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Found 14 results

  1. The person above you will list the name of a company, and you must write a policy that would totally ruin that company if they were to put it in place. I will give you an example and you guys can continue from there. Person 1: Chuck E. Cheese Person 2: No kids allowed Starbucks
  2. So folks, if somebody introduces some to you as their 'partner' what do you immediately assume they mean? I honestly want to know what the majority of people think because I immediately think of a business or work partner and have introduced other people as such which has led to very many misunderstandings and assumptions about my romantic statuses. When I think someone is about to introduce me to a romantic partner I just naturally expect them to say 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend'. You guys?
  3. This is my return to fic writing. First chapter is a little short until I get into a rhythm and get to flesh out the material a bit more. This fic is about Applejack taking business classes to help improve the farm. It's gonna be an educational comedy. So here's Chapter 1, hope you enjoy! Chapter 1: It’s Business, It’s Business Time It was a blustery winter day at Sweet Apple Acres with the wind howling through the bare apple trees. In the kitchen sat Granny Smith and Applejack. A collection of Sweet Apple Acres’ sales reports were spread out on the table before them. Granny Smith rubbed her chin quizzically while glancing over a scroll entitled “Zap Apple Jam Sales and Revenues.” Applejack was pacing the kitchen floor awaiting Granny Smith’s analysis. Applejack was not one for numbers and annually relinquished the duties of reviewing the fancy mathematics to Granny Smith. After taking a sip of apple cinnamon tea, Granny Smith was ready to provide her business commentary. “Well dearie, I don’t know how to put this but we’re flank deep in the latrine! Our sales weren’t too hot this year I’m afraid.” “What do you reckon was the problem, Granny?” asked Applejack with concern in her voice. Granny Smith put the scroll down on the table and turned to Applejack. “If I were a bettin’ mare, which I was back in the day mind you...” Applejack rolled her eyes, “Yes, yes, we all know about your glory days when you… “Bankrupted Las Pegasus in a single night with only five bits and an unhealthy love for pegasus racing,” said Granny Smith and Applejack simultaneously. Granny Smith continued, “That’s right! And it would’ve been two nights of winnin’ too if the mayor of Las Pegasus didn’t have me kicked out! No respect for high rollers I tells ya!” “Get to the point, Granny!” Applejack barked. Granny Smith settled back down. “If I were a bettin’ mare, I’d reckon to say that we failed to promote the farm. We gotta advertise! Ponies these days ain’t satisfied with just a good apple cider or a good jar of jam, they want some personality! Some moxie!” Applejack looked upward in thought, “Well how do we go about doin’ that?” “I don’t know, that’s above my pay grade hehehe.” Applejack became confused. “Your what?” “Ahh forget it sugarcube, it’s a business joke.” At that moment, Granny Smith’s face lit up as if she reached a great epiphany. “Business! You can take some business courses down at city hall to help the farm!” Applejack immediately showed her disapproval. “Me? Takin’ business classes? I don’t know the first thing about business except that we make food and such for the citizens and they give us bits for it!” Granny Smith walked over to Applejack and gave her a pat on the back. “I know you can do it! Besides, I’m too old, Big Macintosh is the muscle, and Apple Bloom isn’t even graduated from elementary yet. If you put your nose to the grindstone, you can become the next Donald Grump!” “Donald who?” asked Applejack. “Donald Grump, the billionaire donkey. He’s a real mule and his hairdo don’t look too right, but he’s got bits flowin’ out the wazoo!” “Sounds like he should see a doctor…” “I know you can do it Applejack, I believe in ya’!” said Granny Smith with a confident smile. Applejack paused to think about Granny’s idea. She wondered if she could really take classes and learn enough concepts to improve the farm. In her wonderment, Applejack also pictured a mile long line of hungry ponies in front of Sweet Apple Acres, happily depositing their bits in exchange for delicious apple goods. Her mind wandered towards a fantastical setting where she was swimming in a pool of bits, Granny Smith hitting a jackpot on a slot machine with bits flowing out the chute and Big Macintosh and Apple Bloom making snow angels in a giant bit pile. A smile slowly formed from Applejack’s mouth. “Alright Granny, I’ll do it! I’ll do my best and use my learnin’ to improve Sweet Apple Acres!” “That’s my girl!” Granny Smith and Applejack shared a warm embrace before Applejack trotted out of the room to plan out her next steps. Applejack decided that she would head to city hall in the morning and sign up for classes. She didn’t know what to expect and would build up some anxiety when she pondered deeper. The anxiety would subside however when she reverted back to her previous fantasy of her family playing in the piles of bits they would make thanks to her expanded business knowledge. Applejack went to bed, enthusiastic for the day ahead and for the start of her journey as a new businessmare.
