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Found 11 results

  1. This is a project I am planning to start soon. I was inspired by my mom's stories about me as a baby. Maybe one day, I can make one for my own kids... but that won't be until years from now. lol I drew the picture myself! Its on my DA too.
  2. Every time I watch Girl Meets Yearbook it makes me think of something like this...So I drew it.
  3. This is one of my other picture that i made
  4. CavyShy


    Hello, everypony! Zis is Daisy. She will answer questions, and talk. So, ask away!
  5. *Browsing the internet* See this... "Ermahgerd! So cute...too cute...getting lightheaded...heart racing...Oh god..." *Popping sound from chest cavity* *Collapses* COD: Heart explosion, cuteness overdose
  6. Well this is my OC shooting star sleeping in her cozy bed, hope you like it As usual I don't think it's that great but again, I hope you all like it fellow bronies As for what I used A mouse only And paint tool sai And please tell me what to improve or what you think about it EDIT: made it bigger Remember Enlarge is WIN!
  7. So this is my first time trying to upload with a scanner (and for some reason it doesn't work on tumblr. Any ideas why?) Please critique it, but keep in mind this: I do not draw hands. Hands are my enemy. So don't yell at me for not drawing them. Also I don't want to color it. Here's the drawing:
  8. Here is the video it is so hilarious. Yeah this got previewed before the episode even aired don't ask how because I don't know just enjoy the video and try to like and subscribe thank you.
  9. So this weekend I've draw three little pony pieces. Hope you enjoy them! Electrocuted Derpy Pinkie Pie Derpy Bunny I am also looking for ideas on which ponies to draw next.
  10. this is a cute little character my friend came up with a while ago when me and her had a bunny drawing competition, i won but i wanted to redraw her rabbit in my way and here ya go tumblr : horrorshowmania.tumblr
  11. That's right. Rabbits need their own thread. Talk about rabbits! ...and hares. Rabbits as pets that is. Please refrain from mentioning them as dinner and lucky objects. Here's some pictures of my rabbit! His name is Peter :3 Yeah my house is dirty.