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Found 32 results

  1. So I will admit that I'm doing this to show off, but I genuinely what to know how much blood have you donated all together. I hit the gallon mark yesterday.
  2. Say, if humans (or a race of humans/mutants) had a mutation that caused their blood to be flammable, how would it affect their society and their daily life (e.g. in ancient, medieval, and modern times)? And how do you think it would affect relations between firebloods and non-firebloods?
  3. I was wondering if we can post our grim dark fanfics on here? You know the kind with the blood, gore, and violence etc. Etc.
  4. Hello fellow ponies! Ask me anything you want!
  5. I havent drawn anything detailed lately, so i drew this drawing of my oc note clip :3c i hope this isnt too bloody for this page ;SS
  6. A finished drawing from my live stream! ^^ this is a fan art of a famous(?) head canon, that starswirl the bearded is actually discord and that he turned into him and stuff I recorded this drawing so for the one who missed my live stream and wants to watch me draw this, i will be making a speed paint video of this in a few days. i hope you guys like this art piece ^^ links. (click through) Deviant art tumblr
  7. Well this wallpaper I started after working on a sig for a member here, and seeing Rare so well, looking insane I thought a bit on a layout and had some fun! Just want some feed back and all! Info: Title: Art of the Dress Maker Layers: Nine Used: Gimp 2.6/Inkscape Time: 5 daysish Theme: Losing your Mind Song Lyric:Something brash, perhaps quite fetching Hook and eye, couldn't you just simply die?
  8. So on the recommendation of a friend I've been listening to YouTube audio-books of Fallout: Equestria. It's awesome so far! The basic picture took 2 hours and the details took another 2. Worth it! I hope you like the new art-style, too. It's a lot simpler. Critiques are always appreciated!
  9. I am not about to post a link to this, but I was on a "certain" MLP related site reading what I thought was a joke article. Apparently, more than one person has written " (name) is best pony " in their own blood. I thought the article was joking, but then I saw the youtube video. Seriously?
  10. This is the humanized version of Pinkamena I drew Sorry for the poor quality in advanced, I had to take these from my phone. I took it in three photos; full body, body close up, and head close up. Please, tell me what you think
  11. WARNING:This fanfiction shall contain a slight amount of gore. If this isn't allowed by the standards of this community please excuse me and do not punish me for this. There is nothing too descriptive and the gore part receives little to none attention and is very light. That given pronunciations... Ao is spelled like this (AY-oh) inspired by but clearly not as poweful. Just a name similarity to symbolize how ,i bearing the same name in my facebook page, can lift my banhammer and ban others just as Ao liften his finger and instantly made Gods into mortals. As for Xross it is not an X but rather a Kay... like The X-Blade (Kay-Blade/Keyblade). Ao by me... Princess Sky by ~Sky and Queen Chysalis by Habro. Cover Art Drawn by Princess Ebet on deviantart. And now without further ado... the fanfic... Chapter 1 - The Guardians of the Princess The Alpha... the Omega... the beginning and the end. The neverending cycle of beginnings and endings cannot be broken. However there is one thing i cannot allow to end just yet... i can't allow my Queen to fall. But before i tell you of my present... you must understand my past. Each changeling was different... each changeling was born differently... i proved to be one of the changelings that used every ending to fuel another beginning. I was one of the changelings that was armed with the determination to continue when all seemed lost... thus i was named Ao. I was born at the time that Queen Amalthea and King Melon ruled. I had a semi-long silver mane with light teal scales, and heterochromic golden and green eyes. I wanted to become a royal guard. I wanted nothing but to contribute... to help... to give myself to the changeling Kingdom. Life was in no way easy... everyone fought for the top. That's not to say that none respected each other. Everyone however was relentless, everyone worked with a passion in their hearts... Our castle was located in an gorge, underground with little light reaching us from the surface. We were a hidden species after all... None knows our existence and that is for the greater good. Under the noses of the ponies their foals were exchanged with with changelings. For quite some time they grew, up until the point of maturity when they were recalled back to our Kingdom while the real ones were returned. That was the way it was supposed to be... that was the way to live up until then... In a philosophy of equivalent exchange we gave and created a life for the new foals, we gave them memories of a good