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Found 46 results

  1. As the title of the topic says, what are somethings that all you ponies do when you have nothing to do? Me? Sleep, eat, ponies, and fus ro dah Lydia off of tall places.
  2. For me, Music and Food extend my attention span, I have no patience when my parents are talking to me. However during school, I fall asleep when the teacher starts to lecture, like within 5 minutes of the talk How about you?
  3. hello people i was just wondering what do u do when er bored cause i just finished reading all my books and need something to do until i get a new one before i go CRAZY and im all out of really sad and joyful music to listen to so what do u do when ur bored
  4. So once upon a time I was bored so I choose to translate few Finnish songs to English. My intend was never to post them here but well, might as well. Note: These translations are not perfect due me not being language expert. Another note: First song has lot of Finnish slang of sorts. Another another note: I did these originally only for myself. Translations are part literal translations and part "sounds better in English that way"- translations. I chose to replace curse words with **** for the forums. Warning! These are not happy songs, any of them, in fact, first one is about getting bullied and "revenge" going too far. I have to say that while translating these, I noticed how different language Finnish really is from English, it was kinda interesting, and also made translating little tricky. I also noticed how weird some of the lyrics are.
  5. Hello, everyone! Long time member, Roleplay World Sectional, and first time poster in Octavia's Hall! I keep telling myself and others that I really, really need to get back into drawing, no matter the means. I've finally done so, and I've now decided to subject you all to display my various creations! First up are three "concept" pictures I drew at work, using the most amazing art program - MSPaint. Sometimes, you just gotta focus on something other than your job, and other times, you can only use what you've got. These are the result of both! ----------- First up is an unfinished lineart of a rather poorly proportioned male in a tuxedo. No reference used, but I need to work on guys more! ----------- Second is of my character Colette Irving, crossdressing. She knows what she looks like, so why not? (That, and I watched a video on women trying to be drag kings the night before!) Used my imagination for reference. Managed to finish this one! ----------- Third is another unfinished lineart of one of Colette's friends named Madison, or Maddie. Undecided on who the guy is, though. Imagination at work again, as well as attempted different facial shapes. Need to work on that. That's all for now! Hopefully, I'll have a Photoshop (Elements) picture for you all next time!
  6. Yesterday, I tried to pull off an all nighter, and stayed up until 7:30 am. Unfortunately due to lack of sleep I dozed off even though I had to leave soon. Wow I'm so stupid... O.o And deciding to do another one today. Not really a good idea... but recently I've been feeling bored and slightly depressed a lot. School's let out, theres the entire summer break, and here I am, not sure about what to do with my life. Some people (like miss drama queen) piss me, some people annoy me, some things get in the way of a good time. Maybe I should leave forums... But then my life will get worse... :/ but still my profile feed and a roleplay I'm the DM of just keep bothering me. My profile feed has gotten a bit sorted out but my first roleplay is DRIVING ME NUTS. I mean, I like roleplaying, but I hate the fact that my depressed mood has gotten to my character and forcing me to completely revise personality, and cause my pony to maybe get a lot of hate for the bad attitude. All because of my crappy life. Now all the people I roleplay with probably hate me... My forum life is doomed :/ Theres no hope left. And note I am quoting my character because thats how I actually feel. The entire roleplay is dragging me down and offending me and my shit attitude. : (
  7. Hey guys! It's Storm Cake here! I sound so cheesy omg... Anyways... I literally hate school so much and the teachers there? *rolls eyes* Are so mean! Why am I even talking about this? IDK?!?! I know I might sound MLP crazy but I've been watching all of the episodes again. Yes. Starting from season 1. Do I sound insane? Maybe. Anyways... I'm just on the Call Of The Cutie. Yeah, yeah. If I rant a long time it means I'm bored. Are you bored? I am. And... I'm ranting AGAIN. Please, someone, help me! I'm stuck in my room doing math homework. Like that's totally torture! I might stop this entry for now cuz I'm multitasking. First I'm doing my homework. Then, I'm doing THIS. And now I'm working more and more to perfect my OC. So you know what that means... Flutterbye!
  8. This is the easy-peasy compilation of all the doodles I've made for my request shop. Want to stare at raw stupid uninterrupted by comments and page switches? This is the thread for you. If you wish to make a request, here is the thread: Make sure to check whether the shop is open before you post! #1: Requested by DJ Neon #2: Requested by TwilyFan13 #3: Requested by Artemis Whooves #4: Requested by Artemis Whooves #5: Requested by Tao #6: Requested by Artemis Whooves #7: Requested by Trottermare Galamane #8: Requested by DJ Gumball #9: Requested by Moon Sugar: #10: Requested by Shadow Strike #11: Requested by icyfire888 #12: Requested by Night Silent: -unfinished- Please note that these did NOT have much time/effort put into them. They were purely for fun and the taking of IQ points. Comments, criticisms, and baking recipes welcome.
