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Found 365 results

  1. Enough with the long faces! There are several discussions going on about negative sides of being adult fan of MLP and stereotypes that bronies have to face. It's time to talk about all the positive things that people will associate with ponie fandom! For starters: Bronies are talented musicians, artists and writers! Bronies are kind and accept other people! We are so sweet that I want to puke rainbows. Now you give it a go, be positive!
  2. I got this idea when I saw this who wants to be a millionaire question.
  3. Celebrating The 10th Anniversary Of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Updated Video, celebrating the 10 year anniversary Of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and talking about the impact it has on pop culture and me. Comments are Welcomed #Brony #Bronies #Pegasister #Pegasisters #MyLittlePonyFriendshipisMagic #MyLittlePony10thAnniversary #MyLittlePony #MLPFiM #MLP10Aniversario #MLP10thAnniversary #10thAnniversary #10thAnneighversary #MLPFandom #4KUHD #4K #UHD
  4. Do you watch MLP with any of your family members, like parents, siblings, cousins, or maybe even your friends, or relationship partners? What do they think of the show, and what are their points of view on it? I watch MLP with my mom, and even though she's not in the fandom cause she doesn't follow anything, she doesn't read fanfics, she doesn't listen to music, or look at the art. She just watches the show, and enjoys it! She doesn't make a big deal over it, but she gets pissed when I watch an episode without her! XD She has some opinions of the show that are common with mine, and some that are different! Fluttershy is her favorite! She also really likes Rainbow and AJ! She doesn't like Pinkie cause she's too hyper. She has mixed feelings with Twilight, and she's okay with Starlight. She doesn't like Discord. She likes all the CMCs, and she likes Scootaloo best mainly cause she pities her and thinks she's an orphan cause her parents never showed up on the show. She likes Spike as well! She doesn't like Rarity though cause she's a drama-queen, and she doesn't like how she treats Spike, much like my opinion of Rarity. I DO like Rarity! I think she's a good character, and her drama queen moments are funny! But I agree that I don't like how Rarity uses Spike's crush on her to get him to do stuff she wants, which is pretty much why I want the crush to end. My mom does although like Flurry Heart, and the entire Apple family, and all of the princesses! She likes Celestia best because she's colorful! How about anybody you know? What are their opinions of the show?
  5. What did you think of bronies when you first heard of them?
  6. Interesting question, has there ever been someone who has worked on the show but doesn't like bronies, it's interesting because we hear alot about the people who embrace bronies but has there ever been an instance where one of the show staff has hated bronies and if so why? I'm gonna assume that if there was any they would mostly be ex-writers for the show or something the lines of fired staff
  7. UPDATE: The survey will be closing by the end of the month! Try to spread it around, the more people the better! Hey everypony! Thanks for clicking this topic, and I'm sure you're curious as to what could be in store after… Whelp! GUESS WHAT?! There's a survey going on right now on the web for "How has fandoms affected your life?" The survey is pretty short and to the point, and it's to help tally up the results of how positively fandoms affect our daily lives. If you're a brony like me, go ahead and put in your two bits. Don't be afraid to mention you're in other fandoms too, I mean I'm a true trekkie when it comes down to it. Here's a link to the survey~~…/1OXpMtwct7OnQRrVslxudlOY…/viewform The people running it are a non-profit organization called,"Manifold Creators Society". The organization was made to support fans from fandoms, and help to educate what fandoms are truly about. This survey, if we have enough people submitting to it, will prove that fandoms are overall very positive to be in. Please tell me what you think of it after you've clicked submit as I am one of the members that helped to create the survey. It's my first survey,too. Thanks again for reading, and I hope you're willing to help support the survey. Share it out to all your fandoms ;3
  8. Out of boredom, I'm attempting to work a Complete list of Celebrity Bronies, got as many as I could so far and just need some thoughts on it and what I can Improve and fix.
  9. I've just been wondering. I know that the brony population is huge, but I don't know how huge. I hear stories about how someone "came out" as a brony and all of a sudden others did too, but I feel that's not really likely. Anyways, I'm 16, which apparently accounts for almost the highest percentage of bronies. I just want to know the odds of there actually being some others at my school. My high school has around 1000 people, so I figure there might be. So have any of you just found or figured out that someone else is a brony? Whether you know them or they're just an acquaintance, doesn't matter. And if so, how did you do it? I feel like maybe just gauging someone's reaction to an obscure reference might be the way to go, such as "Yeah, that one's pretty sweet. Probably 20% cooler than that one." Just looking for some advice or some stories, thanks!