  4. I have to say first, that i love the NXT shows and it's one of the best things, that WWE has going right now. Let us look at the concept of NXT. It's basically there, to attract wrestling fans who don't usually like the WWE product to the network. The same with the cruiserweight classics. It's basically trying to be the ultimate 'indie' promotion, drawing off all the talent from the actual indie promotions. It's Vince's latest way to dominate wrestling. If the WWE can do indie wrestling, with all the best indie talent, and with their superior production values, how is any other promotion going to rise? People have to understand the WWE's business model in 2016 is to get anyone with any kind of interest in pro wrestling, WWE or otherwise, to subscribe to the network and pay them 9.99 a month. Raw ratings don't matter, as long as they stay healthy enough to keep the show on the air and draw in a reasonable amount of new consumers. It's basically like a loss leader for the WWE: protecting their prestige and maintaining mainstream presence. But the ratings don't need to be huge. Their profit is in merchandise (hence their obsession with merchandisable catchphrases and visual gimmicks) and the network. Yes, guys like Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode are huge with a certain portion of the pro wrestling audience so why put them on Raw or Smackdown and give them away for free when they can put them behind a pay wall? Are you a fan of NJPW? Well, guess what, you can't see Nakamura anymore unless you subscribe to the WWE network. Are you a fan of TNA? Guess what? We have Bobby Roode here. It makes total sense when you understand the WWE's business model. Do they 'need' Nakamura and Roode on the 'main roster'? No, they probably won't affect their audience numbers as they won't be well known to casual fans. Do they care if Nakamura's and roode's careers are 'wasted' playing to a small audience? Of course they don't. NXT is not a developmental department, it's a marketing strategy.
  5. Its not a shot at Rarity, but given her track record so far, 1st with Canterlot and now with Manehattan, Rarity seems to have a lot of trouble managing her businesses properly. Of course wherever possible her friends offer a lot of help, but even by the show's standard I don't think we can expect the Mane 6 to bail out Rarity every time she needs it. Even in terms of actual managers, the one Rarity does have Sassy Saddles wasn't well chosen and lacked communication with Rarity. Rarity no doubt is a great fashionista, artist, and person all around. But she has a tendency to over commit to promises she may or may not fulfill, poorly manage her scheduling, and among other things lose track of the bigger picture. Maybe, just maybe, if Rarity hired a reliable manager or agent to help her manage her fashion retail chain, she would excel even more at getting her brand out there while also perfecting her craft. Rarity's in the big league's now. You gotta think bigger darling.
