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Found 24 results

  1. This can be any pony that you, yourself would like to have as an older/younger brother/sister. It doesn’t have to be based on if they are a good sibling or not, just one that you think could fit the role in your life. For me, personally, I think that Twilight Sparkle would be such a sweet older sister and when we were foals she would always read a book every night and just be a responsible, protective dork.
  2. Yeah so, I have three younger siblings: a brother who's two years younger than me, a brother who's 5 years younger than me, and a little sis who's 11 years younger than me, I still live with them duh. I'm just curious how many of you guys have any siblings and if you live with them or not.
  3. So Flutterbrutter hasn't been broadcast yet, but MLP Wiki has more or less confirmed Fluttershy's brother to be Zephyr Breeze. I'll admit, this OP may still need some work on it soon, but at least we're getting it made. So come all Zephyr Breeze admirers.
  4. This post is a sequel to my post about Spike and Smolder being long-lost siblings: Remember when Smolder said she had a brother that she was glad to get rid of when he went through his molt phase? If Smolder was still around during that, then she has an older brother, and me, along with many others were thinking, what if Garble is Smolder's brother? And since I think Spike is Smolder's long-lost brother, that would extent that Garble would be Spike's brother too! DUN DUN DUN! :O I think this would work fantastic! Know why? Cause Spike and Garble have been arch-nemeses since Dragon Quest, and how would the two of them feel if they were actually siblings this whole time? Smolder would play as the neutral party in this regard to try to get them to get along, but Garble just won't accept a "pony dragon" as a brother! But then some kind of phenomena happens that would persuade Spike and Garble to finally get along! What kind of phenomena would that be? Well that's up to the writers to decide! This could be Garble's way of reforming (if he does)! Now I'm NOT asking you how likely would this be, I'm asking you what would you think about this scenario?
  5. I just had the craziest idea; What if Celestia had a brother? This is how I see it happening: During the Grand Galloping Galla, a new villain going by the name "Eclipse" kidnaps Celestia and Luna, leaving the maine 6 to find them. Along the way, they team up with the Elements of Heroism, a group of 6 stallions that are direct parallels to the elements of harmony. These new elements would be Sacrifice, Bravery, Strength, Determination, Selflessness, and Leadership. When they reach the HQ of Eclipse, he turns out to be the royal brother called Orion and was being controlled by a creature known as "The Shaddo". Both elements then must work together to stop The Shaddo and save Orion from a mental breakdown. Any thoughts? Be sure to let me know if I can improve!
  6. Spike hangs out with the Mane Six too much, and yeah even though he does hang out with Big Mac and Discord now, it's pretty much a one-time thing in the show perhaps, and with Thorax living so far away, and the writers aren't doing anything with his relationship with Shining Armor (which is stupid, they should've been close), Spike needs himself someone he can call his "best friend", but not like his relationship with Twilight, a more equal, more brotherly relationship. If Scorpan has a season arc on the show, him and Spike should definitely be close! What do you think? Should he have a brotherly figure, like as close as Starlight and Trixie are, or Snips and Snails?
  7. Yes apparently fluttershy has a brother, and he will be appearing this season.. out of nowhere.. kinda like twilight sparkles brother appeared.. out of nowhere..
  8. Hello, I apologize if I'm massively wrong but is this white pegasus with a blue mane next to Fluttershy her brother? I can't tell if it has eyelashes or not... can't remember if it's appeared in the show before. There has to be a reason the foal and Fluttershy flew next to eachother for the picture and they're the only two flying. Also, the white pegasus foal didn't appear until near the end of the episode.
  9. I doubt they even know each other, but what would you think personally? Would get along fine or do they have too many differences?