life and in turned gained life in the form of all. All but the royals and the nobles experienced this. My family wasn't of high status and so i had the chance to experience such a life. My friends... my rivals... they were one and the same. I had the greatest of fights during my life with my friends, we used the conflict between us to become better. We used conflict on both the mental and physical level to become something more. We looked together for the answer... we clashed in our Quest for the Truth, our Quest for the Strength, our Quest for Life. There were of course those who were hollow... each changeling had some enemies and that was to be expected. None had the same ideals, the same virtues as the other, none necessarily played fair. But i had someone next to me that helped. Wherever i would be i was connected with my friends, my rivals... Connected in the darkness i knew that i wasn't alone. Chrysalis... Xross... those two names are ones i will never forget. Princess Chrysalis was a unique and perhaps... "good" individual. Once i earned my position in the Royal Guard i confirmed this. She had a great interest in the future, she loved the changelings, all of them... The Guard and i with them witnessed this. We witnessed it when she visited the hatcheries, we witnessed it when she tended the wounded, we witnessed it whenever she saw a changeling die... Oh she had her weaknesses. I could see it on her face... i could see it every time the power mongering nobles sent their changeling sons to court her, i saw it every time she broke into tears for her Quest for true love. But one night... one night it all became worse. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was standing outside the Princess' room as per her Highness' orders in my armor holding a spear and on one hoof and having attached a shield on the other. Standing next to me was my friend, my comrade, my rival... Xross... he had an orange mane and tail with a single yellow stripe on both. As we were both standing is silence we begun to ponder the events of that day. Yet another false lover had tried to reach Chrysalis' heart that day... offering her everything he could muster. Empty promises of greatness ensued and i was there silently watching. There was no truth in the changeling's magenta eyes eyes... no spark, no spirit in the flow of his blood-red mane. I knew how to see emotions something my kind always could do. It was imperative for me to be aware of my surroundings, and as an empathetic species, as a changeling i had to take all emotions into account. Especially love... I could say with certainty that this changeling made a considerable effort to hide his true intentions. But it was not enough... and Chrysalis understood too... "Crimson Lance... Leave... Right now... if i see you one more time coming after me, harassing me with your lies i will not hesitate to kill you... Regardless of your status." She said with eyes slightly shining with anger as she looked from her height downwards to the changeling noble, while gritting her teeth at the same time. Being a Princess and next to the throne gave her body the capacity to grow larger than the normal changeling. Depending on the growth and power of a changeling this would increase but in a general sense Changeling Royalty was taller than the average changeling. The changeling ahead of her narrowed his eyes and shuffled his eyebrows... "You will regret it... you won't find love ever if you keep being stubborn like that." he said turning and puffing his chest and raising his head up and walking away. My eyes widened open and this ruffled my wings and made me tremble in anger. Was that a threat? i asked as i was met with a smirk from the pretentious noble. "Threat? Oh no... i am simply saying there is cause... and consequence." I thought i heard a laugh as the changeling started to leave. I'd have to inform the King and Queen... we'd have to be extra careful for the next few days. But she was still wounded. The words had gotten to her... that much was true when she requested to be left alone in her Royal quarters. I turned at my friend Xross and spoke. "She's been there for hours almost dead-silent. Should i go check?" i said worried as i looked his way. "She's fine... i can feel her aura from here. She's just... sad..." he said with an uncertain look not knowing what to feel. I was feeling empathetic... her sadness was affecting me. I was beginning to worry... as a guard i had to help the future changeling ruler. As a changeling i had to care for my Princess. "Can you keep an eye out? I'm gonna go inside see how things are going." "Alright but don't take too long... i hate guarding the gate all alone." "Understood." I proceeded to open the ornate mahogany gates of my Princess' room. As i opened them i was greeted with a luxury unlike common changeling residences. Silk curtains with hues of green, blue, teal. Blue roses and fur coats, a large drawer with tons of dresses. And there she