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Found 11 results

  1. With the closing of the Toys R Us website, it was obvious that the most recent Derpy Hooves brushable in the Friendship Festival Fun pack(Containing a whopping 12 Ponies, including the Mane 6) would go up in price(Hell, the whole set can cost around $120 on eBay). As a result, Derpy is once again without a single brushable available on retail shelves(The Wonderbolt one was the last one we had, followed by the 2013 Toys R Us Friendship Collection set 2 and the SDCC Derpy). Which begs the question: Will there be another Brushable Derpy? Or rather, will there be an individual one that doesn't come with any other pony, and is not a Convention exclusive figure?
  2. Hey there! I've had the Build-a-Bear princess luna plush for some time, and I love almost everything about her. The problem is that she just has so much of that shiny hair! With tiny brushable toys, it is easier to handle (curl it up, put a rubber band around the end, etc.) but with a toy that has so much hair, it is hard for me to keep it under control. I've kept both her mane and tail in a fishtail braid since that seems to keep things the neatest, but does anyone have any other tips on how to keep it untangled?
  3. I have complied these lists to help people know where they can buy their specific pony goods as well as what's currently available either online or in stores! Of course any pony related purchases or creations are welcome ! I've provided images as well to help compare and visually see what's available. Feel free to post pictures of your own pony collections/finds! I am based in the US and I don't know much about what's available abroad. If you are abroad and would like help keep me posted that would be great! UPDATE: I really meant to keep up with post but I have had a bunch of stuff going on and such. When I first made this the Strawberry site didn't have an updated list and now they do so that can be used as well. I'd still like to update this throughly at some point but until then here's a short TDLR of pony merch information: Helpful Merch websites: ( just to see what's going to come out as well) Places to get pony clothes Hot Topic, Red Bubble, Target (small) , WeLoveFine, Ebay, claires Places to get pony toys (online and off) Toysrus , hasbrotoyshop webstie, target ,walmart , dollar stores , hot topic, meijer , walmart, kmart, amazon , ebay Pony Plushes available at Meijer, Target , Walmart , Ebay, Amazon, Hottopic , Claires , Buildabear Pony Plushies available: Funrise Plushies (most available in multiple sizes ) , Princess Celestia, Princess Cadance, Princess Twilight, Twilight (alicorn and unicorn), Applejack (with and without hat), Rarity (rainbow power rarity too), Rainbow Dash , Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, DJ , Derpy , Octavia , Trixie Aurora Plushies : Mane 6 (sitting and standing , standing in two sizes) soon to be Princess Luna and some winter clothes ones TY beanie babies: regular size and big of mane 6 plus regular size twilight) Build a Bear : Pinkie Pie , Twilight Sparkle, Spike , Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy , Rarity, Scootaloo, Sweetie Bell Build a Bears coming this year : Zecora , Applejack, Applebloom, Trixie Backpacks at Welovefine, Claires , hottopic : Dr. Whooves , Pinkie Pie, Derpy , Rainbow Dash , DJ Also 4DE plushes which I'm aware of Twilight and Pinkie pie being out and that Big Mac will be out later this year. Current Funko Figures out( available at places like Walmart, ToysRus , Hottopic all with see through variants): Rainbow Dash, Derpy , Dr. Hooves, Pinkie Pie, Lyra , Octavia , Twilight Sparkle , Trixie , DJ, Fluttershy , Big Mac , Applejack Contents Contents Post 2 Top New items and Buying News! Post 3 Brushables ! Post 4 Figurines ! Post 5 Plushies ! Post 6 Other My Little Pony FIM Merch. Post 8 Plushies coming out this year! Buying News! Our favorite BG gray musically inclined pony is being made into a plush by Funrise! Build a Bear news! BAB newsUpdate 3/26 Check out big box stores a lot of sales on pony items seem to be going on! Update 3/22 More hard books and coloring books are popping up for MLP , also the new flash drives are now availae. Update 3/11 10in Fluttershy funrise plush is in Walmarts now , when I bought mine a couple days ago they were on sale for 10$ each Rarity Funrise plushes have begun to pop up in stores. Also places like walmart are having some MLP stationary type items like pencils and pencil case. There is also now MLP:FIM party supplies there! Also check meijer this week(3/10) for glitterwing ponies as they are on sale for 6.99$ also some of the other pony stuff is on sale as well BAB official news has stated RD and PP will be coming out April first as well as MLP specific clothing. News Update 2/9 At the toy fair 3 beanie babies of MLP were there! pics here Pictures from Toy Fair toy fair News Update 1/27 Valentines Day: Keep your eyes peeled as there are two MLP valentines Day card sets out there! I got one at Meijer and one at Kmart! New stuff at Meijer: 5in fluttershy plushes (they also have RD,PP,TS) Design