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Found 17 results

  1. Borderlands 1 v Borderlands 2 v Borderlands 3 Category [Max Possible] Borderlands 1 (RM) Borderlands 2 Borderlands 3 Aesthetic [20] [18] [16] X [19] NPCs [50] [42] X [48] [33] Playable Characters [30] [24] X [26] [24] Story [50] [38] X [49] [37] Gun “Feel” [30] [28] [27] X [30] Weapon Variety [70] [58] [62] X [66] Skill Tree Design [70] [57] [63] X [64] Weapon-Based [30] X [30] [20] [23] Farming [50] [41] [30] X [45] Skill Design [50] [42] [43] X [44] General Fun Factor [50] [44] [46] X [48] Total [500] 422 430 [X] 428 Aesthetic- Really the graphics don't matter all too much, but Borderlands 3 is the game that takes it here for sure. The guns particularly probably have the best design of all three games quite easily. Borderlands 2 ends up the worst of the three because it's visuals now are starting to seem dated in comparison to the new visuals with quite a few noticeable differences. But this is no biggie. NPCs- Anybody who's played these games should really be easily able to see how Borderlands 2 takes the cake here. Handsome Jack is quite easily one of the best, well-written, video game villains of all time who's hilarious in his own right even in a game series devoted to a violent sense of humor that leaves the audience maniacally laughing. This is unfortunately where Borderlands 3 falters most though. Ava is straight up terrible, and the lack of many favorites from Borderlands 2 leaves there more to be desired, even among more humorous NPCs and Bosses like Captain Traunt. Playable Characters- Anybody who knows a little about my preferences will know the answer to this one. Axton single-handedly allows Borderlands 2 a victory in this category, even if I also really liked Krieg (because I do like OG Mordecai and Zane). The other two just don't have anything like the handsome, gorgeous husbando that is Axton... Seriously, he's quite something. No wonder he appears semi-naked in adult magazines inside of Moze's mech... Story- Borderlands 2 hits this category out of the park. The story of the second game is not only a masterpiece, but a demonstration of the potential of a Borderlands story arc. Roland's death hits the player HARD and really impacts them in a way they won't soon forget. Also the motivations of Jack are VERY well put out there. As for the other two games, Borderlands 1 has a very barebones story... It works, but it's nothing spectacular. Just an adventure to the Vault. Borderlands 3 on the other hand is a bit disappointing here, but I actually won't spoil it, thus the lack of spoiler tags. Gun Feel- Borderlands 3 simply takes this category and RUNS with it. The guns feel powerful and impactful like you're really firing a gun. The other two simply don't have this, and 2's in fact just feels like you're just using a bullet hose instead of a real gun in comparison. Weapon Variety- Borderlands 3 also easily takes this category with it's ABSURDLY high number of legendaries. You've got stuff as simple in design as the Crossroads that's essentially an SMG version of the old Conference Call, and then you have really unique weapons like the Duc that's essentially what happens when a Jakobs revolver meets a Torgue gun. Borderlands 1 is a clear loser here because there's so many far too similar legendaries that don't differentiate themselves (Looking at you, Tediores). Skill Tree Design- This is a close one, but Borderlands 3 takes it for its level 2 Action Skills, even if I have some gripes when it comes particularly to Fl4k's skill trees, because he's just overtuned and there's also some bad design with his ability to make weapons that should never crit able to. Borderlands 2 is a VERY close second particularly with the design of Krieg's skill trees. I absolutely adore the care they took to design a character that just rampages into battle, damaging himself but absolutely destroying everyone in his wake. Borderlands 1 is a distant third, thanks to Roland's skill trees being $#!+. Weapon-Based- This category was made specifically to tell you the thing I miss most about Borderlands 1 that ISN'T in 2 or 3. GUN PROFICIENCIES. I totally loved this mechanic, and instead of refining it further what do they do other than introduce one of the worst design choices in Borderlands history, the Badass Ranks (not censoring because that's just what they're called). Small buffs you get for seemingly no reason that apply to EVERY character... Guardian Ranks in 3 are better designed, but just please give us back our gun proficiencies (and our broken BL1 Shotguns). Farming- Borderlands 3 easily takes this category as it allows you to choose how you want to farm your legendaries. Whether you like farming one boss or you like Borderlands 2's style (which is the inferior way by the way, just saying), you can farm them up how you like. Now for BL2's way of farming, I HATE IT. It's tedious, long, and just ridiculous for some legendaries, and that's not even MENTIONING pearls. That's easily my LEAST favorite part of BL2 and it's biggest problem. Skill Design- Nothing really to say here except they just got progressively better at what they already were doing since the start, and that is to create interesting and diverse playstyles for each character. Still missing the Truxican Wrestler class mod though, and also the greatness that was Pistol Mordecai. General Fun Factor- Really just a category for anything I left out, and Borderlands 3 does it all the best of the three. Overall Winner- Borderlands 2, but barely. The problems with 3's story and NPCs are just too difficult to ignore, even if the gameplay is an improvement in every possible way. Also, republishing so everyone can see this. Shame on me.
