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Found 22 results

  1. Welcome, my ponies. Three years it's been, and yet, here you post before me, as though it were only yesterday. We are all of us going through a turbulent time, these days. The current pandemic is of a scale not seen since the times of WWI, one hundred years ago, and it continues to sweep the planet. The stress it has brought all of humanity has acted as a catalyst for civil and political unrest across all spectrums and definitions, all of which we, simple pony-loving lasses and lads, are subjected to by the media ad nauseum. For most folks who at all keep up with social media on the regular, it can feel very inescapable at times, bringing about drama and stress in places they'd rather be free of such things. Get on with it, ya daft chimera! ~ @Dark Horse, probably It's been brought to the staff's attention that pockets of politics and alike topics have been cropping up in blogs, status updates and other locations around the forums as of late. Repetition of this has lead to complaints, even the unfortunate leave of members over a lack of interest in dealing with said politics and drama. And so, here we are. I'd like to make two points very clear. Though not toxic in all forms of discussion, topics like politics, religion, etc are well-known for their uncanny ability to spark drama, arguments and stress. Even more so, given the current global climate. It is understandable that some folks seek to alleviate their own stress over said topics by publicly venting about it on their local pony forum, but not doing so with tact will do more harm than good, because I'd wager an even larger amount of people are browsing a pony forum to get away from the trials and tribulations that come with everyday life. And so, I'd like to bring attention to the Debate Symposium. Long ago this unsightly little place was torn from the earth and molded into being for the express purpose of housing such topics. This is where these topics need to stay, for the sake of everyone's mental health. The human mind can only put up with so many existential crises per day. Ask someone who has an anxiety disorder, like yours truly. But Discord, reading is hard! Fret not, little peach. *ahem*. Please refrain from talking about politics, religion and other highly sensitive topics in blogs, status updates or topics that are not located inside the Debate Symposium. Doing so defeats the entire purpose of the subforum, and tends to needlessly agitate ponies all around the site. This will be added to the Global Rules henceforth, so that there shall be no confusion or overlooking, in the future. We are human beings. It is sometimes inevitable to bring some human drama with us wherever we go, even to such a pure thing as a pony site. But please, for everyone's sake, let's keep MLPF a friendly getaway for those who are here to unwind and relax. Keep Calm and Pony On, Everypony~
  2. Hello there, I have just two questions. First, I would like to create a blog, but how would I go about doing that? Also, if I want to post a youtube video, which button or icon do I click on to do so? Thank you, Jason
  3. Hi im trying to do a blog =) but when I try and place an images using " image properties" box and click ok nothing happens, am I doing something wrong? also I cant copy and paste sentences or links on my blog. I can do links on my profile but not the blog =P please help?
  4. Hello Everyone, I saw quite a new bronies freaking out about Tumblr deleting accounts because some stuff that is NOT actually adult content is getting censored. Even my blogs were having ordinary things pop up with an orange "flagged" symbol at the top. If bronies are concerned I would suggest making a backup of your entire blog in a word document or other documents in your computers and external hard drives. Then if you guys wish to share it again online simply find another social media platform or blog site to move to. Here's an example using my new Archive blog. Please note: This is for example purposes only, I'm not trying to drive traffic to my site! The new Crip Video Productions Achieve blog. Posts will be added gradually as a backup of our other posts. Full Text of post: Welcome! Hello Everyone, Welcome! This is the official blogspot blog of Crip Video Productions. Crip Video Productions mission is to make short independent films that increase understanding of disability through engaging characters and story telling. The films are created by people with disabilities for everyone to enjoy. All films are written, directed, and produced by Margot Cole. We collaborate with able bodied people and people with a variety of disabilities for the sake of simply telling a good story. We mostly work with people who have physical disabilities. We do our best to make the films accessible by adding open captions to the films for the deaf and hard of hearing and audio description for the