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Found 1 result

  1. Yeah...I know I'm probably going to get flame over this, so before I post let me just say these are NOT my views, they are the views of a few close friends I have who do not like bronies. So why do some people find bronies annoying? I wondered that myself every day, as my friends started laughing every time I made a mlp reference. They smirked whenever I trawled the forums in my spare time (at school), and they poked holes with their pencils in my mlp doodles. Rather than get angry at them, however, I wondered Why? I searched up a few anti-brony websites just to figure out why some people hate bronies so much. The result was actually quite surprising. Yes, some people hate bronies because they are homophobes and afraid to even look at something that seems slightly "queer" to them. It's definitely true, and there will always be people like that. But most of the people who dislike bronies (dislike not being fanatical hate, that's usually the homophobic rascists) dislike them for another reason-they simply don't like how bronies shove mlp into their faces. According to one person, whose name I forgot, "It's not like I ("I" referring to the person who said the quote, not me) actually have anything against ponies. You can watch your show all you want for all I care, we all have something I like. It's just the amount of pony-related crap I go through all the time. It's everywhere on the internet, I can't go three feet without something pony-related being shove into my face. And when I try to tell them to quit it, they call me a hater." Another quote I remember is "Bronies claim that they're (the guys at least) are just as masculine, and more secure about their masculinity, because they watch ponies and aren't afraid to show it. But that's actually rather hypocritical. If they felt so secure, they wouldn't feel the need to announce to the world that they like ponies. Look at all the coming-out stories. No one CARES. If you felt so secure about your position, you wouldn't feel the need to have to tell the entire world." So what do you think about this, fellow bronies?