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Found 48 results

  1. I visited a user's page and noticed that said user had "-1 brohoofs" (not naming names). How is this possible?
  2. I have found myself getting excited when I see a red number on my notifications. When I open the tab I hope I find quote on a post I made. I decided that I like quotes more than brohoofs, because I get more than just validation.What's your favorite kind of notification?Brohoofs?Quotes?PMs?Status comments?Something else?
  3. (Didn't know where to put this. Put somewhere else if necessary.) Ok, so I wanted to know what everyone's first brohoofed post was and who brohoofed it. So post it below and give a shoutout to whoever brohoofed it. (If you don't know what your first brohoofed post was, you can go to your profile, click brohoofs, scroll down, go to the last page, and the last thing was your first brohoofed post.) Here is mine: "OMYGOSHOMYGOSHOMYGOSH.Could you please draw my OC, Blue Moon with Princess Luna. I don't mind what pose or expression you use, but I would like him to look shy. Here is a picture below. @@Sir.Flutter Hooves was the one who brohoofed it. It was a request for my OC to be drawn.
  4. So, I just realized something- I've only been on here as of now about three months, but already I feel closer to the lot of you. This forum has really put a positive spin on my views and has made me actually care about people more. I really do care about you all. But enough of my sob story, who here would you like to hug or brohoof irl? I prefer hugs, but some people here don't like hugs, so brohoofs will do. My hug list: • Artemis • Bladed & Verses • Champion RD92 • Dannedanker • DaReaper • Endgame (Gone Airborn) • Erio Touwa (Soundgarden) • Flipturn Costava • Friendship_Cannon • Kyoshi • Lowline Thrash • Miss Earl Grey • Nature of Fluttershy • Pink Mist • ProjectRKA • Red & Moon • Repsol rave • Sakurako Ohmuro (Dawn) • Sanderspie • SCS • Sir Lunashy • Sir. Flutter Hooves • Sonicrules831 • SmartyPants • The Paris Swing Cake • TheInsaneShane • Vinyl~ • WheatlyCore • Zygen I know there's more, but this is all I can think of right now. Sorry for making this weird and awkward. I'll go hide in the corner now.
  5. I was under the impression that brohoofs were the only reaction that would increase total community reputation, but apparently that's not the case. Currently, on my profile, the green box for Community Reputation says that I have "622 Brohoofs", but if I look at reputation activity, then under Reactions Received, I have 615 brohoofs and a scattering of other reactions that add up to 628 reactions in total. What accounts for this disparity? Do all reactions - not just brohoof, but also "yay", "thanks", "teacup", other temporary reactions, etc. - increase reputation? Do reactions to certain content not count toward increasing reputation? So, for example, do reactions to posts in certain subsections of the forums not count? Do reactions to status updates, status replies, blog entries, blog comments, etc. count or not count? I looked around a bit, but I wasn't able to find a topic or post that explains what exactly counts or doesn't count toward reputation, and I think this would be useful/interesting information to have. Also, would the rules for what counts or doesn't count toward reputation be liable to change in the future? I would appreciate any explanation that can be provided for how exactly these aspects of the reputation system work.
  6. So like the Title suggests, i'd like to know what your favorite Brohoof moment is. it can be from the show, comics, or any other canonical source mine has to be this one
  7. I Decided to make a topic specificity for fans of 'Randy Cunningham: 9th grade ninja! I have only two things else to say: 1st, FREE BROHOOFS FOR NINJAS AND NINJANOMICON USERS! and 2nd: SMOKE BOMB!!! *Disappears in a cloud of red smoke*
  8. So, make a statement! Just say something I agree with, And even if I don't agree with it, I will brohoof it! so post away!
