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Found 34 results

  1. When I was younger I was often bullied in school for being different and for having few (or no) friends. I know how horrible it can feel, and I could have used some support and advice back then. People don't always seek help when they're bullied, simply trying to ignore it, even when they're hurt by it. I feel that a discussion of this topic could prove both interesting and helpful.So, share your experiences and thoughts. Have you been bullied? Have you been a bully? What do you think one could do in such a situation?
  2. This is a kinda big issue in the world and i just want to know, fellow Bronies, have you been discriminated for your body weight? I have been once before
  3. I was checking out Facebook when I saw this post of a brony in Mexico being bullied. The video: Here’s the full translation in English from Spanish: “What started as a joke on social networks is now a clear example of harassment, violence and discrimination to a minor. After going viral a video where a teenager notes his interest in the cartoon “My Little Pony”, the young man has been a victim of various mockery, memes, photos, and derogatory messages. As a society, we are hypocrites: in public we ask respect, but in social networks we destroy lives, only by entertaining.” The part about social media I heavily agree on. What’s your thoughts on this matter? I’m personally tired and done of seeing this happen to bronies and other hated groups in the pop culture community and in public.
  4. This is a thing I noticed happening a lot. As someone who is in the LGBT community, I notice a lot of people putting others down in my name. There is a segment of the population that thinks it is okay to bully call names and sometimes worse others. IT IS NEVER OKAY TO bully others, even if you think you are right. What I mean is people will say something such as “people who don’t support LGBT rights should burn in hell.” This type of behavior is completely unacceptable, good intentions do to make good actions. It comes off as rude and ironically hurts the chances of them ever coming to the side of LGBT. If you create a US vs. THEM mentality, how do you expect them to ever learn? The thing that pisses me off the most about this is this type of behavior is becoming more acceptable. I have seen countless, post on this very site like this, it seems if you are mean to white people it is okay. I guess my main point and conclusion is that verity is the spice of life. As much as I would love for everyone to support everyone it is simply not going to happen. The straight white male needs to have as much respect as a black trans woman.
  5. Mind giving me some feedback on this? I've been thinking about putting it to music. [PLEASE DO NOT COPY] The Girl 1. Once was a girl 2. With a bright personality. 3. She never meant to hurt 4. And despised brutality. 5. She was eager to help 6. And would ask to play with one other. 7. But when she fell, 8. The girl wasn't held by another. 9. Though her intention was good, 10. She came off as clumsy. 11. She never understood 12. What the problem might be. 13. As the girl got older, 14. Her conflict only grew. 15. "You're broken." They told her. 16. "The world's better off without you." 17. At the age of twelve, 18. Her communications were limited. 19. She'd talk to herself 20. And her nature grew timid. 21. All through middle school, 22. She was taught by a screen. 23. She was seen as a fool 24. The few times she had company. 25. When spending was at minimum 26. And her situation became fruitless, 27. She was thrown to the system 28. In hopes of cleaning her mess. 29. So now at age fourteen, 30. She was expected of more. 31. She knew nothing of scene 32. Or about this 'common core'. 33. No one would talk to her 34. Or stand within half a mile. 35. Though treated like an intruder, 36. She still wore her usual smile. 37. Like a broken record, 38. She'd sing without anyone to admire. 39. "I don't know where to go 40. Or who to be. 41. I wish someone 42. Or anyone would help me. 43. I feel empty inside.” 44. She would plea. 45. “No place to go hide. 46. This world has grown cold. 47. It's suffocating me." 48. She longed to break the mold 49. And needed to break free. 50. Day in and day out, 51. Her fate seemed evident. 52. She was cursed to roam about 53. Without anyone to her feeling significant. 54. She began to build a fortress 55. Out of fear for the demons she faced. 56. Depression became her mistress. 57. She pondered as she across the floor paced, 58. “This is all?” 59. Surely her life weighed more than this. 60. But the truth finally answered her call 61. When another girl offered a hand when she tripped. 62. Along with it, 63. This girl beamed a bright smile. 64. Taken back a bit, 65. She returned the grin with a hint of denial. 66. Little did they know, 67. These two would be inseparable. 68. Some say their friendship is just for show 69. It seems strange for a friendship to be so immeasurable. 70. The girl made more friends 71. Along the way. 72. Not to belittle those relations, 73. But the smiley girl mattered more than she could say. 74. She had replaced her prior feelings 75. She thought she so well knew 76. With a newfound joy. 77. She felt so at ease around these few. 78. Her previous darkness was but her demon’s lost ploy. 79. Instead of murmuring 80. With words of depression, 81. Her voice is now elevating 82. And singing proudly her tale of revelation. 83. “No longer, 84. I won't be held down. 85. Or defined by another.” 86. She sang whether it rained or wind blew. 87. “I'm tired of crying 88. In a corner somewhere. 