blind. Although we would love to accommodate people with moderate to severe mental disabilities we are simply not set up to do so at this time. Crip Video Productions is an online project we do for fun. We are not an official organization. We do NOT receive any kind of funding or grants from the government or elsewhere. We do NOT seek to profit from the films in any way. We try to produce the highest quality films we can on a low budget. Most people working on the films donate their time out of the kindness of their hearts and work pro bono for which we are forever grateful. We follow the necessary precautions of filmmaking and have full permission to use all the locations seen in the films. This blogspot blog will serve as the “backup” blog for Crip Video Productions in case our Tumblr, google plus page, or website fails i.e if we lose any old posts and need a place to repost our content. If we have really big news we may also post that news here. An achieved/backed up post from one of our other sites will be labeled as such. The reason we are making this spare blog is that in the past we have had slight problems with google plus posts not posting properly and because Tumblr is updating tomorrow (Monday December 17th 2018) and we may need to have a place to repost if anything is lost in the chaos of Tumblr updating. We thought about using other blogging sites as the spare blog but blogspot is the easiest for now. We apologize in advance for any confusions about the blogs or posts. If you have questions please comment. If you experience any difficulty with the Crip Video Productions Tumblr page please contact us immediately at or email at or feel free to comment on this post. Also feel free to comment at any point on this blog if you like our work and want to tell us. To follow us on our regular, more active pages please check out our official website Our Official Tumblr page and our google plus page To view our 4 current films “Drama Sighted” “Only Those Who Limp Allowed” “Crips Not Creeps” and “A Stroke Of Endurance” in full for free with open captions and audio descriptions please go to the official website and click on the “Films” tab or go to the youtube search engine and type the titles of the films you see above in the youtube search engine. Thanks for reading and enjoy!
  5. I was wonder if I can post blogs like shooter, adventure, strategy, fighting, horror, or any other genre? ( without the nudity of course )
  6. Welcome to the devious blog of the not so notorious Crafty White Fox! Briefing of this little fox will tell you that this creature before you is VERY crafty at pretty much anything! Welcome, Welcome Page peekers! Welcome to my silly page of really nothing at the moment...... HOLD IT! dont go yet! I havent even finished what i was going to say!!! Well- I guess since your here- sitting- i should quickly finish what i have to say... that is... at this very moment- you need to know im crafty... and like the name implies- i love to do things..... alll things.... pertaining to this craftiness that frequently has been mentioned that you shall soon behold!!! First off, as if it wern't obvious, im a brony, But there is no relations to cloppers or the law of 32 or is it 34? So every once in a while you may find that many of my stories will contain characters based off the show, like this character you see below the text you are currently reading from!!! This, dear reader, is what you may call an oc, or Lightning Storm weaver, of which is her name! Now, with MLP:FiM as the subject, let me introduce you to, number Dos on my craftiness! I present to you..... Plushies! Many of them, if I do say so myself! This is how I earn my money as a newly wedded wife. Though, I haven't made too much You can really see them all on my link called "DeviantArt" And speaking of deviant art- I now present to you, a lovely taste to my craftyness number Three- Artwork! currently I work with many different mediums, mostly digital at this moment, like this -> traditional work like this-> more traditional work like this-> and the occasional doodles you'll see every once in a while--- Aaaaand! There you have my craftiness- Well- that of illustrations any way.... My writing is on a whole other level... of which I spare you at this time! so, Questions?
  7. I already technically uploaded this on a thread, but I wanted to try it here on my blog and see which one people prefer. (Thread here ) So, I won't ramble on again (yay) so straight to the point, read the thread if you want to see some of my ramblings, otherwise here ya go! This is one of two recordings I uploaded, I'm unsure which is my favorite, so try one, or both, and tell me what you think!(Warning, to much exposure to Zygen's singing may lead to unidentified side effects, listener discretion is advised.) Enjoy! Atleast I hope you do And feel free to tell me what you think! I know I need a lot of practice, so don't feel bad to let me know!
