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Found 5 results

  1. Okay. So my left hand is engaged in a brutal and undeniably thrilling battle with my right hand. It's a fight to the... NOT death because I'd rather keep both of them. But it's okay if one or both of them get kind of roughed up and go into recovery for a while. Just a little background because you might not be familiar with the television series, film, and comic book series my left and right hands star in: 1. My right hand clearly has the strength advantage, as I am right-handed. 2. HOWEVER, I feel like my left hand wants this victory more. He's had to live in the shadow of my right hand for soooo long. 3. BUT my right hand, being my go-to hand for things like writing and drawing, is the more skilled and experienced of the two. 4. My left hand can be rather unpredictable at times; I never know what a left-handed drawing will look like, for example. So! In this epic clash of flailing digits and angry thumbs, prehensile predators with something to prove and a reputation to defend, *other stupid hand-related jokes* as well... Who shall be the victor?? LEFTY?!? Or RIGHTY!??!? You decide.
  2. Ask me anything! My name's Brilliant Venture, I'm a DJ/Producer who lives in the middle of nowhere, I also go by artist names such as, "Wrillez Basics" "Questry" "Retheemal Desini" "The Trancha" and probably a few others If you have any questions for me, please ask them here! I'll be sure to leave a response! Lazers! -BV-
  3. Wanna know what happens, when you don't give wrestlers a script? Magic happens: This is one of the best promos i have seen on WWE Television, in awhile. The Miz and Daniel Bryan make one hell of a great promo, by bringing in a little pinch of reality into it, turning it into a very serious matter and making the fans actually care for the wrestlers that are in. I will admit, i was never a big fan of miz, but here he really shows what it means, to be a phenomenal heel. Alot of people know, that the retirement hit Daniel Bryan very very hard and Miz calling him out on it, makes him look like such an a-hole, that you can't help, but love to hate him and this is what makes a great heel. This what is missing alot, in mainstream wrestling, bad guys that you love to hate and i for one applaud the miz, for giving me back this feeling. Chapeau.
  4. HEEEEEEEEY GUYYYYYYYYSSS! Wow, what a year! It's been wonderful hanging out on this forum, and meeting all y'all! Enjoy this new remix, free for download on my soundcloud! (Link in the Description) Also, I've been working on stuff under my "normal alias" too... I guess it kinda counts, since my inspiration for it was the Sirens in Rainbow Rocks. So check this one out if you'd like too, and grab a free DL while you're at it! Thank you guys for being so awesome this year, and leading a community of fun, friendship, and of course...ponies! Have a good one guys! -Brill-
  5. Brand new remix! Please let me know what ya think, and share it around if you like it! -BV- FREE DOWNLOAD! : UPDATE: Sweet Celestia!!! I just got featured on EQD! My day has officially been made.