  2. Well, I had a random thought, and I think it's time to make a tier list for BL2 Legendary Weapons. Well, here's my opinions on them. At least all the ones I can readily remember being in the game. SS: Unkempt Harold, Slagga, Fastball, Conference Call S+: Lyuda, Quasar, Amigo Sincero, Badaboom, Ogre, Norfleet, Bitch S-: Maggie, Leech, Hornet, Bonus Package, Gunerang, M2828 Thumpson, Hector's Paradise A+: Fire Storm, Storm Front, KerBlaster, Bonny, Gub, Baby Maker, Sledge's Shotgun, Infinity A-: Longbow, Hellfire, Volcano, Nukem, Fire Bee, Chain Lightning, Skullmasher B+: Thunderball Fists, Invader, Hammer Buster, Flakker, Nasty Surprise, Emperor, Veruc B-: Mongol, Striker, Pandemic, Logan's Gun, Madhous (C): Deliverance, Rolling Thunder, Bunny
  3. Some sprite edits(1st&4th), commissions, and stuff I did for myself that I like. P sure this is where this sort of thing belongs? Rendering teeth is stupid satisfying. The stuff at the end is from the haunted house I work at. Yes I do have permission from them to put up the pic. Its 3d. Its awesome. If you live in upstate NY you should check it out. Pls dont yell at me, I cant remember how to make stuff into spoilers. Critique is chill.
  4. Pre-Sequel has always been treated as the black sheep of the Borderlands series by many fans, and I'll agree with them on that. I avoided this game until recently because I couldn't initially get into it, but I had a change of heart. I played it. Today, I'll be answering these questions: Are the flaws with this game really that massive, or are they really not that big of a deal? Is this game actually bad? That's what's up for discussion here. Before I get into it though, the format of this will be a lot like a series done by a favorite YouTuber of mine named Fawful's Minion called "Blessed or Messed." If you aren't familiar, I'll be placing a point value on positive and negative traits of the game (except I'll use a different points system) and I'll make a judgment from which number ends up greater and by how much. I'll just start with the good. This game, mechanically speaking, actually retains most of what makes the Borderlands games great (Yes, most, and that will come up later). The loot system (although the more flawed one from Borderlands 2) remained completely intact, the gun variety is still there, it kept it's sense of humor, and the gameplay still feels like you're playing Borderlands. It's the fast-paced, first person shooter and RPG hybrid that we know and love still and that in itself is quite great. I mean it is expected, but the gameplay is still quite solid. +10 The platforming in Zero-Gravity, although a little easy even by Borderlands standards (hey it isn't a platformer!), feels absolutely AWESOME. You can utilize the lack of gravity to your advantage in navigating levels with an amount of speed and thoroughness that's absent in other games (although bunny hopping and grenade hopping are rather fast ways to move around in Borderlands 2 and 1 respectively). Also, it feels like it was executed in such a way that it almost feels natural after a while. +3 (Two plus one more because of the Slam mechanic) I really like the premise of the story. It's always refreshing to see a game from the villain's perspective, and see how they justify their own actions. It brings a level of depth to the plot that makes for a lot of interest on my end. It's really helpful in the case of Handsome Jack to have this because he made feeble attempts in trying to justify himself and demonize you in the original game. +2 Am I the only one who wishes that there were a character like Athena in another game? I think her kit has easily the best design of everyone's in this game. You can either play around elemental damage, your action skill, or massively painful melee attacks. She also complements the addition of Cryo perfectly. +2 Oh I forgot. A point for the addition of Cryo. Although it's way too powerful, I really like the crowd control mechanic, and it was executed fairly well. +1 The characters you play as ACTUALLY TALK NOW. Seriously, they respond to NPCs in certain conversations. It's a nice touch of polish. +1 This game added a dimension to Lilith