  8. Hey y'all! So i figured i needed to post something to my blog, and i felt like the best idea was to post some recording of me singing Terribly "Smile smile smile" i did while i was home alone for a little. I sung like a dozen times, but eventually settled on two different recordings, i couldn't pick between the two, because both have problems in different places, so i just decided i'd post both. So, without further ado, i shall give you some of my terrible recordings! This one was actually my first recording i did, so i wasn't as warmed up, however it also meant my voice wasn't as tired, so it got better as it goes on mostly. Still has a few mistakes, and quiet in the beginning, but yeah. This one was like one of my later recordings, so i was more warmed up, however i also had my voice tired a little more, and i get tongue tied a few times, but overall its a little more confident and smoother, for the most part. I couldn't pick which, so i decided to post both, because like i said, both have flaws in different places, and fixed flaws in other places, so i just picked both. So if you want, tell me which you liked better, or which you listened to before you had to run away to save your eardrums hope you enjoy! I have another idea i'm thinking of starting on this blog, so i'll see what happens with it. Stay tuned for more! (This has been a look into the mind of a Zygen! (Or as mel would say, "The voice of zygen") Zygen is not responsible for any damage caused in the reading of this blog, if you experience any issues please consult a doctor immediately.) Batteries not included. Edit: by the request of swick I put the cover up onto Fileize for him, and for others who can't view Sound cloud correctly. Fileize Smile cover 1 Fileize smile cover 2 Again enjoy!
  9. So, today I was feeling random, and I felt like making a blog post. Then I thought I'd tell a random story, and for some reason this came to mind... So if you aren't aware, in games and the such, I typically have this affinity for Elves, normally in games when I can, I am usually playing an Elf if it is possible. For instance, in Skyrim all my characters right now are some variation of Elf. Why exactly do I like Elves though? Well, besides the side of it that I don't really know why, I just do, I have a theory based on some of my own experiences. Back when I was like, 3 or something, idk I was young enough that I don't remember much about it, I mostly know about it from my parents. Anyways, when I was 3(give or take a few years ;p.) I was at my grandmothers house, and I was running around like the little child I was. Then I fell on something(i really don't remember what exactly.) and somehow I ended up chipping my ear. So yeah, apparently according to my parents my ear was kind of pointy since it was chipped after that. Whether that story is entirely true or what, i'm not entirely sure, but I can only assume it is, since i don't really remember it. (Yay for bad memory ;p.) It could've been made up, but regardless, I think it plays into my liking of Elves. Or maybe it doesn't. Who knows, maybe I just like pointy Elf ears for some reason xD. The world may never know.... The reason I thought of this particular story I think, is because I actually got my ear cut while getting my hair cut a few days ago, and I currently have a bandage on it, because it ends up bleeding every time i take it off so far. And my brother said it makes me look like an elf with a bandage on my ear, so yeah ;p. Moral of the story, I like Elves. Hope you enjoyed the story, and if you would like me to think about doing more feel free to let me know. Or if you want me to do something else, I just felt like posting in my blog, since i haven't done so in forever. Or if you totally hate this series, you should tell me to never blog again, ever! Maybe not, idk, anyways, i'm going to stop rambling, see y'all around!
  10. Here are some of my stories in blog-form (I know that it's an unpopular type): Do you know any good blogs that consist mainly of fictional stories? And anyone I can discuss their ideas with?