  9. Here are more school doodles. This noodle arms rights activist (I was really bored that day) This conversation that Derpy really has no interest in And robot Vinyl Scratch (I accidentally took the photo in portrait and I'm too lazy to retake it) What you think?
  10. So today has been so friggin exhausting. My first day of college classes. What a long daaaaay it's been for me. Doodled this in my 3 hour English class that made me want to blow my brains out. On a side note it wasn't all that bad. My feet just hurt, and my legs and my butt from walking up and down a ton of stairs. Plus the countless walks from my dorm and back wasn't helping any. Monday's suck.
  11. So... Im bored and i dont know what to do. Any Ideas what i can do???? No Minecraft! Doing my head in
  12. Hello there everyone. I am Dubwave Nightshadow, your host. Nice to meet you all. This is my first time making a blog entry here in the forums, so pardon me if I mess something up. Lol. Well, as you can see, my first entry is titled, "Fandom Fatigue". What is fatigue? I could use the dictionary version, but I will stick with my simple version of the meaning. Basically tiredness of tiredness of something thats been done or over done, in this case, being an overload brony or pegasister. That can be our first issue for this blog. Issue 1. Well, I have seen this little subject being mentioned in so many places in so many different ways, but I will keep it simple and to the point for this entry, as I want to make everything really easy to read and understand. Ever have that feeling that you have just been on here or some other Mlp related site waaaaay too much, and you seem to stress out a little more than usual? Well dont worry. This is normal and not at all a bad thing, because I experience the same thing. It happens in all fandoms and not just our own. You spend a little too much time without meaning it, chatting, posting, chatting some more, looking for pictures, buying more merchandise, chatting some more, too many people all trying to suddenly talk to you at once and your trying to speak to all of them and keep up, and suddenly you have been locked up in your room for hours without realizing it. . . Whoa... A real head spinner, and a headache too. You do not have to always have to spend your time doing something Mlp related and trying to be overly involved. Your always going to be a brony or a pegasister no matter what, because you love the show, and you love the happiness, friendship and fun that comes with it, but don't just keep it confined to here. Go out and take a break for a while from the fandom and share what you gained from it with the world, and have fun elsewhere until you drop. Your fandom and friends will still be here waiting for you, and when you come back you will be refreshed and actually missing it, and wanting to go crazy over it again, instead of stressing out trying to act as if you are so into it but are really wishing you could be resting or doing something else. Lol. So if you need to, let your friends know that you will be off for a while so they will not miss you and wonder where you went, and take a relaxing vacation. Then get back in here and PARTAAAY!
  13. Going back to the basics and studying posing and anatomy for ponies since I'm already working on ninja turtles and human anatomy. I HATE HANDS SO MUCH. Honestly that's why I like ponies. They have no friggin hands. But I wanted to make sure I had a solid style that I really liked. And here is a cruddy colored Fluttershy in my solid made style.
  14. Bought art studio on my phone. Doodled this cause I'm bored. digital isn't something I'm comfortable with but whatevz. At least I can draw on the go whenever I want.
  15. I'm really bored. So lets make a list of fun things to do when you are bored! Give me some ideas Every time somebody says something new, I'll add it to the list! 1. Draw some pixels. 2. Play Minecraft 3. Hypnotize yourself to be a pony. 4. Sing some KARAOKE! Play My Little Karaoke. 5. Draw some ponies. 6. Watch a bunch of random Anime. 7. Get perler beads and make perler bead pixels! Its actually really easy. 8. Make pipe cleaner sculptures. 9. Play online music, and if you don't know how to play music then... 10. Learn how to play music. 11. Play some Gameboy ROMS. 12. Go buy one of those 13 cent fish at Petsmart. 13. Watch My Little Pony Tales. Hehehe. 14. Go find a bug and dissect it. 15. Lucid dream. 16. Play a large array of video games. 17. chatting with my friends online 18. watching a mare-a-thon of ponies 19. write a story, pony or not. 20. doing my nails 21. work on schoolwork. 22. Read the MLP comic. 23. Bike around your local area. 24. Listen to loads of random music! 25. Design and maintain your blogs and websites. 26. Read some manga. (Happy Happy Clover, Pokemon and the Legend of Zelda are my favorite!. 27. Talk on Forums. 28. Watch My Little Pony episodes. 29. Eat. 30. Do chores.. -_- 31. Flip a table or something. :3 32. If you are a guy like most guys and have no idea how to cook, or are a girl like me unlike most girls and still have no idea how to cook, learn it.
