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Found 4 results

  1. Do you blush? If so why? Do you like to blush? Have you seen someone else blush? I blush a lot and I don't like that feeling. I wish that I would be able to choose when to blush and when not. I don't know why I blush in so many situations, but here are couple examples when I blush: I blush when someone watches me to the eye, I just feel that someone is monetizing me and I feel so vulnerable I feel that all my flaws are there for them to see. I blush if someone is calling my name more than once, I don't know why I do that but I just feel that my name is embarrassing. I blush when I'm supposed to say something but I have nothing to say, it feels so awkward when that happens. I blush if I fail at something in front of others. I blush when I talk about my feelings and opinions that other people may not accept. I blush sometimes when I'm praised. One time I was at school eating lunch. Then these guys came to me at the same table. I blushed and this one guy then said "You're all red". I felt SO awkward and embarrassed I just wanted to hide somewhere and be out of sight. Everyone was looking at me it felt so bad. I just quickly ate my lunch and then I went out I don't remember if I cried, but I probably did. That one incident may be partly the reason why I don't eat at school anymore. What do you think about blushing? What are your experiences with blushing? Would you tell someone if you see them blush?
  2. just because i am in the mood... no no no don't give me that kind of face! it doesn't work with me! get your flank out of there!
  3. Hey guys, just decided I'd draw again tonight. But this time I decided to put sole together with his favorite mare, stone heart. She is the OC of @@synangel and they've been together in pretty much every rp they both take part in. I know what your all thinking, she looks a lot like twilight, but that's my fault. They have similar mane styles, but I couldn't really get it or her facial expression to look drastically different from twilight's. So here ya all go, please tell me what ya'll think.
  4. H-how did this get here? (Parents took my skype so I was bored and drew this, Lurry is so adorable! I think it turned out okay, some flaws but I'm not perfect. Do you think he's adorable? Because I do )