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Found 15 results

  1. Well? My friend and I played the Nightmare Before Christmas edition and I kept getting the "snake eats your presents" card multiple times....I flipped the board into the air. The regular version...still nothing. Most people set it up and then don't feel like playing, or something angers them and they quit. Well? How about you all? Ever finished a match?
  2. No one I know IRL seems to really care about them, but personally I love them. So I was wondering: Are any of you into board games? If so, which ones do you like? Here's some of the ones I'm into (in no particular order): 1. Tsuro 2. Forbidden Desert 3. Jaipur 4. Robinson Crusoe Adventures on the Cursed Island 5. YINSH 6. Cosmic Encounter 7. Uno (of course) 8. Summoner Wars 9. Gin Rummy (game played with a standard deck of cards) 10. Klondike (a type of solitaire) Additionally, out of curiosity, do any of you happen to have Tabletop Simulator? It's a wonderful platform for online board gaming.
  3. How do you celebrate after you have won a game, or an event? It can be any way, or involve anything. I usually start thinking of the scene in Spongebob where they sing "Sweet Victory". That song suits any win. "Now, let's make Squidward proud."
  4. Greetings, everyone. I've failed at finding any such topics on this forum, so... here it is! I'd like to dedicate this topic for sharing your armies and backstories for them (and characters' if you have any), discussing different tactics and general thoughts on things related to Warhammer! Hope this idea will not be dissappointing for anyone in here, heh.
  5. Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone here plays Tabletop simulator, maybe we could gather a small group to play stuff together. MLP related or not.
  6. Hi there, after the last episode I just had to do a picture with zecora and I took a shot at my interpretation of her mask. I'll use the picture for my boardgame too, it fits!
  7. Hi, everypony! Got a treat for you this time. After more than a year of development, we're proud to announce: A My Little Pony Print-N-Play board game. Changeling is a hidden identity game which holds 5-12 players and finishes in less than an hour. In it, you either play an undercover Changeling attempting to sabotage episodes of My Little Pony, or a citizen of Ponyville using teamwork to overcome their nefarious plot. If you've ever played Resistance or Avalon, then you'll recognize some of the game mechanics. Changeling adds another layer by letting you call on the unique talents of dozens of different MLP characters. Rainbow Dash lets you take multiple actions; Rarity lets you give cards to other players; Doctor Whooves lets you travel back in time to a previous episode! This makes the game a bit more 'Brony-ish', in that it gives everyone something to do, even if they aren't invited on the 'misison'. It also makes the game a bit less harsh--if you're found out as a Changeling, there's still a lot you can do to wreak havoc. Like Shipfic, it's a great game to break out at meetups and conventions (or just parties). We do hope you'll give it a whirl, and we very much hope you enjoy it when you do. If you had fun, tell us! And then spread the word. Link to the PDF Version Link to the .docx Version
  8. ...maybe he stubbed his hoof? ...or maybe someone took his sandwich ...maybe he practised making his war-face ....maybe....he's like "Damnit Chryssi, I'm a Changeling, not a doctor!" We may never know! This pic is actually for my boardgame Ponyville Mystery. Our little mad Changeling here will be one of the many enemies.
  9. Adventures in Equestria A Pony Based Pen & Paper RPG System Road Map Links
  10. Hi there, I'm currently in the process of creating location artworks for my boardgame Ponyville Mystery (link: or and I'd like to showcase some of my artworks regarding locations you can visit throughout the game. The Poison Joke Field: Appearance in the boardgame: Quills and Sofas: Appearance in the boardgame: The Shrine of Nightmare Moon: Appearance in the boardgame: Fluttershys Cottage: Appearance in the boardgame:
  11. Hello MLP Forums and welcome to the Board Game Discussion Thread. This is where we talk all things related to board games and card games. And before you write the whole subject off as boring or uninteresting, it might surprise you to know of the explosive creativity in board games these last few years that has been alive just beyond your sight. If you're curious, try looking up: Agricola Factory Fun Forbidden Island Incan Gold Life Boat Pandemic Puerto Rico Zombiecide (By the way, here, we hate Settler of Catan
  12. I am a serious board game fanatic. Since I know there are several people on this forum who follow real board gaming news I decided to ask some advice because this has been on my mind for a while. According to sources the best game on the market today is Twilight Imperium. Now, if my own board game was set in a school for mages without sounding like a Harry Potter rip off, what would other designers do to make this game entertaining? How would you like to see it designed? (Update) In my mind, the game is so far an open-ended sandbox game about scoring victory points if it's competitive and completing a common goal if it's cooperative. Like Puerto Rico, every round is a phase where each player can do one type of action. Their goals are to finish and present assignments given to them before an assignment becomes overdue. I haven't worked out combat yet. I also think there is an underlying story that makes the setting more danger for players after each turn and a bad guy to defeat at the very end or something. I don't know what advice I'll get but I was just curious to ask.
  13. I am a die hard fan of board games. And no, I'm not talking about familiar games like Chess, Scrabble, Monopoly or Sorry. I'm talking about real games like Puerto Rico, Twilight Imperium, Pandemic, Agricola and Ticket to Ride. Is there anyone else who's found that rediscovered interest in board games we've had in the last ten or fifteen years?
  14. Hello everyone my name is Blue Thorn or just Thorn to most I am one of the co founders to an exciting development called Everfree Explorers. Now your probably asking what is this new exciting thing it is our ponified version of DND (Dungeons and Dragons). You may be wondering who we is well this project consists of myself, Fallen Star, and Lightning Blitz. I am looking for anypony who has played DND before or who really think this sounds like a fun idea to help spread this word around. This whole process is under construction but we are building the races, classes, weapons, armor, items, guilds, hotels and so so so much more. If your interested in checking us out and discussing this come find us on our deviant or message me on here or just comment I am very excited to be beginning this project cant wait to see how it develops.
  15. I'm working on designing a board game specifically targeted at fans of FIM, the idea is to make it in a similar vein as games such as Heroquest, or Descent. Also the goal is to not use any of the copyrighted/trademarked material from the show, it would be set pre-equestria before Luna and Celestia. The game would consist of several players working together to explore, defeat monsters, and collect treasure, while one person will basically be the "Game Master" controlling the monsters and reading out the story. The plan is to have an over-arching story for the game and leave room for creating your own adventures. The players will each choose a race to play, with each race having its own special abilities, such as the three basic races; Earth Pony, Pegasus, and Unicorn. The more adventures you play through with your character, the more powerful you get and you acquire more items/treasure. The goal is to also include alot of neat little things in the game such as little furniture pieces for making dungeons and a bunch of miniatures (much like the old Heroquest game did). The first story will involve fighting against an evil dragon and his imp minions (as well as other creatures). We're also currently working on a way to make it a little more than simply killing monsters since we still want it to reflect the show to some degree. It's going to be a little more action-y though since the sisters weren't around so Pony heroes had to rise up and fight the evil on their own. If the reception winds up being positive we'd like to create expansions for it, but for now we're simply trying to get the base game going. Any input would be great, and feel free to ask any questions! Also we'll eventually need artists for the game art as well as soon as we get the mechanics and such down. Basically something like this, but with ponies: Thoughts?