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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everypony! I'm still getting used to the forums but I have posted in the welcome section! Anywho... just answer the question with whatever you want! (As long as it's not 18+ cause there are teen bronies too you know.
  2. This is one of my favorite photoshop projects I've ever done. It features Lyra sitting on a bench with pinkie around the corner. I also put two fake advertisements in the frames (The "Chicken The Movie" poster is mine. There are also a few easter eggs hidden around the photo, can you spot them all? Anyways, here's the before and after: BEFORE: AFTER:
  3. My dear equines. I'm bored as hell in my town. So I want to travel States from coast to coast. Yes, on da bus or train, not on da pony. With breaks in most notable cities. What's better, train or bus? Who has similar experience? Any advice? Any troubles? How expensive could it be? To let you know, I'm alien from Planet Russia. So if there's things obvious for you they still could be interesting for me.
  4. CTRLee


    I drew this Fluttershy liveried double decker bus back in October , and now I've decided to post this up here to let everyone take a look at my "masterpiece". Enjoy!
  5. H41 GU1S3 I M4D3 D15 R3M1X 4 CUZ H3 H45 4 GUD T4573 1N MUZ1K S0 Y4 H33R U G0 BTW 1F U D1DN7 H34R D4 0R1G1N4L L1573N 2 1T H33R
  6. Been a while since I made one of these. Ok, today on the bus, I was sitting in the back listening to winter wrap up, (with headphones). The kid behind me saw and said; "Dude why are you listening to my little pony?" I then told him why I love the show. He then replied back This gave way to laughter in the surrounding seats. "Are you serious (laugh) your gay right?" I replied no, and he just continued laughing and calling me gay... I said no I'm completely straight, I just like it for the plot and the music. He then convicted me of trolling him. I said no really look at my shirt. (I was wearing an Octavia shirt). "HOLY " He replied. I told him yet again why I watch the show. There was no convincing him. Everyone was laughing at me around us two. When we were about to get off he started singing the MLP theme song, someone asked him why he was singing, then he said "this was listening to MLP" I just kept walking. That was it. I don't like raising my voice so I think I handled that rather well... Anyways... We had a 100 point literary analysis due today. It was supposed to be done in class. I honestly didn't read half of it, so I wrote 5 paragraphs of crap, and now I will hope for the best...
  7. Ok, I'm going to try to make this quick because I have a football game to go to tonight. I told my "friend" that I was a brony and I love to watch MLP: FIM. He said alright, and just went on his merry way. (I told him because he asked if I liked MLP) Turns out he's been making me a laughing stock in the sister school to us. I found this out today on the bus. He started telling people that I love My Little Pony, and that escalated to people calling me bi-sexual. I told them (In a calm voice) that a majority of the fanbase is heterosexual. They didn't want to hear it. Now my "friend" has told everyone that I am bi-sexual (which I'm not). I don't like conflict so I really can't fight him, nor verbally scoff at him. I'm more along the lines of peacefully ignoring him. I found myself clenching the bus seat so hard it made imprints on it. I really don't like getting into conflicts so I just sat there listening to this happening... I'll show all of them, by wearing my MLP shirt that I'm going to get soon. ~Dusty~