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Found 3 results

  1. These are pictures that I have made myself. I had 2 copies for each of them printed on high quality gloss paper, then had them signed by none other than Lauren Faust & Nicole Oliver respectively. I even gave them a copy for them to keep. I may have had to sit on cold cement for a total of 9.5 hours to get them, but in the end it probably doesn't matter. I will be treating these like sacred holy artifacts and will take great care to preserve them.
  2. Monday. Up at 5:30, out the door by 6:30. On my way to Louisville, KY. 13:17 getting an oil change outside of Louisville, KY. I stopped at a Game X Change and got some games. Going to eat soon. 16:10 Went to some video game stores. Got some Sega CD and Atari Jaguar games. I like getting tshirts from game stores too. 20:04 Eating pizza. What a day. Lots of video games and used books. I found the D&D 2nd edition Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monstrous Manual, 1st edition Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master's Guide Premium reprints by Wizards for $25 each. I have them all already, but I can resell them for way more. Tomorrow I will do some shopping in Lexington, KY. I love hitting the game and book stores when I travel. I should be really close to Baltimore, MD by tomorrow night. Teusday 8:00 Going to more game stores in Lexington. 12:40 Eating sushi. Got another Star Trek book to my collection and a couple more video games. I spent so much money and I haven't evem gotten to the con yet. But things make me happy. I found out that Gwar is Kickstarting a card game, so I got that too. Wedsesday 7:00 3.5 hours away. Going to go a couple more game and comic stores. Bougjt more games. 15:34 At Hilton. I'm so excited! 19:32 Got my badge. Now what? Thursday 8:00 I will be having breakfast with the gang at 10. 10:00 Had brunch with some awesome bronies. 18:00 Played Are You Changling, stood in line for the vendors, spent a few hundred $ on awesome stuff. I got pretty much everything I want. There is a cartoon convention (will get the name later). I talked to the guy who is running it and told him how much I love cartoons. I unlocked a secret and he gave me She Ra posters! I collected more TSSSF cards. I unlocked another secret and one guy selling some gave me a card he didn't have for sale. He also had me autograph the Raven Pony card for which I wrote the text. That was cool. I love this convention. Played Changling until 1 am. Friday 7:30 Awake and now waiting in line for autographs, which starts at 11:00. I will be here all day. 19:30 With the help of @Twilight Luna I got 6 autographs. I need a few more tomorrow. 21:00 Playing Changling. Saturday 12:00 to 1:30 Sang in Rock Band. Sleep 7:00 Awake 7:30 In the autograph line. Wow, what a day. Thanks to @Twilight Luna I have all of the autographs. Saw a TSSSF panel and unlocked a few bonus cards. Bought some beautiful prints and shirts. Saw Michelle Creber and Black Gryph0n perform later I will see the purlesque show. Sunday After 3:00 Purlesque ended. Went to sleep. 8:00 Awake. Bought some posters. Got 3 final autographs from Price, Fleecs, and Richard. I almost forgot about them. Sang in Rock Band. Closing ceremonies are in half an hour and I am trying to keep myself together, but I know I will lose it when the ceremonies start. I got more people from the forums to sign my book. Thanks you guys. Monday Travel. Went to a couple game stores and bought more games. Because that's what I do. Tuesday Travel. Bought more video games and books. I like used game stores. Wednesday Just like Tuesday. Finally got home Wednesday night. Now I catalog my haul.
  3. I am definitely heading, I have been going there since 2015! I did not have much to do this year, but next year is what matters the most! 2019 is the final year for BronyCon!