  11. hello bronies and pegasisters this is my new blog and will be usually be blogging about mlp episodes, the idw comics, equestria girls, fan made videos, and more. my forum name is flamestreak1990 im 13 years of age currently residing in georgia, usa and other useless info that you didn't need to know. anyways expect blogs to be throughout week and weekend and mostly on fridays. so thats all info ya need for now see you later have a good day and pony out *brohoof*. oh yeah i was looking for suggestions on what i should do first
  12. Those of you who are part of the tumblrsphere have no doubt noticed that us bronies don't exactly have a good name over there. A lot of people seem to think that we aren't the loving community we are, and that instead we're very bigoted and mean, and that none of us are nice at all. This isn't fair in the slightest, I love tumblr, and I want it to be a safe space for every group (so long as that group isn't built upon hate of course). That said, there are already many wonderful blogs that push back against this idea, fixing the community image inside and out, as well as many pony blogs full of wonderful pony goodness. I have wanted my own little pony-filled slice of tumblr for a while now, and I think I've finally decided how I want to make it. I want to make a blog full of brony and pony positivity, one that shows off the good in our fandom, that highlights the kind acts of bronies, and that lifts up and appreciates groups often ignored by the unkind portion of our fandom and those who are unkind to the fandom alike. Something that says "Hey, we're bronies! We're not all misogynistic cishet men! We're not even all cishet men! Hell, we're not even all men!" From you, dear forum of love and tolerance, I would like suggestions. What would you like to see on a pony-brony-positive blog, and what aspects of our fandom do you think need some love? Tell me what you want, and I'll do everything in my power to deliver! And, if you really love this idea and want to be further involved, you can even apply for adminship. Just shoot me a message and tell me what you want to bring to the blog
  13. I’m going to attempt to phrase my message as objectively as possible. No aggravated emotions, no emotional whiplash, just plain and honest statements. Before I start I’d like to say that I’m not going to dispute any actions that the moderators have made. They are only doing their jobs and I recognize and applaud them for doing well at their jobs. I require no explanation that defends the Moderator’s actions because I understand why they make certain judgments and why they make these decisions. I will not be making suggestions, submitting Support Tickets or anything like that. This thread is just plain feedback to help the Mods see what is happening. I’ll start off with this: There is a problem, and more specifically I have a problem. It is unknown to me whether others experience this so I may be the only one that has this problem. When I come onto this site I want to converse with other MLP fans. MLP and its Brony content creators inspire me to also create content. Content creators often need feedback and support by others in order for their content to improve. When I want this feedback I go to the forums and make a thread. This is my goal most of the time whenever I’m in the forums. It is twice in the past that I’ve been denied feedback. One of them is old, and another just occurred today. A review of mine was converted into a comment, and a thread about a blog I wanted to start was just locked. For the review I was referred to blogs, and the blog thread was suggested to be made into a status or blog entry. When the references are given to me that’s where the problems start. I just want to clarify the opinion I’ve formed is based on all the time I’ve been here on the MLP Forums. This opinion is that forum threads are the primary location that users browse and it is also the most effective way to get feedback. I’ve tried statuses and blogs. With Blogs I received virtually no feedback whatsoever. On statuses I only get feedback 1 out of every 10 statuses which is 10%. A method that results in 10% feedback and 90% nothing is not an effective method for acquiring feedback. It is for these reasons that I primarily use threads. When I use a thread I receive feedback 100% of the time. With the feedback in the forum threads I’ve been able to improve some of my drawing artwork as well as learn of good debate points to discuss with others. These two things are a part of many things that help this community grow. This is why I prefer to use threads. To have my threads locked or redone as a comment discourages me from being productive here. The alternatives that were suggested to me were ineffective and detrimental to my goals on this website. Bottom line: I cannot receive any constructive criticism or positive feedback to help myself become a better content creator because what is deemed appropriate as a thread is subjectively contradictory to my content-related threads. Content such as that found in Octavia’s Hall are the only types of content allowed to flourish amongst the forum sections and any other such content like my blog post and review will be locked or outsourced to blogs/statuses. As a result only parts of the target audience can see and respond to this content (provided if blogs/status sections actually did provide that). This is not a problem I’ve had on other forums but I guess this site certainly isn’t just any forum. It’s just unfortunate that as a content creator I am being deprived of productive interaction which really shouldn’t happen on a forum. In the end I don’t blame the moderators, but I have to say that because of how parts of the site function it is unlikely that I can achieve my goals as a content creator on this site. Sadly I realize that not much can be done about this, I just wanted to raise awareness. Maybe you guys will brainstorm other ways to make this work in the future or maybe you’ll just stick to what you’ve got and improve upon it. Maybe this was to get people to think or maybe I’m just venting (I can’t tell). Either way it doesn’t really matter to me. I’ll use my time doing other productive things and try my best to avoid getting locked or moved (whatever works to get myself by). Here's to feedback 8) -Captain Brony saying TTFN (Ta-Ta-For-Now!)