a pony RD and FS Crystal (tinsel in hair) brushable mane 6 ponies yellow blind bags(the ones with princesses) I just saw posted on the Build a Bear website they will have My Little Pony in Spring! Funrise has announced that Applejack and Rarity plushes will be coming out ( in 5in and 10in sizes) So you can complete your collection! Keep an eye out for 20inch plushes at Target as they are listed on their website (although apparently not available for purchase just yet! yay! Sale on the train set at Meijer for 12$ New Pony products showing up on preorder on Toywiz , including a Nightmare moon sized WHITE CELESTIA!!! FINALLY! Vinyl Scratch and RD hug me backpacks among other things at this website here Pictures for new blind bag ponies , wave 7 (for 2013 are up!) look here! Post 3 Brushables! All Toys R Us exclusives Favorites set including DJ, a tall Nightmare Moon , Trixie as well as several other brushable ponies as well White Animated Celestia Glow in the dark brushable Zecora ( not available online anymore , might still be in the stores) Animated MLP items! Pink Animated Celestia(also available at Walmart and Kmart and Target) brushable twilight and remote control car (also available at walmart,target,Fry's,Kohl's, Kmart and hasbro online) Pinkie pie and remote control car (also available at Kmart,hasbro online and Target) simple express train set (also available at Walmart and Kmart ,Target, Hasbro online and Meijer and Kohl's) MLP Express Train Fluttershy train car available on Amazon brushable Sweetie Bell and Ice Cream train car(might still be available instore, no longer online toysrus) Walkin' Talkin' Pinkie Pie Also available at Meijer,Target, Walmart and Kmart MLP Playsets Daisy Dreams and Rarity in scooter set brushable pink Celestia , Rainbow Dash and pinkie pie tea time set Fluttershy and Pinkie Crystal Princess Spa set also available on Hasbro's shop Crystal Jewel Salon set also available at Hasbro's shop The rest of the listed playsets are older and are probably not available in stores anymore. $5-6.99 Single Brushables Some of the links no longer work ,if they're not at kmart online store or hasbro online , you'll either have to search for them at stores that sell brushables (like walmart) or buy them off ebay/amazon) Brushable Snowcatcher (also might able available at Walmart and Meijer and hasbro online) brushable FeatherMay (also available at Walmart and Meijer and Hasbro online) brushable Honeybuzz brushable Plumsweet (also available at Walmart) Brushable SunnyRays(also available at Meijer and hasbro online) brushable Lyra(also available at Meijer and hasbro online) Brushable CherryBerry(also available at Meijer and hasbro online) brushable Trixie (also available at Meijer and hasbro online) Brushable Twinkle Shine(also available at hasbro online) brushable Dewdrop Dazzle Brushable Lulu Luck Brushable Cupcake ( at walmart) Decorate your own pony The Crystal Empire ponies and traveling mane 6 should be available at Meijer and Walmart and likely the other big stores as well. It seems the main place to buy those ponies is> Hasbro's online shop Unfortunately i"m not sure where you can find Blossomforth, Diamond Rose, Cherry Pie, Lily Blossom or Cheerlie. They might still be / will be in stores but I haven't seen them in stores yet besides Cheerlie (who was the first group of FIM brushables). Flitterheart you can buy on Amazon \ Multipony Brushables! brushable Twilight Sparkle and pink Celestia and a spike figure (also available at Target and hasbro online) Brushable CMC and Cheerilee set White Celestia and Pinkie Piealso available at meijer , hasbro online ,target Princess Luna and Rarity also at meijer, hasbro online ,target Brushable set of Cadance , Celestia and Luna(target exclusive) I don't believe the last two are available online at any major big box store Back of Castle Brushable Bride and Groom and Castle ( Also can be found at Meijer,Target Walmart, Kohl's ,Fry's, Kmart and hasbro online) Wedding Brushables Brushable flowergirl CMC set (also available on hasbro online and target) Bridesmaids Brushable Bridesmaid pinkie pie ( also available on hasbro online) brushable bridesmaid Twilight sparkle(also available on hasbro online) brushable bridesmaid fluttershy (also available on hasbro online) brushable bridesmaid Rarity (also available on hasbro online) Animated Bride Princess Cadance (also available at Meijer, Target ,Fry's, Kmart, Kohl's and hasbro online) Fashion Style Luna and Celestia seem to be the two that are still available in stores, although if you get lucky you might spot the others at places where celestia and luna are.Also Cadance and Shining Armor are also still in Targets Fashion style Princess Luna (also available at Walmart ,Kmart and Meijer) Fashion Style Princess Celestia (also available at Walmart ,Kmart Meijer) Fashion style Fluttershy Fashion style Twilight sparkle (also available at Meijer and Kmart ) Rainbow Dash is no longer available online big box stores , it used to be sold on Kmart's website and it's listed as an instore item on toysrus Fashion Style Rarity Fashion Style Pinkie Pie Fashion Style Bride