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Found 14 results

  1. When I was younger I was often bullied in school for being different and for having few (or no) friends. I know how horrible it can feel, and I could have used some support and advice back then. People don't always seek help when they're bullied, simply trying to ignore it, even when they're hurt by it. I feel that a discussion of this topic could prove both interesting and helpful.So, share your experiences and thoughts. Have you been bullied? Have you been a bully? What do you think one could do in such a situation?
  2. Sherem

    Ask Sherem

    Some may be intersted some others not, if you're gonna flame the poor Sherem, do it nicely plz
  3. I hate trolls. Almost everypony does... but which one is the worst? I'm not talking just about banned users from this forum. I'm talking about the entire internet! Tell us about your experiences! Before we start, be sure that if the troll you talk about is still on this forum please don't mention them. Keep them anonymous unless their trolling is really bad. Thanks!
  4. This is a thing I noticed happening a lot. As someone who is in the LGBT community, I notice a lot of people putting others down in my name. There is a segment of the population that thinks it is okay to bully call names and sometimes worse others. IT IS NEVER OKAY TO bully others, even if you think you are right. What I mean is people will say something such as “people who don’t support LGBT rights should burn in hell.” This type of behavior is completely unacceptable, good intentions do to make good actions. It comes off as rude and ironically hurts the chances of them ever coming to the side of LGBT. If you create a US vs. THEM mentality, how do you expect them to ever learn? The thing that pisses me off the most about this is this type of behavior is becoming more acceptable. I have seen countless, post on this very site like this, it seems if you are mean to white people it is okay. I guess my main point and conclusion is that verity is the spice of life. As much as I would love for everyone to support everyone it is simply not going to happen. The straight white male needs to have as much respect as a black trans woman.
  5. I had a funny idea for an OC, it's a secret sister of the character Silver Spoon. Silver is element 47, for the OC, I just used element 48, cadmium, here is Cadmiumspoon! That's my first OC ever, I think it took me about one or two hours, the cutie mark is a spoon made out of cadmium (I know, very creative). I mostly used metallic tones, but the eyes and the ribbon are orange, because cadmium is used to make orange pigments. I only made the design, but not a personality or background story, should I make her the hidden, nice sister, or a bully like Silver spoon. By the way, cadmium is very toxic and was used in cheap jewelry for children, maybe she could be like, that others don't want to touch her because she is poisonous, and because of that, she is very lonly.
  6. Everypony, do you think that anypony at Flight Camp would deserve this? Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Gilda rant on to everypony and the coach about how horrible they've been to them, how horrible of ponies they, in the style of Seashell Seahorse Party, and run off to Ponyville. With nopony to be their punching bag, all the foals at Flight suffer each other and themselves. Many are let bawling out like a mess, yelling angrily at themselves or each other, and/or threatening to kill each other, even the coach.
  7. Which antagonist do you think is the most intimidating? And they don't have to be villains, just antagonists - so Trixie and King Sombra would both be antagonists. I'll add more questions for you to think about to this post as they come along, so everyone can see them. Here's a few to ask yourself: General: Who is the most intimidating in each season? In the show all together? What makes them so intimidating? Are they only intimidating to a certain group of characters, or to everyone? What makes character x more intimidating than character y? Who would you not want to have a run-in with? What is it about what the characters are trying to do that makes them so intimidating? And, does their appearance reflect how intimidating they are? Does it say anything about their personality? (Example: Queen Chrysalis, eating love, but she is full of holes. . .) Bullies: In terms of lower levels of antagonism, in this case, bullying; who would be the worst bully? Babs, Gilda, Diamond Tiara/Silver Spoon. What do you think of them? Why do you think that they do what they do (aside from the obvious reasons why Babs did what she did)? Who do you think is the most intimidating? Why? Do you think Trixie should be counted as a bully, or something else? Discord vs King Sombra: So Discord instantly messes with your head, to turn you against one another, and he happily watches as the world crumbles from disharmony. This will result in physical pain, the longer it lasts. Spreads all over Equestria. Sombra enslaves ponies, causing physical issues from the beginning, which then cause emotional and mental issues. It then spreads across all of Equestria as well. So, some more stuff to think about . . . Which is worse? The physical or emotional/mental troubles? Are they equal? Is it situational? Which one would cause a more rapid deterioration of a land/country/area/etc.? Or is that situational, too? How about for Equestria, then? Related: Here's a somewhat off-topic thought: Queen Chrysalis and her people feed off of love. King Sombra took away all of the Crystal Ponies' feelings of love/happiness by enslaving them. Do you think that these two have any connection, or is it just coincidence? Is it something the creators put in the show for us to think about, or is it just some good fanfic fodder?
