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Found 1 result

  1. (Note: I wasn't exactly sure where this thread belongs, but I figured this is the most logical place for it, as it relates to the show and technically isn't fanwork of sorts. If this is an incorrect location please let me know. ) For those of you not familiar with Brantsteele, it's basically a site full of simulators based around popular competitions and reality shows (Hunger Games, Survivor, Big Brother, etc.) where you can input characters other than the default. It will then take those characters and map out a completely randomized game or series for the chosen simulation. When I say random, I mean it's random when you first simulate it. Afterwards, if you save it and link it elsewhere, everyone would see the same exact simulation. I recently discovered it and it's super duper fun! And since it's random, bizarre and interesting scenarios can come from it. So I input characters from MLP into a Hunger Games simulator, which you can look at here: Since it's Hunger Games, obviously there will be mild, non-detailed depictions of violence. Other than that it's pretty clean. I decided to go with a villains/antagonists theme. After a while it got difficult to think of villains, so I went with basic antagonists. Some of these characters, Iron Will I recognize for example, weren't exactly evil, but I was running low on ideas. So, have fun and tell me what your favorite bits were. I also encourage you guys to do simulations as your own.