specifically that I can appreciate. This game actually makes her look really bad, and I like it. +1 Some of the side quests are actually pretty entertaining. Nothing quite like Face McShooty's quest from Borderlands 2, but I found some humor in them. Especially the Torgue quest, because anyone who can't find Mr. Torgue amusing doesn't have a soul... +1 The game does a decent job of further building on the Borderlands universe. Yeah, just decent. +1 (Total: +21) Now moving onto the bad... I said the PREMISE of the story was good. The story itself though? It is the WEAKEST of the series. BY AND FAR. It did almost nothing to justify Jack's actions during the game or Borderlands 2. The plot had several holes, and didn't really mesh well with the rest of the series, either. Why exactly would the vault hunters ALIGN THEMSELVES WITH THE PERSON THAT TOOK ALL THE CREDIT FOR OPENING THE FREAKING VAULT? It's convenient enough ANYWAYS that they're even ON Elpis (they're there on... VACATION?)... It seems more like it should have been DLC than an actual game in this regard. -4 The O2 meter was an ASTOUNDINGLY dumb design choice. I understand Elpis has no atmosphere, and you couldn't breathe without oxygen, but that cannot and WILL NOT justify a mechanic that punishes you for trying to get around, or FORCES you into standing around doing nothing for an amount of time that adds up QUITE quickly. Not even to mention that the only reason they'd add this isn't consistent with the blatant lack of realism the series has. -3 They kept Badass Ranks. I can't believe that they'd keep literally the WORST thing about Borderlands 2... -3 Why exactly do the laser weapons of this game feel totally redundant to me? Is it because they could have been replaced by Sniper Rifles or SMGs with similar effects? Oh why am I asking this question, when the answer is quite obviously yes. This weapon category contributed next to NOTHING to this game, and I hope they replace it with similar weapons of different types in Borderlands 3, or maybe make their effects apply to a specific manufacturer. -2 Moxxi being blatantly out of character is downright inexcusable. The attempt to brush it off really didn't work on me. Not even to mention that attempt wasn't even referring to the ACTUAL PROBLEM! It was referring to... her make-up being different and her covered up southern accent? Seriously? -2 The boss fights in this game are so badly designed... None of these fights was remotely interesting or compelling to me at all... -2 NO. FREAKING. SLAG. I don't care if it doesn't precisely line up with the game canonically. I MISS MY SLAG. -1 Nurse Nina is literally a walking "strong, Russian-sounding woman" stereotype that reminds me WAY too much of Zarya from Overwatch for some reason. Zed was an amazing character, who probably had some of the funniest lines in the entire series, and they replace him... with that? Not acceptable. Just not acceptable. -1 Congratulations for butchering Mordecai's character even MORE. You make him look like a bumbling drunk has-been who can't stop stealing second winds and annoying you with a bad impression of his old voicing, and then you make him look like a complete moron? He was totally badass in the first game... What went wrong? -1 Aside from Athena's kit, I didn't really like the design of the other characters. None of them have quite the appeal of the playable characters from the other games. -1 (Total: -20) This game may be the black sheep of the series for good reason, but it's not really a bad game. It still retains what makes Borderlands great, and puts in interesting twists. Sure, it proved that Gearbox and 2K Games should never trust 2K Australia to make a Borderlands game EVER AGAIN, but it's still going to get a solid 7/10 from me. I can still see a degree of enjoyment here, and a unique experience that is worth playing, though I'd recommend not doing so not too many times more than once. The first two games are much more worth playing over and over with every character, and I'd even recommend doing so. But here, all I could recommend is maybe two saves... Past that point, you have to have better things to do with your time than playing this.
