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Found 6 results

  1. So, looks like we got the budget and score info for the movie. (at least according to 4chan, but given the number of spoilers being released tonight for the movie I'm inclined to believe the info so far) Some spoilers to be picked from this I'm betting if it turns out to be legit. Budget: $65 million Film run time: 1:44:48 Songs: 1. The Friendship Festival 2. Friendship Duet 3. Magician (by Sia) 4. Avenge the Day 5. Swim Higher 6. Time To Be Awesome 7. Ballad of a Princess 8. Off to See The World (by Lukas Graham) Score: 1. The Two Sisters 2. Morning in Ponyville 3. Parade Runner 4. Invaders! 5. A-pony-lypse 6. Celestia's Prophecy 7. Leaving Equestria 8. The King's Oath 9. Storm Chaser 10. Oh Captain My Captain 11. Capperlet 12. Throwing Away The Shot 13. Steampunk Junction 14. Escaping Tempest 15. The Land Down Under 16. The Rebels 17. Flight of the Hippogriff 18. Pastime Piratise 19. Storm the Docks 20. A Twist of Fate 21. Puzzles 22. Let's Start Anew 23. Fight for Friendship 24. The Light Rises 25. Sonic Rainboom 26. Credits Medley
  2. Thinking whether I should take a trip to Baltimore and go to BronyCon 2016, and I cannot decide. I've never been to such conventions. Can anypony tell me what such events have in store in a nutshell? Are there any worthy things about it aside from buying stuff? I am also not sure, because nopony knows if it shall happen in 2017...
  3. Hello there, I'm waiting for Christmas to get a Gaming PC, and I currently have a Disability Living Allowance pension of £13 per day, And I'm only here at weekends and mondays and half term. My mother says if you want it we can split up the money into two. I was wondering, are there any Gaming PC's that are good for playing Daytona USA 2 60fps on an emulator, good for playing Project 64(N64 Emulator), SFM and GMod for just £400 to £500? I also wish it could play Portal and Skyrim, as they are much better on PC thanks to console command cheats. This is for christmas, which is 5 months away. I want to spend £400($620) to £500($775). Is there anyway I can do this also with a Horizontal PC case? What are your recommendations? I heard about Battlefield 4 ready PC's for £449. And what about Keyboards and all that? any cheap setups including those? One more question, will my PC always run at the same performance? And it will it deteriorate only slowly? I don't want it to be like ''Oh I downloaded 30 games and I deleted them and my PC still runs at 10fps because of permanent deteriation''. Please help me on this. I really need to know. Also, I need parts that are relatively easy to find(as in, can be found on most general online retailers and PC stores).
  4. As my High School graduation gets closer and closer, specifically on May 29th, I have been on a budget lately and I don't want to spend much money until I get a part time job hopefully in August or September. But I'm really eager to pick up some older games as soon as I can including Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, Pokémon Conquest, Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs, New Super Mario Bros., Super Mario 64 DS, Super Mario Sunshine, Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, etc. I'd like to get those by the end of the year. And I also want to start a Blu Ray Collection, and hopefully by the end of the year. get a new Desktop PC to replace my laptop as a better PC to edit videos on. Also I haven't really been posting a lot on this forum this month. I'm super busy into finishing High School. Also I have been working on my MLP YouTube Poop. I've been working on it a little each day. And I will probably have it done in June and I will upload it on my YouTube channel. Spoilers, the title of it will be called "Twilight Enters the Twilight Zone". So I just wanted to give an update on where my life is going at the moment.
  5. I was curious to see how much everypony spends per week on food, and also if you eat at home more than say you go out. I try to eat at home more so than going out going out is an expense I can't afford, and fast food is just so much more unhealthy for a pony. So i buy grocerys every two weeks at a cost of about $200.00, and mind you thats for four ponies. So I think its much cheaper, and heathier to eat, and prepare your own meals.
  6. Since I don't have the money to buy $60 games on launch day, and since many current PS4 and Xbone retail games don't really interest me. I've basicaly been doing most of my gaming from digital titles, used games, and handhelds. That doesn't mean I won't buy a retail PS4 game ever. But the amount of fun, cheap PSN and eShop games available. Plus, the backlog of 7th gen games that probably dirt cheap now. I think I'm content for the time being.