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Found 11 results

  1. I'm not saying Bronydom is a bad fanbase. But believe me, there's far worse than fanbases then I think we could ever become. So what are worse fanbases than us? Well let's list up some like football hooligans (Soccer fans) that have actually killed people that don't sport their team... in football? Wat?! I know, not all the fans of soccer are hooligans. But still, have Bronies killed someone for being a non Brony yet?
  2. I believe that the whole universe will be populated by bronies and pegasisters in the 22nd Century and beyond (at least until the End of Time). Then, there will maybe be ponies everywhere in the Universe, on spaceships, holographs of ponies, and there will maybe be giant futuristic cities with names like Manehattan, Hoofburg, Canterlot, Saddle Arabia, and all of that would be awesome. Wouldn't you agree?
  3. If any of you are a DJ or an Internet Radio talk show host, I am looking for people to broadcast to my radio according to my schedule. My network: You will get from 5-20 listeners, depending on the time. Note that we are looking to advertise and possibly get more. (If you have any advertising opportunites, that would be nice too) If you are new to this sort of thing, try it out! It's always nice to try doing something new. I never thought I could even come close to hosting an entire website with a radio, forum, blog, and a Minecraft Server, but when I started, I realized that I can. Anyway, send me a PM with the following information (I'll just provide an example): Remember to look at the schedule:! Thanks, DJ GeekBrony Owner of Bronydom Network and ALL of it's services.
  4. The RationalWiki defines the Persecution Complex as : a term given to an array of psychologically-complex behaviors, that specifically deals with the perception of being persecuted, for various possible reasons, imagined or real." It seems that you can't go one day on this forum without finding a topic where someone is getting their panties in a twist about the potential of someone taking down the show or discovering that they are a brony. My question is ; do you think bronies have a persecution complex, why or why not?
  5. I have a question for my fellow Bronies out there that will require some small background before I can ask it. Here goes: I've only recently told anyone that I am of the Herd. Who have I told? Well, anypony and everypony on MLP Forums, actually. This isn't the same as telling my friends and family; I haven't told them, in fact. However, that's beside the point. The point is: Since I've begun drawing again and since I've come here, I feel... good. Much better than I did before; more energized somehow. Some of that is certainly the catharsis of drawing, but I believe that some of it is being here among my fellow Bronies. Now, my question: Has anypony else felt, well, uplifted when they officially joined the Herd?
  6. First convention iv'e ever been to. Called Brony Fest which was hosted in my hometown of Lewisville,TX. It was alot of fun. Glad to of been there. Pic 1: Pinkie Pie costume. The 2nd attachment is Me with the lady dressed up as Pinkie Pic 3: Rainbow Dash 5000 Pic 4: Princess Trollestia: Same person dressed up as Pinkie Pie. Pic 5: Dr.Hooves fight! Pic 6: Dr.Hooves Picture together! Now i got some stuff from this convention also! Pic 7: Pinkie Pie Plot mousepad! Pic 8: Fluttershy Vinyl Figure Pic 9: Pony Decals That's all i got.. i'll upload the rest tmorrow
  7. Simple enough topic here. I've seen the word "brony" being used many times - obviously - but every time I see it used it comes up in a different way. Some people capitalize the term like it's a proper noun, some people spell it with an "ie" on the end "bronie." Some people pluralize without the "ie" to "bronys." And lets not forget that goddam tyrant of not even going to contemplate that as an option. It's a food people! And frankly it drives me up the goddamn wall. So i'm asking you now, what is the correct spelling of the word? Personally, I would say it should be an uncapitalised "brony" plural "bronies" I just want to see what makes people spell the same word a million different ways, and your arguments on to whether or not it should be capitalised. (I do believe there is already a thread about that though...)
  8. Hello everypony! So an interesting thought occurred to me yesterday; while I was just thinking about bronydom in general, I started considering the numerous parts of our fandom that make it up, which one's are the largest, the smallest, the most vocal, the most influential, etc. By the time I'd fully laid out my thoughts, I'd formulated a pretty extensive and complex network of subgroups that comprise our fandom, and it was so interesting that I figured, hey, why not post about it. So below under the spoilers tab are my thoughts on what different subgroups comprise bronydom, including descriptions, and my own personal opinion, on each group. Please, feel free to share your thoughts, especially if anypony feels that I have missed a subgroup, or misrepresented a subgroup. Well everypony, these subgroups that I have identified and described for you all are the one's that I have observed within the fandom. Again, please share your thoughts, or, if you think I have either missed a subgroup, or misrepresented a subgroup, by all means, please, do tell! Hope ya'll who were brave enough and dedicated enough to read the whole thing found this to be interesting and informative!!!
