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Found 3 results

  1. Princess Moony

    Bringing Back Lightning Dust?

    I was just wondering if they are going they bring back Lightning Dust to the how again,since hey already did that to Gilda are they going to do it anytime soon?
  2. Take a look at this: To this I say, BRING IT!!
  3. As the days go by, I started to realize something that was happening to the forum. We have all been seeing it for quite a while. Many of us have separated from the community, and left the forum desolate. The welcoming plaza has been empty, and the users of the forum have been drifting apart. Well, Chaotic Discord and I got together, and thought out a project to bring the community together once more! And what better way, than with a contest! And we even have prizes for the winners of this contest! What is the contest about, you may ask? Well, here we go! ____________________________________________________________________________________ Contest Information First of all, this contest will be held in tiers. Each week, we will have a different section of our contest to run. The last few weeks shall be a surprise as we go along, so stay tuned! For our first week, the contest shall be: Create any fan-art in celebration of Mlpforum's birthday!The next tiers shall become available as time goes by!Rules below: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Contest Rules First Tier(Fanart): Fanart must be concerning Mlpforum's birthday. Must be made by the person sending it in. Any kind of art is available for sending in! (Drawing, Painting, Vector art, anything! If you vector a drawing, please credit where you found the vectors.) ____________________________________________________________________________________Judging Judging shall be held by who else; The community itself! Each tier shall last for a week, and voting shall go on for the week afterwords. For each tier of contest, voting shall be held by the best piece. The winner of each tier shall receive a prize by our prestigious forum artist and vector artist! Who they are: Mr.Brony Marco23p ~ Ace Attorney Be sure to thank them for accepting the offer of making a prize for you guys! Prize information below: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Prize Information Each tier shall receive the same sort of prize. Prizes go as following: 1st place: Request a drawing of your choice to Mr.Brony, and vector from Marco23p ~ Ace Attorney 2nd place: Request a drawing of your OC to Marco23p ~ Ace Attorney for a free vector! 3rd place: Request a drawing of your choice to Mr.Brony (Other artists and vector artists are wanted as well, to lift the load off of both of these kind men. If you would like to sign up to create a prize, message me)____________________________________________________________________________________ Contact Information Email: Skype: Finesthour4242 Or just message me on the forum!____________________________________________________________________________________ Tiers Fanart contest, Deadline: Wendsday, October 8thHopefully, this contest kicks off and brings the community together. Chaotic Discord and I would love it if this works! And while you're working on the contest, you should head to the Welcoming Plaza and welcome the new bronies to the site, and refer them to the contest! The more the merrier! Let's show the world how Mlpforums is the nicest place around, with the best community! And remember you guys: Have fun!