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Found 14 results

  1. When making any sort of decision, which do you follow: your brain, your heart, or your instincts? There are pros and cons to each. Choices made with your brain are the most well thought out and logical but can leave you unsatisfied. With your heart you will likely feel good about what you're doing, but it won't always work out. And with your instincts you can sometimes feel extremely confident in what you're doing, but your instincts aren't always right. Personally I almost always use my head, but I trust my instincts above all else. If they give me a strong feeling about something, I never ignore it.
  2. How do you organize your brain? Where and how do you put stuff, how do you manipulate parts of it, do you have any mental constructs that assist you in day to day life, such as tulpa, or an alert center keyed into specific sounds? Where and why is your attention directed? What background processes do you have going on, such as music and/or virtual manipulation of physical objects? How do you think
  3. Sooooooo my brain has a weird "long-term/short-term memory" thing that confuses me to this day. I remember past interactions, people, faces, random facts, songs, artist methods and a lot more very vividly. Yet, I COMPLETELY forget math, the definitions of certain words, most of my dreams, and other things a few minutes after comprehending them. It's really weird to me. Because of this, I had VERY hard time in school. Instead of remembering test answers, I would remember interactions between me and other classmates/ teachers more. Sometimes I wonder if my brain values social things over academic things on its own ( sorta against my will). I don't know anymore.To me, its a blessing and curse. What about any of you?
  4. So, what's your oldest memory you can recall? It's kind of a random topic- I was reading a thread on glasses where someone said they don't remember life before glasses- and that gave me this idea. Mine is from when I was between 2 and 3 (I'm 25 now) I remember being in my crib standing and looking at myself in the mirror. I also remember that I hated the clear plastic molding guard/cover thing on the top rail and I would try to bite it off a lot. I did actually bite/crack a few chunks off of it. I don't think I ate any- I just remember I just hated it for whatever reason.
  5. I recall reading before they say some geniuses have quirks. Then some of my more intelligent people I know like some weird shit. Granted it could be due to things like being a nerd makes us smarter, and increases our odds of weird stuff, or I am weird and find other weird people to talk to so my personal experience data is biased, as all case studies would be. However the first fact I shared leads me to believe its possibly not just me. Then I thought well what are taboos to the mind? The mind when you have a prefrontal cortex (25/26 years old its finished expanding/developing usually) then that part of the brain generally has a few uses but the primary use of relevance is that it can restrict thoughts and behaviors. This in some people can be like, idk an example is like a villain who enjoys doing bad things, but irl serial killers tend to have prefrontal cortex issues. This means they do not restrict alot of their irrational decisions- they act on them. So perhaps intelligence is tied to villainy in movies for a reason (that's more likely due to the subconscious mind archtypes being portrayed in media, or related to satan ideas which satan was deemed to be smart, so if its mostly in western or western-influenced media that'd be why is because of the satan thing) but that's not true about smarter people always being bad because serial killers are stupid (prefrontal cortex problem = rationality problem). So the conclusion I get from that is, if there are a type of smart people who are odd-balls and its related to their intelligence, its due to using their frontal cortex differently. This means they could for instance be more curious- About more things that others find repulsive or fear. So they end up liking more things because they are, simply put, more open minded. More open to reality disproving them. More tolerant of the truth, any of these things. Their minds may be more comfortable pondering about uncomfortable things. Then they find out, hey, I actually like some of this weird stuff and I'm not just doing it for attention. Granted this concept only works so far, theres a point it becomes inaccurate which is when is it too weird? When should I not be weird? Knowing when to do certain things, and not other times is related to the prefrontal cortex as well. And social isolation alone could be reason for weirdness, not necessarily a sign of intelligence. It could be they simply had more free time on their hands to acquire weird tastes, and develop their knowledge or rationality on their own- school doesn't teach rationality or logic classes for instance. Alot of parents even do not. Just some food for thought.
  6. I've got some good news! DARPA has developed a new program, it's called Neural Engineering System Design (NESD), which "stands to dramatically enhance research capabilities in neurotechnology and provide a foundation for new therapies", and probably, would allow to use our brains to comment, make updates, etc. on the MLP Forum.
  7. "Researchers say they have discovered a chemical alteration in a single human gene linked to stress reactions that, if confirmed in larger studies, could give doctors a simple blood test to reliably predict a person’s risk of attempting suicide." - Science Daily, July 30th, 2014
  8. What is the capacity of the human brain? Some potential topics regarding mental power. Tulpas. Lucid Dreaming. Tulpas. I dont have one of my own yet, but I think the concept is rather interesting. From what I know of them, they're just basically imaginary friends that are extremely realistic. They can even think for themselves. Lucid Dreaming. I'm getting better at it as time goes on. I can think "Make it hot" and my body will get warmer. I can move my arms freely to swim when I'm in water.