  9. Well, this is something that I think I should relieve myself of saying, so that feel I will have said once and for all. Bronies of the world (and pegasisters of the world, if you feel like gender differencing the terms )...I just want to say one thing. Whenever you start thinking about "When will bronydom die?" or "Will we last forever?"...I think you should take a deep breath, and stop right there. Am I saying "ERHMAHGERD DON'T THINK ABOUT THAT YOU FOAL!" or similar? Nope. Because we get curious. We all do. Even I have probably thought of it. What I'm saying is, don't let that question get in your head too much cause....well, to's not worth it. I mean look at us. Yes! With eyes like this ! We have done so so little time, that probably half the haters, aside from hating the ponies' guts, they're probably jealous that we have such a big community and that we aren't falling nor slowing down anytime soon. And as much as I'm a nice guy, that. Is. GLORIOUS! Besides, I've seen some people around talk about drama in the internet and how that drama might mean the end of the bronydom in the end. Now, I'm not sure if there really IS any drama or not, cause I'm not THAT much of a surfer, and frankly, I'm one of the worst people to realize whether there is drama or not, so, I can't really say . But what I CAN do, is to say that, I'm sure there is not enough drama to take the bronydom into a civil war that will tear itself apart. Is this some sort of innocence on my part and lack of knowledge? Not a single idea on that , but I'm not letting it affect myself. And I'm pretty sure that out there, there are plenty of people who OVERDO the fact of whether there is drama or not. I have realized that internet or whatever drama will ALWAYS be there, especially on the current times, especially with such a big fandom, and especially with a fandom that grows SO FRIGGIN FAST every single day that passes. If you want to blame me and say that you didn't know whether there is drama or not and that I'm overreacting, please go ahead. You're probably right. But it was something I felt like saying, even if I AM wrong. But...I just can't stand when people talk about "the end of the fandom" as if it was looming so nigh that it will happen on the next week! That's probably an overreaction, but it's still something depressing to think about, in my opinion. Enjoy what the fandom is right now. That beautiful thing this fandom is right now. Even if you have had bad experiences with it. This is something I've seen too. Please...don't put bronydom in a saint light. Yes, we are probably more mild than other fandoms or whatever, but we are still normal people like everyone else. Go with the surprise thinking, AKA don't go with a prethought judgement. There are going to be nice, jerky, kind, bad, honest, annoying, etc etc. Do we take pride in what we are as a fandom, and how most of us are probably the good things in personality? Hell yes we do. BUT, it's not going to be all smile and sunshines, sadly. That much we have to accept. But it's also wrong if someone even thinks taht, because of this, this "illusion break" (perfect title for a series ), will bring bronydom itself down. It ptobably isn't as bad as it is, and we shouldn't think of it right now. (Sigh)....this is me, probably venting out. Huh....feels different than from what I thought. Anyway, if you still want some reassurement on why the bronydom won't die, well, there are plenty of reasons why, and probably more, but since the only one I have in handy and that I fully trust is here on MLPForums, here. Check out the thread by DylanKLJ that he did a little while ago at the time of this post. In my opinion, well made, well spoken, and speaks a lot of truth in it. TL;DR version would be, don't think about the end, enjoy for now. Let your curiosity out, but don't let it become the main thing....well something like this. I'm not good at resuming stuff.
  10. So what are you a bigger fan of? The show or the fan created content? I have loved the show for a while now but you can only watch the 52 episodes so many times before you memorize almost every line of dialogue. Currently I am a regular visitor of FIMFiction and I fear at the rate I am consuming the material daily I will be left without by the years end! Also the endless supply of extremely intricate artwork and equally amusing comics that Equestria Daily informs me of never ceases to leave me in awe. Not to mention the music it inspires! It just fills me with such warmth to know I am part of something much bigger that brings happiness to so many people. If only I were more social, I would love to meet some fellow bronies to share the joy its kept with me in these darkest of times. )Actually, I wanted to post in the life advice forum but since it requires a 40 post minimum, I instead opted to distract myself from the dark proceedings that currently plague my mind in favor of something that brings joy to my world.( But yes, back to the original question, what are your thoughts? Does fan created content add to or detract from the overall enjoyment you find of the show? I look forward to reading your responses! ((Side note, hope this isn't violating any rules, I've had... quite a few, and hoped to just engage myself in a friendly conversation with like minded individuals instead of dwelling on my current predicament.))
