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Found 4 results

  1. Flash stood and cautiously surveyed the statue. It was thirty moons ago that a girl named Twilight Sparkle had arrived through the statue in order to retrieve a crown from Sunset Shimmer, Flash's ex. The minds of students and teachers all over the school had been blown upon learning that Twilight was actually a pony princess from a universe on the other side of the portal. Twilight and Flash had bumped into each other a few times, and the moment that Twilight agreed to dance with Flash was when Twilight had her very first crush. After she had returned to Equestria through the statue, it sealed itself closed for thirty moons. Flash had waited throughout that time, and now, the statue was open once more - but it was going to close in mere minutes. Flash entered deep thought. If he went through the portal to see Twilight, he would not be able to return to his homeworld for thirty moons. But if he didn't take the chance to step through, those two and a half years of waiting would have been for nothing. With a determined look on his face, Flash made his decision. He took slow steps closer to the statue, put his hand through... And then the portal closed, with Flash's hand still submerged.
  2. It's the only logical explanation, when i got out of bed this morning i had a series talk with my cat, while he prepared an omolette, and he seemed skeptical about the whole idea at first. Specially sense it screwed up his head canon about flash becoming the first male alicorn, and he really came to canterlot to teach spike how to be a serious pimp and finally win over rarity. But why else would flash be there? Unless he's really cadience side interest and that guard thing is a thinly designed cover to fool shinning armor, who oddly was missing. Be honest bronies, would you leave brad with your pony waifu?
  3. No need to introduce the yellow guy, so here is what I thought of: What if he was Shining Armour and Princess Cadence's future son? I mean, we all can assume that they are going to have a child some time. One connection I can make between Shining Armour and the yellow guy is the shield on their cutie marks. It wouldn't make much sense age-wise, considering that the yellow guy seemed to be about Twilight's age... but you never know! What do you think?
  4. Here it is folks... The mysterious yellow guy His temporary name will be "Brad" until something is confirmed I guess, so there he is... I honestly think that this guy will cause as much or maybe even more Brony Rage than Twilicorn...