89. I'd rather be out smiling 90. With people who care. 91. These hard hearted people 92. Can yell all they want. 93. That doesn't mean it gives me a cripple 94. Or I care about their thought.” 95. This whole life of her’s, 96. She didn’t know why she had so much trouble. 97. But after telling her of these disorders, 98. At least she could to lessen the struggle. 99. “Yeah I'm broken. 100. So what? 101. It's my problem. 102. Your point was? 103. If my flaws annoy you that much, 104. Why don't you go look in the mirror for once. 105. There's not one definition of perfect. 106. There's not one word for me. 107. I'd rather be a clipped bird 108. And continue to sing. 109. Than be a beautiful butterfly 110. That'll be forgotten in a week. 111. It won't matter what I wore 112. 10 years from now. 113. But I'll stay torn 114. If I blindly wander around. 115. With no opinion of myself 116. Besides the lies you've told my head? 117. As if I'd leave my feelings on a shelf 118. And take your word instead. 119. Sorry little miss. 120. Guess I'm not as weak as you thought. 121. You've shown me my feelings don’t deserve a dismiss 122. And why you shouldn't tease and cause distraught.” 123. These lessons she’s learned 124. Will give her strength every day. 125. She’s met people who’ll be concerned 126. And pick her up when she feels dismay. 127. It’s now been a year 128. Since the girl was brought into this environment. 129. She’s matured greatly here 130. Despite her rough settlement. 131. Without these few youth 132. She’s met in this place, 133. She may have stayed aloof 134. With a fake smile upon her face. 135. As time has passed, 136. The world continues to spin. 137. Just as hurtful comments do not last 138. Against a sincere and joyful grin. 139. Though the girl still faces daily problems, 140. It’s much easier to deal. 141. She will achieve excellence 142. If these people continue to help in ordeal. 143. The story doesn’t end right away 144. For it has only just begun. 145. Even to this day, 146. This girl still sings of past transgression. 147. She’s helped many without personally knowing them 148. With her tale of victory. 149. But she cannot irradiate the problem. 150. Her actions will not be enough only. 151. It will take the everyday person 152. To change this society. 153. Not with large scale projects to immerse in. 154. But with average people like you and me.
  6. So I wanted to talk about 'Newbie Dash', my personal favourite episode of the sixth season so far. Despite this episode showcasing a significant moment in the show's history, (Rainbow Dash finally becoming a Wonderbolt), it has been obvious that since its air, it's received some harsh critique from what seems to be the majority of people. From what I've seen, people have generally referred to it as "cringe-worthy", badly written, placing Rainbow Dash in an already over-used plotline in which she tries to make the best of a situation in the wrong way; and probably the most common comment I've seen is the fact it seems to be glorifying/justifying the idea of bullying and name-calling. All this criticism is quite hard for me to take in, for I personally loved the episode. I thought it was the most enjoyable plotline thus far, mixing in the right amount of emotional moments with humorous moments, and being written in such a way that left me satisfied by the end, and thoroughly relating to the situation Rainbow Dash found herself in. So I've been thinking: am I weird for liking this episode so much? The one that so many people have such a strong hatred towards? If so many people dislike it, surely that must mean I've judged it wrongly and it's indeed awful. But I've decided I stand by my opinion that 'Newbie Dash' was a brilliant episode, and I've thought of a way to tell you all why. And also, perhaps, a way to explain why people hate it for the wrong reasons. So generally, it seems that the main critique of this episode is that the writers are trying to suggest that bullying and name-calling is glorified in an inappropriate way, which sends a bad moral towards viewers. We see Rainbow finally achieve her dream, but unsurprisingly find that her first day is not as amazing as expected. Specifically, what we find is that Rainbow not only makes a disastrous first impression, but her idols respond by labelling her with the nickname 'Rainbow Crash', the same name that was given to her by bullies during her foalhood. So of course, we feel for Rainbow Dash in this situation: the Wonderbolts are once again showing they can have a nasty streak about their nature, which can make us question her loyalty towards them. Because of her desperation to make a better impression, Rainbow Dash tries to find a way of standing out, first by impersonating her friends, and then by attempting a daring move at her first Wonderbolt performance. As we once again expect, this goes horribly wrong and she's forced to explain her actions. At this point, which is where most people find fault with the episode, Rainbow Dash finds her hurtful nickname is in fact a shared jab among all the Wonderbolts, reflecting on the fact they've all messed up badly in their early days on the team. Now, people severely criticized this plot point for understandable reasons. Is this a way of justifying bullying? After all, it was clear Rainbow Dash was uncomfortable with the nickname, and we hated the Wonderbolts for it, and the fact they didn't get their comeuppance was probably unsatisfying for a lot of people. Were the writers implying that teasing and mocking is okay because it's all in good fun? I can definitely understand why people would think that. For a time, I began to think like that too. But it's been some time since