  6. Alright, imagine you're a pony and you live in whatever place of Equestria you like. Nice! But remember, ponies have to earn money for their food too. Some work as employees and others own their businesses. So, what kind of job or business would you have in Equestria if you were a pony? A mailpony, a baker, a waiter, a tour guide, a musician, a secretary, having a milkshake or snack store... the possibilities are endless
  7. “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” ~ Steve Jobs For almost 70 years, it's been the universal assumption that top students would go to a 4-year university, get a bachelor's degree (at minimum), then continue on in an office environment, slowly making their way up the work ladder until they find themselves in the corner office on the highest floor. Only the students who cannot make it end up in trade school and blue collar work is seen by our modern society as a dead end path. The truth is that blue collar work should be a serious consideration for any high school student thinking about what to do with his or her life, or people currently working in jobs they hate. Trade jobs have a myriad of benefits: great pay, strong job security, and numerous intangible advantages―from greater autonomy to experiencing the joy of working with one's hands and solving concrete problems. Tradesmen made America what it is. Our buildings, roads, cars, homes, and our great infrastructure of abundant energy and clean water―all of these things were built by the greasy and calloused hands of blue collar workers. To think that these careers belong in a museum in our techno-entrepreneur world is a complete underestimation of the value these jobs still hold in our rapidly urbanizing cities and towns. America still needs new skyscrapers, updated roads and highways, and water systems to save us from drought. These are projects that require the handy work of tradesman, not the white collar office workers. While there is nothing wrong with pursing a bachelor's degree and working in a cubicle, people who feel that they cannot work in such jobs should forget the old stereotypes and myths that the only good jobs out there are those that require a bachelor's degree. It's true that many jobs that require a bachelor's degree typically pay more than those that don't. But there seems to be this culturally-institutionalized belief that in order to live happily in our generation governed by consumerism and capitalism we must become wealthy, obtain corporate jobs, and adopt a luxurious lifestyle. That does not have to be the case. Although we live in a post-industrialized age, let us not forget that our country's infrastructure still needs to grow and be maintained. And by no means am I dismissing the importance of white collar workers. But I would argue that this country needs a plenitude of both white collar office workers and blue collar tradesmen and quite frankly, there seems to be a noticeable imbalance between the two as our modern culture is becoming increasingly skewed towards the idea of going to college, getting a B.A., and then becoming an arduous office worker or an executive. It's almost as if colleges these days are now some kind of profitable gimmick that college districts seek to commercialize. It's ridiculous how much insurmountable faith is placed in what too many people believe to be the sole gateway to a brighter future. Higher education is frequently perceived these days as the absolute road to success in the professional world when it should be considered as a possible road to success along with the other possible paths that prospective students can choose from. Our salaries do not need to exceed $30,000 a year in order for us to survive. If we focused more on wisely budgeting our money, resisting the temptation to use credit, and spending it more on the necessities and less on the non-essentials, we could live confidently with better self-control, stability, and financial security regardless of what job we have. If you embrace minimalism the possibilities of making a comfortable living broaden economically and financially speaking. Thus, the opportunities become truly endless in the job market. Do not conform to the materialistic and superficial passions of generation X―do not let your possessions own you or hold you back from experiencing what you want to experience and doing what you want to do. So explore every possible avenue. Whether one chooses to attend college, trade school, or obtain a work license/certificate, there is a place for everyone in our country's labor force.
  8. This is going to be a bit of an unusual thread. But I know some of MLPForums are very tech savvy, even more so than I am. So here is the scenario: I have an opportunity to be a site administrator for a website that is part of a YouTube Network's brand. Specifically If I got the role I would be recruiting YouTube partners to make content around a particular niche' I was thinking technology. In order to do this I need to come up with a business strategy that will help the partners on the site grow, what I do to support them, what my business plan would be, goal, work strategy etc etc, and of course I would need to recruit partners to make content on the site. I'm currently in my second year of college doing my degree in IT Software. Currently I know HTLM5, CSS3, some JavaScript and JQuery, barely just started on the CMS side of things such as php and MySQL and I have a reasonable understanding of SEO. I would be given a wordpress based site to run so most of my technical knowledge is unlikely to come into play. Naturally I will be doing a lot of independent research but I also need a starting point, and of course I need to be able to come up with a strategy that is worth the network having me run the site. I have college 2 days a week so I have up to 5 days a week I could work on the site. Below is a more specific look at the types of things I need to look into to create a business plan. Any feedback is helpful, however specific or general. I have been developing content for the web for some time and I regularly look into ways to build my presence but this is the first time I have attempted something on this scale. How will you provide support to your partners: What methods/tools will you be using to help your partners grow? Mission Statement: Business Plan: Marketing Knowledge: Management Skills: Network Description: Team: Work Strategy: Competitor: Goals: Financial: (Optional)
  9. So today's news, the HUB's founding CEO and President is stepping down. "Margaret Loesch, who has been with the fledgling network since it's creation back in 2010, has not had her contract renewed for a variety of reasons you can find in the article here." While I don't think there will be too many changes to MLP specifically, I do think this will affect the near future regarding some of the HUB's business policies. It could be for the better, or for the worse depending on who you talk to.