  8. I will be writing a story about a teenage bully, inspired by Sunset Shimmer and Hillary the bully from "Stargirl" ( Can you share me as many cliches and pitfalls in EqG (and ways to correct them) to prevent my story from becoming like EqG or some cliche'd high school story?
  9. Should we or should we not shun the lesser liked parts of the fandom? As in the Cloppers, Grimdark fans and other less liked parts of the fandom? As in shun, hate them, bully, isolate them, wish their sub fandom to die and keep them away from the rest of the "morally superior" "normal" Bronies? I don't think we should hate them, granted yes. There are sick parts of this fandom that even I find sick and disturbing, but I personally feel turning a blind eye to it and ignoring and accepting them is best. Plus if we go around attacking ourselves it just creates drama. So I think we just stay away from these lesser liked parts of the fandom and let them do their thing. Edit: I myself do like clop! And have written clop (mostly trollfics, but clop none the less) and thus like some of the more lesser liked parts of this fandom. I made this thread to challenge the views of some our more out spoken members of our fandom that hate these lesser liked subjects. Better me, than someone who actually does want to insight hate, I merely want to see their views and written the post as if I was one of those "morally superior" "normal" Bronies? I'm happy most people have not proven to be hateful and spiteful of the other less liked parts of the fandom.
  10. I was watching the movie, "Bully" and it got me thinking...have any of you ever stood up to a bully or even stood up for someone else? Personally, a guy liked to call me emo a lot, so I went up to him and screamed, "Shut the f*** up!" and the entire gym class stopped, stared and watched. He never bothered me again. I'm a shy girl, so if I start screaming, you know you messed up...badly. I don't think much people got bullied at my school. Most people either kept to themselves or just didn't care. Of course, my mother is glad that I started online schooling seeing as how the public school had received two bomb threats and a hit list. Any experiences from you all?
  11. Other than how they feel better for doing it, I can't see how people could enjoy hurting or abusing someone else. Once again, I'm watching "Bully" and it makes me a bit miserable. So, what reasons do you think bullies have to bully? ESPECIALLY when that bully feels good when they drive someone to something as awful as suicide? Any personal opinions from yourself? Maybe, you were even a past bully? (Yes, I realize that I create a lot of topics. )
  12. Alternate title: Leave Diamond Tiara Alone Foreword Diamond Tiara, the undisputed most hated character of the show for many. It’s a pretty safe assumption that you absolutely loathe her or at least dislike her heavily. I was lurking through some of the dormant threads in the dark depths of the forum and I was a bit surprised at the amount of hatred the members had (and probably still have) for Diamond Tiara. Well, not so much surprised as disheartened I guess. As crazy as it may seem, I've come to like her recently and though I doubt it will change any of your minds, I will go ahead and explain why I like Diamond Tiara. This is pretty much the largest reason why everyone dislikes Diamond Tiara so let’s get this out of the way – she’s a bully, mean and obnoxious. And it’s true; she is and I’m sure you don’t need me to list any examples to show that. Apple Bloom is the focus of her aggression. At first it seems like she bullies Apple Bloom for having a blank flank but I think there is more to it than that, she did team up with Babs against Apple Bloom after all. She’s obviously got something personal against Apple Bloom which is why she focuses her aggression on Apple Bloom and those that associate themselves with Apple Bloom. Diamond Tiara is probably just jealous of Apple Bloom and her strong bond with her family. I don’t know if you noticed but it doesn't seem like Filthy Rich, Diamond Tiara’s dad, is around very often. The guy looks tired and overworked; he probably just buy his daughter gifts to sort of make up for not being around as often as he would like do to being busy with work. For this reason, Diamond Tiara finds satisfaction in bringing Apple Bloom down and acts out to get attention. I realize you may be thinking, “That’s all just speculation. Diamond Tiara is rotten to the core” and I say that simply isn’t true. I seriously doubt that she has no redeeming qualities in fact some have already been shown. If you look back at “Family Appreciation Day”, you’ll notice