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Found 21 results

  1. For those of you who actually care (all one of you) recently I have been losing interest in my little pony and this forum. I have had a decreased will to post and the two post a day rule I've set for myself has become increasingly like a chore. As far as I'm concerned my decreasing interest in MLP is due to how seriously certain people take it. Often times when watching it I'll think to myself "oh I wonder where I can spot the fan theories that are gonna be made", "oh that's gonna become a meme" (you get the picture). You could argue that it's due to season 5 ending but my lack of interest has gotten to a point where it now takes me a minute to remember the character names (something I used to be able off by heart). Plus I just didn't feel that interested when I was watching the end of season 5. Due to these things I am pretty much ending my MLP reviews and won't likely do them again unless I regain enough interest to do so. I plan to make it to pony rank as I still care about this forum enough and unless I completely lose interest I will likely stay around until at least spring in order to meet that goal. So in short I'm losing interest and will likely be leaving within the next year.
  2. Hello, my name is Jack and I am a journalism student at Dalhousie University. I am doing an assignment that focuses on learning about the passions or obsessions of others and writing a short feature story about them. The story will only be seen by my professor and I would really appreciate if anyone could answer some of the following questions: How long have you been a brony? Why did you first start watching MLP? What drew you to the brony community? How do you participate and or contribute to the community? Who is your favourite pony? Thank you for your cooperation!!
  3. Hello who thinks the brony fandom will be coming back in 2017 big for the premere of my little pony the movie that all bronies including me have been waiting years for thanks and also do you think season 7 will be good and will the eqg tv series be good
  4. I notice this a lot on the Advice forum. I myself am autistic, so trust me, I am a part of this. Do you think this is so? If so, why?
  5. Hi ! My name is Mary & I am a final year student from Ireland. Im looking at the popularity of My little pony and how it's revival saw the formation of the Brony fandom. Also interested in questioning the misrepresentation of them in society. I'd be very interested in looking to interview anyone who is willing to share their thoughts? I would not identify you by you real name ( username only). Please comment or PM if interested. I can email you any questions in advance should you want to read them.* Have sent a copy of proposed questions to the moderator who approved them* Kind Regards Mary
  6. If so, do you care? Does it bother you to know that brony cringe compilations on Youtube are a thing? Are you bothered by the fact that the average person would think you are weird, and write you off in their mind if you showed them how much you were interested in the fandom and the tv show? Do you see their dissaproval as immaturity and ignorance, or do you think they have valid reasoning behind their judgement? Even though liking a kids show doesn't hurt anyone, or affect them negatively, why do you think it still makes the general public uncomfortable? Do you think fandoms in general are deserving of recognition or respect?
  7. background info this is a game that i started production back in the summer of 2012 i wanted to make a parody of the fight between bronies and the a.b.b. got a whole overhauled in 2014 where the story would be more relateable by may 2015 i had made a working demo ready to be released but during a storm the power when out and my computer busted losing the first beta there was a second beta but it was so rushed and not very fun i pulled it from the web but luckily things are looking good as i might be able to get a actual good beta this year hopefully the story (I copyed and pasted this from my old blog) In 2010, a race of aliens know as Equestrians made contact with Earth. These horse-like creatures had powers beyond anyone's comprehension. Some humans wanted to be friends with these aliens. The equestrians called them the Bronies. The other half hated the aliens and wanted to kill them for their powers in order to take over the world and torment the Bronies. They called themselves the A.B.B. Thus, the war of the Promised Lands began. After 5 years, the bronies have finally encountered someone who can help them... YOU. download coming soon... the original concept originally this was going to be called mlp:doom and setted in equestria where you choose between earth,unicorn and Pegasus the art style was going to be that of the show the story was going be that humans (this was a year or so before equestria girl's aired) discovered equestria and wanted to take over the land and their magic and you would fight them I changed the story to make it more relateable to other bronies and since my hard drive crashing i no longer have a working version i have an old archived version that somewhat works I'd have to check but if you guys would like to see it i might stream it one day and put it up for download. if you would like to see more projects i'm working on nonmlp or mlp related my website facebook tumblr youtube
  8. Well we all know how being an Alicorn works with the princess's, and among many questions that keep popping in my head is twilight. Ok namely the mere idea of being immortal and probably the biggest challenge being immortal has to deal with...sanity. Think about it your seeing your friends grow old and die a lot so it'll were down on any pony even Luna and Celstia I could imagine. So with death and time being a constant dance with being immortal how do you think an immortal keeps there sanity? lets bite in shall we?
