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Found 345 results

  1. joanro

    Books The Hunger Games

    Are you fan of the books/films? If you read the books, what did you think of the film adaptations? I was one of the people who saw the film first. I recently read the first book and re-watched the first film. I would like to hear other people's thoughts on the series.
  2. Just wondering what books you lovely people are currently reading? Any you recommend perhaps? And what do you think about it? At the moment I'm reading a book called 'The God Emporer Of Didcot', its one I picked up in a charity shop recently and had to buy it simply because of the cover. http://img1.fantasti...n54/n271974.jpg So far its not too bad, fairly funny and well paced. But it does feel like its missing something, not sure what. Anyway its a stop gap until I get my amazon order for the next in the Thursday Next series. Oh and I did a quick search and couldn't find anything about this so I'm sorry if there's a thread already existing.
  3. HELLO THERE! Today we have the TWILIGHT DAY! Some of you may remember, that I said I have an idea for this day, that I'll make something silly. So here it is! A minigame with our beloved Twilight and her favorite activity! (apparently shooting at books ) I have to admit, that I kind of failed. I didn't manage to implement many, many features I've planned, so it ended up being pretty basic. There are many things I'd like to polish - add animations here and there, but well.... At least the game works, hopefully! I'm not sure when I started the project- 4 days ago? or something around this.. So consider this as a silly little project - feels like game jams / other little contests. But hey! At least I finally released something! PLEASE, before you'll get to this, read the following, that may save you some troubles. Press [LEFT ALT] and [ENTER] to switch between FULLSCREEN and WINDOWED mode. I wanted to add menu with options, but I ran out of time. Press [R] to RESTART the game. There's no warning, it is instant. I'M REALLY SORRY, BUT THERE'S NO PAUSE MENU. I ran out of time. Pressing [ESC] will SHUTDOWN the game /!\ Okay, so first have a sceenie! Your objective is to, let's say, sort the books that are thrown at you. Shoot the books with magical projectiles to put them on the shelf! Don't let EVEN A SINGLE BOOK fall to the ground. This is what Twilight doesn't like and she'll give up as soon as she'll see one on the ground. (it will be game over, that is) Here are some details: You need to shoot the books with projectiles of the same color. For example, use RED spell for RED books. Using incorrect colors will have no effect. Each book takes 4 hits to go to the shelf. Switch spells with [A / S] keys or [MOUSE WHEEL]. I wanted to put these keys on the screen, like I did with Rainbow icon to the right, but I really had no time to get back to it. Rainbow Dash is here to help you! Wait for her to charge up and hit the [Q] key to let her wreck whatever possible! Putting a whole line of books on the shelf will advance you to the next level, where books will be thrown more frequently. You also get more score for those. In case you didn't notice, the level is written on the scroll and the score is written on the books; look to the left. And that's all I suppose. If you'll encounter any bugs, let me know! I'm not sure if I'll be working on it further, but I do have some ideas for more and more features. I'll see how it goes. DOWNLOAD EXE: The Bookhorse.exe (5.86 MB) RAR: The Bookhorse.rar (4.99 MB) Choose your preferred format; An .exe installation file or an compressed .rar file. Both versions of the game are the same, so in the end it doesn't matter which one you'll download. System requirements: Operating System: Windows Around 10MB of free space on the hard drive. That's a lot! Not sure about the rest of stuff. the game is lightweight, so it shouldn't be really demanding. Please notify me about any issues you'll bump into, if any. On this day you can interact with Twilight, so why not have fun with her in the game? Feel free to share scores! It's 8:35 AM for me and I won't get much of sleep today. I'll be soooo sleepy at work. But I really wanted to get it done in time, I hope Twilight will appreciate this. Maybe it's not as good as I planned, but it was going to be silly anyway. Either way at least I managed to get to the playable state. "Let's Plays"! @Rikifive (DEVELOPER) @Crescent Forest AKA: Electric Pegasus @HereComesTom @Sherbert Music-Guard Just poke me if you'd like to have yours featured as well!
  4. Milkmare Alexis

