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Found 2 results

  1. After I failed Fake It 'Til You Make It, I decided to put all 28 failed episodes in order from worst F- minus to least worst F+. That list eventually expanded into a complete list of episodes I graded, from the best letter-plus episode to the worst letter-minus, . The statuses can be found here: A episodes, B episodes, C episodes, D episodes, and F episodes. With each list compiled, I'm taking every episode in the show and arranged it in order from the best to the worst. The list is always subject to change; episodes could be upgraded or downgraded at anytime. S9 episodes are in bold underline. Those aired early are under "spoiler" tags. To see every piece of FIM media I graded (and how I graded each episode for each season), click here. That gets updated during each season and possibly in between or during the offseason, if I changed one. And for readability purposes, I sectioned each list with "— — —" in between. Let's begin! The Perfect Pear: A+ The Best Night Ever: A+ Crusaders of the Lost Mark: A+ Amending Fences: A+ Shadow Play: A+ The Big Mac Question: A+ The Last Crusade: A+ Sparkle's Seven: A+ Sisterhooves Social: A+ The Cutie Map: A+ A Rockhoof and a Hard Place: A+ Parental Glideance: A+ The Break Up Break Down: A+ Party of One: A+ — — — The Last Problem: A Testing Testing 1, 2, 3: A Pinkie Pride: A The Hearth's Warming Club: A Slice of Life: A Dragon Dropped: A Suited for Success: A Road to Friendship: A The Summer Sun Setback: A The Washouts: A Lesson Zero: A Sleepless in Ponyville: A Hurricane Fluttershy: A Between Dark and Dawn: A The Times They Are A Changeling: A Flight to the Finish: A The Mean 6: A Common Ground: A Frenemies: A A Hearth's Warming Tail: A The Saddle Row Review: A Surf and/or Turf: A Marks and Recreation: A Grannies Gone Wild: A Cutie Re-Mark: A — — — Castle Sweet Castle: A- The Cutie Mark Chronicles: A- Once Upon a Zeppelin: A- The Fault in Our Cutie Marks: A- Sounds of Silence: A- Discordant Harmony: A- Wonderbolts Academy: A- She's All Yak: A- The Mane Attraction: A- Uncommon Bond: A- The Return of Harmony: A- Horse Play: A- For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils: A- Gauntlet of Fire: A- Bloom & Gloom: A- Molt Down: A- What Lies Beneath: A- The Last Laugh: A- It Isn't the Mane Thing About You: A- All Bottled Up: A- The Point of No Return: A- Winter Wrap Up: A- — — — A Flurry of Emotions: B+ The Beginning of the End: B+ Rarity Takes Manehattan: B+ She Talks to Angel: B+ Luna Eclipsed: B+ Scare Master: B+ Friendship University: B+ A Horse Shoe-In: B+ Call of the Cutie: B+ Student Counsel: B+ Marks for Effort: B+ Magic Duel: B+ Pinkie Apple Pie: B+ Viva Las Pegasus: B+ The Parent Map: B+ Uprooted: B+ To Change a Changeling: B+ On Your Marks: B+ — — — Daring Doubt: B Apple Family Reunion: B Family Appreciation Day: B The Crystalling: B Green Isn't Your Color: B Hearth's Warming Eve: B Secret of My Excess: B Top Bolt: B Rainbow Roadtrip: B The Last Roundup: B The End in Friend: B Inspiration Manifestation: B A Health of Information: B Sweet and Smoky: B Fall Weather Friends: B School Raze: B Look Before You Sleep: B Twilight Time: B Rarity Investigates!: B The Maud Couple: B Dungeons & Discords: B Sonic Rainboom: B A Friend in Deed: B — — — Sweet and Elite: B- Triple Threat: B- School Daze: B- Applebuck Season: B- Read It and Weep: B- It's About Time: B- Castle Mane-ia: B- Celestial Advice: B- Going to Seed: B- Canterlot Boutique: B- Stranger Than Fan Fiction: B- Hearthbreakers: B- Twilight's Kingdom: B- A Trivial Pursuit: B- Dragonshy: B- Swarm of the Century: B- Not Asking for Trouble: B- Father Knows Beast: B- Where the Apple Lies: B- — — — Forever Filly: C+ Campfire Tales: C+ Rock Solid Friendship: C+ Maud Pie: C+ Made in Manehattan: C+ Too Many Pinkie Pies: C+ The Best Gift Ever: C+ Make New Friends but Keep Discord: C+ Daring Done?: C+ The Gift of Maud Pie: C+ Three's a Crowd: C+ Baby Cakes: C+ — — — Power Ponies: C A Dog and Pony Show: C The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone: C Friendship Is Magic: C Leap of Faith: C Applejack's "Day" Off: C The One Where Pinkie Knows: C The Cutie Pox: C The Ending of the End: C Fluttershy Leans In: C — — — Buckball Season: C- Magical Mystery Cure: C- Princess Twilight Sparkle: C- Simple Ways: C- Stare Master: C- Party Pooped: C- A Canterlot Wedding: C- Spice Up Your Life: C- Growing Up Is Hard to Do: C- The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000: C- A Royal Problem: C- The Ticket Master: C- A Matter of Principals: C- — — — Over a Barrel: D+ Equestria Games: D+ Griffon the Brush Off: D+ Brotherhooves Social: