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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, My build a bear collection of my little ponies has been growing with the release of Luna, Celestia, etc. How do you all store/display any larger ponies you have? and smaller beanie baby size? (are these beanie babies? I am older than many of you, I think ) Also, I am a big fan of the small blind bag pvc figures. Do any of you find these totally cute? And if so, how do you store these? I do have one old "Pinkie pie's nursery" or something toy that one series lives in (from an earlier generation of mlp, off ebay) but definitely open to ideas for these little ponies. Thank you!
  2. I need help with this. I been trying to fix my build a bear Twilight's hair. I conditioned it and stuff, but that just helped with the hair texture being good as new. The issue I am having trouble fixing is the matted ends. I don't understand why this part is so hard to fix. I even tried using detangler on the ends but that didn't work. Do I have no choice but to cut the ends? I am mainly trying to get the ends to be good as new, also the hair to stay laid (something else I am having trouble with). It isn't as easy as taking care of the small pony figures hair. :/
  3. Some of us might have noticed that the toyline exclusive Minty is on sale as a plush in Build a Bear stores It is strange since this is a third party company dealing with a toyine exclusive character . As far as I know, this is a first, as most third parties make merchandise of popular background ponies at the least known, so it's weird this is making a plush of Minty . I wonder if this means Minty will show-up in FiM next season. And with confirmation that G3 Pinkie Pie's VA will provide her voice in S7 (I'd prefer if Tabitha st GerMANE reprises the role if that happens ), not to mention it's been a while since we last got a toyline exclisive pony appearing in the show (I think Blossomfort was the last such case back in S2 ) PD: I just hope it's not just a A Very Minty Christmas allusion (she can have Christmas accessories), I WANT HER IN THE SHOW
  4. This is probably a really dumb question but I can only order them online so I can't really check for myself. I was curious whether they would or not as I would like to get this cute trapper hat for AJ~
  5. I have a 15 inch tall Fluttershy, and her hair's end is all…scratchy? It seems frayed? I don't know, it's coarse, and I don't know what to do! Does any pony else own one and is dealing with the same thing? Any tips? Is there anything I can do? Any products? What should I do? I've tried brushing, she has too many tangles and it pulls out all the hair! I can see the seam of where they sewed in her hair! I don't know what to do! I just got her back in February, I don't want to think of the idea of replacing her! I just don't! (Hey, they added new emoticons!)
  6. So a little while ago I picked up my Fluttershy plushie from Build a Bear. Oh my, I love her so much she's so cute and cuddly . She's my favorite piece of my entire pony collection, partially because she's Fluttershy, partially because of the BAB heart ritual + birth certificate, and partially just cause she's so snuggly and adorable and soft and wonderful! She's therapeutic too, and I cuddle with her every night and she has completely cured my insomnia I've had for the past year or so. There is a bit of a problem though. Her mane quite regularly becomes a frizzy mess (especially with such a high level of cuddling) and I must brush her frequently to keep her looking good, and more importantly I worry that if I let it go for too long without a brushing it might form some irreversible matting. At the same time though I'm worried that frequent brushing will eventually weaken the hair and it might start breaking. I certainly don't mind taking the time to keep her mane in good shape. The 8 hour sleeps I've been getting are more than worth it, but I don't want to be doing any kind of damage to her mane either. So I'm wondering if anyone has any hair care tips to help prolong the life of her mane and keep her from becoming a frizzy dread-locked rastashy (not that that wouldn't still be adorable, haha). I'm sure others have had the same problem, so if people want to share any tips they have for taking care of their Build a Bear plushies, whether through household products or otherwise that would be so awesome . EDIT: I did a bit of research and learned some tricks that can be done with household products, which worked really well. Her hair was a frizzed up tangled mess this morning and looks great right now. I'll probably update this post next time I do it and take pictures as I go
  7. So Build A Bear has released a picture for their new Celestia plushie that should be released soon I've seen various pics of other Build A Bear MLP plushies like their Fluttershy one, but I honestly think they could have done a tad better job with Celestia here But you guys can be the judge What do you think of this upcoming new Celestia plush? Will you be off to Build A Bear to buy one when it's released? Feel free to post your thoughts