the episode aired and I've been debating this idea in my head. Now I believe that people might have the wrong idea about what the moral was trying to say. I think the message was less about the actual name-calling, but more about Rainbow Dash's first impression and how that made her feel. We saw her excited to join the Wonderbolts, her first day then going badly, and her nickname is used as a constant reminder of that. Because of this, she doesn't feel she truly belongs, and has to find a way to prove that she has talent, hence her ridiculous efforts to get noticed all the way through the episode. But then we find out at the end that ALL the Wonderbolts made bad impressions on their first day, which is why they were all labelled with nicknames. So, to argue against the general conception about the moral, the message seems to be saying, quite simply, that everyone has a bad first day. No-one is alone in feeling that, even the most talented people in the world who have already reached the peaks of their careers. We see that put into practice in 'Newbie Dash'. The ending is not justifying name-calling, but instead provides a way of reassuring Rainbow Dash that she is not alone in messing up her first day. ALL her idols have done it, including Spitfire, whom she arguably looks up to the most. We didn't even hear the nickname she had, so assume it must have been bad, but it puts Rainbow Dash in a better position because the Wonderbolt she looks up to the most has had her own share of bad days, and that puts her idols in a totally different perspective. Specifically, a much more positive one. No one is perfect after all. This is something I've been thinking about for a while and felt the need to get it out in the open. As stated before, I think 'Newbie Dash' is a brilliant episode, regardless of other's opinions, and truly believe this is the way people should interpret the moral. If you put that with the well-written humour and uplifting moments as we see our little Rainbow Dash finally achieving her dream, you've got an episode to remember. Go, 'Newbie Dash'.
  7. In theory this of course applies to various groups, but we all know bronies apparently are the new main focus group for movements/mindsets that felt in need of a new target. Does it disturb you how history repeats itself and such things can still happen with the same mainstream toleration as in past times in other cases? Is it 'the power of the internet' where anything you do anonymously is often considered legally not relevant? Are efforts against this trend just a little meaningless side show, or do you see it develop into the momentum necessary? I speak from own experience how such bullying (which sadly can also occur within the fandom!) can totally kill good spirit. MLP is the one thing that helped me somewhat push back the long depression mainly induced by encounters with people of rotten character, and those tellingly are the ones fighting it vigorously. And without that good spirit the one thing I do with a passion - wellspirited art and entertainment - is being sabotaged, and no matter where I seek something that looks like setting a better standard, as long as it is open to the public, there seems to be the typical erosion of virtue. Just recently, in the Star Citizen forums, there was an outburst of what fully qualifies as banding together to inflict psycho-terror on me based on ad hominem motivations, and after more than a week and people there trying to outdo each other with their incitment and hatred, I'm still waiting for moderators to do anything and wondering whether they have the character to recognize the severity of the incident. Yet another thing I invested love, passion, time and money into to help it succeed, and yet again it becomes unbearable due to the darkness taking hold of it. Nobody should be surprised about people being very closed-up and hesitant to socialize if they went through enough of such downers when the person they had a nice time with and thought was cool reveals themselves as a hate-filled monster. How do you cope? It feels like the only way I can maintain my sanity is by polarizing extremely, by treating people who behave like bacteria like just that so that my little energy is reserved for those who deserve the support. I used to practice understanding and compassion for them (á la "forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing"), but eventually I realized that so often they very much know what they are doing. In most cases it is, so to speak, a willing pact with the devil out of egoistical motivations, for personal convenience. ('Why have it easy when you can have it easier?') So I respect people's free will and consider it necessary to give adequate feedback based on the role they have chosen. But this leads to personal sacrifice, and there's only so much potential for that left. And I see it as a general problem that not enough people have the courage to stand up for the values and virtues that are necessary to build a better world, to not endlessly repeat the mistakes of the past. How much of your good spirit and energy is killed by this? If you are lucky enough to have powerful upsides in your life, then I guess it's easy to brush it off. I know that from own experience from the very few times where my spirit was especially powerful. But when there's no powerful upside, maybe because of said negative influences, what can you do? What are your experiences from other forums and such? Do you report it? Is it being treated appropriately? And is there maybe a need to organize more awareness-raising (Which kinda is what I am doing here because events have driven me to that.), or in a different way?