D+ Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?: D+ Tanks for the Memories: D+ The Hooffields and McColts: D+ Keep Calm and Flutter On: D+ — — — Filly Vanilli: D A Bird in the Hoof: D Hearts and Hooves Day: D 2, 4, 6, Greaaat: D Just for Sidekicks: D Every Little Thing She Does: D Daring Don't: D Secrets and Pies: D Yakity-Sax: D — — — Feeling Pinkie Keen: D- Spike at Your Service: D- Ponyville Confidential: D- MMMystery on the Friendship Express: D- Non-Compete Clause: D- It Ain't Easy Being Breezies: D- — — — Flutter Brutter: F+ Games Ponies Play: F+ Bats!: F+ The Crystal Empire: F+ — — — No Second Prances: F Honest Apple: F May the Best Pet Win!: F What About Discord?: F Fake It 'Til You Make It: F To Where and Back Again: F Hard to Say Anything: F The Cart Before the Ponies: F Trade Ya!: F Appleoosa's Most Wanted: F The Show Stoppers: F Putting Your Hoof Down: F Somepony to Watch Over Me: F Boast Busters: F P.P.O.V.: F The Mysterious Mare Do Well: F Owl's Well That Ends Well: F Princess Spike: F — — — 28 Pranks Later: F- Rainbow Falls: F- Dragon Quest: F- Bridle Gossip: F- Fame and Misfortune: F- Newbie Dash: F- One Bad Apple: F-
  2. Yo homies and homettes. How you be chillin' up in dis crib tonight bitchez?! Ahem. I mean... Yes, yes indeed. Quite. Anyways, folks. I bet you have noticed something great happening around the forums lately, you know... It's no ordinary sandwich, a sandwich filled with jellyfish jelly... It's the tastiest sandwich in the sea... Yeah, but all tastefully added Spongebob humor aside, I'm talking about the one, the only.... Buffalo Man! That's right kids, you guessed it! Your favorite childhood hero, the guy we try to save a seat for on the subway, that fellow who is always checking his mailbox, the dude who supposedly never finished highschool but is still smarter than half the country, the best barrel racin', sharp shootin' sumbitch to ever spit beach-nut this side of the Mississippi!... The Big "BM", also known as Buffalo Man! (Based on a avatar by the generous user, @Dark Qiviut who is infact a real team player about this whole thing!) So what is this topic for you ask? Simple my fellow Buffalo Man lovin' forum users! It's to appreciate the ever loving FUCK out of Buffalo Man! Because we all know this guy is the best. Like seriously, look at that avatar. How the snarfin' snap-doodles couldn't ya love such a adorable lil' fella! (I know, I know... Some of you are saying this right now: "Whoa, dude... Dark Qiviut's avatar isn't even a Buffalo...") Well, all I gotta say to negative nancys that say things like that is HOOPLA! It is and forever shall be BUFFALO MAN! So yeah, kids. If you wanna join in the fun, it's easy. All you have to do is worship Buffalo Man every second of your life. I promise it's worth it. I prayed to Buffalo Man for 3 hours straight last night and when I woke up today, I wasn't mauled by a vicious Drop-Bear. (Drop Bears are no laughing matter...) I can see it in your eyes right now... You have questions about our hero, Buffalo Man, doncha? *chuckles* Not a problem fellow user, we all had questions at one point about this mystical being, Buffalo Man. It's nothing to tie your dick in a knot about. But yeah, If you do have the questions, refer to our organized FAQ section on the bottom of this post. It can be rather helpful when you begin to dedicate the rest of your feeble young life to our lord and savior, Buffalo Man. As for now, let me give you my point of view on the character created by the forum's very own Dark Qiviut. This should explain thoroughly where the whole Buffalo Man thing came into play. It was one of those things that just clicked when I saw that magnificent avatar, ya know... Clicked. Like that type of click that a seatbelt in brand-new automobile makes as you fasten it. Or the click them there old timey radio machines made as you turned em' on... Anyways, let's get to it, shall we? It was a dark and stormy night on our very own MLP Forums. A night like no other... A night that would tickle your titties to the third degree if it ever would happen again. I was sitting alone in the depths of one of my many yachts as the lights began to flicker on and off. Next, the the phone rang and there was nobody there... and finally... The Hash-Slinging Slasher arrived in the bus that ran him over! Alright... Fine. I'll tell the fuckin' story... But really guys, who's to say that didn't happen? Bastards... Okay, where was I?... Hmm... *Shuffles papers* Ah yes. Here we are. I was sitting alone in the depths of one of my many yachts as I happened to be browsing the mighty forum in a violent matter. Something caught my screen. Something like no other. It stood out tall, it stood out above all the other