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Found 19 results

  1. You have to guest what inside the box ?
  2. Height limit of 750px for a single image? Oh come on, you can't ruin this for me. *cough* *cough* Nice, but now what it is about? I'm pretty sure this is something, that most of us know and just ignore, nevertheless, I couldn't resist to bring this to attention in a FABULOUS way. The thing is, that each time you access editing of the post, another character counter is added to the stack, just like in the comic above. Simply doing this: Edit post -> cancel -> edit -> cancel -> edit and so on... is enough to create a funny-looking wall of these. It's not really problematic, as I don't think anypony will ever have the need to edit the same post many, many times without reloading the page etc., but it's still a glitch and it shouldn't be like this, so that's why I'm just mentioning it. In fact, I have reported a similar (if not exactly the same) issue in my previous silly comic. It was fixed back then, but apparently that character counter came back to seek for revenge. So... while there's no need to panic, I hope you enjoyed that little comic. I just couldn't resist. Also I am aware, that the comic isn't 100% accurate to how the editor works, as normally you have to submit the post first in order to edit it afterwards, but otherwise it wouldn't really work for the comic ~ you get the point.
  3. NOTE: Though it may look like a thread with just a silly comic, it actually is tech support related. I believe you all are bored of threads related to that character count box, due to amount of these, so this time I'll try to make it at least a tiny little bit entertaining. (hopefully) Now getting to the point- When editing posts, there are two character counters displayed at the top. Due to recent changes, that box is moved to the center and it adds a header of some sort below the toolbar, where that box is drawn, so that the real first line, where we can type, is below that counter. While it works as intended, there are two of these when editing posts. As a result, it draws two headers, which still works as intended, but unnecessarily takes more space and looks kiiiinda bad. It's not a big issue of course- from my perspective it's just purely cosmetic, as I'm a desktop user, so I still have tons of free space in my view. I'm just letting you know, that's all. How does that look in a non-comic version: That's all, thanks.
  4. Awwwwww, look at him. His first hypnosis attempt. He is such a big colt. <3 (thanks to SFyr for this adorable drawing )
  5. Pretty self explanitory. A thread dedicated to the absolute worst box art you can think of and explain why. I'll start with an obvious and legendary one Aside from the fact that it looks beyond ugly, it resembles Megaman in no way whatsoever. It's even become a bit of a joke among Capcom and a few fans, that this incarnation of Megaman was included infamously in Street Fighter X Tekken
  6. Hey guys, quick box model of Pinkie I did in Blender, rendered with Cycles.
  7. Hi there! I currently work on an artwork for my boardgame and created the lockbox provided by the Tree of Harmony in season 4 as an item. First of all... how do you like it? Furthermore.... does this lockbox have a specific name mentioned in the show? If yes, which name is it? If not, how should I name the item? The chosen name appears like this on the finished card, currently stating "Mysterious Lockbox": The background of the artwork is not finished of course.
  8. This is a one-page story that I wrote the other day. I had put a challenge to myself to see if I could write a story in under 300 words. I would like to see what other people think of it. Feedback is appreciated. Caracal.doc
  9. I've been looking at the episodes list of Season 4, i.e. the season finale 2-parter "Twilight's Kingdom", and something struck me: Remember when I said in my Symbolism thread that there seems to be some correspondence between the Elements of Harmony & the stained glass in Celestia's palace and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life?Let me refresh your memory if you don't: After seeing the Season 4's opening 2-parter, "Princess Twilight Sparkle", I think this correspondence doesn't seem to be a mere coincidence anymore (as some objected in the Symbolism thread), because we've learned from that episode that the Elements of Harmony actually grows on trees Notice how they surround the "concealed" Sefirot of Magic (Da'at), where you can find Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark symbol. Below there are Sun and Moon symbols of Celestia and Luna. And guess what: they're there at the same exact places on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life! Does anyone still think that this is a coincidence? But that's not what I wanted to write about, so let's get on topic: The bottom-most Sefirot of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is called "Malkhut", which in Hebrew means "Kingdom"! And we've all seen at the end of Season 4's opening that the Tree of Harmony gave birth to that intriguing little blue box with six keyholes. It has grown from its roots, appearing inside a blue flower. We've been waiting the whole Season to see what's inside this box. Now, when almost all the keys has been completed, and there's no doubt that Twilight's key would appear in the Season 4's finale, which is titled "Twilight's Kingdom", we can safely assume, that these things will be related somehow. For me, it is now clear that the Tree of Harmony is a metaphor of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, and I speculate that the title of the episode, "Twilight's Kingdom" is also not coincidental: it seems to correspond to the bottom-most Sefirot of the Tree of Life, which is also called "Kingdom"! The Kingdom is actually the first step from 10 in the path to God (called Ayn Sof in Kabbalah), which is above the top-most Sefirot of the tree, called the Crown. As you can see on the pictures above, the Kingdom Sefirot is related to the four Greek Elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) and the physical world. As we seen in "Magic Duel" episode, Twilight Sparkle has already mastered all four Elements of the physical world, when she has been shown in a symbolic context of The Magician card from Tarot's Major Arcana set: (more on that here and here), which makes the correspondence even stronger. What do you think about all this stuff?