  8. Before I explain this, let me quote from the global rules: Keep the foul language down. Swearing is not forbidden on MLP Forums, but we kindly ask that you keep it to a minimum. Not only is swearing out of place in the My Little Pony universe, but some fans who visit this site may be much closer to the target age than you and will not enjoy seeing the F-Bomb drop on their screen.Swearing is strictly prohibited in topic titles and tags, and racial or other derogatory terms against other members, groups, or other entities with the intention of slandering are more or less prohibited. See this FAQ entry for more details if necessary. Write in proper, legible English. While we appreciate members from across the globe, please remember that you are on an English-speaking forum run by English-speaking staff. This poses a problem when we cannot moderate content that we cannot read. In some cases foreign language quotes are acceptable though. Our FAQ entry delves into that in more detail. In addition, while we do not require perfect grammar, you should at least try to punctuate, capitalize, space, and spell properly. For example, taking a few moments to proofread that you have capitalized an 'i' goes a long way with us. Now we'll start. This is the b-8 (bait, b8) thread. How this works: 1. Post a screenshot of the hateful comment. 2. Next person must respond on the best thing to do in that situation. (S)he must also comment a picture. Vulgarity must be censored. This includes anything, from cr*p to f***. No 4chan or reddit. Mods, if this is wrong, feel free to delete it. This thread is to help those dealing with spam.
  9. I'm making this entry, because I wanted to reflect upon it, as well as the possibility of receiving feedback. During a good majority of my years in middle school, I was timid and I did not have many friends. This led to me being a target for bullies nearly every week. It was absolute suffering, and it even progressed to high school. After graduating from high school, I thought back on my bad middle school and high school experiences. since then, it convinced me that my inability to defend myself was a sign of weakness. Skipping ahead two and a half years later, my personality has taken a major shift. I'm more of an extrovert, and I'm not afraid to retaliate when attacked verbally or physically. These changes made me feel like a stronger person, but is introversion with non-retaliation weakness? I still don't know the exact answer to that question. From the day my personality reached the climax of that shift, I forced myself to approach life differently. I relied on both a good moral compass, and my willingness to defend the defenseless came to light. If a friend was treated poorly by someone, It would be a matter of seconds for me to step in and help. If a friend simply wanted someone to talk to, I'd be there. When I summarized my newfound personality a year or so ago, I noticed that I had a hero complex. I had goals and aspirations to make at least the city that I live in a better place. I wanted to become a police officer, and I still do to this day. My confidence in myself allowed me to focus on ensuring that others felt safe, rather than myself. Overall, I'm happy with how I've changed. Sometimes I wish I changed earlier, but I keep reminding myself that I wouldn't be the same person today, if i did. Edit: I may have found the answer, regarding introversion. Sometimes, it takes more strength to simply endure and not retaliate.
