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Found 3 results

  1. I had the misfortune of needing braces twice. That was not because of forgetting to wear a retainer or anything, but because my orthodontist had a two-phase treatment plan. So I had my braces on and off twice from the time I was 8 to the time I was 15. But in the end, I think it was worth it. I finally felt confident with my smile. Plus, I used to have crooked teeth and ran the risk of permanent nerve damage if I hadn't gotten braces. Has anyone else here had braces, and does anyone currently have braces? I'm just curious to know who else has been through the same thing. :-P
  2. Well i just felt like asking because the idea came to me, and i'm not aware of it being a topic here. Have you ever had braces? I know alot of people have, i mean a good bit of people I know have at one point, of course I'm sure plenty haven't. I actually myself haven't had them yet. The dentist did actually say that I should have them, however I didn't get them for a few reasons. First of all, i'm a trumpet player, and playing trumpet with braces is going to impair me alot, plus I have a trio to play, and I'm definitely not going to let down people by getting braces and throwing my tone and playing away. Especially not when people are counting on me. And also, despite my dentist saying I have an underbite(I think I have an underbite, i forget which ;p, maybe I have an overbite..) i've had people actually compliment me on my smile saying its "perfect" so like what gives? I think i'll keep my "Perfect" smile thank you very much(Even if i don't see whats so special about it.) Also we don't really have the cash to throw away for that. So yeah, I guess even if my teeth aren't perfectly straight they're good enough to the point I don't feel i need or want braces. Not to mention they look painful :/. So yeah, what about y'all? Do any of you have braces? Or had them? whats your experience with them? Or are you just someone with naturally perfect teeth? ;p. I'm curious! So yeah post away! .
  3. I'm pretty sad, wanna know why? Okay, I'll tell you. You see, this summer my last friend cussed me out because I beat him in a video game. He hurt my feelings and said "No one likes you, we just pretended to like you because you're a f***ing loser with no friends." Do you know how much that HURT? Do you know how much shit I put up with this kid? He was a jerk to me the past 3 months, not even apologizing about his past actions and tantrums?! He's not my friend, he's a loser. Is this what I get for being a nice, quiet boy? Now, I tried to make friends the night before school. Play tag with the boys in the neighborhood, what could go wrong? I BROKE MY ARM BECAUSE SOMEONE PUSHED ME. Now, I have to get braces. Yay, I'm the epitome of loserdom. Friendless, nerdy, braces. :/ I remember the good ol' days of Kindergarten and First Grade. What happened to all the little kids being nice and getting along? Screw it, I'm not forgiving that kid. I'm not gonna make new friends in real life, especially when I do FUCKING NOTHING and everyone hates me. I'm sad. ;(