  9. I have seen many topics on Favorite YouTubers and such but in all those answers, practically none involved a Brony Gamer or even a Brony for that matter. I find this rather odd since this is a MLP forum where Bronies should help each other out and suggest other Bronies to other persons. That said, I would be curious to know if anypony here as a favorite Brony YouTuber of their own. Being a Brony YouTuber myself you could always take a look at my channel if you have the time. Thanks and /)
  10. November 14th is Brony Meet-up day! Ok, so I've been thinking about making this happen for awhile now, so here it is! Brony Meet-up day (BMUD for short) is a day for making friends. On BMUD, go out to a mall, beach, Cafe, or wherever, and wear pony merch, carry around a sign, etc, and start a Brony Meet-up! Outgoing (when it comes to telling people you're a Brony)? Make a sign and wear pony merch. Not-so-outgoing? Look for the Bronies with signs or merch and go talk to them! I really hope this works, I've been wanting to meet some Bronies in my community for so long. Please, spread the word to make this happen!!
  11. I've known about bronies ever since 2010, but I never bothered to actually check out the show until earlier this year. I've noticed posts from other people as well saying they regret joining the fandom so late, especially with the speculation about G4 ending soon (which is unlikely, but not impossible).
  12. Hey, everypony! I'm looking for a guest reviewer to read 'My Little Brony: An Unofficial Novel about Finding the Magic of Friendship' by K.M. Hayes and write a review. Do you have mad writing skillz? If you win you will: - Receive a FREE copy of 'My Little Brony: An Unofficial Novel about Finding the Magic of Friendship' - Have your review posted on and promoted at and on social media Removed website details - MLPF Administration If you win you will have 30 days to read 'My Little Brony' and write your review, which will be posted on and promoted at Good luck, everypony!
  13. Just to get this out of the way, this is my first posted topic. Sorry if I screw something up. Long before I became a Brony, I wrote and edited articles on a site called wikiHow. Since I joined the Brony community, I've tasked myself with cleaning up MLP articles, and occasionally writing my own. I work with a few other wikiHow Bronies to share Brony culture with the world. I know not many would be interested, but if you could drop by the site, check out an article, or even offer your advice, we would greatly appreciate it. The wikiHow goal is to make every single article the most accurate source of information on every how-to manual we have written, and us wikiHow Bronies want the Brony community to be accurately represented. We have a total of three different MLP categories, including My Little Pony (dealing with the toys and show), Drawing My Little Pony Characters (self-explanatory), and My Little Pony Imitation (a mix of character imitation and cosplay). We plan to also write enough articles to create a category just for Bronies. If you want, you can even make your own account and publish your own articles. And it doesn't have to be about MLP, it can be about anything (as long as it's not an existing topic)! Any contributions are appreciated, as we have several articles that have yet to pass our publishing standards. If you decide to edit on wikiHow, you can always contact me there (but I would recommend asking an admin any questions you may have regarding wikiHow policy). My username is the same as on here. I can't leave a link, I'm afraid. This stupid laptop froze the last 2 times I attempted. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this. Have a good rest of your day/night!