  10. Anybody currently watching Big Brother 17 on CBS? Also, please answer only if you're familiar with Big Brother.
  11. Here's the story of my OC Mystic Dusk (picture of him is my profile picture): When he was a little filly, he didn't know what was happening around him. His big sister Luna was just casting spells and Mystic Corona (Dusk) was a troublemaker. One night Luna was casting spells, untill she noticed a little part of the book. It was full of "moon magic" as Corona called it, when Luna invited Corona to see the spells. Corona didn't care that much, since he didn't even know any spells. She casted some of the spells like the one that made the moon disappear, and the one that made it wider. Then Corona went to sleep to his room because he was tired. Luna was kind of disappointed of what the moon spells did. They did not impress her a little. Then she saw a spell, a spell that promised a "full year of darkness". I didn't know she was evil in any way at that time. The "full year of darkness" spell required an innocent soul sent to the moon. Luna casted the spell, not knowing that it accutally affected one of the relatives of the caster. After she casted the spell, she read that the spell affects on the next dusk. Then Luna went to bed and slept till morning. Luna and Corona (Dusk) woke up, and it was going to be a bright day... Well the last day of this year at least. Corona and Luna went outside to fly a kite. Luna wanted to race with Corona, but he wasn't an alicorn. "Why can't I be an alicorn aswell Luna?" Corona asked. "You were born as an unicorn, there's nothing to do about it... Well there is one or two ways to make you an alicorn, but let's not discuss it now" Luna answered. It was getting dark, so it was a good time to play hide and seek. "Rock, paper, scissors, rock, paper, scissors... Luna, you lost, so you seek first". Corona hid behind a rock, and Luna went seeking. Luna was searching for Corona everywhere, and she couldn't find him. She tried to scream "Game over, come out wherever you are", but no answer. She searched behind a tree, she searched behind a rock, she couldn't find him. She totally lost her brother, so she had to go tell to her parents. She ran inside their home and told her parents what happened. They all went searching for Corona, but nothing was found. Then Luna remembered the spell she casted. "Oh no.. Could it be.....COULD IT SERIOUSLY BE?!?!) Luna told about the spell to her parents, and her parents went nuts. "ARE YOU SERIOUS NOW YOUNG LADY? YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR BOY TO BE STUCK ON THE MOON??? YOU ARE GROUNDED IN YOUR ROOM FOR 3 YEARS, HOMESCHOOLED AND WE PUT A HOLE ON YOUR DOOR TO GIVE YOU FOOD AND DRINK, ALL THAT TIME TRYING TO GET YOUR BROTHER BACK!". She went crying to her room. She was trying to figure out how can her brother get food or drink or breathe on the moon. She had lots of time to figure it out though, so she started now. Corona was very confused for suddenly warping on the moon, he thought it was a dream at first. He had no hard feelings at that age, so he just explored the moon like he would normally do. He walked, walked and walked, and he didn't find anything. Then he walked more and something didn't let him walk more. So he turned around and walked again, untill he hit a weird invisible wall again. He switched directions, but every corner would just block him from continuing walking. Then he realised that it might be a big ball (sphere) around him. He started crying, because he wanted to get out of the ball. He tried to do something with his horn, but he didn't know any spells. He was trying to think of an explanation of what happened for hours, then he was getting hungry. To his suprise, he got what he needed. He got a plate full of food. Then after eating, he was getting thirsty. Then suddenly a glass of water appeared in front of him. When he was done eating and drinking, the plate and the glass disappeared. Then he was tired... Well you already get the idea... After couple of days, Corona was getting bored of the same habits. He wanted someone to play with, someone to chat with, and someone who would love, like parents would. Believe it or not, he wanted to get education. He accutally wanted to learn new spells and all that boring school stuff, because he thought those things might help him get out, and get back to Equestria, where his family is. So his wishes came true, suddenly a classroom appeared in front of him. There was no pupils, just him and the teacher. After months and months of studying he became more educated, and even grew up a little. He was reading through schoolbooks, but couldn't find anything regarding of a way out of the "ball", or the moon in