  10. Well, I learned a valuable lesson today. No matter who you are, or what you do, there will always be those who are wanting to go against you and bring hate and malice your way because of your differences, things that you may like and enjoy, or any stupid reason. You are you, and you know right from wrong, and have at least a general understanding of it. What you may like or enjoy may be a unusual to others, but as long as it is not truly wrong or harming anyone, and you of course no better of this, then you are okay, and no one has the right to judge you or harm you with awful words. Words hurt, whether people realize this or not. Some people can brush them off and move along, but people like me who are little or a lot more sensitive take this to heart, and it can do as much harm as just ruining there day, mentally destroying them, and possibly causing them to even try to end it all, if you catch my drift. Hate and Malice will never go away. It is something that has been in human nature since the beginning of time, and has survived all the way to now, and I do not see it going away in the future. This is very unfortunate, but luckily, a good amount of people in this world know what I am talking about, and know how to actually love an tolerate others regardless of their differences and likes, instead of just saying that they do since that it is what the brony motto is so strongly supposed to be, but really, how many people are actually following it? From what I have seen, quite a few in the fandom say they do, but wind up being some of the worst bullies ever, including towards other bronies and pegasisters. The take away from this. Do not pass judgment over another for something they are into, or their differences, just because you do not agree with them. If it is something that is truly and awfully wrong, and is harming others in a physical or mental way, then that's another story. Bullying physically can be bad, but verbal abuse can be even worse, because when you break someone mentally, they are a lot harder to fix than when they have been punched or kicked. You basically can have them truly believe that they are worthless and wrong in their ways, and in doing so, they can try and change things about themselves that completely alter their Identity, and even forget who they are. They can become depressed, anti-social, and all kinds of other things. When you see someone who is different from you, or likes something you may not, how about instead of thinking they are bad right off the bat, you maybe learn more about them. and try to accept them. Why not ask them to just not do whatever it is you do not like around them, and keep it to themselves, and they can do it whenever your not around, or maybe even learn more about it if your curious. You might like what they like in the end. No one knows. Love, Tolerance, Acceptance, and if you really cant, then just walk away. Keep your hurtful remarks to yourself. There are enough on youtube and all over the net as it is. Thank you.
  11. Everypony, do you think that anypony at Flight Camp would deserve this? Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Gilda rant on to everypony and the coach about how horrible they've been to them, how horrible of ponies they, in the style of Seashell Seahorse Party, and run off to Ponyville. With nopony to be their punching bag, all the foals at Flight suffer each other and themselves. Many are let bawling out like a mess, yelling angrily at themselves or each other, and/or threatening to kill each other, even the coach.
  12. *Internet pushes.* Take that, N3rd.
  13. RAINBOW DASH BULLYING is # 4 on the list .
  14. Have you ever been banned from a forum for liking MLP, having a pony avatar, making a pony thread etc? The wonderful people at Facepunch just banned me for I quote 'MLP ****'. I'm getting sick of this I always get discrimination but now outright bans.
  15. When school was still in in art class two people next to me were having a conversation, and I couldn't help but over-hear one of them say "I'm not a brony". I got excited and turned to him and said "BRONIES?!?!?!?!". He then looked at me like I was crazy, so I then got quiet. Two days later in art class again I wore my shirt that said "brony" (because why not?). The two boys then said "you're a brony?", I shook my head yes, smiled and blushed (I was excited xD). Then they both looked at each other and chuckled, they then said "okay". I wasn't thinking straight at the time so I ignored it. then next week in art class again I wore a different MLP related T-shirt. So I sat down and in the middle of class I guess I weirded them out (I'm a weird person c:) and then one said "You perverted pony humping faggot". On the outside I acted like it was a playful insult and laughed it off, but inside I was crying. Has anyone had similar experiences? If so, share them!
  16. I was once told to go kill myself once by a random guy and I replied with an: "okay " I'm still alive so yeah... I kinda lied to him
  17. threads, threads, everywhere But, anyway I remember my teacher forcing myself to read something I wrote in my journal, and I said something along the lines of: "And I'm happy because my friend is on the bus." To which some dumbass said, "So, shadow the hedgehog is on that bus?" (I used to be obsessed with Sonic) to which everyone laughed at me; while I sat there alone. Anyone else?