  9. Okay, so this just came into my mind. You know how some people can do cool tricks with their mind? Well, I happen to be one of those people. So get this...I have a "jukebox" inside my head. This means, I'm conscious of what song plays in my head and I could change it wherever, whenever. "Smile Song" is now playing in my head but...I just changed it to "This Day Aria". Cool huh? Any mind tricks you can do?
  10. I got this idea from a fanfic, so just hear me out here, guys. Let's say you could share your thoughts with anybody on this forum and vice versa. They wouldn't be able to hear every thought of yours, only the ones you want them to hear. It works both ways. To put it simply, it's like connecting brains, except not physically. So, who would you share your thoughts with? P.S. You can't say no one. That's the only rule here. It's supposed to be meant in good fun, so please just have fun.
  11. Hey there I have been trying to add a signature for quite a long time and it will not work. Everytime I try to past the file it keeps only coming up with the link to the picture not the actural picture can some one please help me with this because it is really frustrating.
  12. I have a little theory about how our bodies and our minds work. Essentially, a human is just a walking brain, powered by an extremely complex life support system called "the body". Supposedly, even if this life support system is destroyed, the brain itself lives on for a short while, eventually dying from a lack of oxygen.The brain controls the functions of this support system while the system keeps the brain alive. So here's my theory. Ever seen or heard of someone just dying, out of nowhere. They where perfectly healthy yet they just... die. They shut down. Another thing I should mentions is that the human body slowly improves after times goes on. You get taller, stronger, and smarter as you grow older. However, you will eventually reach a point where you stop advancing and your body begins to decline. Bodily functions will begin to deteriorate, eventually shutting down all together and the brain slowly begins to malfunction and also shut down (this is disregarding disease or accidents). So, I believe that the brain has a built in "timer" that starts ticking as soon as you are born. By the time this timer is over, your brain activates some kind of internal off-switch. From there, the body stops improving and begins to shut off slowly until the support system is down and the brain eventually dies. Theoretically, if this "timer" exists, we could supposedly remove the timer and off-switch, so the only way a human could die is from disease and accidents and other preventable deaths. What do you people think of this?
  13. This is a game of riddles. To play, what you do is solve the riddle of the person above you. Then, add a new riddle to be solved. If you can't solve a riddle, just put this: Here's a starter riddle. I sit on the bridge. Some see through me, but others wonder what I hide. What am I?
  14. Prepare for a long confusing read. Well, today, me and my friends were discussing the human understanding of the wonders that we call the dimensions and the brain. Many topics came up, such as time travel and teleportation, thought and other things. Some things were confusing, some were simple, but the main point is I need to discuss this or my thoughts will start to confuse me so much that my eyes will derp. We all know the five dimensions, don't we? The First Dimension The Second Dimension The Third Dimension Time Space So. We got all into the subjects one at a time. We all know the first dimension is one of three; length, width, or height, although in math it is technically length. First off, what would this dimension look like? Some said it was just a line. I thought the same. But it doesn't seem logical to have a world that is simply a line, does it? We also live within this dimension, as well as the others, but would it be possible to screw with this dimension or step out of the 3D dimension? It wouldn't seem logical if we did, but technology can go so far. What if we went to this dimension on its own? What would happen? Would we still be living in the other dimensions, or would we be a frozen frame in the middle of nothing? 2D is simple to understand. Flat figures. Cartoons and such are drawn in the second dimension. We live partially in it. The third dimension. This is the dimension we can see, hear, touch, taste, smell...this is the one we majorly live in. This is what we call reality. However, as with the first dimension, technology may go so far as to be able to bend it to fit human necessity. Technically, transferring from one dimension to another would kill you instantly. The only logical way to do so is to use a method similar to that of teleportation or time travel. You'd have to convert your atoms into energy, then reconstruct that energy into atoms in the previous or next dimension. Even then, could you move? Would it be the same as this world? Time...I can't even find a reasonable explanation for this one. What is time? Sure, you'll by default say something about time measurement, but what is time actually? How does it work? What would happen if you were able to travel to or bend this dimension...? I honestly am confused beyond confusion on this one, someone enlighten me. Space? Infinite. Black holes. Not much else we know about this dimension. I need some sort of knowledge to even try to say anything on this. And, we also discussed the mind. You scientists out there may have said something like that thoughts are chemical reactions. 'TIS A LIE. THY BRAIN IS NATURALLY CONSCIOUS AND REQUIRES NOT CHEMICAL COMPONENTS TO PREFORM THE FUNCTION OF A THOUGHT. It can't be explained that easily. It just can't. Also, there was the rumor that by 2020 they will have a computer that is as fast as the brain. Maybe as fast as electric impulses can travel via nerves, but not as fast as the mind. The mind is literally instantaneous. It doesn't go by time, it just happens. You have a thought, and you can't time how fast you have a thought, either, it just comes and goes as quickly as it came. How would any instantaneous technology be possible? And...what are thoughts? What causes them? How do they happen? ANSWERS. I NEED THEM. ​TL;DR-GO BACK AND READ OR I SHALL FIND YOU AND PLACE YOU IN THE GUILLOTINE.