was... covering her face in her luxurious silken sheets and silently looking down my future Queen, Chrysalis. Oh she was so beautiful even when she was sad. Her radiant mane carefully folded into a braid, her holes just in the right spot... her sleek figure, and her black cheeks as the faint moonlight fell upon her from the window. I couldn't do anything else but protect her, aid her in whatever pain she was in. "Princess?" i asked as i removed my helmet and bowed before her. She shifted her eyes a little sleepy and looked at me... and immediately from the formality i caused she turned and the shadow upon her face grew larger. I knew she had gone bitter but i didn't understand. I wouldn't have to explain however. "Why do you insist on formalities Ao? Does it look like i am in the mood for them? Why don't you try for once speaking like you truly wish to? I've had enough of pretentious courtesy..." Oh maker knew how much i wished to speak with her freely and tell her everything. How i would give my life for the changeling kingdom, how much i admired her and her open heart, how much i loved her care for me and all the changelings below me. But i restrained myself... for i didn't wish to overstay my welcome with her. I did however partially oblige to her request. "You are my future Queen, Chrysalis. I feel obliged to pay you my respects however fake you think they might be. There is no reason for you to stop believing there are good changelings out there because of some hollow crooked fakers. I don't wish for special treatment Princess, i don't wish for any position, power, money or influence. I simply wish to see the face of the Princess that made me proud to serve under her command." I placed my hoof upon my chest and puffed my chest. I was met with a scrutinizing look and my composure was inspected bit by bit from the Princess. She kept a serious look through her shadowed face. "And you believe this is worth it?" i simply nodded and puffed my chest even more proudly than before. "I am not afraid! If i need become a pillar for you to stand upon i will! If i need become a bridge for you to cross i will! If i need become a bed for you to rest upon i..." I didn't have a moment to continue my proud rambling before she said instinctively. "Even if i became as pathetic as to need a shoulder to cry upon?" i was mildly surprised... I didn't know why she asked that question, for just a millisecond i shook a bit by the realisation of what she had just said. I regained my composure and thought about it... i wanted to at least seem true, i didn't want to just say a blind "yes". After i let a respectful moment for me to think about it looked at her through my heterochromic golden/green eyes. I exhaled. "Yes." i simply declared. Just as i thought that i saw a slight smile on her face i felt a sharp sensation upon my mind. Someone was contacting me through our empathetic link. All changelings shared that link and it was often used to silently discuss things between each other, deliver messages, and share your feelings. All changelings shared this link and the stronger the changeling, the more he/she could speak to and lead more into combat. Right now the way i was contacted felt like an awful alarm clock and i knew one thing... this was an emergency. "Ao... i think we have company..." I adjusted my ears that acted like Antennas right now and connected myself to the frequency. A split second later and just as the magical conduit had formed into the ley-lines i responded. "Not a good time Xross... i was making progress." my message was dismissed as Xross continued. "Yea you can do that right after we avoid death please? Cause i think that something is... the next part of the message was heard out loud as two loud bangs and a crashing sound came from outside. "...INCOMING!" A metallic bang was heard possibly a changeling crashed against Xross and another knocked on the door breaking the lock. One side was left crooked and the other was completely knocked off the hinges leaving a large cloud of dust. As the clash of metal with metal continued outside i grabbed my spear and shield and placed my helmet on my head once again as i jumped in front of Chrysalis waiting. Suddenly a changeling dressed with jet black clothes and shining magenta eyes jumped in the air. I immediately raised my shield and charged an emerald forcefield around as i yelled to my back. "PRINCESS GET BACK!" my shield met the magical stomp of the assassin and blocked it. A lost a bit of ground as it pushed me backwards but was generally left unharmed. If i hadn't raised my shield in time the shockwave would have knocked me off my footing. It seemed that the assassin was not trained enough. In any case he, i figured he was male from his bodily structure which was smaller than the average female as per changeling anatomy, found with a murderous intent striking with lightning quick blows filled with rage. Chrysalis tried to react but her actions were met with strong shots