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Found 18 results

  1. I think that all breezies are biologically female, because there aren't any physical differences between male and female breezies.
  2. I'm sure that I am not the only person to think this...what is the point of Breezies? I saw an excellent video by Canned Cream explaining what he thought about the Breezies. I will keep this short by saying I agree with him but I want to know what you think of these adorable little abominations.
  3. Changelings and breezies. They're both pony-like and insect-like. They could very well be related. *spoiler* It is revealed that changelings can become colourful, if they share love, at the end of To Where And Back Again.
  4. Pieces I need as attachments. 'Nuff said.
  5. I have noticed that there is a lack of breezie OCs. I find this weird especially considering they were very expanded on in the canon. Even this site does not have a spot for it in the approved OCs part (they have deer!). I honestly would like to hear your thoughts on why there is a lack of these OCs.
  6. As you might guess from the question, some species (Ponies, Breezies, Donkeys, Dragons, Buffalo) talk because their societies require them to do so. However, others like the Diamond Dogs and cows talk as well. Do you consider it strange that Applejack's dog Winona doesn't talk while the diamond dogs can, even though these are technically the same species? Why is that so?
  7. My Idea of Fluttershy's trip to see the breezies is so much different now and I like it
  8. ENJOY SKYBOUND this is for another banner contest someday hope you like it !
  9. Hello, everypony Target and Toy RUS have poppony kits Aand now breezie toys!
  10. only chapter but just wanted some opinions on it
  11. Okay. So made another song, I am not sure about this because it is my very first time doing hardcore. So if you want a link it is in the description. It wasn't even three hours since i made this. It got finished at 11:00 am. So i may have possibly rushed, but i'm still positive that it will be great. (The thing won't embed this video so i'll have to fix it)
  12. I freaking hate Spike's writing in Season 4, and Season 3 wasn't much better. An example: in the most recent episode that he appeared in (at least, I think so--please correct me if I'm wrong), "It Isn't Easy Being Breezies", Spike only had a few moments of screen time, and in those moments, what did he do? He screwed everything up, and literally created the conflict that the entire episode had to deal with from then on. Now, the question I'm asking is, "why in Tartarus was it Spike who accidentally stranded the group of breezies?" The rest of the episode doesn't touch on Spike's mistake at all, showing that the conflict was either considered to be resolved almost immediately, or that the conflict never was resolved. Neither is all that great in a writing sense; one way, you have a weak conflict that was too easy to solve, and the other way, you have a conflict that was never solved at all. Of course, the group of breezies needed to be thrown out of the group, because Fluttershy needed to experience her internal conflict that the episode was actually about. But why on earth did Spike need to cause the problem? Why couldn't it have been Fluttershy in the first place, and so she would have to resolve both issues before the end? Honestly, I think that would have been a much better story arc for this episode. Spike doesn't look stupider than he always does--which is unfortunately quite frequently--and Fluttershy is able to experience the greater conflict of having thrown the breezies off course. So that's most of what I got. Basically, I really don't like Spike's writing. He is always portrayed as a stupid, bumbling idiot who always makes dumb mistakes that set up conflict and blablabla. While I understand that, yes, "he's a baby dragon", and so should make dumb mistakes, but whatever happened to his episodes where he had some real, genuine growth? The CMC's are all kids, too, but they get episodes in which they grow. Spike should get the same treatment, the kind of treatment that we saw him get in "Dragon Quest", which I thought was one of the best episodes of its season. Oh, and on the subject of that episode, WHERE THE HECK IS SPIKE'S PHOENIX???? I guess it's really saying something about his terrible writing that his only good episode was retconned into nonexistence. :/ Anyways, what do you all think? Do you agree that Spike has had some pretty bad writing, or do you like him as the bumbling fool?
  13. Hey everyone, hope you're all having a fantastic day ! This is a simple 2 question poll, who is your favorite and least favorite "key" character in the show so far? I only say so far now because Twilight still has yet to receive her key, and whose to say that a new character will be introduced to give it to her? I personally don't think that'll happen, but the show has surprised me in the past before. My favorite key bearer is Cheese Sandwich. Do I even need to explain why he's my favorite at this point? He's the most developed of the bunch and I felt that he worked perfectly as a foil for Pinkie. He didn't feel shoehorned in, is probably one of the most memorable characters of season 4! My least favorite key-bearer award goes to Silver Shill. Sorry any Shill fans out there, but I just found him so bland and uninteresting. He felt like a 2nd rate version of Coco Pommel imo, and his dialogue with AJ at the end of the episode was just worded so awkwardly. It didn't feel natural at all. If there's anything positive I can say about Silver Shill, it's that he was voiced by Ian James Corrlet. He's Claire Corrlet's (Sweetie Belle VA) father and also happened to voice Goku of DBZ for the Ocean Dub. If the only thing I can compliment a character on is their voice actor, it probably means that they didn't leave that big of an impression on me. So yeah, let me know your favorite and least favorite characters are
  14. The breezies were really being jerks in their episode. They do everything they can to keep from going, even faking illness. I'm beginning to think they're Discord's minions.
  15. So I finally finished my vector of Seabreeze. Without background: With custom background: Here's an avatar sized version in case anyone of you wants to use it as an avatar. (I'd appreciate if you credit me if doing so) High-res dA version:
  16. How would I sum up this episode? Adorable, yet kind of boring. Yes there will be spoilers. Lets start out with the good stuff in the episode. For starters, it's the breezies themselves. These adorable creatures will give you a heart attack and send you to the hospital. It would be like seeing Pinkie and Chikorita in the same room. Also Seabreeze was pretty cool. And finally there was the moment where they got crap passed the radar. Seabreeze talks in her language and they ask what she (Wait is Seabreeze a boy or girl I already for got) said. Fluttershy then says "I'd rather not say." Wow that is worthy of early Spongebob. Also, nice callback to the beginning of Sonic Rainboom at the beginning with a backwards cheer. Wait a second, Sonic Rainboom was the 16th episode of season 1, well this is the 16th episode of season 4. Coincidence, I think not. And of coarse the best part was the ending. Oh my gosh mane six breezies are SO FLIPPING ADORABLE, I CAN'T TAKE IT, SOMEONE MAKE A PLUSHIE OF THEM RIGHT NOW! PS someone also draw a griffon dash or a dragon dash NOW! And finally, Fluttershy's key is found. Huh a flower, I guess that works for Fluttershy. Now on to the bad. Other than the ending the rest of the episode was kind of boring. There was the aforementioned stuff I said, but there's not really anything else to write home about. Everything else, seemed like typical mlp stuff. Fluttershy taking care of adorable creatures, Pinkie being excited, Rarity wearing fancy dresses stuff like that. Also some parts kind of dragged a little and got kind of dull. So overall, pretty solid yet kind of a boring episode. So the final score is a 7/10. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go to a hospital to get revived from that heart attack I got from the cuteness overload.
  17. So we have a picture of these things now: They look crazy awesome. The obvious direction they could have taken them is just smaller versions of ponies with butterfly wings, but these are even better. They look like little bugs that have a resemblance to ponies, and they're just so tiny! So yeah, breezies.
  18. It's just that they are both have Insectoid features. And wings. Even though the Changelings are larger and more evil. What do you think?