  10. Spoilers in the link: So, whatcha guys think about this? Not particularly fond of the castle design myself. Looks like something REALLY insultingly girly cooked up by Hasbro to increase toy sales of the castle pony playsets.
  11. So the box with 6's killing me I gotta know! Do you have a theory on what's in the box or what will happen when it's open? I want to know what the fans think, as the fan base has predicted things about the show before. So let's have this thread be an open idea machine. If you have a theory, no matter how absurd or out there, let it be heard! Here's mine: Each of the mane 6 so far have gained a key from a newly introduced character, these characters will come back somehow and open the box themselves. Heck maybe the key givers will turn into Alicorns instead of the mane 6! Thoughts and theories?
  12. THESE DARN THINGS I hate these so much with a passion. This is one easy way to scratch the discs. Mill Creek are the guys who package DVD's this way. I can definitely say that Shout Factory is WAY better than these guys when it comes to old shows. Anyone else know of anything worse than these?
  13. I predict that 'Filli Vanilli' isn't Flutters' key episode, I think 'It Ain't Easy Being Breezies' will though. If an upcoming episode features part of Fluttershy's name in it I think that that episode will be it instead because all episodes that involve keys have part of the Mane 6's name in them. I also think Twi might get her key in 'Twilight Time'. Do you agree? Do you think Twi will get hers last? Feel free to discuss my prediction (that is really just me spitballin') below!
  14. Right. So me and my friend were having a discussion the other day about that box in Season 4. We think that if you lockpick it nothing would appear. But opening it the other way does get something to appear. I was watching this funny video on youtube the other day where Twilight was trying to lockpick it with a bobby-pin and celestia gave her an evil stare. So what do you think would happen if it was lockpicked. Skyrim style!
  15. So season 4 so far has had a weird ending clips so far: Princess twilight sparkle: the box Castlemaneia : pony of shadows is real Daring Don't : DD is real (or not if you even watch reviews) Power ponies : the comic dissapeared Bats : flutters is still a vampire rarity takes manehatten : Rainbow thread In rarity takes manehatten we see the rainbow glow emitting from things this is why: Rope : her friends weren't with her Eyes : When she realized what she did Thread : When she showed pure Generosity Now what does this all mean? Well the rainbow may mean that rarity found the key, the thread. The rest of the endings may be their weakness, I'm not sure.
  16. Okay the harmoney tree box. I was watching tommy oliver and digi's reaction to season 4 intro and oliver suggested each pony is gonna get a quest to get that key. .........That's epic, and slightly wrong. epic means each character gets a guaranteed spot light in their own adventure if that's true. Wrong? It kinda goes against the friend ship theme if that's the case. Each pony soloing to a brand new land. Mfff I like it.
  17. It looks like Steam will be entering the world of consoles (or something like it) in the near future with the new and mysterious "Steam Machines". Do you think it'll just be a generic console? I certainly don't. I think the Steambox is going to be a completely new type of console, though due to the lack of information this far I cannot speculate accurately. It's also noteworthy that while Nintendo has been circling the drain in the console market and Sony/Microsoft seem to be creating rather generic devices I certainly think that there's a gap there that Valve could definitely fill. I think the Steam Machine could be the future of console gaming. I also think it will be a blend of the PC and the console, which will attract crowds from all around. Also, Steam is making a new operating system. Presumably, this will be primarily for the purpose of their new console line.
  18. Well it seems that I have stumbled upon another pony display item that was empty. I was getting some blind bags (which I got a GOLDEN APPLEJACK) And I saw this... So I casually pick it up... walk around Walmart for a bit, then check out my stuff with this box. They let me have it. I think i'll start putting my merch in these cases.
  19. Okay so i went in to Kmart (meh) to look to see if they had the cards restocked them... i saw a box, went over... and it was empty... so i did the next best thing, i asked if i could take the box... and well... SCORE!