of green mesh. While i tried to block some of them two found their targets at her diaphanous wings and her horn, placing her firmly in place against the wall as she tried to break free. I had to buy her some time... i had to buy Xross some time... the commotion would soon be heard from the rest of the denizens of the castle and i had to stand firm until that time. The shine of silver and a metallic sound was heard as i widened my eyes. This guy was serious and as i saw the two blades attached to his hooves i knew he was determined. He charged at me... i flew to meet him and brushed aside one blade with my side and the other with my spear. I headbutted him and he rolled backwards holding me steady on him. However this caused the hood of his cloak to fall backwards as he jerked his head forwards to me. At that time i saw his face... the blood-red mane and magenta eyes. "You... greedy... POWER HUNGRY MONGREL!" I yelled as I bashed my shield on his face, and made him spit some blood and teeth. Unfortunately that freed his left hoof and he didn't hesitate to try to stab me with it. Instinctively i pushed my spear and got his hoof which caused him to scream as blood rushed from it. Filled with adrenaline infused rage i couldn't hear or sense anything else of my surroundings. I was so focused on facing this mongrel that i didn't know if Xross was alright. I had to see at my situation right now... I had left myself exposed and my enemy had finally one hoof free. Determined to draw my blood he jabbed his blade at my sides piercing the soft scales of my underbelly. I heard a scream respond to mine... "Ao! NO!!!" i winced and closed my eyes as i saw her beautiful form at the side having her entire face stretched in horror of what she was seeing. I smiled... if i died i was dying for her... for the changelings, and their future. Nothing more... nothing less. As i saw the hoof readying to strike back the familiar orange-yellow tail and mane crossed my eyes as two back hooves stroke at the chest of my enemy effectively throwing him against the wall ahead. Xross was filled with blood on his hooves. To nail down his opponent he threw his spear and pierced the changeling at the shoulder. The pain from the spears that had targeted his hooves was excruciating. And him now being attached to the well i could rest. They dashed on my side... my friend, my Princess, my future Queen... i couldn't hear their words so much. I just hoped... that if i died... they would be alright. And from what i saw they were... "T-thank g*cough*... goodness. Y-you're UGH!!! you're s-safe." i said as i gave up trying to beat the pain. It was possible that i had internal bleeding and the blade had possibly hit my spleen. Whatever... it didn't matter so much. I had achieved my goal... She was alive... and i was happy. My vision faded and everything went black as my senses succumbed to the pain...
  12. Topic says all. Mine is this: -Dead Space eyeball surgeon failed scene. -Last Of Us Bloater kills you scene.
  13. So I finally got the two t-shirts I ordered a while ago. It is two horror movie t-shirts, on the left you see Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and on the right, a print of the official cover from Halloween (1978). Jokuc is happy today.
  14. OK, I know it shows some nudity and gore so no there is no sex in this artwork ! Alright happy Halloween and be safe I just wanted some fun !
  15. Didn't know if i should put it here or in Life Advice, so i thought 'meh.' Have you ever made a Plasma Donation or are you planning to do so? For those who don't know, Plasma is the substance that is in your Blood. There are certain Plasma-Centers in this World where you can go and donate it. Plasma is being used as medicine for people who have AIDS or Hepatitis. People who donate Plasma also get Money, which is between 15-20 Bucks. I would really like to know that because i do this since a few weeks now. I actually came back from one just recently. So tell me about it Bronies.
  16. So like, I was helping out with the Red Cross people and was the person who's up front at the desk where you sign in and or say that you're a walk in and all that, and like I got bored so I drew a lot of weird things in my sketch book. This one happened to be pony related so why the hell not post it up even though it is kind of crappy! It was either I upload this or I upload the picture I drew of a psychopathic Bill Clinton. I think this one wins.
  17. Here is my other friends OC, Blood heart! Just to tell you guys real quick, she is not copying Luna. She has the same Cutie Mark, but not copying her. She is an alicorn. Her name is Blood Heart. She came from the moon like Luna, though. My friends idea. Do you like her color scheme? Post your opinions!
  18. this is something quick I did based on an Idea I had asking what would happen if the mane 6 were to com in contact with the blood moon from Terraria so far I have only done twilight but I will do the others soon.
