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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 8 results

  1. Small guys in combat sports will never, ever draw in casual fans and a mainstream audience the way heavyweights will. And wrestling as we knew it is now over. This is sarcasm, in case it isn't clear. Have some Finn Balor awesomeness:
  2. Denim&Venom

    Dude Or Bro?

    Whenever you're addressing someone casually, do you call them dude ("Hey dude." "Dude!" "Not cool dude." "Dude you alright?" "Dude..") or do you call them bro ("Hey bro." "Yo bro!" "Bro that's not cool." You alright bro?" "Bro...") ?
  3. Cloude Chaser


    BROFORCE its so awesome i w8 so long MORE BROS MORE LVLs MORE EXPLOSION BUY IT NOW only on steam
  4. applejackson007

    The Bro Army

    H-h-hows it goin bros? This post's about PEEWWWWWdiepahhh, and what I want to know is: Are you a bro? How many people out there are bros? How many people haven't heard of him? Do you have bro friends? Do you know any barrels? And more importantly, why do you like pewds? (If you do) Not all these questions need to be answered but answer what you can! ^-^ 1. Yes, I am a bro. 2. I don't know, over 22 million apparently are bros 3. Lots haven't heard of him believe it or not 4. I have one bro-friend, and my gf is a bro 5 I DO know barrels, and they suck, because they are BARRELS 6. I like pewds because when I'm upset and I DON'T have access to MLP at the time, I watch his vids and within a few minutes I'm already laughing my ass off, instantly brightening up that moment, much like MLP actually, but realistic and swearing. So, I'd like to see some of you talk about pewds! ^-^ As long as you don't personally insult anyone here... Thanks!
  5. Fluttershyfan94

    Then a blog was created..

    So I've had this idea on my mind for a while, so it was time to make a blog. I have very little idea of what I'll be putting in my blog but a few friends came up with a few ideas. Makusu2, Tricksy Lewlamoon and Sir Stonehoof. Also, for his godlike suggesting Kyouko and The Swedish Brony for an idea of a name for the blog. I have had a blog before, it was a car blog or a BMW blog so it's not like I'm new to blogs but it's still different since it will probably not only be a car blog and cars blogs are easier to make since you just talk about a car, give some stats and pricing. I want to make this a little bit more personal. Since this is the first entry and is really just to let you know that I'll be starting this I'll end it on those notes. So yeah, blog..
  6. Princess Periwinkle

    How to call your bros

  7. Count Paradox

    The Bro-ny Code

    Ok, so, while I was at Spencer's (looking at Jack Skellington stuff, just so ya know), I found this book. That got me to thinking... What if we, the Bronies and Pegasisters of the world, made our OWN code of conduct, only to be known throughout the Brony community like the Bro Code? Here's how making the Brony Code would work: 1. You put an article before it, like "Article 1 of the Brony Code:" 2. You put the thing that you think should be a big part of the Brony Code, such as "Even if you have only seen one episode of MLP: FiM, you are still a Brony." 3. Put in fine print where needed, like so: "*Unless you have only watch one half of an episode. Then, you must watch the rest of said episode because, c'mon, you know you'll want clousure on what happens in the end of the episode, and by that time, you'll be a Brony." You can add things that originate from the Bro Code, but you have to explain how it can and will fit into the Brony Code. So, to start us off on the creation of the most epic handbook in history: Article I of the Brony Code: Even if you have only seen one episode of MLP: FiM, you are still a Brony.* *Unless you have only watch one half of an episode. Then, you must watch the rest of said episode because, c'mon, you know you'll want clousure on what happens in the end of the episode, and by that time, you'll be a Brony. (it was my plan to use my example all along.) ok, here's a list of some of the things in the Bro-ny code: ONLY THE FIRST PAGE SO FAR, SO GET READY FOR THE OTHER ONES SOON!!!
  8. QueenChrysalis


    is it just me or all guys are bros like you have you real bro then your bros (close friends) and then random bros (new friends that seem cool) and now in this thread we shall talk about the bro code do my fellow bro/nies like it use it and how to make it better bro on my bronys bro on and btw i think randy marsh is best bro and a role model to all bros