  5. Well, I was originally going to vent here, but I got inspiration after watching a YouTube video to do something less simultaneously migraine-inducing and controversial. I'll just discuss some of my favorite characters to play as in video game history, and why I enjoy them so much. The only rules here are one per game. These are not in order. Barik (Paladins)- The Dwarven god among men himself. My main when I played Paladins, he brought me so much enjoyment playing the game that I can hardly contain myself right now with the literal nostalgia I have on the topic. I actually don't know why I enjoy him so much. Maybe it's my signature playstyle of plopping turrets wherever I see fit and destroying everyone? Maybe it's his emphasis on positioning? Maybe it's dashing in circles like a little madman high on drugs? Maybe it's even because I'm playing as the Paladins equivalent of Goldeneye 007's Oddjob? I really don't know. But he's so enjoyable that I managed to play as him in over HALF of all of my matches playing the game. Axton (Borderlands 2)- My recent obsession, Axton has become my favorite Borderlands 2 character to play as. Why? Only one line must be said here. "Have you met the misses?" Are you starting to see a pattern here? Turrets. I freaking like turrets. Axton's turret has great offensive zoning potential building an Engineer build, and it also gives you INSANE buffs to your damage output running the Battlefront skill. Combining this with weapons with high damage potential like the Unkempt Harold results in the DPS being taken to MAXIMUM overdrive. Sure, he has the worst melee in the ENTIRE GAME and I like playing melee builds, but his turret build is even better than Melee Zer0 for me. Yoshi (Smash Bros)- Oh. My. Word. The. SPIKES. I've always found Yoshi a blast to play because there's just so many ways you can burst your opponent into submission. But the most fun will always be spiking straight into volleyball combos. If you're unaware, Yoshi has the capability to pretend you're a volleyball and smack you into the next ZIP code with a combo of chaining down and up airs. They keep saying Villager isn't the face of mercy, but Yoshi is RUTHLESS. He'll knock you into the next ZIP code with his tail, He will throw eggs at your face like grenades. Heck, he will even use his HEAD as a weapon of mass destruction. Seriously, that noggin has some serious kill potential. Sniper (Team Fortress 2)- There's a good reason he was my go-to when I played the game. He's a great example of how a sniper class should be executed. He's got a surprising amount of versatility, and he's got a lot of ranged damage. Sure it's at the expense of close-quarters... but... IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE! Take a Shahanshah. Sure it deals bad damage if you melee somebody at above half health, but when you get flanked, it's super useful because your health pool is going to get low enough to get the damage buff at low health. With that boost, those annoying scouts are history. Also, he's even got support options! Get a Sydney Sleeper and you can mark targets for your team to take down for you! Mordecai (Borderlands 1)- Note that I didn't say one per SERIES. Sure, Bloodwing is a bit of a subpar action skill without investment, but that's more than made up for running him with a Sniper or a Pistol build. Sniper builds on him are BETTER than Zer0 in all honesty. With skills like Trespasser that allow you to have up to a 100% chance to IGNORE SHIELDS and skills like Killer that allow you to consistently chain damage output, it's not hard to see what makes him fun to play but also really good. This isn't to mention his potential with pistols (especially revolvers) running the right build, especially with the right Class Mods along with skills that buff reload speed and DPS. I may add a League of Legends character and a DotA 2 character later on, but this is it.
