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Found 4 results

  1. I know there's already an "unpopular opinions thread", but this one is just for music. That way it doesn't get tangled with crap like religion and politics. Alright I'll begin now. People who say things like "Music nowadays sucks" are annoying as hell. People who think that good metal only comes out of Europe are annoying. Mike Portnoy is a huge douche for trying to sue his ex-band mates. John Petrucci is overrated. People who say that grindcore sucks just because it has the word "core" in it are ignorant. (Same with metalcore) Bathory invented black metal, not Venom. Venom was the best NWOBHM band. Destruction is my favorite thrash metal band. Igor Cavalera is an underrated drummer. I kinda like Lars Ulrich, he's a good drummer too. I like Anal Cunt's music. Obsessed By Cruelty is Sodom's best album. I can understand why the Norwegian church burnings happaned. I really like Pablo Honey, You is my favorite Radiohead song. Meat Is Murder is better than The Queen Is Dead. The Stooges invented punk, not the Ramones. Post-hardcore used to be a good genre of music. I find Coldplay to depressing and boring. Pitchfork and Rolling Stone both suck. I don't like Lady Gaga's music but, she seems like a nice person. There's plenty of good music today, people just can find it. Well, I'm done for right now.
  2. Make a brief, fictional complaint letter to Hasbro, and post it here for lulz. Use this page for reference and inspiration. Dear Habro, My family was run over by a train. I find your portrayal of trains as a mode of transportation, and not the bloodthirsty murder machines that they are, offensive. Please remove all trains from the show and toy line.
  3. As is the case with most video game movies, there is almost always something to make them bad. For instance http://en.wikipedia....gend_of_Chun-Li I Shouldn't need to tell you why this movie is horrible. The actors do not portray the characters even remotely close (this is what Chun Li looks like in the movie http://en.wikipedia....i/Kristen_Kreuk) and beyond that the story was just boring. I know it's pretty hard to make a movie from a 2-d fighting game like Street Fighter, which has a limited story as it is, but if you're going to make a movie about an asian woman named "Chun Li" maybe you should actually make her...oh I don't know...Asian. But this thread isn't about Street Fighter, so I won't throw my flaming butthurt in that direction. The Resident Evil Movies, are in my opinion, somewhat decent stories on their own, but it's when they rip things straight from the games (Wesker's sunglasses throwing as an example) I get really jimmy rustled. I feel as though the movies use those ripped scenes as a way to say "Yes we have nothing to do with the game's story line, but here, have a scene you've already watched if you played the games" As stupid and childish as it's sounds of me to complain about such minute things like that, it honestly makes me angry. Now a bit of backstory as to why I don't like the movies. I started with the movies actually, when I was about 5 my step dad played Resident Evil 2 a lot, and I would watch him, but I never played a single Resident Evil game all the way through until I was 13, but I had watched the movies, and became obsessed with the franchise. Upon playing the games (at this point the third movie had been out for months) I realized how much more I liked the games, the story line (while certainly not solid by it's own means) was so much more interesting than Mila Jonavich running around pretending to have psychic powers. The movies try to give fans a wink every now and again by throwing in characters like Chris Redfield, Claire, Jill Valentine, and Wekser, but the actors that portray them don't do it for me, but then again, this is a video game we're talking about here, I can't expect real life actors to look, and sound just like the digitally made characters. It's the fact they don't even act like them is what bothers me. Mila Jonavich's character Alice, is honestly one of my least favorite characters ever. Her 'powers' given to her by the T-virus are not even remotely conclusive to what the virus does in the games (Not even Wesker gets psychic powers from his advanced augmentation) and Mila Jonavich is just unattractive to me period, so there's that. Her character's progression in the story is kind of nice I will admit. It's the clone army part that really makes me set down my pop-corn and go "Oh...well that's cool...I guess?" The physics of the third movie movie is what originally started making me question things. "Ocean receded, Rivers dried up" How did that happen? Most people I've asked use the T-virus as an excuse, but Viruses don't attack non-living things like water, so the water had to go somewhere, Matter can not be created or destroyed, it has to go somewhere. I'll admit I'm more than stubborn in my opinion of the franchise, but I'm almost certain someone on here will end up making me rethink that. What are your opinions, why do you feel the way you do about it? SIDE THREAD QUESTION: On the note of RE games, The "Survival Horror" part seems to just ease it's way out gradually, and then stop at 5 and O.R.C. I understand the first games can be annoying to people who start with the later ones, but I started with the classic annoying ass camera angles, and stupid controls, so maybe my stubborn nostalgia keeps me from thinking those games are boring, but do you think the later games are more fun? I can say reluctantly that 5 is more fun than 2,3, or CVX
  4. Just curious. What is, in your obviously correct and inarguable opinion, the best and worst emotion that a human may experience? For me, the worst would be dread, there is no better psychological inhibitor and dread erodes confidence like its nothing. The best would be gratitude, since it adds to your self-worth, and is indicative that you are going in the right direction. You make it as short or as long as you want, but I would advise a post cap at 4000 words, it's just an opinion, not a thesis for a psychology major.