  9. I have a little suggestion about post edits. I am not sure whether I think it is a good idea to implement it or not but I thought I would share my thoughts to see what you think: Whenever a user edits one of their posts, everyone who has given this post a brohoof (a like) will be given a notification. Pros: If a user likes a post and the author makes major changes or additions to it, this user will not be aware that the changes has been made. There is a possibility that one of the people who liked this post may not agree with the statements made in the edited post. Adding this feature allows users to read through the changes and decide whether they still wish to "brohoof" the post or if they want to "un-brohoof" it. When someone creates a thread where he/she/it wants information or suggestions about something, the user who gives the "best" reply with the most detailed or relevant information is usually given a brohoof. In most of the times, the OP will then be satisfied with the answer and never return to the thread again unless more people post. This is very common among new members or in the "Site Questions / Tech Support" section since the thread usually is locked shortly after the question has been answered. If the person who gave this detailed answer wants to edit their post for various reasons (additional information, important things for OP to be aware of, etc.), rarely anyone will notice. With this feature, OP will receive the (hopefully) useful additional information. In the "Site Questions / Tech Support" section, posts has to be approved by a staff member in order to be visible for other users. Once your post has been approved, you can edit it however you want without the need of approval. I certainly doubt this would ever happen, but hypothetically you could make a proper reply just to gain approval and then turn it to a bunch of bullshit which can hurt OP if you so wish to. With this suggestion, a few modifications can be made to notify the staff members that a post that they approved has been edited. You can turn these notifications off if you want to. Cons: Giving users a notification for every edit can also be a bad thing. Sometimes there are people who make a lot of minor changes to their posts every now and then because of spelling errors. This would give the brohoofing members a shit load of notifications from the same post. This feature could lead to thread-revive spamming. Since this feature will not only apply to recent posts but to ALL posts you have ever given a brohoof to, the feature can be exploited to give attention towards older posts. Even if this is unintentional, there is a bit of a problem with this. "Want more comments on the drawing you made? Well edit your post and add like one character just to give everyone a notification and you got yourself some free advertising." See what I mean? I think this feature would be an obvious addition if there was a way to set a minimum amount of characters that is needed to be changed before people are given a notification so you don't say "hey everyone, look at my edited post" when you just want to fix some embarrassing spelling mistakes. Also, it would be great if there was a way to make the system ignore posts that are older than... let's say 5 months in order to prevent thread revival. So what are your opinions on this suggestion? Is it a good or bad idea? Do you think it should be added? And to the staff-techies: Yes, this feature is available for free download here:
  10. What kind of post it has to be to you to hit that button? I brohoof every post I like or when I see the poster has put a lot of effort into the post.
  11. (If you're not sure how to find the first post you've brohoofed on the forums: on the left bar on your profile, go to 'Brohoofs', 'Given', and it should be the last result on the final page ) The first brohoof I've ever given was for Ridley Wolf's post on this topic: How about for you?
  12. Just say whether you would brohoof the creature(s) in the image above your post, and then add your own image with a creature/creatures somepony below you can brohoof or not. Simple as. NOTE: THE IMAGE DOES NOT NEED TO HAVE THE CREATURE(S) RAISING A HOOF AT THE SCREEN. ANY IMAGE/POSE WILL DO. Okay, first image... Brohoof? :3
  13. I thought maybe everypony would love a friendly brohoof or something. (and maybe make new friends)
  14. What? I didn't know what to pick for the image, ok! Anyway, as of late I have found myself increasingly obsessed with my ratio of brohoofs vs the amount of posts I have. But does this even matter? My current ratio is 94 brohoofs/91 posts, or 103%. If you reply, make sure you post your ratio to!
  15. Okay, so I figure that the "brohoof" is meant to function much like a, well... "Like" on other sites. A show of approval, kinship, or what have you. Even a sort-of "upvote" for which there does not exist an opposite within the bounds of this site. But what if there WAS a selectable opposite? Not something overtly negative or disapproving, per se... Just something along the lines of, Idunno... A "sarcastic brohoof?" Because I'm almost certain I've gotten those - under the guise of the ordinary "brohoof." If sarcastic brohoof is too much, perhaps just an "unenthusiastic" or "half-hearted" brohoof. Because it's not always easy to tell where others stand when you've got a whopping one way of responding to their post (short of replying which not everyone does). And I've personally made the conscious decision to NOT brohoof I post I partly liked or agreed with because I disagreed with the rest of it. A half-hearted brohoof would've been perfect for that - and convenient. It's possible that someone else might have a better name for the OTHER brohoof / not-quite-downvote equivalent. Thank you for your time.
