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Found 13 results

  1. I know Tinker toys made my little pony build sets but I think if Hasbro let's Megabloks brand make them they would be better building sets I think?
  2. What do you think this building was used for .
  3. So I decided to start this game and anyone can join, what I was thinking is this will be a story we will all create, there will be randomness, silliness, sorrow and a cornucopia of other emotions as everyone adds their own bit. You don't even really need to read what has happened if you come in late and it already has a lot to it, you can still post and your addition could change the whole path of the story. I hope everyone likes this idea and it becomes big Rules: 1. Try to keep your addition slightly relevant to what is previously happening, don't go from a pony walking through Canterlot to suddenly being teleported to the underworld... which could still be relevant in some ways. 2. To make this story as potentially random and unpredictable as it can be, please only post a sentence or two at a time. Don't go off and write out a detailed page of character development where no one else had any part in it. 3. please make an attempt to us proper grammar as to not throw off what your addition might mean. 4. This is the most important part. Have fun! So no arguing over what was posted or how someone deviated the story, this all for fun and to be unpredictable So I will start it: On a sunny day in Canterlot, a unicorn stallion by the name of Star Chaser walked through the market district of the city. Until he came upon a peculiar shop that caught his eye that lined the sidewalk, the window had several displays inside and the sign above the door read Magic Galore.
  4. Hello everyone my name is BoomBlocks and i am making this post to help anyone who wants to make their own PC but does not know how to. I will walk you thru the steps in making one. First off you need to decide what you are using your computer for. You need to think if your using it for gaming,video production etc... that will decide where you can save money when building you pc. for example if you building a PC for video production you don't need a fancy motherboard build for gaming while for a gaming PC you need that motherboard so decide. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Step 1:The case. You need to select the correct case first because it tells you what you can and cant put in it. Smaller cases makes it so u need a smaller MB and smaller GPUs. Here are some recommend cases: Low Budget: -Thermaltake Versa N21 ( -Apevia X-Sniper 2 ( High Budget: -CM Storm Stryker( -NZXT PHANTOM( --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 2: Selecting the MB. For people who don't know if someone is talking tech and they say MB it ether standards for Mother Board or Mega Bit. But here w are talking about Mother Board. When selecting your MB be careful of what you select. Because your MB determines your max ram your CPU type and ram type. These are the life line factors of your MB. Not all ram or CPU can fit into the same slots. There are many of different slots to use just be aware of that. Also make sure your MB is the right size. Just see if you MB is a micro Atx, ATX, ect.. and match it with your case. An example of the slot is my MB has a LG1150 CPU slot witch means only a Intel processor will work and it has ddr3 and only that ram will work. Here are some recommended MBs: Gameing: Low Budget: -Msi Z97-G45 GAMING( -MSI 970 GAMING( High Budget: -MSI X99A GODLIKE GAMING( -GA-Z170X-GAMING G1( Other uses: Low Budget: -GA-78LMT-USB3( Hight Budget: -ASUS M5A99FX PRO( --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 3: The CPU. When picking a CPU you don't always need the best or most powerful but you need one because it is the brain of the PC. What processor you need depends on what you are going to be doing on your PC. There are a ton of different processors out there. i cant really tell you what processors are better for what rig because it all depends on what MB you have. Also the processor you get limits how much ram you can use. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 4: The Ram. The Ram or Random Access Memory is one of the most important part because it holds the temp storage for the CPU to process. My advice is to get as much ram as your budget can handle because you can not have too much ram. My recommended minimum is 8GB --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 5: The Hard Drive. This part like all the others depends on what you are doing. But my advice is the more storage the better and you also need a reliable one. So my recommendation is some western digital Black,Green,or Blue. And get at least 1TB. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 6: The peripherals: For anyone who uses a PC they know they need a monitor, speakers, DVD drive and other things. In this section i really don't have any advice because this is all on your own preference. I just suggest you get a DVD drive and minimum one monitor (for obvious reasons). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 7: The Powersupply: I only have one thing to say. The powersupply voltage only matters if it is too small so i recommend getting a Power supply that has enofh voltage to power you system and 750W should be good. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 8: Assembly Coming soon.