general. Then he had an idea! He wished for a rocket! But for some reason, the wish didn't become granted. He tried to wish for anything that could fly, but nothing worked. He wished for a library to read more advanced magic books, then suddenly a library appeared in front of him. He scrolled through flying magic books, untill he saw an "Alicorn" spell. The spell wasn't easy to cast though. He tried the spell for days and days, it didn't work. But then he looked a little closer to the text and he saw that he had ignored a step. So he tried to do it perfectly this time, and it worked! He was SUPER happy for finally getting the spell to work! He immidietly tried to fly, but he fell because he didn't accutally know how to fly yet. He wished for a flying school, and he got it. He trained for days just to get his hooves off the ground. After he did, he trained flying through obstacles, and raced the teacher. The funny thing was that these ponies I wished to appear, they don't talk at all. They have pale faces and they just do what they should do. But when I finally learned how to fly, the flying school disappeared and I flied like a storm to the top to get back to the earth. Suddenly I hear a whisper in my ear: "You passed the test which the caster of this spell never believed you would pass". Corona: "Wait, the CASTER? Do you mean someone got me here IN PURPOSE??" answer. Corona flied back to the earth super fast. In Equestria, he flied back to his home. His face was fire red, when he saw his sister. "I KNOW MOM AND DAD WOULD NEVER WARP AND TRAP ME ON THE MOON!!!" He screamed. "I...i...I'm sorry" she answered. Corona flied away.... Far away. He's out there somewhere, no one just knows where. He might be hidden somewhere deep in the woods, or just out of sight of other ponies. After days were gone, Luna wanted to make a memorial event. Luna: "In memory of Mystic Corona: ~The mystical dusk that took my brother away, may from this day be his official name~" <THE END> @Mystic_Dusk all rights reserved
  12. Hello! My profile pic is the OC, yeah here is some background information: Mystic Dusk is Princess Luna's lost little brother, Luna lost his brother because Luna was casting a spell to give the moon 1 random innocent soul, Luna had no idea that the spell accutally affected a random sibling, Mystic Dusk then got transferred to the moon. Mystic Dusk then created a powerful spell to make him an alicorn (his sister taught him very well) and flew back to the earth. His certain location is unknown, but if he is ever found, it means he will get a crown. Maybe he is just hiding somewhere deep in the woods, nopony knows.
  13. Hello everyone. Today I finally drew Discord's last family member Despair. Despair is the one sibling that shares the strongest bond with Discord by far. Discord offered Despair to assist him with conquering equestria, but declined the offer stating, "I can't abandon my realm of despair, Discord, same goes for you. If you abandon your realm of chaos, it'll eventually disappear along with yourself. Don't you know that?" Discord replied, "Of course I know that! Do you think I'm stupid or something? I'm just tired of this! I'm tired of overseeing the chaos of this world! I want to cause some for once! It's so painfully boring here... I'd rather cause my own chaos just for once in my life even if it did mean I would disappear!" Despair thought of what he could do, Than he came up with an idea. "Discord, if you truly wish to go through with this, I can watch over both of our realms for a while. But I can probably only keep it up for 1000 years or so... If your not back by then I'm leaving your realm to disappear... Have fun with your freedom while you can..." Here's the rest of the family Discord's sister Desire Discord's sister Decay Discord's brother Destiny Discord's sister Death
  14. chat codes: SawyerDoesMinecraft Magicalflutter5 Hi people! Hai.
  15. My favorite family member is my dad. He is a very friendly and funny, a caring person; a doctor; and hates to see people unwell. He also cares a lot for me, and even if he scolds me for doing something bad, he'll cheer me up afterwards and give me a snack to make me feel better. I never hold grudges against him, because I just can't. He's not that kind of person. Who's your favorite family member and why?
  16. I've said many times that I hate to draw... and that still holds true! WHILE I'm drawing it's the biggest pain in the butt imaginable; but for the first time today I actually completed something! (From scratch no less!) And it just so happened to be a drawing of my OC! (Who is a bat pony!) So tell me what you think, any critiquing would be greatly appreciated because it's my first real attempt at pony art.
