs to do it in. I just don't normally write it all down. I don't expect anyone else to be the same type of person I am, but I know that some of you out there are in some way amused and entertained by what I'm doing, so I am publishing it through these blogs. Also, I fully admit that I am easily, and often, wrong with what I conclude. Because I've never had the opportunity to talk to any of the show staff directly, I may be missing things, or noticing things that were accidental. But I'm trying my best at this, and I try to admit when I've made a mistake. Plus when I enter into speculation territory, I try to always put it in terms of speculation, and not as fact. Back to the topic: The creative staff involved in the stuff I'm pulling out of the episodes is a fair number of people. There's the writers, the editors, the storyboard artists, the animators, the background artists, the in-betweeners, the actors, the musicians, the effects people, and in the current show you have the prop builders, the puppet makers and probably many more as I don't know all the steps necessary to produce a cartoon like these. And a good number of these people will have learned not just the tools they're using, but have formally studied film, art, animation, and music history and theory. In so doing they will learn some architecture, costuming, historical props, and the culture from various periods in order to provide a kind of library of symbols that they can put into their work so that they don't have to spell out every aspect that they want to convey. And each person's hands that the work passes through has the opportunity to add or modify things that they are drawing from their library. Good animated features, heck good Art in general, includes a lot more than the immediate surface of the piece, but will use symbols, like dress and environment to indicate mood, status, and other things of note. The setting of a story itself becomes a character of sorts, complete with implied and explicit backstories and behaviors. Not all the people involved will be doing this, of course, but there will always be some who are, in the good productions. When I went to University, there was a large Art College not that far away, and there was an exchange of students on certain subjects to minimize overlap and to give the best education in their respective specialties. In my classes on architecture, a full third of the students were actually model builders and illustrators from the Art College, looking to increase their library of symbols. In my literature and history classes, we had a good number of hopeful scriptwriters and artists, and in the one film class I took over at the Art College itself, there were several prospective storyboard artists that I was aware of. In My Little Pony, even in earlier generations, there are many times where the creative staff have obviously used reference material to get accurate symbols for the artistic shorthand they are using. Sometimes they don't get it quite right. For example, in the My Little Pony 'n Friends episodes 'The Glass Princess', there are very accurately drawn spinning wheels and looms from the 18th-19th century. However, the artists very obviously only drew based on pictures of the wheels and looms, and had never seen them in use. Making some very broad and incorrect assumptions on how they actually worked when the characters were spinning thread and making cloth. But for the most part they do very well indeed. Other people are more qualified to critique the writing, drawing, animation, acting, and music as artforms. I know history, mythology, architecture, clothing, and cultural models. So I am pulling out what I can, speculating and building on the setting itself based on what I'm good at, knowing that those others are already doing critiques based on their own specializations. Some of them use comedy to do their stuff, some use earnestness, some do nerd rage, and so on. Most are doing vlogs or podcasts. But I don't have the equipment or knowledge to do either of those. So I use this format. Maybe someday I'll try doing one of those, but I'm not sure it will work for what I'm trying to do. Heck, I'm not sure *this* format is really working. I've not being doing it for very long at all. In any case, I hope I've answered the question, and I'll return you to your regularly scheduled.... stuff.
  8. "The most used forum feature ever, right?" Well, I have a blog that I use for anything random I want to blog about. But I want to make another. It looks, from the features in the blogging system, like there is supposed to be a way to do this. The FAQ post even says, "you can use the 'Manage Blogs' button... to access the blogs you've created." Note the plural. As far as I can tell, however, it's not possible to create a second blog. (If it is possible, bonk me on the head with a frying pan and kindly tell me how). Is there a reason for this or is it unintended? The only potential reason I could see would be people creating tons of blogs in a spammish way, but maybe limit the amount to 3?
  9. I've decided, after a bit of puzzling, to use this Blog to yammer about different world-building ideas I've had around MLP. I've tried starting threads for this before, but in hindsight I honestly think it seems more like blog material. This is stuff that I might eventually use in fanfics, but I haven't worked out how exactly, and I'm not exactly a prolific writer so the chances of any of it appearing in a fanfic is pretty remote. Even if it does, it will likely be hidden pretty deep. There are likely thousands of blogs like this, but what the heck. This is an attempt to get stuff into written form that are bogging up my brain, preventing me from concentrating on stories. It is unlikely that this will be a regular thing, as I’m bound to run out of stuff pretty quickly, or at least flush enough stuff out that I can actually concentrate on proper fanfics. I’m going to randomly pick a topic to start with, but if anyone is actually reading this nonsense and wants me to talk about something specific feel free to ask and I’ll see if anything rattling around in this head matches up with the topic. I'll try to break each topic up so there isn't a massive infodump, but exactly how it's broken up will need to vary by topic. So my first topic is: [spins a huge wheel, rattles around until it lands on….] The Guard. So I’ll make my first post on this topic tomorrow.
