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Found 7 results

  1. In 2019, THE Brony Con is ending. I will sadly never had or will have opportunity to go Bronycon However, that is a big signal in the sky is that brony conventions, in general, are ending. Heck I had Brony Con, here in Colorado, called Running with the Leaves but that has since ended. . I think they are can be many reasons some can point to as into why this happening , but comes down two big reasons, in my opinion. First, I think Brony Con is in the right closing the confrontations doors down because the Brony fanbase is not as big as it once was. Bronies no longer make animations as frequently, fanmade games have either been canceled,or C&Ded. Heck most BIG time Brony musicians have moved on or went quiet. Heck, the only active parts of the fanbase are the musicians, artists, and the analysis communnitty (even it has its problems),FimFic, and this forum here. I hate being pessimistic, but that is the reality of the brony fanbase right now. Its not as big once was so holding a convention for fanbase that is as big as others, seems pointless. Secondly, the other problem is when Brony Con was established it was one of the first conventions, outside of SDCC and NYCC, where people where people can get merch, meet celebrities, and hang out with fellow fans . Now a days comic cons and similar conventions are common and not just located at SD or NY anymore. Plus MLP: FiM isn't as big as Strek Trek or is it general enough for convention like anime. However biggest nail in the coffin for Brony Conventions, was when Hasbro announced their own con; thus making a con centered only around one of their brands pointless and redundant. Brony Conventions are disappearing because of the now smaller fanbase, local comic conventions and Hasbro Con making them pretty pointless. I those of you who can go to brony convention go now before they disappear. As far as I know, EFNW and Galacon are the only two Brony Cons left after 2019 and even then I don't think those two are going around much longer anyway. So enjoy them while you still can.
  2. I plan/might on going to BronyCon (2016) next year, and my sister wants these things (because she's not coming); Rainbow Dash Pajamas Cowboy hat with Apple Jack on it Rainbow Dash Baseball/Trucker Hat Rainbow Dash plastic face mask (like what those cows wore during Pinkie's and Cheese's goof-off in "Pinkie Pride") or ears with a tuff of hair on the headband or whatever it is Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack and Tirek Action Figures Apple Jack Jeans Breezy/Kuledud3 Plushie Do even half of these things exist? And if they do, how much are they? And what/who's booth sells them? Does somepony carry a Discord plushie? (for me ;3)
  3. Is spending $2,174 at BronyCon too much? Or is it just average? Why is my amount so much? I'm taking a train, not a car or airplane. (And I'm coming from Indy) Train (Amtrak - 50 Cardinal) - $174.00 ($87.00 + $87.00) for round-way. Checked Bags - Free, I'm only taking 3 bags, 2 are carry-on, it'll be 4 on the way back. Registration - Silver: $500 Money for Vendors/Food (only 2 meals a day) - $1,500 Hotel - I plan on sharing with somepony else. Should I bring more for vendors and food? Advice and stories of previous experience is greatly appreciated.
  4. I'm a little unclear of a couple things about BronyCon, could anypony help? A lot of these questions sprouted because of this 'guide', but to be honest, it confused me even more. (I'd suggest reading the guide before reading my questions) There's a game room at BC? Why? What kind of food do they have at the convention? How expensive is it? What kind of tax on the room? And how do you pitch in the pay with somepony else? What is the best way to search for the best price? At vendors whose prices are higher than others. Who is Pixelkitties? What are art commissions? "Also, for commissions, be sure to get them in early!"? What does that mean? Do you request and pay for something for an artist to draw and wait until the end of day, and hope they're done? I don't understand. What do comic artists do? Do they sign a comic you bring, or do they specially make something for you? How many kids are usually there? From what age? Are there more girls than boys? If you can't ask about the upcoming season, what can you ask? "Be prepared to WAIT and PAY."? Wait, "pay"? You have to pay for the voice talent to sign something? Why? Seriously, why? Wait, why is it best if I arrive on Thursday? A day before the convention? Why? And is it okay if I got there on Thursday at 7:00pm instead of in the afternoon? I got some more questions but they weren't inspired by that guide. What kind of stuff is sold at BronyCon vendors? And what would it take to be scheduled as fan talent like BlackGryph0n, Mic the Micorphone, The Living Tombstone or EileMonty? Can I bring my own prints to be autographed?