  17. Hey, guys! The name's Thunderlane, and I'm here to kill some time. The boss gave me a few days off in a row from cloud bustin' this week, and I'm drained anyway from having finished the Wonderbolt Academy just last week, so I'm chillin' at home for now. Figured I may as well goof off on the ponynet for a little bit. Just me and this squirt that just walked out of the bathroom. Never seen him before, honest. Might have to call the cop ponies on this guy if he tries to steal any of my stuff. Thunder, you know who I am! And I already said those jokes weren't funny. Anywho, I'm keepin' an eye on the squirt this weekend since the folks are outta town and can't watch em'. So uh, feel free to ask either of us questions or whatever. I'll answer any mares that happen to be out there, and uh...the kid can talk to any of his school friends that might be around~ Hey! I wanna talk to the internet ponies, too, Thunder!
  18. I had this idea after my sister gave me a picture for my birthday that read "Will you be my BBBFF?" - Which, almost made me cry, by the way. And I left out the cutie marks on purpose. I honestly think they wouldn't look very good on this.
  19. So this is my first time ever drawing a pony by hand! I think it turned out pretty good! My 14 year old brother wanted a pony, so i made two ponies! him and me! Is there anything i should change? And yes. I know. My face looks a bit fat. It's not easy to draw when i'm banging my head to dubstep. @_@
  20. Who here watches Big Brother 14? If you do, state what you think should be the players next move or just for the purposes of discussion! PLEASE NO SPOILERS. IF IT AIRED ON BIG BROTHER AFTER DARK PLEASE DO NOT POST HERE. KEEP THIS THREAD ONLY FOR WHAT HAS BEEN AIRED ON SUNDAY, WEDNESDAY, AND THURSDAY. I'm all alone Nobody likes me and they're avoiding me and they don't want to be my friends anymore.
  21. My brother has gone insane today. Exibit A: I found $5 in my computer case, le wild brother shows up,jumps me, mugs me for meh monies, running out the door. I proceeded to chase after him, but being in track, he ran faster than me and ran down the sidewalk with my money. Then, when he came back, he was forced to give me back my money. Exibit B: He had the nerve to come into my room, take my cup, and spill water all over my computer case. Exibit B: He took the bottle of which I keep Florida sand in, takes my money, and shoves it in there and says, "BURIED TREASURE!" Exibit D: He starts rapidly scratching my head with a comb. Exibit E: He threw my money around yet again, and a dollar landed in my cup of water. He casually took it out and says, "Money floats!" and smears the dollar on my face. Exibit F: He took my telescope, and starting poking me with it. Than set it on my bed, right on top of me. What a day...
  22. When I first started watching MLP my brother found out about it within the first week, I made him a promise that if he watched just three episodes that I would watch an entire series of whichever anime he chose. I had him watch "Lesson Zero", "Read it and Weep, and "Putting Your Hoof Down" he admitted that it wasn't as bad as he had thought but he wasn't going to go out of his way to watch it. (That was about four months ago) A few weeks ago after showing him a PMV he jokingly said it would make the show better if one of the characters had a traumatic past and I told him about Pinkie's rock farm and we had a good laugh about how that doesn't really count. Today my parents went out shopping and took my sisters with them leaving us home alone, as soon as they left my brother said that he wanted to see the episode with the rock farm. I told him it wasn't that good of and episode and that he wouldn't like it unless he was already a fan, so he agreed to watch "The Return of Harmony 1&2" after we finished "The Cutiemark Chronicles". We sat around and had a laugh about it and he admitted it was pretty good, but he still was't going to watch it. Needless to say this is pretty exiting for me because he actually asked me to show him an episode because it sounded interesting. I going to be checking his internet history for the next week or so to see if he watches any more.
