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Found 1 result

  1. High school is over for me, and the days of college have come. For many this means drinking and partying, or staying up late cramming for a midterm, and for others it's simply a chance to meet new people. For me the realization came when I sat in a college desk for the very first time. To call it a desk is generous, it's really just an over-sized arm rest. Here is an example of what the desk part looks like, fortunately the chairs are slightly more comfortable. EXHIBIT A: The realization of this absolute ridiculousness hit me while I was taking the math placement test and trying to use three pieces of paper (the test packet, the scratch paper, and the scantron) on a desk that is barely the size of one. My amazing parents bought me a laptop while I was in high school and I was really thankful to have it. I figured it would make college much easier to take notes on there instead of buying a bunch of notebooks and losing papers. I got used to a note taking style from my AP classes and had perfected it. Except the only desks that fit laptops are in the very back of the classroom. It's like they want us to fail. Since I decided I wanted to minimize distractions in college and sit in the front this idea didn't fly for me. The only way I can think of to solve my shattered expectations is to invest in one of these two options: 1. Boogie Board Rip: It's like the regular boogie board, but it lets you save. It's the only piece of technology of it's kind (correct me if I'm wrong), coming second only to Noteslate, except Noteslate doesn't exist. It's basically a writing tablet that allows you to see what you're writing, save the page, and then view it later on the computer. It's extremely low-tech (meaning no distractions) and has excellent battery life. 2. A Tablet: This would most likely be the Galaxy Nexus 7. I can take notes on it using a note app and a stylus, but it would probably be less "realistic". It also has the potential to become very distracting because of all the other feature, BUT my parents will pay for it (at least the difference between the other one and this. So my question to you is, which one to get? The reliable Rip, or the over-sized version of my phone + note taking ability. If you've had experience with either of these I would love to hear your input/recommendation.