  6. So I opted to play as Roland, just saying. One thing that has just struck me as odd though is the way Borderlands 2, and and some fans maybe, treated Roland and company. Not that I didn't expect some fanfare for their inclusion and some much needed characterization given to them now that they had a defined place in the world rather than being the Schrodinger's player character, but the game seems to treat them like they were legendary figures. Personally, they're actually my least favorite characters in the series. Not that I dislike them, they just seemed rather bland and stock when compared to the NPCs and enemies they shared a Hell hole with. Even when saddled with the aforementioned Schrodinger's disease, Saxton, Salvador, Maya, and Zer0 all are more interesting and unique characters, at least to me. Hell I like the Pre-Sequel crew better than the original four despite or perhaps because of them all being repurposed boss fights and quest givers! Anypony else share this feeling or want to share way they prefer Brick, Mordecai, Lilith, and Roland?
  7. Have any of you played this masterpiece? I have just finished the 3. episode and I can't say anything but this is AWESOME! The characters are very well written, the dialogues are interesting and funny(most of the time) and has a not bad story.
  8. I think it's about time I randomly pop up again. Don't know if and when I'll be doing any more entries after this one, but we'll see. So anyway, I wanted to talk about the new Borderlands, because I'm assuming a lot of people don't have it yet (I pre-ordered as soon as it was available), and I figure on the off chance someone cares what I think, it might be nice to hear someone's opinion on the game. Or something. Mostly I just want to talk about it. So I will. That said, I'm not very far in, so I can only speak from what I've seen so far. I'd like to eventually make another entry when I've played all the way through, but who knows if I ever will or not. But from what I think so far, the game is pretty damn good. Borderlands 2 left some pretty big shoes to fill, and they didn't disappoint. The addition of laser weapons (essentially in place of E-tech) is pretty interesting, especially since they're counted as they're own weapon type with their own kind of ammo. I haven't seen much of the Cryo element yet, but it seems promising. As for playable characters, I can only really speak for Claptrap, as he's the only one I've played so far. And he's pretty much about as great as you'd expect playing Claptrap to be. His action skill is unpredictable and a lot of fun to mess around with, randomly selecting from a series of different "action packages" that give him various buffs or abilities, and in some cases summon a minion he calls Mini-Trap. His skill trees are pretty diverse, with him being viable either as a support/healer type in a group of players, or a more damage oriented character. A while ago, my friends were joking about having a three Claptrap party because we'd all want to play him, and honestly I think it would actually work pretty well if each went down a different skill tree. The tree I'm going down is based on a variety of "subroutines", one of which is randomly selected upon respawning, or when you run out of frag stacks (which serve no other purpose but that of a timer, although with later skills more stacks can be acquired to maintain a subroutine longer). There is always one (and only one) subroutine active at any given time, and each buffs a certain thing, at the cost of debuffing something else. For many of them, the debuff is general gun damage, which can be problematic, but there are also subroutines for each gun type that buff that type and debuff all others, as well as elemental subroutines that work the same way. Because of the combined buff/debuff, the player is forced to adjust their approach every few minutes to acommodate a new subroutine. Personally, I appreciate that it makes you switch things up and keeps things interesting, although having to keep one of every gun type on hand and rotate them around in my inventory is rather tiresome. Overall, I enjoy it, though some players who prefer a particular style of play may not. The story, I can't say too much about, really, but it's quite promising so far. It's interesting to get a different perspective on some of the characters, especially Handsome Jack. While he's essentially a good guy in this game, you clearly start to see how he ended up going down the slippery slope to being the asshole we all know and love, and you can also see where his constant belief he's the hero and his hatred of bandits come from. Some of the new characters are quite interesting as well, and of course the returning characters are as much fun as they've ever been. I don't know that it's as outright hilarious as Borderlands 2 was, but it's definitely still very, very good. As for visuals and whatnot, it's pretty much the same quality as Borderlands 2, although the landscape is different. Elpis is covered in giant cracks in the ground, which the player often has to jump over. and on the subject of jumping, the O2 kits and their boost mechanic are pretty cool. Slamming down on enemies is very statisfying, and being able to glide around and steer your jumps a little more can come in handy. Playing Claptrap I haven't had to deal with running out of Oxygen (robots don't breathe), but I can see how it might be frustrating. That said, there are no shortage of places to get your oxygen refilled, so it probably isn't too big of an issue unless you abuse the boost feature (which I do, because I don't need to breathe so I can get away with it). Overall, it's a pretty awesome game. I'd pick it up if possible. 9.5/10, I'd say. So there you have it. And now, farewell.
