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Found 12 results

  1. Is it easier to live being male or female? Clearly both sides have their ups and downs, but which is overall easier and why? ~
  2. What are some of your favorite names? Or alternatively, what names would you give your future children assuming you will be allowed to make that decision (which most likely won't be us, fellas) boy: Michael or Patrick Michael is an all-around solid name. It's my godfather's name and I have a couple friends named Mike. I like Patrick too. James would be distant third choice for me. girl: Alexandra or Elizabeth I like Alexandra a lot because I think Lexi is a very adorable nickname. Elizabeth is also a cute name and is very versatile when it comes to nicknames. inb4TompicksTrixieorsomederivationofTrixieforgirlname
  3. Alright, so this has been in my head for quite a while. So evision this. You're driving down the road and you come across a stoplight. While stopped, you hear a loud noise from somewhere. Thinking it's a sweet car, you look to your right. You then see a honda civic with a cheap spoiler, cheap body kit and a big muffler. You've just encountered, what is called a ricer. Ricers can come in all types of cars, but they are usually japanese cars like civics, preludes, eclipses, 350Zs and other cars. Sadly, some can even be American muscle cars. Ricers think that adding all of that stuff to their car boosts power, but it doesn't. In reality, all it does is add unnecessary and make the cars look rather ugly, especially when there's nothing but a giant spoiler and fart can (a term for a large exhaust hole that sort makes the car's exhaust sound like farting). Here's an example of a typical ricer. Ugly isn't it. And the sad part about it is, the engine is left untouched. The car is just stock, but it is apparent that it has extra power. To make matters worse, these "ricers" or "rice burners", talk about their "machines" as if they were modded with true legit performance modifications. Check out this guy talking some serious crap about his honda "pushing 38 pounds" All I've gotta say about this guy is: To make things even worse, over in Japan, there are Ricer Clubs! When I first saw this, I just had to nod my head and say: In conclusion...don't be a ricer. If you want to have a fast car, get one. If you want to modify your car yourself, work hard, get the money and get to the proper place to get the proper parts. Remember, even if it takes long, it's worth it. This thread isn't meaning to hate on ricers. It's more opinions.
  4. So,what i have noticed as a girl, since i watch MLP and i am 17 that people tolerate it more then say if i was a boy. That made me think: Are we girls of any age more accepted then boys because the show and merchandise are for our sexuality degined? Because when i go to a store and just look at the MLP section, nobody looks at me weird. But when a boy goes watching, the entire store points and laughs almost.
  5. I don't how to explain this... But... I'm just shocked...
  6. Well, I suppose somebody had to do it. It's October, which is sorta the first anniversary of me becoming an Eagle Scout. This October is also important since I turn 18 on the 16th, aging me out of Boy Scouts. So this is my last chance to do this "Ask a Pony" as an actual Boy Scout I've been in scouting for, what, almost 6 years now. In the course of that, I've done heap of stuff: things like mountain climbing to white water rafter (and a whole lot more). I have a lot of great/interesting/stupid/maybe inspiring stories to tell, as well as some advice for newer scouts or those on their way to Eagle. I dunno, ask me stuff.
  7. I thought about all the age and gender groups that watch MLP FIM. Obviously little girls watch MLP, there's the whole brony fandom of males ages 14 and up, the pegasister fandom of girls 14 and up, so that just leaves...little boys. So I ask you this, do little boys watch MLP or do they think it's girly junk? Also, are they aware that adults watch the show? I know each little boy is different, but what have the ones you interacted have to say about MLP FIM? Personally, if I had a son, I would encourage him to grow up watching MLP because not only is the quality of the show good, but the lessons are useful as well.
  8. I was surprised/disappointed that nobody has done this yet. This is my first ever Mario Paint composition, so I would appreciate constructive criticism.
  9. LIMBO is a strange game, let's just put it at that. It is an indie game created by a small independant indie company in the hopes of creating a simple, yet "memorable" indie/puzzler. LIMBO was first met with mostly positive reviews from sites like IGN, Metacritic, etc. Although they lie all the time, they actually didn't go wrong with this one. Let us start this review. Story: A young, unnamed boy travels through perilous environments in a supposed attempt to set his sister's fate right after going into "LIMBO." (Yes, I know, quite clever title they came up with...) That's pretty much the whole story in a nutshell. Gameplay: Like I said, you control a young, unnamed boy. The game is set-up in a flashback kind of way, so the entire game is black and white, giving it a unique perspective of the danger and "terror" that you are faced with. You must help the boy overcome obstacles and solve deadly puzzles using just your hands and feet... and other stuff you might find along the way. All in order to "save" his sister. The boy being chased by big-ass spider... I know... So much wtf. Good/Bad? - The game overall is an excellent example of an underrated indie game that manages to grab our attention with great puzzles, unique environment and level design, and addiciting gameplay. Probably the only flaw here is being too dumb to figure out the puzzles and rage quit... (I doubt anyone is that dumb, though). Worth the Price? - It's like 10 bucks. It is a great indie game and one of those games that should really get a bit more attention. 10 bucks is worth the price. Final Score: It all comes down to the final score, which is: 8.7. I hope you enjoyed this review of LIMBO and check back for more reviews coming soon.
  10. Hey! So drawing ponies for me is really just a side hobby from what I really enjoy drawing, and that's pretty much males! I love love drawings males and humans and the human form and I wanted to share it with you guys, since ponies aren't really my main point when it comes to drawing general things--so here goes nothing: Some links cause of embedded limit U vU I also do some fanart as well, just got into that recently woawoaowa kudos if you know who's from what and stuff! Some links because of imbedded link limit U vU And this isn't half of what I've drawn, there's sooo so much more but I don't want to make this post any bigger than it probably is LOL. So yeah here are just some works I've done I wanted to show off and such U vU thanks for taking the time to take a look!
  11. ok so i cant stress this enough that i know its a "girls" show and what not and that it is targeted toward so. Thus making there marketing platform around girly things. But by any chance is there anything within MLP franchise that the male populous of MLP fans can take salus in that "hey, i can go out there and buy that, and no get any odd looks!" ex: zecora marking as a tatto, no one would know the diff. from that compaired to any other tribal tat. and thos who would, are non other then mlp fans! anyone know of any other things within reason? (and for the "who cares what others think" speal, im doing this for those who still haven't embraced the "who cares" that comes with accepting yourself as a mlp fan.) who knows maby with this thread some things will come up that will allow it to be more open to the public then what it stands ^^
  12. You are a boy, A beautiful boy. It makes my heart sing. And it sings songs of your kindness, And songs of your hands, Soft and warm, I want them to hold me forever. Hold me, And never let go. Hold me, my boy, And I will hold you. As long as I can. Safe in my arms, Safe in my bosom, I will make sure that you stay whole. Because you are the purest boy, Innocent and uncorrupted. Unlike all the others. No ordinary boy. You reached out with your hand, To touch the worn out old beast, And she growled at you at first. Tried to scratch and bite. But then she came to love you. I came to love you. And my heart sings again: He is the greatest boy of them all, The boy with the biggest heart, He tamed this old beast, And made her true beauty shine. You're just looking for someone to love, You've been looking all this time, Don't worry. Because you've found an old beast, A loyal old beast, Who will never leave your side. I will be your companion, As eternal as the stars, My hair as dark as midnight, And yours as light as sunbeams. Together, we will shine our lights, And rise as night and day. Because you are the boy, The only boy for me, No... you're not a boy now. You're a man. A big, strong, brave man. Who stood in the face of the monster. And made her his. ...I just wrote this five minutes ago. Um. It's sappy.