  16. See this thing? I hate this thing. It's out of place, sticks out like an eyesore and it looks braggy as all hell, as if to say 'OH MAN, LOOK AT ALL THESE BROHOOVES, THAT'S "EXCELLENT" AND EVERYONE SHOULD WORSHIP THIS PERSON :3 In my opinion, it should be removed entirely. But where would you go on someone's profile to see how many brohoofs they have, you ask? Right under where it says how many brohoofs they've given, of course Under the 'Stats' option in the column bar. Yup. Right under where it says 'Brohoofs given'. It'd be perfect, would make more organizational sense, and it would no longer look like a braggy, judgmental sort of thing users eyes' are drawn to pay attention to when they look at profiles. This has been brought up before among the staff (albeit a while ago), and it's been mentioned a few times in slightly related topics, but I was bored and decided to make a modern, focused suggestion topic for it, that everyone can reply to about as well.
  17. So I have seen a couple threads recently about female bronies/pegasisters feeling dominated by all the bro-ification of all fandom words. A number of them seem to prefer "brony" as a title for ALL who enjoy the show, but some seem to resent the creation of the word "Pegasister." Personally, I like "Brony" and "Pegasis." ANYWAY, my suggestion is this: Perhaps a simple change in the threads' use of the term, "Brohoof" could dissuade some of these feelings of alienation. In the show itself, the ponies have always referred to it as a "Hoof-Bump." I prefer "hoof-bump" myself, but am curious to see what everypony thinks! Pinkie Pie & Scootaloo "hoof-bump" during Pinkie's "Smile, Smile, Smile" song. Rainbow Dash acknowledges Lightning Dust's gesture as a "hoof-bump." Fluttershy & Rainbow Dash hoof-bump (RD says, "bump," not "hoof").
  18. Yes, I just asked that. No really. Here, on these forums, they seem different from in real life. Here, they almost seem similar to the "Like" system on Facebook. But I've gotten random brohooves on comments or things, and I don't know why. And why the tracker for how many you've gotten? If you have a lot, does it mean something? In real life, I've experienced them as a one-time greeting from other Bronies, but nothing consistent. So, what are your experiences with brohooves and what do you think they are? Or is there a set meaning?
  19. Does anyone play Natural Selection 2? Could you recommend it and are there are any brony servers? I only like to play multiplayer with pony fans.
  20. So here's two pieces I made this week! I tried two different styles. One took me 10 hours, the other 45 min Please tell me what you think of them! Now I'll go back to my request shop!
  21. BROHOOF WAAAAAAAAAR! *clears throat* Umm.... hi! So here's what you have to do here! ^^ You make a post and see if others will brohoof it. If someone brohoofs your post... YOU LOSE! The person whose post doesn't get ANY BROHOOFS AT ALL...... WINS! ~Awards~ WINNER: Most brohoofed post: (MORE TO COME)
  22. A suggestion I've seen tossed around by several members on the forums would be to remove the big green box on your profile page that displays your total brohoof counter. In my opinion, no good comes from this box and all it does is make one profile "look more important" than another. What are everyone's thoughts?
  23. 3 2 1 SMILES FOR IR DAY BOI! I made this picture in Flash cs6
  24. Before we get to the reason for the Title, some basics to the happy dance in my head Listening to: Michael Jackson's Dont Stop Til You Get Enough Why the happy dance: EverFree Northwest pre-con story! Explain?: Be happy to! So I struggled ever since the pre-con story writing contest announcement to glue together a story that went with the the theme, and my touch of creative linkage. I finally gave birth to a masterpiece short story! I haven't had that kind of train of thought in awhile! I admit I was scared at first about who'd like it, but then I was remembered "You can't judge yourself before others judge you." I was just so proud of myself I had to write this small post in my blog about it! Maybe after it all goes around, and even if I don't win I just might throw it up on the forums to get thoughts on it at some point!