  14. Are you interested in participating in a research study about the brony fandom? Sociology professor Dr. Patricia Literte and her student Caralou Rosen from California State University, Fullerton are interested in organizing such a study to learn more about bronies and why we like the show. This is a neutral and unbiased study designed to objectively seek insight regarding this matter. They reached out to the MLP Forums administration team in the interest of touching base with members here who are willing to participate in an interview regarding this matter. They hope to conduct 50 interviews by the end of the summer, and you guys can help make that happen. These interviews will be confidential. Everyone's identities will be protected, and they will not use anyone's real names when writing about or presenting their research findings. Additionally, this project is approved by the United States Institutional Review Board, governed by Title 45 Code of Federal Regulations Part 46. There are multiple avenues available for participating in this study. If you plan to attend BronyCon 2014, you could organize a meetup with Dr. Literte at a nearby public location that you would determine with her to participate in the interview. To set that up, you can email her at If you are unable to attend BronyCon but live in Southern California, you could organize a meetup with Caralou Rosen at a public location that you would determine with her to participate in the interview. If you do not live in that area, you can still participate in the interview over the phone. This would be a good option for anyone who isn't able to attend BronyCon and who doesn't live in Southern California. Either way, you should initially contact her via email to organize the interview: Questions regarding this study can be posted here and/or directed to either of them via email. Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to help them out with this. TL;DR version:
  15. "[R]eality will never measure up to your imagination." –lindsay, an INFP from PersonalityCafe “INFPs never seem to lose their sense of wonder. One might say they see life through rose-colored glasses… [they] have the ability to see good in almost anyone or anything. Even for the most unlovable the INFP is wont to have pity… [o]f course, not all of life is rosy, and INFPs are not exempt from the same disappointments and frustrations common to humanity... [they] struggle with the issue of their own ethical perfection, e.g., performance of duty for the greater cause. An INFP...describes the inner conflict as not good versus bad, but on a grand scale, Good vs. Evil.” –INFP Profile on TypeLogic NIGHT SHINE is not, contrary to everything I have ever said or implied on this forum, simply another name for the person that is me. In fact, I often feel guilty using this name which I worked so hard to purify last year for my ordinary human and intellectual activities so long after its original meaning died. This blog also contains the reason that I feel that I no longer have any right to post anything on this forum under the name "Night Shine." No, Night Shine was not a person—he was a dream I had, an alternate persona specifically designed to be superior to the real, tangible person who is me. Last year, I regarded Night Shine as nothing less than my very soul. This blog, which will undoubtedly be very comprehensive as well as very melodramatic due to the melodramatic and complex nature of its subject matter, is aimed at dissecting my mindset from last year when I joined the Brony movement, and why that mindset was incompatible with the Bronies, with the Internet, and with the World itself. If you read this entire post, you just might understand me fully and completely, or at least as much as I do. Several factors made my perspective last year utterly fascinating to study in hindsight: 1) My absolute and unshakable faith in the belief that the Brony movement was the purest group of people on Earth. 2) The extreme willpower with which I radically shifted my mind into questionable thoughts, beliefs, and actions. 3) The degree to which my radical actions and thoughts were justifiable as a method of fighting depression, and the degree to which they were not. 4) My determination to transcend human nature by splitting my personality into multiple separate individuals. 5) How I was able to utilize the Brony movement to justify all of the radically positive and negative shifts to my lifestyle. 6) How my teenage rebellion developed as a form of moral purism. However, as I am retelling events only I remember from my perspective, this article will contain a lot of bias--that is unavoidable. This bias probably will skew the facts in the following ways: 1) Exaggerating the abnormality of the mindset and events in order to make them more interesting. 2) Exaggerating how 'bad' the mindset and events were, because I need to feel like I have learned from this experience and thus am insecure. Introduction: So, let's get started. What the heck does "Nocturnian" mean? I came up with the term in order to describe my mindset last year in April, when it finally came under assault by reality--but I'll get to that later. After thinking over the quintessence of Nocturnianism and considering over a dozen different ways to try and explain it over the past nine months, I have come to the conclusion that the Nocturnian mindset is the mindset of a Myers Briggs personality type which has Introverted Feeling as one of its primary cognitive functions, such as the INFP (for more information on Myers Briggs psychology, read the background information in the section later in this blog post). The opening quote from TypeLogic describes the relevant aspects of the INFP mindset better than anything else I have found in the past year (June 2013 to June 2014). But why "Nocturn-ian"? What does night have