  5. Hello Everypony. I am Maxos, who has been very inactive on all forms of websites for the past long while due to keeping low for a time to complete the necessary work that only a few can preform and not waste everypony's time by hiring for positions that would be waiting on those working before them. I don't know if the rules have changed or not. So please forgive me, as I am gonna ask something that I need ponies ta help me and my staff with. Here is our labor pains for the last two years. (Dynmap view) I can't tell you how much time and effort has been put into this. Done the math one time. *shudders* But it still needs work. We are in need of Builders to finish what we started. This world was created in World Painter and several builds were pre-made during it's creation on a separate builders world. All those builds have been placed into the Equestria world when it was completed, as you can tell. But it's not quite enough. Our one builder over the course of the project is doing all the work so far it seems. It ain't fair to leave him to do it alone. We had others, but life made a call. One had to move and focus on working for a living, others had to go to college and get an education. We are expecting some to return hopefully once they're settled in. But until then, we need to keep this train moving and not rely on "maybes" We'd greatly appreciate your help and once the project is done, the server will open for the first time as a RolePlay server with its own replica of Equestria within Minecraft~ Not the first time it has been done. But it's our work, our home, our Equestria. And we want to share it with everypony. Forming a community with friendships and funny moments. We are a RolePlay community, but have nothing to call home, other than a survival world at the moment. We've been interacting with each other on our Skype group chat this whole time while everypony waits for Equestria to be released. So if you can help us finish the job, we'd be over joyed. All we need is Cloudsdale, Appaloosa, and Ponyville to be completed. We're already over half done on the cities that were mentioned. Except for Cloudsadale for being behind, and Canterlot as I hear being complete. You can contact me in a PM or in any available connections that can be found on my profile (mind you, it may be slightly outdated with the Bio) Best way to reach me is through Skype, which can be found on my profile. Thank you for your time. - Maxos ​Images
  6. Howdy there folks! We down here at Treble Sketch Gaming love to do some interesting things in games. From space stations to big pixel art in Minecraft. (Really, that's all I've ever done) This time, in Prison Architect (Steam, Wikipedia, Game Homepage) is what I'll be doing something in. And with the suggestion of @InfectedPone during a casual game Skype chat a few hours ago, of making a Prison with all of the Poniverse Staff as the prisoners. [7:52:04 PM] InfectedPone: Make a Poniverse prison So now, I'll be making the map over the next few weeks. I'm going to have to hack the game file at the end to change all the names and stuff. Hope it'll look good and we can all have a good laugh at this then Oh, this image sparked the idea. I took a screenshot of my character that I put in the game as a DLC that was in the package when I bought the game. And I'll be posting updates as I go along, you can fine me on Steam here.
  7. It's not finished, so I'll come back and update it.
  8. Do anyone have a favorite landmark(s)? Mine, do love some landmarks in Britain but my favorite will be Big Ben and Stonehenge.
