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Found 10 results

  1. So, I'm surprised this isn't a thing. What is your favourite internet browser? Mine's Mozilla Firefox. :comeatus: My mother uses it, so I think I may have inherited her love for it. The UI is impeccable and the speed rivals that of even Google Chrome
  2. I use firefox since it's open source, tons of addons, tons of themes. Artemis: Restoring the post to an earlier, more detailed revision.
  3. There is this 3D virtual world called Second Life, it's without objectives so I'm not sure if it would be called a game. Would there be a place to talk about 3D models in the platform like MLP building replicas, avatars, ect? (Also here is a picture of Scootaloo)
  4. If someone was able to make Browser Ponies a reality, with Artificial Intelligence that thought like/acted like/looked like ponies, would you use the browser? I would, and I hope as we get better at making AIs, that those will become a reality, anyone else? (Moderators, if this is in the wrong location, can you message/move it for me? Not sure if this is the right place.)
  5. Every time I try to post with the quick reply on the bottom of the thread it won't let me. And it gives me a hard time trying to edit anything for my profile, signature, and so on. On top of that, if I make spaces between sentences so it's not one jumbled mess of text it turns it into a jumbled pile of text. I just got firefox not to long ago and I have adblock plus. Could that be the reason for the issues I'm experiencing?
  6. Hi, I recently discovered that MLP Forums has an issue with the status updates when using the Firefox browser. I attempted to delete a status and it said it had failed, and it still showed up on the profile although when I entered the comments, it was red. Creating a new status update also caused a pop up window to say the action failed. Now that I switched to Chrome it works just perfectly.
  7. Admittedly, my preference in browsers or OS's isn't a popular one (get off my case!), but besides that, I've noticed that doesn't appear to be working correctly in IE11 on Windows 8.1. Understandably, it is a very new iteration of the browser, but I wanted to raise awareness for the issue if it isn't already a known one. The menu on the side appears, as well as the avatar photo, but nothing else shows up. I don't think it's an issue outside of the browser though, since Torch seems to handle it just fine.
  8. Some of you may know who the browser ponies are. If not, they are ponifications of the internet browsers: Google Chrome- Mozilla Firefox- Internet Explorer- Opera- Safari- We have a newcomer: Torch So, vote above for which one is your favorite and tell us why below. My favorite is the Internet Explorer pony. She has a nice design and is so cute. Also, I feel really bad for her. She kind of reminds me of Derpy.
  9. Here's a little something I did and will probably continue doing just for fun. A series of Let's plays of in-browser flash games, primarily from big company websites (Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, etc.). Here is Episode 1, where I begin my analysis of the games on the Ed Edd n Eddy section of Hope you enjoy the silly theme song!
  10. i drew Internet explorer pony out of boredom last night and it took about an hour or so, im working on the 60 follower pic as we speak, and im also working on a pokemon team for someone named Sparky (mod of moondust tumblr) so stay tuned guys! also what do you think of IE?