  14. Can I post my website link here in forums
  15. Hey just wondering how I could start one of the blogs on this site. Read some of them and thought it would be fun to try. Can someone please tell me how?
  16. Welcome to my new gaming blog. The title of the blog pretty much explains what it's for. Everyday, I'm going to be talking about, giving my opinion, or listening to your opinions on something game related, whether it's a new console, game, or add-on. Sheesh, that was a mouthful. Anyways, enjoy your stay ~Stevenearthpony
  17. I for some reason can't make any sort of blog, I don't know why maybe I found a bug or something, just please help
  18. Im not exacty sure how to blog i followed the help guide but it doesnt seem to help, would anypony be able to be able to answer this
  19. I made a Tumblr and for some reason I feel like im the only person who has one.. I do Reviews Rants photography and other stuff.. Sooooooooo~... Please Follow me.. Im so Lonley
  20. Long ago, MLPForums lived in harmony. Then everything changed, when the Scootaloo Nation attacked. 'Scootaloos', "Scientifically Created Omni-bots Obsessively Targeting All Lifeforms Or Octopi" are an ancient race of beings from beyond the cosmos. The war that ensued between the two groups lasted for weeks, with some of the battles taking the form of 'DDoS' attacks that even members could see, but most of the battles were behind the scenes, between the staff of MLPForums, and the invaders from beyond. Neither side could gain ground. So in the end, there was a peace treaty. Out from the Scootaloos emerged a single Scootalien. Dropping his weapon, he shouted, 'Take me to your Admin.' Meeting with Feld0, the overbearing ruler of MLPForums, the two entered a sacred pact, that no one would ever come to suspect. In exchange for giving Feld0 and his staff alien technology that they could use to enhance MLPForums, such as 'Blogs' and 'Topic temperature icons', the leader of the Scootaloos, come to be called 'Scootacool', would be given absolute power alongside Feld0 as an admin of MLPForums. The pact was signed, and it was put into effect. With his own stamp of approval, Feld0 dubbed this pact 'Operation Scoots'.
  21. On record, that image you see I'm using because it's bad ass. Anyway, the whole point of this blog is to write down any final thoughts about my views on MLP, bronies in general, and the site, before I take my leave in mid-September. When you see this blog get really active, it means my time is almost up. So, first thoughts on my mind? -I've made more signatures today, started getting back to my metal formula and slowing down production the pony sigs. (FRIGGIN LYRA AND VIOLET SPIRAL RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR) -Whether this blog update for the site is a good idea or not is not my place to say. But still, I've yet to be sure. -I need to shave... -FRIGGINKORPIKLAANITHISTHRUSDAYYEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I hope this idea doesn't backfire on me.
  22. Okay so I got into this show a while back and only recently have I been somewhat, I guess you could say, active in with Brony's. I only just recently been notified of those Blog posts that I've been hear called "Asks" Nothing to do, I looked up one called Molestia someone mentioned. Thankfully, no nudity but mostly insinuations on such stuff. That is really good stuff though! (Note, do NOT click the watchers group on the side if you do not want to see NSFW bits...) I've been searching up for some good ones like this but can't seem to find any except for Surprise and Jackleapp(who'd of thought Hot Diggity Demon has his own blog, sweet) Are there any recommendations for some awesome blogs as such the asks or any other types? Favorite posts? And what are your reactions to such blogs?