    Books Story Be Real Theory

    This has happened over the corse of several to multiple months, if you heard of Five Score Divided By Four, you might know what I'm talking about, maybe. So, a few of my friends have been have first person dreams as their ocs, and these dream are on the full blown real life detail down to smallest fur hair. They are like memories, dormant memories, which are possibility triggered by the coming age of 25. Why 25, it's the book and the title is a math problem, ( 5 * 20 ) / 4. Now hears my theory, what if the events of the book happen during the new generation of mlp and the events of the book commence. I have my had some experience with these dreams in the past but right I've been having ghost limbs. I sometimes feel like I have tail, horn or even wings after I feel small pain spikes where these parts are located. Which also possibility support my theory. If you have experienced any of these yourself, please let me know in the comments below.
  5. So the recent leak suggests that the new retail price for Microsoft's 4K system will drop a good $100 and $150 for sale price. That will bring the One X to the same price as the PS4 Pro both at base price and sale price. For that price tag, the system is far more affordable and competitive as not only a game console but a competent 4K bluray/video streaming device. This may be the boon Microsoft needed to get those sales to pick up and to get the X on track. Remember when the 3DS got that big price slash so early in its life? That hugely boosted sales. This announcement may go live before the X is even a year old. Now the flip side to this is that it more or less is admittance that the One X is not selling that well, considering Sony has not dropped the price of the PS4 Pro despite approaching two years old, but that is not inherently a bad thing. This significant price drop may be a sign that Microsoft is willing to get competitive. I know $350 definitely has myself looking at the system as a way to play some of my old 360 games again, and ones I never got to experience. There is another double edged sword though... This drop so soon may piss off early adopters, but time will tell. What are your thoughts? Do you think the price drop will give the X an edge over the PS4 Pro and Switch? I personally think it's a big step in the right direction.
  6. Steel Accord

    Books Book recommendation

    Hey guys I thought I could maybe pick your brains for a recommendation. See, awhile back I read Fallout: Equestria and since then, nothing has matched it. I know that might sound sad and it's not like I don't read other stuff. Try as I might though, there hasn't been a story I've read in the printed letter that has made me emotionally invest as hard, blew my mind with its plot turns, fall in love with its characters, and kept me nail bitingly tense at the climax. It's the first story I read that made me jump up and shout while reading it. I'm looking for a book that will do something similar. Time commitment is not an issue, if anything I'd like a nice long book for me to really travel with the characters, which brings me to the specifics so let's get down to brass tax. I’m looking for a book about a small group of allies undertaking a grand quest. Maybe the quest isn’t clear at first or maybe it starts small and grows into something more. As a matter of fact, escalating from a humble road trip to saving the world is really kind of the key feature I’m looking for. One of the only stories that came close to Fo:E for me was Neuromancer, precisely because it started with cyberpunk hackery in a slum and ended with pretty much the achievement of the Singularity. Got any recommendations? Fantasy in particular would be nice but sci-fi or other would be good too. P.S.: Not LOTR or Narnia. They are great but I know them already.
  7. It was cold. To you, it felt like it was Frozen North levels of cold. Maybe it was the cool crystals the place was made of, but for a castle, you’d expected a little more...heat. But you wanted that to change. You wanted heat. Warmth, maybe...and a good book. You were out in the hall now, looking for someone to snuggle with. You felt a little embarrassed having to ask anyone...usually you could keep yourself warm, but tonight it was oddly difficult to.You knew of one pony who was the best at keeping you warm (not that it’s been done just assumed), and that was none other than Princess Twilight Sparkle. Now, you stood before her bedroom door, feeling nervous. I’s not the fact she was royalty you were embarrassed to ask this. It was merely the fact it was seemingly a test of friendship. Giving a heavy sigh, you knocked on the door, awaiting your response. “Come in!” Came a friendly voice. Uneasily, you opened the door, warm bedroom light flooding through the crack, widening as you opened it more. “Oh, hey! Didn’t expect to see you up so late. I was just busy catching up on some old dusty books,” She answers before you say anything. “But if you needed somepony to talk to, I’m all ears.” Princess Twilight Sparkle was laying in her bed, underneath a thick fleece blanket, with comfy pillows surrounding the head of it, with a warm lamp illuminating her and her pile of books. You entered and closed the door behind you, approaching the bed. As you approach, she adds, “It was, uhh...also kind of lonely. If you really want to, you can lay next to me. And I assume you’re in here mostly because of how cold it is?”“Y-Yeah..” You answer, wondering how she guessed it. “I’m not surprised, the report did call for freezing temperatures tonight.” She lifts up a corner of the bed with her magic and pats the newly revealed spot, implying to get in bed with her. You feel yourself blushing slightly. This was….rather generous of her. You didn’t even have to speak a word.“Trust me, I know you’re shocked. But when you know a friend well, you know what they want at times. That and I’ve been out in the hall myself, so I can imagine you’d be cold, considering you have no fur.”You got into the bed with Twilight as she lay the blanket onto you. Almost instantly, she scoots you closer to her, sort of bumping her. You two had indeed been bonding quite a bit since Starlight was taking care of Royal business in Canterlot. You and her were close, but...when she was away, you preferred her mentor as company, too. But now it was close to a point when Twilight really liked you. As a friend, of course. You felt immensely warm, but in a good kind of way. “This book I’m reading is about ocean life. I’m almost surprised hippogriffs aren’t in it. Maybe it’s because they were originally land creatures. Do you want to read it?”“Well….I was hoping maybe you could….read it to me?”“Huh….I’d never read TO anyone before...well, not in a moment like this, of course. But sure! Reading helps me relax, so I wonder what it’ll do reading TO someone. But first..I’m sure the comforting atmosphere of the room is making you sleepy. Trust me, it is for me, too. So, uhh….not sure how to word this, but if you want you could lean on me. Even ponies are aware of how soft they are.”You move a bit closer and lean onto the Princess’ shoulder. Almost instantly, her left wing curls around you, almost like a robe. The fur on her shoulder and sides adds to the comfort of your position. “Comfortable?” She asks, and you simply nod.“Alright then. This one’s a good chapter – it’s about porpoises and dolphins, the majestic creatures of the ocean. I mean, heh, that...second part isn’t really in the book. They just fascinate me.”Her voice sifts to a soothing tone as she begins to read. “Dolphins are commonly known for their adorableness and general friendliness to many. They use echolocation to find objects in the dark, and are commonly used in rescue teams. The fins on their backs are often mistaken for that of a shark. However, they…..and like to…….often eat…...”You’re surprised at how quickly you begin to fall asleep. The warmth of the blanket and the room, the softness and comforting feeling of her fur and wings, and her soothing reading voice all combine into a pleasant feeling you get just from listening to her read. You doze off here and there, but slightly wake up from a gentle nudge. “Are you falling asleep already? Or is my reading that actually boring to you?” She jokes. “I’m kidding, hehehe, I know how reading can be. Shall I keep going?”You give a sleepy nod, focusing on nothing now. She continues to read, and you feel yourself falling back asleep. “Whales have sizes that vary…..large stomachs….mostly consist of krill...prey is mostly squid….”You feel yourself falling back asleep. When you momentarily wake up, Twilight has her books stacked back up, a hoof around your shoulder or arm, and you find yourself laying on….her chest? You’re surprised at how understanding she is at snuggling you. You thought this would turn out...much differently, maybe even a questioning look. But it seems like all those hours you spent with her in total resulted in her really trusting you. Now it seemed like SHE wanted to snuggle you. In any case, you felt safe, warm, and happy this turned out well. You closed your eyes again, falling back asleep to face the day that awaited you tomorrow.
  8. The Man In The High Castle United States of Japan Lion's Blood His Majesty's Dragon Fatherland Two Georges Anyone else a fan of alternative history?
  9. So I'm not talking about DC/Marvel since yes of course most people are still, but I mean old classic comic like Charlie brown, Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes, MAD, ects. Ones you would found on a newspaper or on a shelves of the convenient stores. If so, what was/ or (still is) your favorite? my top one would Spy vs Spy Every strip is very creative and fun to read. which never cease to bore me or having me getting tired of reading it over and over again. Other favorites hat I had read but not much into it but still found it enjoyable is "Calvin and Hobbes", "Garfield", and "Archie."
  10. Fluttershutter

