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Found 2 results

  1. Does anyone else play the game Flight Rising? What is Flight Rising? Flight Rising is a browser-based game based around breeding, battling, and raising a clan of customized dragons. The site does not currently have full-time open registration due to the servers being unable to process large loads, however registration windows are opened every few months to give new players a chance to join while the site is being worked on. The most recent window ended at 05:30 server time on Friday, June 3rd. The Flight Rising server runs on Pacific Standard Time and when daylight savings time is in effect it instead runs on Pacific Daylight Time. It's really fun! It has a large community and a forum, the sites a little crazy at times but it's all a fun laugh! Also Flight Rising have 11 "flights" to choose from for dominance, they are based off elements barring two which i'll talk about Arcane(Magic basically) Earth Fire Ice Light Lightning Nature Plague(Spreading Illness and infecting everything in sight) Shadow Water Wind Recently we had a colourwheel expansion, Gene additions and a joining window! Right now were are celebrating the Light Flight in their festival called BrightShine Jubilee, the festivals bring all the flights together to celebrate one flight for a week monthly, next month is the Lighting festival Thundercrack Carnivale! With these festivals the staff gives us a familiar (like a pet for your dragon) clothing and this festival a vista which makes your user post pretty! and tons of user generated skins for finding and buying, along with raffles, shops(which do run year round') and much more! I've been on the site for a few months~ and it is soooo much fun! my IGN name is SingingBirdy if you play and wanna add me! Got questions? Ask me about it!
  2. DELETE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BADBAD SITE!!! adding this cuz i cant post without making manymany words .3.