  9. So, if anyone doesn't know, this is Butt Stallion: She is apparently a "Pandoracorn" which means she has two horns. This would make her an Alicorn, since feeding her "gems"(not getting too in detail with the game's universe as well, but it's called Eridium) will produce either money or money. So, she's a Queen, but My Little Pony only has Princesses. She is also made out of diamonds. First mentioned in the first Borderlands, Handsome Jack the villain of the game says "I just bought a horse made out of diamonds". This makes me wonder, IS SHE from the Crystal Empire? They are all made from crystal, not diamonds. Is she just an urban legend to the ponies of Equestria, or can we say she's just made from Crystal for sake of confusion. Either way you see it, your opinion won't be discarded My opinion is she is a mutated alicorn who was born in the Crystal Empire and made of diamonds instead of crystals, so they took it as a sign of good forture Oh, and Butt Stallion says hello P.S: Borderlands players, ignore the fact this is from Tiny Tina's head and just humor me please .
  10. WARNING: May contain spoilers! Earlier today, I was playing Borderlands 2 online with my brother on the PSN. I was Lv. 24. He was Lv. 26. And we fought a Lv. 28 BNK-3R. I was very under leveled after he went to check on his sick girlfriend, I decided to farm the BNK-3R and do some level grinding while I was at it. My stuff sucked and I wanted better equipment. The BNK-3R has a chance to drop the legendary weapon Bitch or the legendary shield Sham. I've been looking to get the Bitch for a very long time on my PC. I've fought the BNK-3R at least 100 times and I still haven't had a Bitch drop on my PC. Well on the 4th fight on the BNK-3R on the PS3, this happens. I finally get my first Bitch drop. Granted, it wasn't on my PC. Which sorta pissed me off because if I were on my PC, this gun would be Lv. 50 and not Lv. 25, but I finally got it and I get to see what it's like. I've been using it for a while and it's a really good gun. Well about 20 more fights down the line, this happens I got 2 Bitch drops in the same 2½ hours. I am pretty fucking excited. So I texted my brother these pictures and rubbed it in his face because we mess with each other about finding legendary stuff all the time. Now I find 2 legendary things and it feels so damn good to rub it in his face I asked him a question I never thought I would ask him in my life: "I have two Bitches and I'm willing to share. Would you like one of my Bitches?" :D (Because what do I need two of them for?)
  11. I got Borderlands on PC a few days ago, and I absolutely love it! Games are always great when they're deep and expansive along with being humorous. My only gripe is Scythids... *shudders*
  12. I did a search and couldn't find a topic on Figure I'd start one...this topic is to discuss anythign and everything Borderlands related! Who else plays the Borderlands series? What's your fave class? Fave weapon manufacturer? Fave villain? DISCUSS! I've played every add on for Borderlands one,and have beat it many times over.... In Borderlands 2,I just beat Mr. Torgue's campaign of Carnage, and I'm now working on Sir. Hammerlocks Big Game Hunt....very fun....I"m also awaiting Tiny Tina's add-on....I got the Season Pass as well. my main character is a level 52 Commando,using Bee Shield, and Slayer of Terramorphous class mod.Secondary is my Mechromancer. If I had the MS points I'd buy Kreig. And remember...If it took more then one wern't using a Jakobs! I've also heard there's gonna be Borderlands 3 coming out!
