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Found 8 results

  1. So this is another little project I've decided to undertake occasionally. I'll recount a country I've visited and why I love it. Starting off with Brazil. So my younger brother at the time, had his leg injured and spent the whole trip in a cast. Sad but I establish that now to give what happens later context. We started our journey in Manaus, a small hotel that even had a zoo inside of it. A small one, but it was great nevertheless to actually be close enough to give a monkey a leaf to eat without the zoo guards here barking at you. Not much happened in Manaus besides that but that's because we had to get to the boat that would take us down the Amazon River. The boat had smaller boats being towed behind it, and had great fish to serve. There was one day on the river where we fished for piranha. Blase, my aforementioned brother, actually got his rod caught in the tree and when he shook it, spider came raining down on all of us. We had a good laugh especially since if our Mom was there, she probably would have jumped into the water. We saw caiman's, sloths, a house boat, and even the elusive river dolphin. We made landfall in beautiful Rio de Janeiro and that's where things got really interesting. There were sand sculptures and two of them right next to each other. One was of a man and woman in the throes of passion and the other was of the last supper. My Mom asked our guide how something so austere and something so primal could co-exist like that. He said, "oh you know, we got problems but in the end," he pointed to Christ the Redeemer atop corcovado, "He sees everything." Speaking of which, we took a cable car up to the very foot of the statue and gazed at the city below. It was a beautiful sight. It was Easter when we went, so we obviously went to mass. It was there that, though we had basically carried a limp brother through most of the trip, but a kindly old woman prayed with us for Blase's health and kissed him on both the cast and forehead. There are more little highlights to the trip, actually vine swinging in the rainforest, wearing some carnival jaguar outfits, but the ultimate point I'm trying to make is that I love Brazil. I love its life, and its people. I would gladly call any who call such a place home, my friend.
  2. So, during my day I was singing it in English. I remember how bad original lyrics was for brazilian-portuguese version and decided to try my own lyrics. It fits well with the music and it makes sense! However, I haven't added so much work to it... I've made it all in a few hours, lyrics and recording. Anyway, I hope you to enjoy it!
  3. Hey everypony! After hours of hard work, I've finally created a pony with the Brazilian flag colors and elements! Check it out: I've used Cheerilee as a base, so this is a pic of her with my creation: (Observation: Hasbro has all rights here. These pictures has no intention of promoting in any way my country.) I want to put a name in that mare, so you are free to suggest her name, no matter who you are! (Program used = Anime Studio Pro 7) (Color Pallet will be announced later.)
  4. Hey Everypony! Here is the same guy who created the "Brazilian Mare"! I promised that I would create an EUA flag stallion, but... Was not a pinkie promise. I created an Canadian modern stallion (because I could make an interesting maple mane). Check it out: --Yup. Yeah, he is pretty cool. My used base were Big McIntosh (No sh*t, Sherlock), so here is a pic of him with his XXI-Century Canadian clone: And finally, to close that with a gold key, the Leafy Couple! (Yeah, they're very cute, man) Another thing: Please, suggest names! I want your help to put names to those two ponies! Constructive criticism is helpful too, it will motivate me to continue doing that. Pre-Thanks!!!! I have one idea about the name of The American Stallion: Big MapleTosh
  5. What did I do wrong ?, I just was born in a different world region and with a different culture? Well these days I really learned a very big lesson, not be Brazilian, (joke), I'll explain how it all happened, I left to travel to the United States in Los Angeles to make a part of my Course Animation and Illustration, was one week ONLY, and if someone already with me here on the forum know that my hobby is to draw what I like (mostly MLP), as was to be expected I had to use company computers (no biggie) not . I was quiet, doing some sketches, Well after a while a guy who should have more or less thirty years less, approached me calling monkey and primate and that I should go back to my country (I already expect that from some Americans) I ignored him, so he began to jeer thinking I did not understand their language (although I do not know how to write 100%, I can speak and understand the language very well American), I saved the file on the USB stick and goes into the bedroom where he had some of my acquaintances, I talked to them and they had already been approached by the same guy. The next day I was supposed to deliver the project for a teacher and friend of mine, and well my pendrive had been exchanged, I had no projects, was reset, when I saw that group laughing and I asked that such individual get up and give me my pendrive (I simplified this part was very tricky what happened there, I hope I never go back there) (right there started calling me again Under-Developed ever would have the ability to do something as well as he did and that my drawings were completely ridiculous) ... Oh you can imagine how was the rest of what was to be an interesting and fun week was a complete shit ... I lost my stick there, had some very good sketches, my teacher came to apologize and did not expect it, but I know it was only one event among a thousand, but all I wanted was to make friends with people from the same area I, but it seems that I have to leave for another occasion. I think it would be interesting to comb it all and think before getting attacking anyone who has a totally different culture from you, is a respect, something that should be taken into account ...
  6. Look folks mini trailer I made for the bronies.A very simple thing, did it using Vegas.
  7. The preview of the first full fandub episode of season 4. I working so much on this... I planned everything... Twilight by: Spike by:
  8. I'm trying to make the 19 episode of the second seson fandubbed. But I still need help... I need help to take off the voices from some characters in the background... Like when Iron Will stars to talk for the first on the show. I also made a fandub of the most background characters... The sailor... The old poney... And the postpony... Here is the videos: If someone could help... I would be very thankful...