  11. Pre-write: Wow, I've made these store stories into a series! I wanna thank all the Bronies/Pegasisters out there for inspiring me to tell more. All my newer stories will have this sort of layout, so they are much more explanatory, not just a conversation line and a backstory. OK, as we know, I've met several crazy mother about their daughters, but today, I tell you about the Crazy Father I met at a Big K-Mart Mall. Story: I'm browsing a humongous, pink, My Little Pony ailse looking for the latest set with Luna in it. along the way, I see a nine-year-old kid there, and Ask him what he's doing. (bold italics - me, italics - him.) "Hey, are you a brony, too?" "Nah, I'm just picking out a toy for my sister..." "Oh, Just wondering. Kinda rare to see bronies in pony ailses these days, trying to find one to talk with... ya know." "Yeah. Well, since you mention it, I am a brony, too..." *blushes as if he is embarrassed* "Oh, cool! I've came across a lot of people who don't like bronies, but it's good to see a confident one much younger than me." "Yeah... Who is the best pony?" "Rainbow Dash, of course!" "YES! I don't know why people like the others so much." *So, we ramble on about Rainbow for a bit, talk about bronydom, brohoof (A lot), so on, so forth... Until his father shows up... - his father is in italics now, but I'll signal whe his son steps up. "Hey, you! What are you doing with my son!" "Talking about My Little Pony... I heard he was a brony himself." "What!?" -As it turns out, he was a closet brony about to onfess to his father- a choice I made with my mom a while ago... "Yeah, he was talking about Ponies, how he watches the show, ya know?" "He likes Ponies? *Grumbles*" Son: "Dad, I've been watching it for a while, I just didn't tell you because I didn't know how you'd feel... I'm sorry..." Dad: "Put the pony back, we are going home to talk about this! I will not tolerate my son liking stupid technicolor ponies (He's inteligent enough to know that? Wow.)" "Sir, I don't think there's anything wrong with liking ponies, it's just a fanchise." "Look, kid, I don't know who you are, but don't talk about my son. I will not have him liking My Little Ponies. ESPECIALLY rainbow ones!" "Again, there's nothing wrong with it..." "Yes there is! I will not have a future man disgrace masculinity with ponies! nobody likes My Little Ponies who is a guy! You homosexual Pr k! "sir, please watch the language! I've went through this before, I don't want to again!" "aww, did I make you sad? Get out, Homo!" "sir, I hope you very well realize that by calling me a homo because I like ponies means you are calling your son one, and my Girlfriend is here with me right now. I can go get her, if you'd wish." "Go get her, prove you aren't homo." *about 1 or 2 minutes later* Now, this time I brought her into it, which was probably not a good idea, but it's for the sake of the language. "oh, so you DO have a mate, or is it just a hoax?!" "Are you joking?" "No! You could be lying! Kiss." "I won't kiss just to satisfy you, that's not only wrong, but just rude. Especially since I have to kiss in front of a child!" "Looks like you're homo after all! why don't you go and (Censored, because of the man's privacy, and his sad life)" *SWAG.MOV time, again (I love doing this) * "Ha, yeah, why don't you go screw yourself, you sad redneck b tch! HURHURHURHURHUR! *me and her together*, Su-WAG!" "OH, so you're secretly gay? knew it." "Heh, SWAG." Of course, Walking away wasn't easy, but it was fun. It's always good to Swag it out. Especially on these idiots I come across. By the way, about me and her-- We don't kiss. it seems stupid, instead we just hug. You may think that's weird, but it's lighthearted. I mean, really, I'm not a masculine person. Showin' of the Swag is Fun, especially in front of stupid parents. I hope his kid Bronies on, and doesn't worry about pressure. that's the future of bronies right there, ya know? Anyways, Keep calm and brony on. Don't let old homosexual insults get you, they are just unclever and unoriginal, not to mention immature. If I was gay, it really wouldn't matter, right? Brohoof /) Top number of people reading at 1 time - 16 -Want more of my life stories? I've got 9 more.