Cadance and Shining Armor ( only Target) The last one is no longer available in stores as far as I'm aware. Glitterwings Figures and other Single Ponies brushable Daisy Dreams glitterwings (also available at Meijer, Target and hasbro online) brushable Fluttershy glitterwings (also available at Meijer ,Target ,hasbro online and was at Aldi's for a bit) brushable Rarity glitterwings (also available at Target, Meijer and was at Aldi's for a bit) Brushable Rainbow Dash glitterwings (walmart,toysrus and was also available at Aldi's for a bit) brushable Ploomette glitterwings (meijer,toysrus and also available at Aldi's for a bit) Diamond Rose and the Sweet Song sets are only available in store at Target Crystal Motion Applejack also available at hasbro online and walmart in store,toysrus Crystal Motion Twilight Sparkleavailable at hasbro online and walmart in store , toysrus Crystal Motion Rainbow Dashavailable at hasbro online and walmart in store, toysrus Masquerade Sunset Shimmer also at hasbro online Masquerade Rainbow Dash also at hasbro online'>Masquerade Rarity also at hasbro online Masquerade Pinkie Pie also at hasbro online Other Past Available Brushable Items Post 4 Figurines! Collectible Figurine set 12 set of figurines Celebration set The Walmart exclusive set isn't sold online , so you'll just have to hope you see it in stores. Rainbow Crystal Pony figures target only I don't believe the four pack is sold anywhere anymore either 3 Packs! 3 piece apple family figurines ( Big Mac, Grannie and Apple Jack) ( Also can be found at Meijer,walmart and hasbro online) 3 piece figurine of Shining Armor , Cadance and Twilight Sparkle ( Also can be found at Meijer, walmart and hasbro online) 3 figurine set RD, Gilda and Wonderbolt (also can be found at meijer,walmart and hasbro online) Spa Set (also at walmart ,Meijer) Famous Friends Set(also at target ,walmart and kmart) Class of Cutie Marks set (also at target,walmart and kmart) Other Figurines! Design a Pony Fluttershy also at Meijer and target Design a Pony Rainbow Dash also at Meijer and target Derpy Vinyl Figure Rainbow Dash Vinyl Figure , used to be sold on Hottpic , it's not at the moment though ,probably still in stores. Fluttershy Vinyl Figure Dr. Whooves Vinyl Figure Blind Bags! Mystery figure case pack You can also find blind bags at Walmart ,Riteaid ,target ,hottopic and Meijer Don't like surprises or duplicates? Use this guide to get the ones you want! Pony Code Guide for Blind Bags (or just use as a list of ponies available via Blind bag! Some of the Blind bag waves Post 5 Plushies! If you go a couple posts down you will see other plushes and when they will be coming out htis Baby Rainbow dash plush (also available at Meijer and Walmart and hasbro online) Baby spike plush (also available at Meijer and Walmart and hasbro online) young pinkie pie plush learns to walk (also available at Meijer ,Fry's, Walmart and hasbro online) Sweetie Bell plush Cadance Storytelling plushalso toysrus Plush Princess Skyla Twilight animated story teller plush pinkie pie animated story teller plush also at toysrus Pinkie Pie with brush and sound Twilight Pillow plush thing I young sunny daze plushalso at toysrus So soft pinkie piealso at toysrus and hasbro online So soft cotton bellealso on hasbro online Apple sprout Jumbo Pinkie Pie and Cheerup Cheerilee you can probably find at the same stores that stock the items above. Funrise Plushes All the funrise plushes above can be found in Hottopic (some on their website), Target, Walmart and Meijer ) (to my knowledge 5in rarity has not hit stores yet , neither has applejack (picture below in the plush release guide) 20 inch Twilight also at toysrus,hottopic 20 inch Pinkie Piealso at toysrus,hottopic 20 inch Fluttershyalso at Toysrus Post 6 ITEMS ONLINE as of 3/26 (possibly instore as well) House supplies (sheets, blankets that sort of thing Other Items Online Instore Items Clothing type items and other Slapbands of the mane 6 (one of each) have been showing up at targets,walmarts and meijer (look near the trading cards ,as that's where it seems they put them) The main brick and mortar store that sells pony clothes online for adults is Hottopic , since they have changing stock I"m not going to specifically list their clothing. They also carry key chains, headphones, socks and cards. Books You can find some of them listed online at like Walmart There is at least one giant coloring book ( I found mine at Meijer) There is a sticker book (which was also online) ( I found mine at Target) There is book with suction cup characters ( I found mine at Meijer) There is a jumbo like 200+ page coloring book (I found mine at Joann Fabrics) There's a set of hard cover books that came out There's also a couple single hard cover books came out. Keep an eye out around children book's for these in places where they have coloring and children's books. Other stuff instore Walmart is carrying party supplies; 4 different plastic cups napkins, bags, wrapping paper also applejack cake decoration stuff At walmart as well as other places carrying pencils, erasers, pencil cases Also at walmart and other stores different cleaning stuff bath sets and toothbrush sets Trading Cards+Comics: I don't know a ton about either but I figured they should be mentioned Trading Cards : They come in packs, there's also a gala themed tin available as well as a couple different gift box type things. They're available at places like Meijer , Walmart and Target. They're also available at Hottopic Each pack comes with 4 random cards, a foil or a standee, and one removable tattoo. Comic: There's a MLP comic out , you can find them and trading cards at your local comic shops. There's a variety of different covers, but as far as I understand they're all the same comic. PLUSHIE GUIDE FOR 2013! />