users... It was the mighty Buffalo Man avatar hiding in the mist of all the other users with average avatars that did not match up to Buffalo Man's originality. From this point on, anytime I saw Dark Qiviut on the forum, I instantly relate it with that thought of "Buffalo Man". How did it become a thing you ask? Simple, my friends. I happened to be in a Skype call one afternoon with the best everything, @Rockymoo, the best ute driving kangaroo, @QuirkyUsername and we'll just assume the best racecar, was also there... In this call I happened to refer to Dark Qiviut's avatar as "Buffalo Man" and ever since, it became our best inside joke. And what can I say? Buffalo Man became canon that fateful day... As promised, here's our FAQ section... FAQ: Who the flamin' fuck-balls is this "Buffalo Man"?! Answer: It's Dark Qiviut's avatar! Wasn't your dumbass reading this shit?! FAQ: I think I'm in love with Buffalo Man, what is my next step? Answer: Umm... Depending on how far you want to take it, you could have a plushie made and do the sideways line dance with it... FAQ: What if I think this whole "Buffalo Man" thing is stupid. Answer: Buffalo Man doesn't care what you think. FAQ: I really love this whole "Buffalo Man" meme and want to help support it! Answer: Good, good. We like you. You are a team player. You can help by embracing Buffalo Man each and every day and spreading Buffalo Man's love like a fat man spreads butter! FAQ: I have a prior criminal record and am currently under probation, can I still take part in supporting Buffalo Man? Answer: Yes? FAQ: Do you guys consider "Buffalo Man" a club? Answer: Not really. It's more of a way of life, not a actual sign up thing. FAQ: I really want to donate to Buffalo Man, how and can I do so? Answer: If you want to donate, I'll give you my P.O. box address so you can mail me money that you think is going toward the cause. FAQ: I am gonna be a real debbie downer and report this whole "Buffalo Man" thing for indirect harassment! Answer: Go fuck yourself. FAQ: Why is Buffalo Man all powerful? Answer: Because he is Buffalo Man and he can see and do whatever he likes. He is more powerful than any OC or character from anything ever made. He fucks shit up with his mind, bitch. FAQ: What does Buffalo Man sound like? Answer: Buffalo Man does not talk whatsoever. Buffalo Man communicates through telepathy. FAQ: I'm a big fan of Buffalo Man, but I don't really understand what it's all about. Is there anything I can reference to learn more? Answer: This topic aids in user confusion, if you have any questions, search this topic. If you still can't find a answer, feel free to ask personally (as long as you aren't stupid) FAQ: I just bought the "Buffalo Man" alarm clock online. What is the average shipping time I should expect? Answer: Umm... I think you got scammed, there isn't a "Buffalo Man" alarm clock, yet... So yeah, the estimated shipping time is probably never. FAQ: I have some kind of odd bulge on my back, do you think this could be a infected cyst? Answer: Sex. FAQ: How much time should I take out of my day to pray to Buffalo Man? Answer: As much as you feel necessary. He will listen. I recommend a minimum of 45 minutes to a hour. FAQ: Is there a "Anti-Buffalo Man" group? Answer: Probably, usually anytime there is something awesome, there are always fuckfaces out there trying to be non-playful peteys about it. FAQ: Can I be Buffalo Man's friend? Answer: If you are referring to Dark Qiviut, possibly... But if you are referring to the character "Buffalo Man" then, no. He works alone. FAQ: I really want a Buffalo Man T-Shirt! Where can I get one? Answer: They don't exist as of now, but we plan to have one made up. FAQ: Who made this whole "Buffalo Man" thing what it is today? Answer: @Chevette, @Rockymoo, , & @QuirkyUsername FAQ: Does Buffalo Man like Pokemon? Answer: Hell to the Naw, bitch. FAQ: What is under Buffalo Man's mighty patch of fur? Answer: The answer to salvation. Oh yeah, and drugs. Mostly drugs though. FAQ: Who makes the Buffalo Man images and .gifs? Answer: @Chevette FAQ: Why do people hate Buffalo Man? Answer: Because they are non-creative, evil-spirited, Buffalo Man faithless, heathens. FAQ: What does "The Big BM" mean? Answer: ?Just another way to reference Buffalo Man. (BM being short for "Buffalo Man") FAQ: I think there should be a show based on Buffalo Man! Answer: Good, we do too. FAQ: I need a cigarette. Answer: If you have enough faith in Buffalo Man, he'll give one to you. If you have any other questions about our savior Buffalo Man, feel free to ask. We are always happy to direct fellow Buffalites in the right direction. Have a Buff-tastic day and remember to pray to Buffalo Man!