    Books I did a Twilight

    I've been making and sorting lists of my books here: and I made Twilight my avatar. Anypony else have an account?
  11. The book is an alternate world where African and Middle Eastern culture, Arabic language and Islam are dominate, while Europe remained mostly tribal and dark age like(save for African colonies in Espania and Greece and Scandinavia) I've read the book many times, and just from a visual and production point of view, it would be interesting to see a reversal of slavery and an alternate America(Bialistan as it's called in this world) it would be a much better idea then HBO's Confederate. You can look up the history of the timeline on Wikipedia.
  12. Super curious, because I read them. And I want to discuss them. Also, please do not say "WHUT IZ THAT" because this topic is not to say WHERE can I buy them.
  13. WITH HARRY POTTER HOUSE ARE YOU RAVENCLAW, hufflepuff,gryffindor,slytherin I AM A hufflepuff , WHAT ARE YOU ?
  14. Aside from cartoons like Gravity Falls and of course FIM, I'm really and I mean truly into Marvel - I'm not even just talking about the movies, I've read over 250 issues of Marvel Comics (mostly 70s and 80s). I have high-functioning autism and I think it classes as a SI (Special Interest). Anyone else share this interest - I don't often see comics being talked about on here, there isn't even a category for it in this forum, and since loads of bronies tend to be geeks too I just wondered...
  15. Those of you who are at least familiar with 1984 by George Orwell will probably be familiar with how there are three super powers called Oceania, Eastasia, and Eurasia, and how they are at war with each other (or not, according to what propaganda the Oceanian government spits out). But what if... there is no Eurasia or Eastasia? What if Oceania is the only thing resembling modern civilization in the 1984 universe, and the places that the Oceanian government claims to be Eastasia and Eurasia are actually just post-apocalyptic wastelands akin to Fallout, Mad Max, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. inhabited by tribals, raiders, bandits, and small settlements, the war is simply propaganda to keep the populace dependent on their oppressors, and if their is a war, it's actually a civil war between different political parties in the Oceanian government, while the Wastelanders are oblivious to all of it, being too busy with their own struggles and everything. So, what do you guys think?
  16. heavens-champion

    Books New Jedi Order: Love or Hate?