  23. In a magical place known as Ponyville, where only ponies lived, there was a certain city up in the sky, known as Cloudsdale. In this place dwelt the species of pony known as Pegasus. These were the winged ponies who had the ability to fly. Princess Celesta, the guardian of Ponyville, and the only Pegasus Unicorn also dwelt there. A day came when two new ponies were born, a boy and a girl. The boy was yellow and the girl, blue. The girl grew a beautiful rainbow mane and so did the boy. The parents struggled with naming their two kids. Soon, they grew old enough to go to flight school. Young Pegasus in Cloudsdale learn to fly early. Both quickly learned how to fly. However, during a race, the girl performed something that had never been done before, a sonic boom, in which she flew beyond the speed of sound, only this time, it was rainbow. This is how she got her name and what was known as, a cutie mark. The cutie mark was what separated every pony apart. It represented something extraordinary. Rainbow-Dash, as she was called, would be found flying about doing various things around Ponyville, or clearing up the sky of clouds, which would only take 10 seconds. Meanwhile the boy just flew around doing nothing, or trying out his skills, which would soon be put to the test. One cloudy day, Rainbow-Dash was flying high in the sky. She was enjoying herself, until it started to rain and eventually storm. Rainbow Dash tried her best to escape the storm, but became trapped in the middle of the storm. Fifteen minutes went by and there was still no sign of Rainbow-Dash. It was still pouring rain. Everyone became worried, because without Rainbow Dash, the newspaper wouldn’t be able to spread fast. After the Wonder-bolts couldn’t find her, the boy decided to look for her himself. His parents strongly doubted he should do it, but he ignored them, because Rainbow Dash was his sister, and he was not gonna let anything happen to her. He flew into the stormy clouds. As he rounded a turn, a lightning bolt struck him, but it did not do anything. Surrounded by a veil of electricity, he continued the search. Suddenly, he heard a voice call out “Help! Somebody!” He knew it was Rainbow Dash. So he flew to where the voice was coming from. Meanwhile down on Ponyville, the parents of Rainbow Dash and the boy were worrying to no end. Back up in the storm, the boy finally arrived to the helpless Rainbow Dash. She was scared. But when she saw her brother surrounded in a veil of electricity. “WAH!! Who are you? Get away from me!!” She screamed in fright. “Nothing to be afraid of, it’s me, your brother.” Her brother said. “But, wha, h-h-how’d you get that electricity around your body?” Rainbow Dash asked in shock. “I guess…I’m immune to electricity, now, let’s get you down from here before you get hurt.” He said. So Rainbow-Dash got on her brother’s back and they both flew back down to safety. Back on the ground, Rainbow-Dash’s mother was sobbing, for she certainly knew then both were lost. Suddenly, she saw a speck in the sky. The speck came closer and closer. Two ponies were now visible. It was Rainbow-Dash and her brother. Rainbow-Dash and her brother’s mother smiled with joy, for her two children were safe. As Rainbow-Dash’s brother was recovering, he saw a gleam coming from somewhere. It was he! He had just earned his cutie mark. It was a four-way branched lighting bolt. The parents came up with a name right then: Thunder-Dash. This was because of his bravery, his speed and most of all, his electric powers. And that is the origin of Thunder-Dash.
  24. Zippy - Fluttershy's little brother - the daredevil (Scoots), younger sibling (SB/AB) Merlin - Twilight Sparkle's admirer - the docile one (SB), unrelated admirer (Scoots) Jinkie Pie - Pinkie Pie's little nephew - the leader (AB), energetic and outgoing like his Aunt Pinkie Here's Zippy with his big sister Fluttershy. Zippy is more courageous than his big sister but he always helps her out whenever she's visiting home in Cloudsdale or he's visiting her at her cottage. Here's Twilight Sparkle reading aloud for her little admirer Merlin. Merlin's family just moved from Canterlot to Ponyville and Merlin had heard about Twilight's reputation for excelling at magic. Merlin is a cute, innocent colt who adores Twilight and would love to learn more about magic from her. Then finally Jinkie Pie diving for a cupcake against his Aunt Pinkie. Jinkie is the son of Inkie Pie and is as bubbly and outgoing as his Aunt Pinkie. The leader of the Colt-y Mark Crusaders, he wears a green fez as given to him by his aunt.