  10. is the mlp fandom part of the furry fandom? - Bronies don't wear fur suits - the mlp fandom is more strict on the persona races - mlp fandom has a core source (mlp:fim) to talk about as the furry fandom is more general - lots more my opinion: Bronies are NOT the same as furries
  11. I would make a poll, but no I can't do that, cheers forums there, anyway the title is for everypony. What do you most associate with as a fan of MLP? Are you a Earth pony, pegasus, Unicorn, griffin or a dragon? I thought i'd create this topic to see what people associate with maybe i'll make a vid on it. anyway this song made me think of this subject the above song (answering my own question) made me proud to be a Pegasus. what ever be your race or reason
  12. I always wanted to know, which famous actors, musicians, etc are bronies. I know that skillrex, Reese Roper, Justin Beiber, and the Creator of Minecraft are bronies. I wanted to know, who else is?
  13. This is just (yet another) poll, to find some information that i'm actually interested in, and to help Authetius in his research paper (thread is here: You can find Brony Census here:
  14. So here's the thing. I asked yesturday about guidelines no one had any info, so I did some searching and I found this at Equestrian Daily. It not only does the guide lines but has (what seems like) just about every tip you'd need to practice drawing your own ponies or bronies, short of... wings. People were asking about wings. I just skimmed through the website, so maybe there are wings added to the guide later, but that's what everyone was asking about. Hopefully this will be more of our experience I also found this deviant Art which will help you get the basic for your MLP starting point. If nothing else it can help you with the creative process on making your own MLP
  15. Throughout the 9 years,most fans (but not all fans) would do toxic or rude things, to make the show or the fandom look bad. I understand most don't (not all) likes the NSFW, the creepy pasta. but back in time, where fans would be super annoying to non-bronies or anti-bronies, or they would hate and attack other bronies who simple does nothing but enjoy the show as a fan. These "bronies" would even go out and send death threats to both the show's own staff members and any other fans. But mostly these "bronies" would hate the show's own staff members because either they hate how they create ideas on the show, or what i heard, what they hate how this would effect the character's popularity or design. Some would hate twilight new alicorn design, or how the writers would effect rainbow dash by making her seem bad. Don't forget the shipping wars that would also cause a toxic argument to each other, Hating on the all generation expect generation 4. speaking of death threats, some of the toxic fans would send the death threat to get their way. its possible why Hasbro, ignores everyone (their mlp fans; bronies) because of how rude they are. Bronies (not all) would hate Hasbro for making my little pony look bad. do you think our fandom is toxic?
  16. How do you guys deal with haters? Special methods? What are they? Just let me know whether you ignore them, start a comment war, or anything else.
  17. With Thanksgiving coming around in the US, I feel it would be appropriate to have a thread for giving our thanks. You don't have to celebrate Thanksgiving to post, of course! I'll start. My parents are the first that come to mind. They brought me into this world and worked hard to raise me into who I am today. I've known people who grew up with one or no parents. Some of them are happy, but more of them crash and burn. I've frequently worked with the disadvantaged when I volunteer, and one thing that strikes me is the relationship--or lack thereof--between the children and the parents. It's sad, but it really drives home how fortunate I am to have loving parents. When I was younger, I didn't know how hard it was to raise kids, and I am infinitely grateful that they continued to love and support me despite the inconvenience. It makes me feel guilty for even sometimes being rebellious or defiant, because I know that they just want what's best for me. So, thank you Mom, and thank you, Dad. I'm alive. That's enough to be thankful for right there. And, of course, no thank you post on this site is complete without mentioning My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I don't have a touching story about how MLP saved me from killing myself or anything, but MLP--and the wonderful fandom that comes with it--reintroduced me to my childhood. Something about the show managed to break my hard exterior and warm my icy heart. Thanks! I'd give more, but I don't want to bore you with TL;DR stuff. So, what are you thankful for? And don't forget to tell those you give thanks to!
  18. First let me clarify a few things. First, I DON'T hate her, I just like the rest of the mane six a LOT more. And second, this is NOT an "anti-Twilight" thread. So it seems like having Twilight as your least favorite has become frowned upon, but why??? It's OK to talk smack about Rainbow Dash and Rarity who are my favorite and second favorite ponies respectably. I've seen many anti-Rainbow Dash and anti-Rarity threads all over the internet and I ask myself why people even hate anyone in the mane six. So about Twilight, I just think she's a bit quirky for me and a bit OCDish. Now I still think she's pretty funny like how she went batsh*t insane in Lesson Zero. And lets not forget when she beat Rainbow Dash and Applejack in a race. My point is, I don't hate Twilight I just like everyone else more (yes even Applejack).
  19. Howdy there, I wanna ask, who here has never been to any big My Little Pony conventions, like BronyCon, BABSCon and Galacon? I'm saying this because, I live in Southeast Asia, which is really, REALLY far away from the US, and also costs a darn lot to get there. Also, I'm really afraid that these conventions would close down in a couple years' time, as MLP has already closed. I hope that isn't gonna happen. Is it?