that Diamond Tiara has plenty of love for her father. She stays attentive for his presentation and is the only one to applaud at the end. She obviously takes pride in her father’s accomplishments; it’s no wonder she’s quick to defend him when Apple Bloom uses Granny Smith’s story to undermine Filthy Rich’s accomplishments. There is no such thing as pure evil or pure good; even if we don’t get to see the good qualities of Diamond Tiara all that often, I’m sure they’re there. So smug Now that the appeals to pathos have been observed, let’s get to the real reason I like Diamond Tiara – she’s mean and obnoxious . I’m half-joking when I say that. The above paragraphs are truly my thoughts but I actually enjoy the mean and obnoxious side of her because she plays her role well, maybe even too well considering how many in the fandom absolutely despise her. She’s extremely manipulative as evidenced by her ability to get Apple Bloom to feel embarrassed by Granny Smith in a matter of seconds and how she gets Babs to turn on her own cousin and how she forces the CMC to continue writing gossip columns against their will (or at least they would have if the town didn’t shun them). I love how standard this evil is; no enslaving civilizations, no eternal night shenanigans, no invasions using emotion sucking parasites, just good old fashioned psychological beat downs on a particular pony. It’s the normalcy of Diamond Tiara’s evil ways that has led to her downfall in the fandom opinion. Her actions are nothing compared to the dark deeds of the more prolific villains Nightmare Moon, Sombra and Chrysalis. Since she’s not in the group of major villains, her evil ways aren’t appreciated the same way. Chrysalis turns all of Twilights friends against her and at the moment when Twilight is weakest and most remorseful, Chrysalis banishes her. It was wicked; it was ruthless; it was one of my favorite scenes in that episode since it really showed how bad Chrysalis is. Diamond Tiara has never done something on that level but she has her ruthless moments like blackmailing Apple Bloom & co. Yet at the same time she’s different from the other antagonists Flim, Flam and Iron Will, because of her malicious intent. Her actions are too petty for her to be looked at the same way as the “big bads” but too spiteful to be excused like those of Iron Will. All these characters are antagonists. Some are loved for how evil they are, others for how normal they are and somehow Diamond Tiara has fallen into the gap for most people it seems but not for me. tl;dr : *Whine* I want more DT fanart and fanfics. Diamond Tiara is best filly. I’m gonna start a DT fan club and none of you are invited! *whine*. And thanks Wingnut, for making me love the worst character of the series . So, how many of you have been converted? When should the fan club go up? Oh, and if you have thoughts to share, comment.
  13. Yeah, so like, I'm Diamond Tiara. I'm Silver Spoon! We're here to answer your questions. Even if you're a blank flank. Or a traitor like Babs. Yeah, but try not to be total jerks, okay? Cause our dads are rich. And don't ask us about gross stuff or ask us to look at your Tumblrs. *Tch* As if we would touch a computer with our own hooves anyway. Our servants are doing all this for us. I really like my maid though. She's super nice and she always brings me hot chocolate when I'm-- Gimme a break, Silver, nopony wants to hear about that! =_=' So go ahead already and ask about me. I mean, us.
  14. So i was at school. I was taking a little beating for being bi. But you know what? I didn't really care! This is who i am! Once I was open about my 'bronieness', people freaked. They started saying stuff like "You're just a faggot!" and "You're such a loser!" but the funniest insult that i heard was "You like My Little Pony? You're gay!" i could stop laughing. I didn't understand how this was an insult because i was open about me liking the same gender. I realized that they are just spewing out insults left and right because they were afraid of me. They felt threatened about how i didn't care for their insults. The next Monday i can to school wearing a Fluttershy T-shirt. One bully came up to me and started pushing me. I told him to stop. He pushed. I pushed. He shoved. I grabbed his arm, kicked him in the groin, twisted his arm and pulled him the ground, and kicked him in the leg to get him on the ground and walked away. I didn't fight him. I only defended my self. I now that this story seems to lead to nowhere, but i just home that somepony can take some information from it and use it to better themselves in the face of their enemies. Thank you for reading.