to do with any of it? Well, in order to answer that question, let us dive into the beginning of the story: how I used My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the Brony fandom as a method of radically altering my mindset and lifestyle. Before we dive into that, however, I would like to explain the situation in which I encountered MLP:FiM, as it helps to explain why I treated MLP and the Brony fandom the way that I did. The next blog posts will contain an account of each season chronological order of what happened to my little experiment, when I used a fandom to manipulate my emotions, personality, and lifestyle. Part 1: Death of Minecraft (Spring 2012) Part 2: Nocturnian Revolution (Summer 2012) Part 3: Fall and Rebirth (Fall 2012) Part 4: Heart of Winter (Winter 2012-13) Part 5: Ultimatum (Early Spring 2013) Part 6: End of the Era (Late Spring 2013) Part 7: A New Beginning (Summer 2013) (please note that the entries are currently in an unfinished form.) PREFACE This section will explain any information which will be used as common knowledge throughout the rest of the blog. Information covers Myers Briggs personality typology and the Brony phenomenon. Myers Briggs Typology My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fandom, referred to as the "Brony Phenomenon"
  16. Okay I don't like doing this so my apologies in advance but I , so they put out part 3 of "Elements of Brony" by Neal X.... I'll be up front I very much doubt I will watch as I have watched the first two installment, and while I enjoyed part 1, I loathed part 2. But perhaps I should take a moment to state a few things, especially why I am posting this as a thread. A) I really enjoyed Part 1, it reminded me of the documentary made by Saberspark, but I got to hear from more bronies (many of whom I either respect or was excited to learn more about [ I became a brony December 5th 2013 so I was still very new to all this and trying to get my bearings ]). And Antony C was part of it, who I still view as the best analyst and I owe a personal debt to him as his vids helped me think about a lot of things clearer; so I was delighted to hear from him. B ) Part 2 on the other hand... I kinda liked the first half some of the bronies brought up interesting points and pieces of info I was excited to hear about. Though most of the good bits were from Antony (some of which were simply the result of him asking the right questions). However, it degraded it a pseudo-political/philosophical manifesto about how Hasbro is the devil ( Do I like everything Hasbro does? Heavens no! [don't like equestria girls for example] But I realize they do fund MLP and for the most part leave the fandom alone [which coming from an Anime background surprised the heck out of me]), bad-mouthing people who's only mistake was being over the age of 40 and not having what a brony is explained to them for the most part, random rants about miscellaneous topics (why show a clip of some 20yr. old lecture on the Middle Ages who isn't even a history major?) , and (my favorite) how the economic future imagined by Star Trek is the ideal society and within our (almost immediate) grasp. Problem, if you watched all of Part 2 prior to said points and know anything about some of the bronies being interviewed. You quickly realize ( Antony showed the wisdom of his age by not engaging in the ego love fest ) that they are either 1. undermining the things that keep MLP and by extension the fandom afloat. 2. Being gigantic hypocrites by speaking against Corporate Sponsorship. Why do I say that? The ones speaking the loudest had patreon accounts, they receive sponsorship from a "corporation" of fans to help make MLP vids, which is just insulting to those who fund them in my view. :okiedokielokie: C ) So you can see why I don't plan on watching part 3, especially after reading some summations by viewers. In short Bronies are "bucking tradition" and this big social movement that will help lead society down the proper path or something along those lines. I did read that bullying was covered which obviously needs to be addressed in a vid about Bronies as that is a major concern not just for bronies but for society as well. So shifting to my normal positive self (sorry about that folks) 1. I agree that FiM has a positive influence, I attest to it whole heartedly in my own life and the good morals the show gives to children (and most adults honestly ); in fact I use this show as an example of good and edifying media to show to kids. 2. The fandom is a positive influence on society, bronies do charities all the time, as well as a host of other things, and the thing I tell to my non-brony friends is "One of the best things about being a brony is getting to hang around other bronies." And I mean that! But having said that I don't think MLP will directly change society, it takes more than just one tv show, it takes the efforts of Parents, schools, and other institutions to really leave an impact. And I think Gender was probably brought up for obvious reasons; but to me the only kind of person who would view Bronies as "buckin' tradition" in this regard would be someone who has never actually thought out what is Masculinity or Femininity for that matter. (My best friend is an Baptist Minister with a wife and three kids; and when asked to "hand over his man card" on facebook after we spent an hour with some other friends discussing Frozen, he responded, "What's a man card?") So in conclusion: I don't think "Elements of Brony" really represents the fandom but more of a view that a small group of the fandom has of it, which sounds more like a quasi-political manifesto (I don't like politics, been there done that, I stick with ponies ). But what do you guys think? Am I just ranting like those guys? Or am I completely off the mark? Or am I somewhat in the vicinity of said mark?
