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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, everypony are you guys gonna try the newest Halloween burger at BK called the Nightmare King I AM ? cost about 6.39 enjoy !
  2. Where would you personally recommend the best place to take Twilight for a burger? You know, since Equestria Girls she loves burgers and bacon. None of those vegetarian heyburgers, she's wants a big, greasy, meaty, beef burger made by humans. None of that low fat stuff, extra fattening cheese and of course bacon and other delicious things to be put into a burger. A burger fit for a princess. A burger that may make her fall in love with you. XD A burger that would make even Heavy Weapons Guy from Team Fortress proud.
  3. Hey, so I decided to draw this Big Mac. Let me know what you think of this burger drawing.
  4. There was an advertisement sign in town that said something about a competition where over 15,000 burgers had attended, and then some of them (I think it was about 15) where chosen to compete. So they were sent to show their burgers for a jury who ate them and dicided the 5 best. Now here's the thing. One of the people who attended were a brony called Fredrik Boström. His burger is a chicken burger containing breaded chicken (obviously), cheddar cheese, lettuce, roasted onion, tomato and cheese sauce. And it's name? McScootaloo. It actually won and got to be one of the 5 burgers to get in McDonald's for real. Though they said he weren't allowed to use the name, so he changed the name to McHarmony instead . The burger will be avaible in Sweden 27th November. The person who made the burger posted a short little text about this on his Deviantart a while ago: http://fredrikbostro...rmony-305841537 Here is a picture of the burger: And here is a video McDonald's Sweden put up about it: And here is a translation I made of the video: - My Name is Fredrik Boström and this is my burger, "McHarmony". I am from Östersund and I'm 18 years old. My friends thinks I am happy, laughs and jokes around a little bit too much maybe... When I made my entry to the competition I thought, I'm gonna put together some stuff I think people like. And make sure it's not too hard to make and not takes a long time to make so it. - So what is your tactic? - Well I'm gonna try impress on the jury, try to make it as good as possible. - And.. Uhm, what will make them impressed about your McHarmony? - Well it is very easy to make and I think it has a good taste to it, too. What will happen depends on a mixture of the presentation and the taste of the burger. I haven't really prepared anything though, haha. I will try to improvise to get something said. But yeah, I think the combination of the short time to make it and what's in it and everything.. And it tastes pretty good too, I think it fits for McDonald's. I hope they'll like it too. So, here is my "McHarmony" and um, it is a chicken burger with cheddar cheese, lettuce, roasted onion, tomato and cheese sause. - I like it. I mean, there's nothing in it to not like. The crispiness, the tomato, the taste... um, the tomato, the creaminess and... Both the cheese and umm.. Was that mayo? - No... Cheese sauce. - The 4rth burger in the "MyBurger" competition tried chicken and created harmony between it's ingredients. - YEEEEEEEES!!! So damn awesome! Umm.. I don't know what to say, haha. - Yeah, but you have something to say right? How does it feel? - It feels good, hehe. Totally wonderful. Oh btw. Yeah I sent this to EqD.