  18. I'm a girl, so being bullied for liking mlp was never a problem I really faced but I know that there are a lot of bronies (and pegasisters) that face bullying on a daily basis/ have faced it in the past In this thread I would like everypony to either share their story of bullying they've faced (or have faced) and offer other ponies support and/or some suggestions they can try to help out their situation. If you've never faced any bullying or haven't come out, you can still support our fellow bronies/pegasisters I love you all ~ <3
  19. What does every one think of this video I found it sickening
  20. I've been upset by a couple of bronies on Twitter. One of them posted a cloppy kind of image of Rainbow Dash and I just happened to see it on my feed so I spoke out by saying that I don't like My Little Ponies being sexualized (I'm pretty anti-clop as you can tell haha). It turned into a mini-debate with one of his friends and I stood by my opinion but decided just to leave it there and not discuss it anymore, but that brony who had been talking to me had retweeted the things I had said to make fun of me as well as a picture of one of my OCs, with a caption saying "oh my god her OC I'm dying!" Obviously, this bothered me a little and I asked him politely to remove these tweets and leave me alone but apparently he couldn't delete the retweets which I know was a lie because I know you can do that. He and his friend continued to post screenshots of what I said to them and one of them even sent me a cloppy image. I asked the one who posted the images to apologize and he has done, but he still told me not to "get riled up" and he posts pretty horrific clop images. I know I shouldn't be letting this bother me, but it just is. He said he wasn't bullying me, but come on. You can't deny that making fun of my tweets and sending me a suggestive image isn't internet harassment.
  21. I was checking my DA messages late last night, when one of my friends had made a journal entry regarding this issue. One of her friends is being cyber bullied and I thought of a good idea to help him. There's no doubt this person isn't the best artist but you don't just go around, attacking people for how they draw. If you're really concerned, give them a critique and help them improve. That is what DeviantArt is for, after all. It's not to go around, attacking things you don't like. Yeah, yeah, freedom of speech and what not but there is a limit to what you and cannot do, you know? Bullies often toss their morals out the window, so people have to fight back. I'm sure plenty of things like this have happened before but let's just focus on this here. I'm not going to tell you to go ahead and attack the trolls because that'll only stir up more anger, no - what I am suggesting is that we send him positive messages. I think that if we outweigh the negative with positive, we can at least help him with this issue. Let's just give him a reason to smile, shall we?
  22. You are sitting by a fountain in a park on a sunny day. Next to you, a teenage girl, naturally pink-haired and dressed in a blue Mongolian outfit (despite being white-skinned), pouts and curses away. When you ask her, "what's the matter?", those are the things she mentions to you: * in her country, people with natural pink hair (or any "odd colors") are considered freaks. In the pinkos' case, they are viewed as party-going psychopaths (her ancestors got the condition from a lab accident) * due to this, she was chosen to play as her country's ironic folk heroine: a pink queen who battles monsters. Doing so should have been considered "patrotism", albeit in a mocking way. And she is one of the best actresses and folk dancers in her school! What advice would you give to her? (bonus: her country likes trains)
  23. My name is Samuel Miller. I am communication PhD student from the University of North Dakota. My current research focuses on the Brony fandom and I am conducting an anonymous online survey. The survey asks questions related to demographics, media consumption, and fandom behaviors. This is an extension of my previous work that sought out some of the same data, but this one has an emphasis on the growing issue of Brony bullying. With the recent media stories of Mike Morones and Grayson Bruce, this matter of harassment becomes more important to understand. Recently, there have been a number of videos produced by big name fans like SaberSpark that discuss how a Brony should handle relationships between their fandom and their family and how Bronies should conduct themselves at McDonalds while asking for the "girl's" toy that generate a number of gender based questions. Because of this latest trend, I am also concerned with the notion of the "private" Brony and how they monitor themselves to reduce the risk of being "discovered" and putting their masculinity at risk. The reason that I am researching all of this is to hopefully understand what this fandom may mean for masculinity and gender studies because it is one of the first popular movements in which men are openly embracing perceived "girly" imagery and the consequences that it may bring. I am looking to gather as much data as I possibly can and the survey will be open until the end of the year. There is also an incentive for individuals to participate by offering them a chance to win a pony plushie. A plushie maker by the name of Xsjado78 has agreed to make a pony plushie for the random winner. I have enclosed all of the links associated with this study and I hope that your forum as well as other fans will share all of this information with with other fans. The more information that I can gather, especially from the fans who are too shy to outwardly express themselves due to these external pressures will be a great contribution. The Study: Facebook: Twitter: @UNDBronyStudy #UNDBronyStudy Plushie Maker: Thank you for help and support in this project. Samuel Miller University of North Dakota Communication Program