  10. Hey guys, So my mum is starting a business that will be focused on creating cakes and other sweet bakery confections. It will be an entirely home-based operation that will most likely not be very big, but still be enough to keep my mother busy while at home. Recently my mum asked me for some suggestions of names and I jokingly told her to call it 'Sugarcube Corner'. Im fairly certain she wont be able to use it but it got me thinking and has led to me asking the wonderfully bright members of the forum for some ideas and suggestions of a good name to use. Ideally it would have something to do with cakes and can include something to do with her name E.g. Adele's cakes, or Mrs T's Cakes. ( I don't really want to share last names cause you know, personal info and all that. You can just know that the last name begins with T). So anyway, lets see what you guys can come up with and who knows, you might even inspire the actual name of the business!
  11. Fandoms tend to be a thing when we're talking about franchises which tend to be what we find mostly in entertainment. Doesn't really matter the media be they books, music, comics, TV shows, movies, video games and even toys (that includes board games and trading card games). Regardless of what the target audience is, it's almost inconceivable not to imagine there being a community or some sort of collective of people who are loyal or have a stronger attachment to the franchise than the rest of the consumer or target demographic. Fandoms clearly are a boon to franchises since fans don't really need to be advertised to in order grab hold of the franchise's next iteration. Though some put more attention into their fanbases than others and some do better at reaping the benefits of having a fanbase than others. Here's where it can get interesting. You see, in theory, if a franchise were to somehow influence its fanbase to grow not only large but also robust -- and by robust I mean stable enough not to easily collapse in on itself when something goes wrong -- that should mean a greater number of clients at just the baseline. That's very much why I used the word "cultivate" in the title. You see, if there's a solid fanbase, there wouldn't be as much need to constantly advertise even if your focus is trying to get your consumer base to grow which can save a significant amount of money, can't it? However, larger communities tend to be more unstable and I think the MLP Forums staff can attest to this so I do wonder how franchises have been getting involved with their fanbases to make sure they stay large instead of collapsing but also make it easier for new fans to settle in to ensure further growth? I think this is something that already happens to some extent but I just don't hear much of this getting talked about.
  12. I want to raise money for a new phone, next year's Brony Convention and save up a little for animation/graphic design college. I'm going to sell my fan art or other cartoony art to people at high school. The drawings can be about anything that has something to do with cartoons which is the best I can do. They're going to be put in decorative frames that I'm going to make with Construction paper and I'm going to sell small ones for 3 bucks, medium for 6 and large for ten. I know a couple of Bronies and I think they'll want to buy some I just want advice on how to convince other people at school or where ever to buy my drawings I can't sell online because I'm only 15 and don't have a lot freedom Show your generosity by helping me out
  13. Now before you say anything, yes this is a serious moment so if your here for the silly and random Scoots you've come to the wrong place. After a few weeks, I've been rising up from my depression and I feel that I've angered some people on the forums. With school coming closer to starting, I'll have to cope with the anger. Cutting this blog short, so that's about it.
  14. So I'm in a business class at Arizona State, and I'm working in a group that was relatively randomly put together, but surprise! There's another brony in my group, so while we were all brainstorming business ideas in the group he and I threw out some pony ideas, the rest of the group wasn't into it. We broke off and are now doing our very own pony stuff! So, I'd like to run this by some fellow bronies, because if at the end of this class we end up feeling like this is actually a strong idea, chances are good we'll make it into a real thing. So for the sake of bronydom, tell us what you would like to see in an online retailer oriented towards bronies but inevitably also including some non-brony parts of the my little pony community. What we're thinking at this point is that the site will be an online retailer who works with Hasbro (similar to, but more specifically oriented towards the mlp community). We're interested in bringing merch made internationally to one central location (our online store) and keeping it in large quantities, buying all of the international pony merch we can find so that we can resell it to bronies worldwide. We're interested in buying quantities of custom-made merch from craftsponies and helping them sell it on our site, and we're considering doing a brony-to-brony and commissions section of the site, though at that point we run into copyright issues. All merch would be similarly priced to the prices seen in physical locations (Target, Walmart), if not less expensive because we're looking into buying wholesale directly from Hasbro. We're thinking of calling it, but since paraphernalia is kind of hard to spell we're still considering other names. What do y'all think? Do you like this idea? Would you use a site like this? What part of the site would be most useful for you or are you most excited about? Do you think this is stupid? What would you like to see in an online retailer who markets pony products? We're interested in building the site specifically to meet the community's needs so hearing from everypony would only help us more to create something that we would all enjoy and be able to use!