  19. I was sobbing into my pillow. Not just the sobbing you hear from anypony, I mean really bawling. "I don't want this to happen any more! I'm sick of everypony laughing at me! I'm not a joke!" Images of the popular ponies at my school fluttered in my mind like smoke over a fire. "Hello," whispered a dark voice. "Hello, Emerald Wave." I stopped and lifted my head. A black sillhouette of a stallion much taller than I stood right behind me. "Who are you?!" I gasped, covering my mouth with my hoof. "I'm here to take you to a place where the other mares won't disturb you... You deserve better..." I glared, trying to act brave. "I-I asked, who are you?!" I could see a white smirk. "Hm, nopony important." He looked up, and I saw white pinhole eyes. "Gah! Get away from me!" I whinnied and galloped down the stairs. I bashed right out the door. "Symphony! Symphony, where are you! There's something in my room!" I ran all over the yard, my house, but I couldn't find her. "SYMPHONY, WHERE ARE YOU!" I screamed, stomping my hooves on the ground. No answer. I groaned and covered my face. "It's hopeless," I admitted to myself. "It's hopeless, hopeless, hopeless..." When I uncovered my face, I saw I was in my bedroom. "What the heck?!" I ran out my bedroom door again, only to find I was in my room. Again. "Gah, this is happening!" I clutched the sides of my head in stress. "Emmy?" I was greeted by some gold eyes. "AHHH! Wait, SYMPHONY?! Where have you been?!" Symphony looked concerned. "Umm, I don't know, but I've been looking for you. You were laying right next to the Everfree forest... So I got, well, nervous." My mind couldn't explain what I was just going through. It was just then I realized that I was in my bed. "What the?!" Symphony looked at me confused. "Hey, Emmy, are you okay?" I simply nodded. "Yes, I'm... I'm fine... Just fine, I'm only tired," I lied. I then went to sleep. The morning went as usual, waking up, brushing my diamond-colored mane, washing my emerald face, eating breakfast, and walking to school. On the way to school, Symphony and I walked together. (Symphony is my little sister) On the way, it began to get foggy, but nothing else happened. "Emerald!" cried a familiar voice. I turned around, only to spot Candy looking at me. "Oh, hey Ca-" She cut me off with a nasty glare. "Hey?! After what you did?! You were creeping me out! You were, like, in my room! Last night! You looked like a shadow with stark white eyes and told me to come with you!" My eyes widened. "But... But, it couldn't have been me! It could have been anypony!" "Oh yeah? Prove it wasn't you!" she gnarled at me. I looked at the ground nervously. "I saw it too..." Candy went from rage to confusion. Symphony looked at me confused. "What shadow?" I looked at Symphony and sighed. "I'll tell you later." I couldn't concentrate during class. I kept glancing out the window, until I realized that Candy was looking at me. As I looked at my desk, I saw a note. 'What do you think that think was if it wasn't you?' it read. I grabbed the pencil in between my teeth and wrote her something back. Then I heard an angry voice yell from right beside my desk. "No note passing in my classroom, otherwise the note is read to the whole class!" I gulped and saw Miss Cotton. She took the note from my desk and galloped to the front of the room. At lunch time, everypony was gossiping about Candy and I. I stared down at my hooves. "Hey, Wave!" I groaned. "What do you want, Lily... I'm in a bad enough mood already." Lily snickered and whacked me across the face with her horn. "Is this, like, a play that's trying to scare us? Well, it's not scaring me!" I stood up and looked Lily right in the eyes. "Listen, I've had enough of you and your bullying, and, no, it's not a play, this is for real!" Lily laughed. "Yeah right, Wave," she scoffed, spit at my hooves, and galloped away to be with her other friends. When Symphony and I got home, it was really foggy. "I don't like this, Emmy..." Symphony hugged me tight. "Don't worry, we'll find something out... I hope," I whispered. Before I got to sit down in the kitchen to do my homework-- BAM! Something was coming from my basement... Like the door being pounded on. I held my breath. BAM! BAM! Symphony started to cry. I quickly picked her up on my back and went into the bathroom. BAM! More pounding from the basement. I quickly put my little sister into the cupboard. "Shh, stay here, don't make a sound..," I hushed. Symphony nodded. BAM! I looked at her concerned. "Symph, I'm gonna lock the cupboard door, okay?" She was hesitant. BAM! Suddenly, she nodded rapidly. I