  24. I was just wondering what was going on with that kid who attempted suicide after being bullied for liking MLP. I guess he has woken up but has serious motor damage. He is 11 so there may be some hope for some recovery. I saw a video that Andrea Libman (V.A. of Pinkie and Fluttershy) stopped by to visit and read in character voice to him. Then I saw this update video. I read this comment on there (and a couple response ones)- mind you this YouTube channel is managed by his parents. "WOW, He is basically screwed for life because he chose to try and kill himself. I cannot feel sorry. For one, because everyone gets bullied in school. That's what school is, a reflection of life ahead, and time to learn. This boy learned he does not have what it takes to take a little criticism. That is weakness.This boy should not be an example of what happens when people get bullied, this child should be a wake up call for all those who think they should try and kill themselves because they think life sucks. If you try and kill yourself and mess up, your basically at risk of being messed up for life! When you think your life is so bad from being bullied, stop. Think. What if you didn't have food to eat? What if your parents beat you mercilessly? What if your brother just joined the guerrilla army and killed your mother? These are facts of life for children outside America. Stop being so selfish, stop thinking of yourself all the time. When someone tries to bully you, SMILE at them. Say i love you. Yes, they will call you a homo, but oh well, be a happy homo, and move on. Love you all, but this kid is a loser. A selfish loser." I just got really mad because I honestly think he was serious.I usually don't reply to stuff like this but I really got mad especially since it was on an account run by the kid's parents. In a response comment the person also mentioned that they "LOVE" the show MLP. My Reply Seriously? The kid is FREAKING 11 years old. I normally ignore comments like this but I think you may actually be serious. However if you're not serious you're just sick. Why the hell would you even post this especially on an account that his parents run?! You mention Christianity. I see you certainly aren't, but may delusionally think you are. [He mentioned in another reply] This whole situation is bad enough and makes me sick. Then seeing IGNORANT people like you adding salt to to the wound makes me angry. Again this is an 11 YEAR OLD CHILD- Not an adult- If you think children and adults think the same than you are a MORON. Would it be good to let an 11 year old try to sail around the world alone? [mentioned because of this persons channel/blog] IGNORANCE (as bullying) is what caused this. You seem to put yourself above other people and are IGNORANT. An adult calling an 11 year old "a selfish loser" - You sir are the real LOSER HERE. Grow up and figure out what your problem is. People like you make me sick- especially if you actually believe what you are saying and aren't just trolling like a jackass. --------OTHER REPLY------------------------- Wow- I missed that, you're ADULT that "loves the show" but CALLS AN 11 YEAR OLD CHILD a SELFISH LOSER?!?! Plus on YouTube channel managed by his PARENTS!?!? Why do you even watch the show? You clearly have no consideration for others' feelings and aren't getting anything from it. Congratulations, You've REALLY pissed me off and that is VERY hard to do. I NEVER make replies like this. Kicking people when they're down really AGGRAVATES ME!! Just GTFO and leave this family alone. They have more than enough to deal with without your insults. I had to post this here too because I just got so mad- which usually never happens. The person supposedly being a "fan" of MLP and hinting that they are Christian bugged me a lot too (I am and would never think that way).
  25. For people who haven't heard about this yet, I'm sure they're reading the title and thinking "How in the wide wide world of Equestria can this be the right forum for this?" Trust me, I'm completely lucid when I type this. So, in case you somehow haven't heard yet, a school recently decided to tell a 9-year-old boy that he couldn't bring his MLP bag to school anymore. The reasoning is that, and I quote: Of course, that sentiment alone is dubious. I understand it to some degree, but at the same time I don't think the actions taken will help too much. The school already knows he's a brony. They're probably going to bully him just as hard with or without the backpack. Anyway, there's a bit of exposition for ya. Now we can get to the part where Glenn Beck comes in. Just today Glenn Beck released a video offering support to Grayson. Now, granted Beck does veer off into unnecessary tangents a few times, the first time being about "diversity and political correctness" and the second about Jerimiah Wright, but he doesn't dwell on them much. I can forgive that because I know Beck is a very political guy who's not afraid to voice his opinions, and he was speaking off the cuff. Even then he didn't let his unrelated political thoughts dominate the conversation, so good for him. I have to say, Glenn Beck is the last person I expected to hear chime in on this story. Even more surprising to me personally is the fact that the message is positive. Honestly hearing this put me in a pretty good mood, and I only hope that the white knights and/or brony haters of the Internet don't turn this heartfelt message into their own personal chew toy. Then again, that's probably wishful thinking because people are terrible.