  4. Several of my G4 brushable figures have dry, straw-like hair on their tails. The hair was like that straight out of the packaging. Strangely, their manes aren't dry - the manes are super soft and easy to brush and style. It's just the tail that has this problem. I style all of my ponies manes and tails. I wash and condition them thoroughly and then put curlers in their hair. Usually, this method keeps my ponies' manes and tails super soft, shiny, and pretty! However, many of the figures have tails that REFUSE to stop being dry, droopy, dull, and awful-looking. X__X Do any of you know how to deal with this problem? Or am I doomed to have my G4 ponies have brittle, stubbornly un-style-able tails forever?
  5. The only time we ever got a Fashion Style Applejack was almost four years ago. Why has Hasbro not released her again? Now it is impossible to get her unless you wanna pay some eBay user a few hundred for one. I can't tell you how frustrating this is to me. I didn't get into the current generation of My Little Pony right away it took me at least two years after it started. I have always been a fan of G1-G3 (Not counting 3.5) because the toys actually look like ponies. There are very few G4 toys I like or want, and FS Applejack is one I want VERY badly. If any of you could direct me to someone who is willing to sell one for a reasonable price I would appreciate it. She is NOT worth three hundred...I mean there are very few G1's that go that high. The only one I saw was the German exclusive pony named Nightlight.
  6. I finally got a little bit of cash, so decided to fulfill my dream and get some G1 brushables for customizing. Yes, I risk to be unpopular but I just love G1 sculpts. I do not care they are not like show, I'm not aiming for show accuracy or anything, I just wanna make pretty silky-maned toy horsies. Anyhow... Is that only me, or does the top row middle pony (the electric white one with pink white yellow mane and peachy tail) really look totally off? The eye is little and black, color scheme is totally horrible and that's not a G1 sculpt. Could that be a later generation white blankie that someone has customized horribly (thet would explain mane in colors of hilighter), or could it be a fakie? Not like I'm too worried about having one fakie, I'm bidding for this lot anyhow, still gives me 8 good ponies and two good babies to work with, and I could use that one for practice if it's still made of vinyl (I just hope it's not hard plastic), I'm just cturious who she is...
  7. Well I have got a few brushables in my collection now, and unfortunately I always hated the manes. I wanted to make them more show accurate, so I did a bit of styling myself. I thought I'd post my outcome here, and I'd love to see anypony else who's done the same! This is what my Rarity and Pinkie Pie used to look like: And this is what Fluttershy used to look like: I must say I was very pleased with how they turned out!
  8. That's me, isn't it? All wrapped up in chains.
  9. So I'm glad to see that the brushable toys are no longer restricted to only female characters, thanks to Shining Armor. The mold is already made, and the mane (although a bit weird looking on Shining Armor) does look masculine and would work perfectly for Big Mac. He should be next! (in my opinion) What stallion(s) do you want to see in brushable toys?
  10. Watch Rarity's hair go from matted and gross to FABULOUS!...sorta. I used this tutorial if anyone is also interested in fixing their Rarity Brushable. Before After!
  11. Now that some of the fan-favorites are starting to show up as full-size brushables, I think I'm ready to dive into these things! XD Problem is, there's just SO MANY OF THEM!!! I'd like to start off with the mane six (of course), but think about it......there's like, 8 different Rainbow Dashes out there! The ones that were on display with Vinyl Scratch, Trixie, and Lyra molds at that toy expo earlier this year looked pretty good, but I don't know if those are already in stores, or to be released later in the year. The important thing I'm looking for is hair that could be easily styled to look show accurate.........though of course accurate paint-jobs are a must too. Since I'm still VERY new to this whole "pony collectors" thing though, I'd really appreciate some advice and where to focus my attention! Again, looking for which versions of the brushable ponies I should be pursuing. Thanks for any advice you Bronies can offer!