quickly locked the door and ran into the kitchen to get a knife, which I held in my mouth. I ran to the basement door, and slowly, cautiously opened it. The room was filled with a loud creak. I cringed, and hoped that whatever was down there didn't hear me. Nervously, I stepped down the stairs. "Who's down here?! This isn't funny!!" Silence. "AHHH!" A blood-rushing scream came from upstairs, then the sound of wood breaking. "EMMY!" I gasped. "SYMPHONY!!!!!!" I hollered, and galloped up the stairs and into the bathroom. The cupboard door was ripped right off of the hinges and smashed into pieces, and the lock was on the floor. Pill bottles and unused tooth brushes were scattered all over the floor. Paintings had fallen off of their nails. This was a mess. I didn't care. I fell backwards and sobbed. Sobbed about the mess. Sobbed about Lily. Sobbed about the note the teacher read. Sobbed about the black pony. Sobbed about Symphony. "I'M SO SORRY!!!" I bawled, my hooves and legs flailing all over the place. Suddenly I heard a knock on the front door. "GO AWAY! YOU'VE ALREADY TAKEN MY SYMPHONY!!" I buried my face in my hooves. "Police!" came from the door. "Oh! Sorry," I called, and ran over to the door and opened it. Two blue stallions wearing police uniforms stepped inside. "We are going to investigate to see what pony has kidnapped your sister." I simply nodded. One of the stallions was about 13, the other seemed to be 19. The 13 year old stallion caught my eye. Unlike the older one, he smiled at me. He had a breathtaking grin. With a shiny, lighter blue coat and a dazzling blonde mare, his diamond eyes fit right in. "What is your name, miss?" he asked. "E-E-Emerald Wave," I replied. "Coastal Sky," he introduced, and extended his hoof for me to shake. I took his hoof awkwardly and shook it. "Nice to meet you, Emerald." 'God, he's perfect!' I thought to myself. Coastal Sky gave me his number before he left. I was so happy, but I had to act casual. "Thanks..." When he left, I sighed dreamily. "No, I have to focus..," I said to myself, and trotted off to bed. I was awoken the next morning when the phone started to ring. I squealed in joy when I saw who it was. "It's Coastal!" I quickly picked up the phone. "Hello?" "Hey Emerald, how have you been?" "Oh, just fine, nothing bad happening yet." "That's good, hey, you wanna catch a movie?" 'Oh my god, he's ASKING ME OUT!!!!!!' I thought, but tried to stay calm. "Y-yeah! Yeah!" I stuttered awkwardly. "Great! I'll be there about now!" Suddenly the doorbell rang. I jumped and hung up, galloping downstairs. I bashed open the door with my hoof. "Hey, Coastal! How did you get here so fast?" "I'm a fast stallion," he bragged, smirking irresistibly. "Let's go!" he said. "Don't worry, if you fall behind, I won't run ahead." We then held hooves and trotted to the theater.
  20. At one point.... it was a chicken. And then everything changed when the fire nation attacked. No feet. No head. No intestines NO SERVICE This piece is actually very symbolic....
  21. Reani


    A while ago, I had started writing this fanfic, but I stopped working on it because I started working on a sad fanfic. I stopped being sad and went back to writing the first one. Here it is. Ponyhunt: Summary: Pinkamena Diane Pie suddenly finds herself forced to be part of a blood-sport/snuff film known as Ponyhunt. While she is directed by an unknown stallion who goes by name of "The Director", she is forced to kill other ponies that are actually hunting her down for sport. With each and every kill she makes, the sport gets tougher and the blood runs quicker. Nopony will be left un-scarred once the cameras start rolling. (Mature rating due to blood.) Oh do I have great plans for this.
  22. Post all kinds of horror-themed pony pictures here! Remember to not post anything too gory since it's against the forum rules to post NSFW content. So not even in spoilers. Any picture considered too gory will be reported. Let's get started!
  23. This is my first chapter of many. the chapter is called Lorcan the Damned. The entire fic. will feature a lot more gore than the first chapter and may contain shipping so be warned.
  24. this is timmy, a young killer with incredible strength. he wields a 500 pound hammer called the Crater Crusher, he has a demented mind and enjoys blood being splattered everywhere. (MWHAHA this is something you guys didnt expect, every entry i get for my armory adopt, i shall redraw and use later on in a very big project of mine! lets just say, timmy will be meeting some other contestants in a short while ) armory parts 1 and 2