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Found 11 results

  1. Well? My friend and I played the Nightmare Before Christmas edition and I kept getting the "snake eats your presents" card multiple times....I flipped the board into the air. The regular version...still nothing. Most people set it up and then don't feel like playing, or something angers them and they quit. Well? How about you all? Ever finished a match?
  2. No one I know IRL seems to really care about them, but personally I love them. So I was wondering: Are any of you into board games? If so, which ones do you like? Here's some of the ones I'm into (in no particular order): 1. Tsuro 2. Forbidden Desert 3. Jaipur 4. Robinson Crusoe Adventures on the Cursed Island 5. YINSH 6. Cosmic Encounter 7. Uno (of course) 8. Summoner Wars 9. Gin Rummy (game played with a standard deck of cards) 10. Klondike (a type of solitaire) Additionally, out of curiosity, do any of you happen to have Tabletop Simulator? It's a wonderful platform for online board gaming.
  3. ... I think Applejack is trying to tell me something.
  4. This is the first piece of content that I have created, so don't be too hard on me That said I do want to get better at creating storyboards, so if I need to work on my art, or spend more time on it, or whatever, tell me please Thank you
  5. Any longboarding bronies out there. I'm excited to get back into it now that spring has finally rolled around. Post your boards here! I have an Arbor bamboo pintail board. Mine doesn't look that pretty anymore though, my friend ran it off the curb and scratched up the bottom of it... but it still rides fine! I have a penny board too and I'm thinking about getting a new cruiser.
  6. So, I worked really hard on this piece and I want to see what you guys think of it. It's one of those Ouija Board things
  7. I live in Dublin, Ireland. The city has a surprisingly strong presence of skateboarding (so much so that there's even a movie about skating in Dublin); multiple parks, shops, and skaters of course. Only recently have I realized how lucky I am, for many cities have no parks at all, not one. I am wondering what the skate scene is like where YOU live. I amn't really talking about longboards, however. I am referring to the the basic skateboard; You do NOT have to skate yourself, (mainly because the chances of another Brony skater finding this thread are minimal) I am simply curious. Thanks for your time!
  8. Do you guys have a Penny board? If so, what color is it? I just ordered mine. It's a Tie Dye one!
  9. Has anybody (or 'any-pony') seen this article ( on Equestria Daily? Everybody give a cheer (and 'every-pony' give a neigh), Luna is headed to the International Space Station. Where else would you like to see Ponies go? A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame perhaps, maybe a Pony topiary garden in the center of a Roundabout or in Central Park of NYC, or perhaps naming a strip of Route 66 after one of the Ponies (or at least decorating it to "Pony" it up). Be certain to give Congraduations for this outstanding achievement in "Pony-dom". "Stay 'Pony' My Friends."
  10. After looking through the various forum descriptions, it feels like none of them are correct. Maybe sugarcube corner, but I don't want to post it in a wrong category. The main reason I joined the site today was to share a very exciting piece of news. Youtube is acknowledging bronies. I don't know when it started or when it's going to end, but right now if you type in the name of a pony, the top of the youtube bar where it has the search box, username, etc. turns the color of that pony. It works with the mane 6, the CMC, lyra, derpy, celestia. There may be more, but unfortunately things that are too generic don't work, such as luna, or granny smith. I think a lot of bronies would get a kick out of that. Thanks for your time. =)
  11. I need you're help on this guys I am planning on getting a Ouija board but I am kinda nervous and afraid of getting one cause of the story's I have read about it. But I am wondering if any of you guys have had one or use one or have had any weird experience with it before.