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Found 3 results

  1. I would like to introduce to you the two possible survivors, and likely cause of Ragnarök. @Koukatsu, has served you all magnificently as a Sectional Staffer in the MLPF section. Welcoming new members, answering questions, assisting with escalation of sensitive tickets, and putting up with my antics. I have known him for a while as a colleague and friend. He has proven his mettle, so it gives me great pleasure to welcome him to the Moderation Team as a Global Moderator. He will continue to focus his attention in the areas he has become an expert in, and also be able to stretch his red pegasus wings to assist beyond MLPF. Congrats Kou! Serendipity. ... (or Dawn Rider as he is known by many), will be taking over the role as Team Leader for the MLPF section. There is something special about this. For those that go back, Dawn was a member of the team that started out running Site Questions. His dedication there is nothing short of impressive. In a way, the circle is complete. On a personal note, he was one of the first members of staff to reach out to me in friendship. When I joined staff, he was instrumental in easing the transition for me. His approachability is genuine. It also didn't hurt that he sounds and looks just like Dr. Chase from House MD. Just kidding Dawn. The ship is yours sir. It is in good hands. [hr[ Both of them deserve these promotions. Though, I am not sure why we all had to die. Come to think of it ... that was bad planning on my part. *I totally did not just rip that off of Wikipedia and edit it. Nope, not me.
  2. Hello everyone! So, I've recently started looking into DOTA 2, a game I never thought I would ever show any interest in. But, given my recent creed of trying not to judge things before I try them, I've found that the core concepts of DOTA are actually pretty fun to me, and so I've done a bunch of research, watched a bunch of videos (both tutorials, and game replays), and played the tutorial and a bot game. Overall, my experience has been good! But I've been incredibly nervous about hopping into a player game. I've heard that the DOTA community at large is very mixed. Sometimes you'll enter a game, and everyone will be awesome, supportive, and kind. Other times, you'll get yelled at for every little mistake you make! I'm also obviously not very good yet... Because of this, I've been wanting to maybe seek out someone, or a group of people who already play DOTA, to maybe play with them so as to acclimate to the game better, and in a friendlier, more supportive environment. In other words, would anyone be interested in playing some DOTA 2 with me? I have Skype, so I can voice chat easily with people during games! (I can also use in-game voice, though I prefer skype, so that I don't have to keep track of yet another key to press in-game!) Thanks!
  3. Alright, this post is gonna be kinda random, but hear me out... What if, in Halo: Reach's Firefight mode, before you start the match, you could choose one of the Mane 6 to assist you in the battle? What character do you think would be the most helpful? I would choose Twilight Sparkle. Not only because she's my favorite, but because of her spells. If I didn't have the Bubble Shield, she could cast a spell to give me extra shielding, heal me, or maybe cast a "shockwave" spell to knock back enemies. Or, she could fly around the battlefield and cast some kind of "stun" spell on enemies. I dunno Don't take this super seriously. This is obviously just a for fun "what if" scenario lol