  13. Did anypony out there mod guns for Borderlands, do you know how to mod for Borderlands 2? My friend and I came up with ideas for some guns for each of the main six ponies. They would have their respective color schemes. But alas, neither of us know how to mod guns to bring into the game We don't want the guns to be overpowered, relativly speaking we want them to be leveled. If anyone knows how to mod guns for Borderlands 2 and can do these and somehow give me a copy of them it would be greatly appreciated If you make them for yourself I want pictures/videos of the awesomeness Fluttershy Hyperion shotgun When you reload the shotgun says - "You rock, woohoo." pumping the shotgun it says, "yay" or When auto-firing the shotgun it says, "yay, yay, *gasp* yaaay" (the part where RD says, "louder", but of course without RD" When you are out of ammo the guns says, "Too loud?" Wishful thinking - The gun does 30-60% more damage to creatures Rainbow Dash Vladof Assualt Rifle - Specifically in the three barreled minigun shape It should constantly speed up and not cap out until the clip is empty So it needs a fairly large base clip size Regardless of clip size (due to skill tree clip upgrades) it needs to take 10 seconds (no more, no less) to empty a clip from full to empty Wishful thinking - every bullet or clip has a 5% chance to perform a sonic rainboom where the bullets tracer trails are rainbows and the bullets do 150% more damage. If only 20% more damage, then it needs at least a 20% chance of happening. Also wishful thinking - the gun has a 10% chance of making you catch fire when you use a whole clip and has a chance of saying, "It needs to be about 20% cooler." (the idea being that the gun gets really hot) Along with it, the barrel of the gun would turn red hot until finished reloading. Pinkie Pie - Probably the hardest one to do in my opinion Longbow singularity Rocket launcher! (Explosion would happen right after the singularity [no wait time], but could do without the singularity, but longbow is a must) Verry wishful thinking - Manufaturer changes everytime you load the game It it had to be just one, then a Vladof or a Togue The gun has a 15% chance of saying, "Suprise, aww shoot" a second or two after the explosion, followed by a second explosion. Sometimes when firing it says, "I just wanna see a smile" or other smile quotes from pinkie pie We haven't come up with any/I forgot the/many ideas for special things the twilight, Rarity, and Applejack guns do yet Apple Jack Assault Rifle Grenade launcher Rarity Maliwan SMG Twilight Sparkle Maliwan or Jackobs Pistol, Possibly e-tech Also had an idea for a Bic Mac heavy sniper rifle Big Macintosh Sniper rifle (no manufacterer yet) Should do extra heavy damage for level, but not ridiculous The gun says, "Nope" when you fire your gun and/or hit a target The gun says, "Eeyup" when you reload
  14. I'll start it off :3 definitely sends those enemies on an acid trip >.> lol it's actually best weapon I've used so far, even the ironsights, it's just a floating hologram reticle, very nice
  15. So, i love the box art for borderlands (1 & 2) and i've liked every discord signature i've seen so i figured i should try and draw a ponified borderlands box art, it isnt finished yet as i still need to do the splatter from the gunshot but i've finished discord in the headshot pose. This is the sketch: It was a pain to do, mainly because his features change from pose to pose (horn angles, lengths ect) so i ended up just using a random discord image as a reference and made it up as i went along... Who cares if it looks off or a little messed up, he is discord he is supposed to be messed up! Anyway, i should be able to finish the gunshot splatter soon, i was thinking of using the chaos ponyville image: Thoughts? I will also be doing a digital rendition of it once i have finished the sketch, although i can see it taking me a long time. Anyway, i've waffled enough, i hope everypony likes this, and i'll be posting the finished sketch and the finished digital rendition on this thread soon.
  16. Who here is preordering borderlands 2? Anybrony goin to the release? Share your ID's, Gamertags, etc. here to start some brony parties. Here's mine: MikeMuffin18
  17. Hey I was wondering if Anypony here plays Borderlands on the PC. I play quite frequently in solo games, but its not as fun without having 1 to 3 more team mates to go through the game with. It works online even if you have a pirated copy. For those interested in Playing a Co-op game together from the start of the game let me know. I have Borderlands with all 4 DLC's and I have the 1.4.1 patch. You would have to be running the same I believe. and my Gamespy account that I play with is Tukr21 I play fair, stay with my teammates, and share the loot with others. Generosity is key in gameplay ANYWAYS, Hit me up if you are interested. =] P.S. i'll be making a character specifically for (online play only) for this run through with any fellow bronies in here, so I level up WITH my teammates.