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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everypony, Just found this clip on YouTube of a fighter jet with the same blue/yellow coloring as the Wonderbolts. What do you think? Close to being a real-life equivalent of a Wonderbolt? And would Spitfire approve of this flying? Another clip:
  2. So, in the show, Rainbow Dash wants to fly with the Wonderbolts. From what I've read, the Wonderbolts are based off of the Thunderbirds USAF demonstration group, but their uniforms are meant to look like the Blue Angels. I can't help but wonder, though, especially after reading "My Little Dashie" a few days back, what would Rainbow Dash's dream be in the real world? (In "My Little Dashie", she was raised in this world and loved NASCAR.) My own biases lead me to think that she'd dream of being an astronaut. Flying faster, higher, and more glorious than anything else like NASCAR or the Blue Angels. Simply put, there isn't a space program in MLP, the closest thing to it is the Wonderbolts. Though, I have to admit, you won't make the modern space program as a high school dropout, unless you enter as a pilot (which is only 1 of a crew of 7...). But she seems like a perfect candidate for the early space program's astronauts corps, who were really good, fearless test pilots. But here's the thing: What is it about the Wonderbolts she likes so much? "... To fly with those great ponies, The Wonderbolts Their daring tricks, spinning round and having kicks Perform for crowds of thousands, They'll shower us with diamonds..." I still think she'd want to be an astronaut, though, because of her competitive spirit, and they kinda seem at the top of everything. I think they fit the "Select few" best, and they do go on "big adventure". But at the same time, it requires discipline, hard work, and in reality it's mostly switch-flipping. Anyways knowing her personality, and her said reasons for liking the Wonderbolts, what does it seem like most? NASCAR, Blue Angels, Air Force, NASA?... Maybe she just likes the thrill of exercise, so maybe even an olympic athlete... Or maybe it has more to do with them being her personal heroes than what they do... Thoughts?