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Found 4 results

  1. This is something I like to thank DVD distributors for. VHS tapes can be pretty nostalgic, but not enough room for all the "behind-the-scenes" extras that discs offer! I find that Shout! Factory has done amazing jobs with extras and interviews for even the most obscure shows in existence! I absolutely love watching the interviews and other goodies that these people seem to go through all this trouble to include! Does anyone else like to watch any of this stuff, or is it just me?
  2. Alright, almost all of us here has seen Wheel of Fortune. There are quite a few things that nag me about this gameshow but the one thing that nags me the most is the bonus round. Almost every contestant chooses the same letters every time. The most common letters that are chosen are C, D, M and A. Here's the problem about these letters. According to a youtube video I watched about a week ago, these letters have a very small chance of appearing. M has only a 3% chance of appearing and most of the time when a contestant chooses these letters, only an A would appear. Sometimes, none of those letters appear and the puzzle is impossible to solve. Another thing: In the bonus round, I believe that people are adapting to what is known as "The bandwagon fallacy". They think "Hey, if he used those letters, why don't I use them as well." But most of the time, this fallacy fails. Thoughts?
  3. After days of restless procrastination, I finally went onto the infamous stage of drawing my first anthro character, which is essentially just a furry version of me, known as Phase 2: Body. Also, due to extreme boredom, here is a bonus image that I took 5 minutes to draw. Feedback on the body sketch is appreciated, but don't bother with the 2nd one. It was just for fun.
  4. Hey everybody and pony. Today or more exact 2:00 AM-ish, I was pulled over by a police officer because I swerved to avoid a drunk driver. For reasons unknown he didn't pull over the drunk. After talking to said officer my phone started to play winter wrap-up. The office recognized the song and asked "are you a brony"? I replied that I have been for quite awhile...and after a half hour show discussion session I received no ticket, a new brony friend, and a free pizza! If you have ever had a good experience that only happened because you are a brony or pegasister tell me and the readers here!