  9. So It's been about 4 years since I've bought a computer. Budget- $1 a day. My last one- 2010 i7 Vaio notebook. 4 years later that means my budget is about $1300-1600. The Vaio is still perfectly fine, but my desktop is back from when I started high school around 2003. It's a Dell Pentium 4 @2.0 GHZ and still looks and functions perfect- but since it's XP it's been sparsely used over the last few years. This time around I plan on building my own since nothing offered factory assembled appeals to me or seems to be as good of a value. My old desktop was great when it came to tool-less component swapping. I did so much with that thing. I'm still going to keep it for older stuff. Anyway I usually always shoot for upper middle of the road when I buy a computer. I'm not a gamer. I don't have the time- and would be doing something else anyway if I did. I'm mainly going to be editing video and probably running Adobe Creative Cloud in the near future. It's probably a little overkill, but here's my plan. MB: Asus X99-Deluxe ATX 2011e CPU: Core i7 5820k 6-core 3.3Ghz -Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H55 ==> Corsair H105 RAM: 16GB Crucial (4X4GB) DDR4 2133 SSD: Samsung 120gb HDD 1TB WD Black Video: ASUS GeForce GTX 760 ==> ASUS GeForce GTX 770 (due to advice from @Daring, and @Lunatic Envy.) PWR: Corsair 750W CX750M OPTI: 12X Asus Blu-Ray Burner OPTI: 24X LG DVDRW Windows 8.1 Case: Zalman Z12 Plus (Mid Tower) I'm sure a lot of you guys out there are more up to speed with the current stuff out there than I am. Your input on brands and specs would be appreciated. This is what I put together after poking around and researching for a day (about 8hrs). I live 10 minutes from a Micro Center store which is great, because with rebates- it looks like the pricing is going to be better than online. I'd rather go there in person and buy stuff anyway than deal with return shipping if I have an issue. Also I like something that looks sharp and not too flashy. I'm not interested in making a mini Christmas tree/Las Vegas (below) for a computer case lol.
  10. As promised, I created a blog for this thing. Now, to business.... This fantastic work of art was created via SFM. There is wonderful symbolism behind this masterpiece, most unseen. Not only that, but the moral behind it all is the most marvelous of all... Symbolism A man comes up to this random door, with mysterious music playing in the background, and the first thing he does is call out a name and knock. This symbolizes purity of heart. The last knock he makes is with his head, an incredible action to make to gain attention. He is uncaring of his health, and perhaps he gained a slight concussion afterwards. Although, despite these risks, he remained ok afterwards. This symbolizes bravery of the noggin. I should not forget to mention his beautiful smile upon his face. One does not simply smile softly. This symbolizes honesty. Unpredictable voice he has as well, one that brings a tear to my eye. This symbolizes the concept of manlyness. He asks the person behind the door, "Do you want to build a snowman?" Because it cuts off here, I can only assume that he broke the universe through the power of facial expression. This symbolizes luck. Moral You must stay honest even in the darkest of times. Might the universe incorrectly crash down upon you because of your face, you must continue listen to your noggin. Be manly, and have a pure heart. Perhaps one day you will soon be able to destroy the universe correctly. Final Notes If you have any suggestions for videos for me to "review," then I will gladly accept them. The only requirements is to make sure that they are "sophisticated" enough so that I can review them properly. Good day to you all, I hope you found this intriguing.
  11. Gonna Show you guys some pictures from my servers (not online atm) OLD PICTURES: NEW PICTURES: I DON'T TAKE ALL THE CREDIT... these are builded by me and my friends.. thank them too Comment's are coming.... tomorrow...
  12. I got back into Minecraft and decided that I should get back into building huge over-complicated buildings immediately. So I decided to make a ranger lodge, here are some screenshots. I'd appreciate any thoughts or feedback. The front of the lodge is unfinished (I added a shed after I took the screenshots, and am working on a hedge maze to the right and a pool to the left) Here are some but not all of the lodges features: -A garden -A balcony -A fireplace -A Study -Three bedrooms (Not completely furnished yet) -Storage -Kitchen -Basement -Lobby -Skylight in the main room
  13. desc. from dA: "A Photoshop I did several months ago I never bothered uploading to here before. I thought to myself, that maybe, there was something else I could do with this picture to redeem my artistic qualities a bit more (I was going through a bit of a troublesome phase last quarter of 2012, truth be told). However, there's not much else I can do with this piece, so I've decided to upload what I got done with it here already for the sake of it. It's a picture of a house I took when I was with a field-trip with my school to the country-ish side of Sweden. I wanted to experiment with something with it, and not just adjust curves and such on it, so I applied one or two filters to see how it looked like. Turned out well, I think." edit: bumping this because i figure it'd be worth to mention that i got this piece featured on deviantArt just a few days ago.