  20. I think the answer is yes. Maybe it's just the types of fans I see, but a large portion of our fandom seems to take this show too seriously. No, I'm not gonna use the excuse "it's just a kids show!" because I believe kids television programming deserves the same quality as adults. However, I think our community is WAY too harsh on certain episodes, and it's getting worse and worse with every season. Remember when FiM was just that show we didn't expect to be great but it was? Well, now we expect it to be great, we expect it to be hit after hit after hit every episode. Or at least some of us do. You yourself may not judge this show too harshly, but I know a handful of fans who do, and I just think we need to take a step back before we rage about the latest episode disaster.
  21. So, I was wondering how many bronies there is. Please tell me there's still a good load of bronies and that nopony stopped watching the show.
  22. Hay everypony! I know that there some Railfans on here that are pretty obvious. But what about the non obvious ones? If you like trains or any thing RR related drop a comment below.
  23. So, what I mean by this question is: where do you, y'know, come from? For instance, I'm mostly Scotts-Norwegian, with a bit of Turkish and Danish thrown in. From what descent are you?
  24. What I mean is, Celestia is the "tyrant", the "Molestia", and the troll. And people seem to hate her for sending her younger sister to the moon, why? Luna was the one who turned evil which means Celestia would have to act, and act fast. And people are complaining about Celestia making Luna apologize for trying to bring eternal night; what's the problem? Of course Luna would need to apologize, it's her fault not Celestia's. As someone who thinks Celestia is best princess and that Luna is worst princess...I'm a bit biased. I don't despise Luna or anything, I just like the others better. The New Lunar Republic stuff is odd as well; Celestia isn't a tyrant. It would be interesting to see something like that in a future episode, but since it's not in an already aired Sure, Celestia isn't extremely strong proven by the Canterlot Wedding episode, but she has flaws, and isn't a Mary Sue...none of the characters are. Why do you, or other bronies seem to hate Celestia? Respect my opinion and I'll respect yours.
  25. There’s no shortage of musically talented people in the Brony fandom. There’s not many movie musicals whose soundtracks had us squealing with such delight. And this year, a group of gifted Bronies and Pegasisters, will bring an abridged version of the biggest smash since Hamilton, to the Mane Stage. Featuring the songs from the movie, sung by famous personalities from our great fandom, you’ll laugh and cry and cheer as you witness fabulous singing and dancing and... what’s that? The hotel probably won’t let us set up a trapeze act? Darn it Well aside from that obviously missing factor (maybe Zac Effron and Zendaya 2.0 can just make flighty motions like Pegasi), it’s sure to be the most wonderful spectacle Everfree has ever put on. Or, here’s a thought for a set of potential lyrics for a song to go with the opening skit THE GREATEST CON: Intro Verse 1: Fillies and colts this is the con that you’ve waited for (Thump - thump thump) Been trotting through the dark All year you’ve been feeling bored (Thump - thump thump) And buried in your heart are the elements you can’t ignore (thump) laughter and loyalty (thump) honesty generosity (thump) kindness and magic Yes there all here you gotta see Don’t fight the fun it’s coming for ya Starting right now It’s only 3 days Don’t care what comes after Your pony dreams Can’t ya see Getting closer Just surrender cause ya feel the friendship taking over It’s rainbows and sunshine and lots of laughing It’s the panels and the singing Don’t forget the dancing Let go of your ridged ways and blind composure All that ya know Chorus: Tell me do ya wanna go Where it’s covered in stunning rainbow lights Where the Ponies Are run of the night Where we party until dawn And we have loads of fun (Oh, this is the greatest con) We light it up We won’t come down And the rain won’t stop us now Your friends are all here Filled with a bunch of cheer (Oh, this is the greatest con) Verse 2: Voice acting and writing and costumes if that’s your thing And there’s even some panels where we might explore anime Don’t fight the fun it’s coming for ya Starting right now It’s only 3 days Don’t care what comes after You’re high as Pinkie Pie on unfiltered caffeine WHOAH! (Awkward pause) Chorus: (Same except in place of Where we party until dawn And we have loads of fun It would say Where we forge bonds for lifetime And have an awesome time) Bridge: It’s all the ponies you could want And all the friendship you can dream And it’s here right in front of you This is where you wanna be Repeat (This is where you wanna be——) Person playing Hugh Jackman’s part walks off stage as the chorus is sung as in the movie. Ashleigh and Andrea run out: Andrea in an excited Pinkie squeal: “THIS IS THE GREATEST CON!” Ashleigh finishes the song, playing Zac Effron’s part For finale, instead of This is the greatest con Andrea: “NOW LET’S HAVE SOME FUN FUN FUN!” Confetti cannons go off and shower the audience with rainbows and sparkles and tons of glittery crap and it’s wonderful I have no idea how to ponify the other songs. If a full performance of the songs from Greatest Showman is a possibility, I’d suggest simply doing them in their natural state. If doing a song to close out the opening ceremonies sounds better, I’d suggest doing a pony parody (feel free to use or adapt this if you wish). Either way, I nominate Dr. Wolf to play Hugh Jackman (he might have a little trouble on the higher notes, but I can see him putting his own wondrous spin on it).