    Those of you who are familiar with the old Star Wars Expanded Universe might be familiar with New Jedi Order, the book series that introduced the Yuuzhan Vong, killed off tons of characters (including Chewbacca, whose death has mercifully been retconned), and basically changed the Star Wars galaxy for the better. So... how many of you like it, and how many of you think it's more of an example of Star Wars meeting Warhammer 40,000 in a bad way?
  17. I discuss Sega and Archie Comics ending their near 25 year partnership and where the Sonic Comics go from here. Overall, it was miscommunication on both Archie And Sega towards the freelance artists and writers and the fanbase Comments are Welcomed
  18. Hello everyone After a very long time without any pony drawing, I decided to draw ponies again. In this case, I tried to draw a "portrait" of Twilight Sparkle with a book. I need a little bit of practice I think. I hope you'll like this drawing
  19. Will The Elements of Harmony be updated to include Seasons 4,5,6 & 7 as well as the Equestria Girls & ponies who weren't in the first three seasons of MLP? Just saw that The Elements of Harmony II will be coming out June 6, 2017 covering seasons 4,5 & 6!!!
  20. Talk about your favorite sci-fi works here. Doesn't have to be anything specific - print, film, or TV; space opera or hard sci-fi. I think all my favorite series are on the softer end of the sci-fi spectrum. Anything that shows a lot of imagination and a mix of humor and drama, like Doctor Who, Farscape, and Saga.
  21. So does anyone have a summer reading list of your choosing? Books you've been wanting to read or will read this summer? If so, post and share! 1.Lord of the Rings Trilogy 2.Name of the Wind 3.The Grace of Kings 4.The Book of Five Rings 5.Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell 6.Freedom in Exile: The Autobiography of the Dalai Lama 7.Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence of Earth's Lost Civilization
  22. Alagos everfree

    half-blood mess hall

    .read uncle rick's books have fun and do half-blood stuff! anyone have ideas on what Nico's cutiemark should be? i am ponefying him
  23. ~Natural Beauty~

    Maximum Ride FanClub

    Welcome to the Maximum Ride FanClub. I made this to see if anyone on mlpforums was actually into it. I have been in this fandom since 5th grade when I read the book. ((I'm in eighth grade now)) So if your a fan, please post comments, tell me about your ocs if you have any, and just have fun. Stay Loyal and Brave, Mysterious Soul
  24. So, as I was reminded when I subbed for a kindergarten class yesterday, today is Dr. Seuss's birthday (though they had been celebrating all week with yesterday being "Wacky Wednesday" - named after one of his lesser-known works). One of the fun parts of subbing at elementary schools has been getting re-acquainted with the Dr. So what are some of your favorites? Mine are: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish: A rather idiosyncratic story that starts out pretty normal but then introduces all kinds of weird creatures (like the Yink that drinks ink and the Mike that bushes your bike). Fox in Socks: Fun tongue-twisters and the fox himself is such a troll <3. He's probably my favorite Seuss character. Oh, The Places You Go: I remember getting this as a graduation present, as I'm sure many people do and still think it is one of his most imaginative, but also insightful. Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? A really obscure one probably. I only recently discovered this one while reading to kids, but it's hilarious and depicts the most over-the-top, but hilariously awful and straight-up bizarre hell-ish existences (like, for instance, a place where one person's job is to constantly watch the "town bee" and everyone in the entire town else spends all their time watching). From the title it sounds like it could be guilt-trippy (like be glad you aren't starving, have a roof over your head, etc...) but the imagination behind some of the scenarios makes it funny in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way. Gertrude McFuzz: Yertle is cool, but Gertrude was always my favorite in the Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories anthology. She's cute and kind of a dumb little kid, plus she's probably one of the only female leads (that I know of) in a Dr. Seuss story. Too Many Daves: Another super random "other story", this one from The Sneetches anthology. It's very short and barely even a story: it just states that a woman named Mrs. McCave has some ungodly number of sons who are all named Dave and then lists what she wishes she named them instead. Idk why I like it so much. It's just random and funny! Horton Hears a Who: I wanted to include one more "mainstream" choice, so Horton it is. Everyone in the story (not named Horton - or the Whos) is pretty over-the-top nasty, but Horton himself is a likable protagonist (and much less of a doormat than he was in Horton Hatches the Egg) and I love the idea of how one person can make all the difference. So, yeah. Happy birthday Dr. Seuss! And thanks for everything!
  25. Aqua Sunshine

    Books Book recommendations

    So, your friend wants to buy a new book and they ask you for recommendations. What would you personally suggest for them?