  17. What are your favorite things in the brony fandom? It can be anything as long as it's not apart of the actual show. (IE; Music, animations, artwork, fanfics, etc.)
  18. Even though we'll all still love the show (hopefully), what will you say when you look back on now? Most likely, your life will have changed significantly and so will the fandom. But, what will today have meant to you? For me, this is one of the best times of my life. You guys a like a second family to me, and bring a happiness I just can't describe. So, I will look back at it as a time when I was happy, without a care in the world. A simpler time, one that will fill me with happiness when I think of it. What about you? Here's some beautiful music to get you in the mood.
  19. Feld0's Poniverse Logo Contest seems to be going well. Some people have submitted logo concepts already, and I hope to see the results once done. (It ends on the 14th, so submit them quickly!) Once the final drafts are published, expect me to write a review for the official logo and the finalists similar to the one I wrote for the MLP Forums logo at the beginning of the year. Several months ago, via e-mail, I suggested to Equestria Daily a logo contest for the Friendship Is Magic characters and various big-named events of the brony fandom (pro-brony, of course). Here is the e-mail I sent last year: While Sethisto liked the idea, it never got off the ground. This is where I now turn to you, MLP Forums. Following the Poniverse logo contest, are you for creating a logo contest for the FIM characters, places/events in the FIM universe (canon or fanon), and brony conventions? *Replaced the old link with the current one for this blog entry's sake. If you want to read how I develop logos, here is the entry.
  20. I see the love, I see the hate, I see this world that we can make. We don't belong, but we're born in this world through haterade. Have our imaginations made this flag of Bronydom what we dreamt it to be? Have we formed together as one or parted down lonely paths that we have chosen? I am asking these questions as a riddle, but with direct wording. This can be read and its meaning can be different for anyone. Now, I feel this question needs to be answered. This slang term; Brony. By what ground do we stand? There is so many people out there who just love the show and then live on with their lives. But I as a Brony, want to hold this title as a refuge for those who need somebody. I will fight, I will rise and I will fall. But it will be there for those that have failed in whatever they are living for. I will be strong for loves sake. This is the world I try to uphold in the Brony community both in and outside of the fandom. Now I ask, what do you believe this world, this "Brony community" as we call it. Should be in your own eyes? Please comment so I my know how many other people feel about the lessons that MLP teaches and how effective they've impacted you're life. - Maxos
  21. Hello all. I just finished watching a very interesting video on YouTube. A video that made me think, and may I add, made me proud to be a part of this amazing fandom. I recommend it to all of you whole heartily. I know many of you won't bother as IS an hour long but if you have the time, watch. This is perhaps one of the most educated, tolerant, and unbiased documentary on the brony fandom I've ever come across. If you've already seen it, that's great! But it was that good that I felt it deserved a thread on this website. If you do decide to watch it or have already seen it, post and share your thoughts. I'd love to hear what you all think about it.