  16. Have any of you ponies visited a city where you felt "This is a dump. I wanna leave" or "There's nothing here, I'm bored". If so, list them and your reasons. In my opinion, Downtown Oakland because it looks like a dump and it gets unsafe at night, plus from what I've seen, lots of people riot there a lot. Also Hayward because it looks like a dump and mini version of Downtown Oakland and Daly City because it gets so foggy, it's depressing and there isn't much to do over there.
  17. Do you like waffles? I do. If so, what kind is your favorite? Mine are Belgian Waffles. Duh! ---- Let's see how long it takes until this thread becomes Discord's dollhouse.
  18. Well, here goes nothing; I'm hoping this more personal type project isn't a complete failure. I understand that there is a Skype Exchange thread, but this is more of a self communication call for help. (Foresay.) :okiedokielokie: Here's the thing, I happen to have spontaneous bursts of free time. And recently because of another Topic I've started in Octavia's Hall I've been drawing often during my free time; and not very much else. (When I do encounter spare time.) Since I lack friends from the forums here, and I am most interested in meeting all new bronies/ponies, my arrangement here is that I'm going to leave my Skype username; anyone feel free to add me, I'm a desolate soul, lmao. Skype username: lovemakiejay Don't feel obligated to comment any questions or even leave your Skype username if you (for some reason) can't find me, or if you seem to be too lazy/busy at the moment. My apologies in advance, I tend to be awkward and shy at times. But don't let that stop you; I'll try to not be, I mean I did go through with creating this Topic, right?
  19. Does anyone know of any good roleplay's around?,I accept these roleplay's only: Pony roleplays,Adventure time roleplays,Anmie roleplays (I mean roleplaying as anmie character's),Equestria girl's roleplay.
  20. Hey guys. I'm bored as hell and I saw this guy recently. So, out of some boredom, I'm going to point out his bull crap for you guys to see. If you have already seen it, good for you. If not, prepare to be amazed. lets begin shall we. 0:10-Calling a fanbase a loser for liking something that he doesn't is pretty ballsy. even when a vast majority are have most likely done more with their lives than this guy. 0:12-Yes. All bronies are losers. Unless we support this guy and then we transend our loserdom for supporting this guy who has insulted us for liking something he does not. 0:23-Steal our lunch money? How old is this kid? 0:28-big daddy dillon... I dont have a joke for that. Sorry. 0:41-Yes. Our parents failed to teach us how to be adults. Even though most of the fandom have people with high paying jobs, organize charities for cancer, have supported those who have been bullied and are successful musicians. So obviously our parents f**ked up big time. 0:50-HAHAHAHA!... yes, stop watching cartoons and start watching two and a half men. Move from something with talent and effort for something with poor writing, repetitive humor, and less substance than my kitchen silverware. 1:09-I think he's confusing a mental illness for a taste in television because it is something he doesnt like. 1:17-Yes. We know it is a cruel and miserable place with racism, bigetry, and horrors unfathomable. And you are not helping with that. We are trying to make it a little less tolerable. A word he probably think is a town in Yorkshire. 1:22-Kid needs to stop watching snuff films. 1:42-yes we have. And we have donated money to send to those children in africa to make it better. Just sayin'. Also, I believe this guy has been sippin' way too much mountain dew. 1:49-We know magic is fake, we have a firm grasp on reality. Also, what the hell are these things? 2:01-I bring you back to my previous statement. 2:04-Has this guy actually hacked anyone? Seriously, is he even a real hacker or did he just pick the name because it sounded cewl. 2:09-The only thing I'm afraid of is seeing that head of his shift to a different color other than pink. Well there you have it. I know I didnt point it all out, but... I'm bored as sin and thought I'd do something fun for a few minutes.
  21. Ok, sO I'm rEAAlly bOrEd Ok. sOmEOnE tAAlk tO mE..! AAnythIng wOUld dO..!
  22. Because yolo. Ohemgee. My Luke Bryan drawing is coming out so super duper good (Because the status of my pencil portrait drawing thing is oh so related.) I JUST CAN'T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT!
  23. I thought it would be fun if you guys asked me questions and I responded to them. Sounds normal and all, right? Well, hold up. There is something more to this than me just simply answering questions. I will be answering the questions with my voice. That's right, I will answer the questions not with text, but with my actual vocal cords. Here is how it works. You type the question or questions, and I will respond to you with a recording of my voice answering your question(s). Easy enough, right? There are a few rules and they are as followed: No creepy or disturbing questions. Keep the questions safe within the forum rules. No spamming Have fun That's about it for the rules. As for other things to mention, the questions can be anything you can think of. I enjoy any type of question asked, random or not. Since I am on this site at least once everyday, I will continuously keep up with this blog and get right to answering ASAP. If for any reason something comes up, I'll let you guys know. So, without further ado, Let's get this party started!