  10. Im not exacty sure how to blog i followed the help guide but it doesnt seem to help, would anypony be able to be able to answer this
  11. Of my three blogs, one of them has comments (from members and Section Moderators) moderated and hidden from public till I either approve it, delete it, or report it. One of my blogs has comments disabled and another blog's comments are unfiltered. In the one where comments are moderated, any comment posted will give me a notification. But for Dark Qiviut's Columns, unless it's a global mod or administrator, I get no notification and constantly have to go to the "Manage Blogs" setting in my control panel to see if anyone commented. Brohoofs for blogs are another. I get absolutely no notification for brohoofs in my blog or blog comments, either my own or someone else's blog. So I have these suggestions: An option to be notified of comments in blogs that have comments moderated/filtered. Furthermore, if you post a comment that needs approval, you get a notification that the comment you posted has been approved for public viewing or removed. An option to receive notifications of brohoofs for your blogs and your blog comments.
  12. ... Are you fecking serious?! Gah! GAAH! I had JUST finished typing up a 1,700+ character blog entry, and take a guess at what happened! I got a pretty little webpage that said "The site is currently unavailable, retry for a live version of the site"! FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU---- ANYWAY, what I'll do is briefly summarize what I explained in my attempt at a bucking entry... • I drew a picture and colored it. Yay, first colorful picture! • It's nearing 4:30 AM for me. I'm tired as a mofo • I'm going to start drawing Mr. Historically Accurate's OC soon. I know. Took long enough. LazyUnicorn. • Should I calm my "profanity"? I know I tend to use some vulgar language (ie. feckin, arse, shite, etc.), but it's not as bad as actually typing out the words straight up, right? I dunno. Maybe I'm worrying about nothing. BTW I don't usually swear IRL, it's just a typing habit to amuse myself. • [insert random shite about being tired and having ADD or whatever I don't really remember] • I recently became an Operator on a Minecraft server that I've been faithful to for over a year now! Yay! It's a classic server, but we're working on an SMP for paid Minecraft. If you're interested, the server is called Qube Foundry. Quite a lovely server • I mentioned I noticed that I make quite the blog entries, amounting up to 1,000 characters each. I don't know if that's a lot or if you readers, or possibly followers, like that or not. Can't tell. That, my fellow bronies and friends, was a short recap of my attempted entry that FAILED to even save as a draft. Dat luck. I'ma copy this entry so I don't have to waste any more of my time re-typing an entry. I love ya guys. Stay classy
  13. So I've been entertaining this idea for the past year or so, and I figured I would gauge some peoples' reactions to said idea. I'm an avid bicyclist. Not the materialistic kind who buys fixies and other stuff like that, but the actual biking kind. I also love to be out in the wilderness and be on the road, away from home and just free of the problems anchored to it. My idea is this: Spending a year on the road, travelling across the United States on bicycle and foot, alternating between a month on the road and a month stationary wherever I end up, relying on the kindness of others to make money, have shelter, and as a source of entertainment when my own dims. Along the way, probably once every one or two weeks, over a time lapse of travelling through whatever beautiful country I pass through during that week. I would record a quick story either from the trip or of my life, all 100% legitimate and pure human, musical, middle class white American me. I know that there are dangers to this idea, both from people and from nature itself. But I've done years of backpacking and camping, along with several 50 miler backpacking trips, and SAR experience. This way of living would be supported by either handouts and donations from people on the road or through online support from the vlogging and blogging I would do on the road. TL;DR I want to spend a year of my precious life on the road, biking and relying on other people for a decent living standard. Along the way I would record the story of it all, and share my life with anyone interested. Feel free to ask any questions/make comments (i.e. YOU'RE CRAZY STFU NOOBSAUCE) <3
  14. So despite the fact that I am open about many of my opinions on parts of the Internet, I have never actually had a blog before. I've been told that I should start one, but considering that I know so many different types of people, it is overwhelming to think about what I should write about when my audience would be so varied. Granted, we are a diverse group of bronies here. But as a community, we at least have My Little Pony in common, and that's what makes me comfortable starting a blog on this particular website. I won't be exclusively talking about My Little Pony (in fact most of my posts won't really have anything to do with the show or the fandom), but I trust that I can share my thoughts and my stories without feeling like I'm the catalyst for a war, as controversial as some of my thoughts may be, but that's nothing new for those of you who have seen me around. At any rate, another reason for starting this blog is because I know that a few people have peaked interest in knowing some of my life story. I believe that blogging is a better medium to use, as opposed to creating a forum thread. I know off the top of my head 2 major life stories I will blog about at some point: -Why I am a Roman Catholic Christian -My Life on the Internet Both of these stories dig into how I became the person that I am today. Neither tell a complete story, as there are other factors in my life that quite frankly I don't feel compelled to share about - but the Internet and religion are two significant social experiences and I hope that sharing my experiences of these topics and the ways that they have formed me as a person can be a beneficial read for those who have questions about either subject. Perhaps I can, too, relearn from them as I type them out and share them with everyone. Kind words and constructive feedback are always welcome. Suggestions are also welcome, as well as legitimate questions and discussions, even on subjects we may not necessarily see eye-to-eye on. Harsh judgmental comments and comments feeding debate that can only end when someone gives in and lets the other person have the last word will be frowned upon and ignored by me. The first post will come when I have time to type it up. Toodaloo~