  5. Hello everyone! Nethesem here from the BUCK Convention in Manchester, UK – thank you to Artemis for allowing me to post this, I thought I’d tell you a bit about our convention! Engage wall of information text dump! What is BUCK? BUCK is one of the biggest My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic conventions in Europe, with an attendance of over a thousand people from across the world – 36 different countries in fact! We are a double-event. We open Friday night with The Summer Sun Celebration, a four hour concert hosted by some of the best fandom musicians, with live performances on a festival-sized sound system. We’ve got a whole range of music–from Rock to DnB, Rap Dubstep and more. Saturday and Sunday is the convention proper, filled with discussion panels, workshops, and demonstrations designed not only to show off the fandom’s creativity, but to inspire you to get creative yourself! Our events cover many aspects of the community, including Music and Art, Cosplay and Charity Auctions, Games and Crafts, and the social extravaganza of a thousand like-minded fans in one building! Who will be there? We’re building a whole list of guests from a range of backgrounds, all of them bringing their expertise to our events. Hosting their own workshops will be G. M. Berrow, author of the MLP Chapter Books – Heather Breckel, who is responsible for colouring the Friendship is Magic IDW Comic Book series – and Dave Polsky, episode writer. Our performers for the Summer Sun Celebration on Friday night will include: Prince Whateverer, with a full band behind him AcousticBrony, also performing as a full band! Mic the Microphone General Mumble Icky Lavender Harmony Addictia The Living Tombstone HMage And because we had so many amazing musicians offering their talents, we lined up another two music events for Saturday and Sunday – The Lunar Eclipse, with another mixed line up – and our all new Cadence Stage, a grass-roots event designed to give the lesser known musicians a shot on the big stage! We’ve also got a range of artists in the field of digital art, cosplay, animation, video games, and creative writing, all of whom will be sharing their finest work to date. Where is it? BUCK takes place at the Manchester Central Convention Complex, in Manchester, UK. It’s an enormous complex of big airy rooms around a huge converted railway station, complete with stunning victorian architecture. Surrounding the venue is the charismatic and diverse city centre of Manchester, with galleries, restaurants, bars, and many other attractions to suit any background. When will it be held? The Summer Sun Celebration is Friday 22nd of August, from 7pm until around Midnight. Tickets cost £20, and include the entire evening and access to the vendor hall. Not too shabby for nine headline acts! The Convention is Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of August, opening 10am to 10pm. Tickets start from £45 for a day ticket (available at the end of June), with weekend tickets starting at £80. Tickets available online at With Mardi Gras happening over the same weekend, the entire city will be alive non-stop, so even after we close out doors for the night, the party continues all around town! How do I get there? BUCK is accessible via Train, Coach, Road, and by Air – whatever your transport method of choice is, it’s easy to get to Manchester! Head over to our website at to see all the sweet juicy details, the full guest list, the latest news, and the best way to keep up with our on-going announcements! Why choose BUCK? There’s a lot of MLP related conventions on the calendar… like, a lot… so why BUCK? Three years and over thirty independant conventions later, the Brony Convention formula is wearing thin. So we thought we’d mix it up a bit. Forget Q&A panels. Forget a school-hall shin-dig. We went all out on The Summer Sun Celebration last year, and it turned heads. So we’re making it even bigger. We found no one really had many good questions at Q&A panels, that hadn’t been answered at ten other conventions. So we got rid of them and we’re letting our guests show you what they do first hand, and how they do it. We saw that our attendees are interested more than just My Little Pony, so we’ve brought in attractions for all manner of creativity – all of them designed to help creatives and non-creatives alike involved in the fun! It’s time for a convention that’s more than just vendor tables and people sitting behind microphones! BUCK Towers, out!
  6. I went to a hospital to have a MRI done (I have back problems). After it was done a doctor (which looked like a mad doctor from movies) came in and gave me a pill. Not thinking much about it I took the pill, which caused me to black out in a few seconds. When I woke up the doctor was standing. I went to rub my head because I was a bit dizzy and noticed I had something sticking out of my head. I stared at the dock for a second before lowering my hand to look at it, as I did I noticed my hand was a hoof. I looked back to the Doctor and asked for a mirror, he smiled and pointed to a standing mirror in the room. I slowly got on all four and trying to remember the the ponies from the show walked, slowly made my way to the mirror. When I was in front of it I was shocked to see myself as a Alicorn. I had a white/greyish body and a blond/brownish mane and tail that looked like the mane and tail my OC has, and for my cutie mark it was a golden crown. I looked at the the both shocked and happy, wanting to thank him t didn't know if I should. I did ask the doctor what he thought my cutie mark ment. He said It was probably meant to say I was meant to ruler (and no I don't think like this IRL). The next scene was me running for mayor or president (not sure since I was just at a rally. I never showed my face to the crowd but they still supported me. Then I was at a debate where they said I had to show my face so I walked out and everyone gasped at me. Then I was back home and I got a Skype call on my Xbox One, It was someone from Brony Con. When I answered it I was off camera and a girls voice (not sure who) ask if she could see me, so I jumped and sat on my couch. She asked me a question about gaming, can't really remember what she asked I used my magic and lifted a X1 controller in front of the camera and and its a bit harder to play now. Then she asked me to appear at Brony Con and I replied sure. I was then at Brony Con and they said I could enter from the back so no one saw me, I said no that I would go in the front entrance. I was then flying toward the front entrance as I got closer the bronies noticed me and started cheering. They made a opening so I could fly into the con center so I did. I was then at a Q&A panel. I remember one brony asked me if I watched the show, I said yes, that I loved it. another one asked me If I could pose for a picture like Celestia does when shes addressing other ponies (wings spread looking royal). So I got up and went in front of the table and posed liked he asked. After a few pics like that I turned and did a pose like Applejewel's duck face. Everyone cheered and took a few more pics. Then another person said "I know this might be weird but could I touch you. I laughed a littl bit and asid sure everyone could as long as it in appropriate places. I walked down where everyone could get to me and they started touching my mane, horn, wings, and back. Then I woke up. I have to say this was a Awesome dream.
  7. So I went to my first convention/first pony convention and I had a ton of fun. Got to hang out with some awesome bronies, bought some swag, Got three more signatures for my art print, Took some pics and got my pics taken with the writers and even got to talk with them however the highlights of that convention were singing Journey at Karaoke with Amy Keating Rogers and the closing ceremonies! Also got some swag from a charity auction. I got outbidded for the Derpy poster that had a muffins background. That went as high as 150! Anyways i'll post some pics below but I have many more with the writers and some awesome cosplayers! Plus on a side note someone gave my OC an awesome name and I can't believe that he thought of that off the top of his head.